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How to promote your Mobile Website and your Mobile Campaign
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How to promote your Mobile Website and your Mobile Campaign


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How to promote your mobile website and your mobile campaign.

How to promote your mobile website and your mobile campaign.

Published in: Technology, Business
  • hi there, on slide number 10/14.
    how do we submit our mobile site details to mobile search engines?
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  • We can expect a high mobile ad CTR over the iphone and no Android is not the next contender in this aspect. The iphone has inherited qualities like smooth browsing and zooming options unlike the Android browser.
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  • 1. How to promote your Mobile Website and your Mobile Campaign
  • 2. According to Gartner - “Mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide.”
    • Your need to actively promote your mobile website to derive any
    • tangible ROI and serve your customers better.
    • Having a mobile presence is a first step.
  • 3. Creating a mobile website will not be beneficial if your users cannot find it or do not know it exists. Here are a few ways to promote your mobile campaign…
  • 4. Your online website
    • Advertise your mobile website on your current website.
    • Put a “Connect with us on” mobile banner in a conspicuous place.
    • This is a easy and free way to leverage your current website.
  • 5. Your Blog
    • Write a blog post "You can now connect with us using your
    • smartphone". Announce your new mobile website in detail and
    • explain all the features.
    • Go a step further and seek feedback from users on other features
    • they would like to see. Do follow up post announcing updates.
  • 6. Get Social
    • Allow social sign-in into your mobile website. For ex: allow
    • customers to sign-in using their Facebook account. That makes it
    • easy for them to interact with your brand.
    • Also make it easy for users to share your mobile website features
    • on Twitter/Facebook etc.
  • 7. Mobile coupons
    • Make it easy and attractive for visitors to opt-in for mobile
    • promotions.
    • Mobile coupons are an easy way to encourage customers to try a
    • product or visit a location.
  • 8. Email Marketing If you have a customer email database - send out a blast announcing your mobile website along with a coupon to encourage immediate opt-ins. 5.
  • 9. Signage and QR Codes
    • Leverage your current physical media (billboards, posters, banners,
    • flyers, brochures, etc) - and put details of your mobile campaign on
    • it. QR Codes act as a bridge between online and offline media.
    • QR Codes can be seen in magazines, posters, brochures, labels,
    • bottles, etc. Put QR codes where possible and relevant on your
    • merchandise, products and marketing material.
  • 10. Mobile Search Engines and Directories
    • Submit your mobile website details to mobile search engines like
    •,,,,, etc.
    • Submit your mobile website to mobile directories as well.
  • 11. Online Press Release
    • Issue an online press release regarding the release of your mobile
    • website, website functionality and how it benefits users.
    • Users will find your story. Bloggers/writers in the mobile ecosystem
    • who are always looking for new case studies will find your story and
    • might relay it further on their digital properties.
  • 12. Integrate your mobile campaign with other marketing initiatives Integrate mobile marketing into your traditional marketing initiative (radio, TV, online and physical marketing initiatives). 9.
  • 13. Your mobile strategy
    • The mobile revolution is upon us - your business cannot stay static.
    • To stay relevant and service customers where they are - having a
    • mobile strategy is critical.
    • Call us today and we will be happy to help you.
  • 14. Contact Us Your mobile strategy