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Mobile Websites for Organizations
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Mobile Websites for Organizations


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Mobile Websites for Organizations.

Mobile Websites for Organizations.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Mobile Websites for Organizations
  • 2. Your customers are on the move. Is your website with them?
  • 3. The world is going mobile and more and more people are viewing the web using their phones. Is your organization ready?
  • 4. For organizations the mobile platform is the biggest opportunity. Yet execution and ROI is a big challenge.
  • 5. Retailers with a mobile presence saw up to 7 percent online revenue through mobile devices. 2010 holiday season depicted the power of mobile.
  • 6. eBay reported a 134 percent increase in mobile sales in the US during the 2010 holiday season, resulting in nearly $100 million in mobile commerce sales.
  • 7. Here are 5 steps organizations need to make… "Smartphones and tablets like the iPad are becoming common place which will only accelerate the adoption curve of activities like mobile shopping," said Bob Cell, CEO of MyBuys, New York. According to Mary Meeker the "Mobile Internet Will Soon Overtake Fixed Internet".
  • 8. Invest in a mobile site 1
    • Mobile commerce or mobile marketing starts with
    • having a mobile optimized website.
    • Most organizations debate: App or Mobile Site.
    "The important thing, based on user demand, is to get a manageable and respectable mobile web presence up as quickly as possible." "Most organizations don't need [apps], but every organization needs a mobile web site," said Mike J. Zserdin, Chairman and CEO of urmobile, the parent of MobBuilder.
  • 9. Customer experience 2 Do not port your existing web functionality to mobile functionality. Mobile experience needs to be totally different. Remember - consumers are on the go, having small screens and a small keyboard. This dictates customer experience.
  • 10. Keep it simple 3 Organizations need to design mobile websites with lots of "white space" and a clear "Call To Action". Customers should be able to find what they need in 2 clicks. If your contact number is buried in 4 clicks - they might never get to it.
  • 11. Mobile website or app 4 Start with a mobile website. Mobile websites are device agnostic - and will work on all devices having a browser. That results in faster time to market - as opposed to writing separate apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc
  • 12. Customer engagement 5 A couple of guys are sitting at the coffee shop chatting about a ride that afternoon. They mention you. They want to check you out … on their phone. Do you have a mobile website? You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business. Will your customers see you?
  • 13. If you have a mobile website can your customers
    • easily find you and dial your number from their mobile
    • device
    • buy when and where they want using their mobile device
    • see featured products and daily specials
    • read testimonials and reviews
    • view incentives and loyalty rewards
  • 14. Having a mobile site is ultimately about serving customers on the go. Make it easier for them to find you and have a seamless experience across all channels - physical store, web and mobile.
  • 15. Contact Us Your mobile strategy