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Kanart tel ivr report

  1. 1. Urmil Gohil Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Kanar Tel Support Line Date: 16th August 2005 Reviewed and Revised 3rd September 2005-09-03[Pick the date]
  2. 2. Kanar Tel IVR Project1. IntroductionInteractive Voice Response (IVR) is an important element that is required in anyTelecom operator. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) support line happens to be one ofthe key factors in improving customer service and support. Other companies even utilizethe IVR as a powerful tool in marketing and advertising for their products and services.Therefore, management has requested us to come with an IVR that is supportive,informative, and user friendly.2. ObjectivesTo develop a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system with clear structure, scripts,loops, and functionalities. Such objectives have to be defined, designed , andimplemented in different phases to suit the current and future market needsHow should we develop our IVR?To achieve the objectives put for developing the IVR, the system should be bothinformative and supportive.How Informative? The IVR should provide all the information customers may need.Information related to billing, support, and general sales inquires should be available in abrief and handy way.How Supportive? Despite the technical limitations we may encounter, the system shouldbe able to solve/answer whatever technical and support issues customers may facewithout the need to talk to a Customer Service Representative(CSR).3. Standard IVRIn other Telecom operators , the numbers to call for support should help customers in thefollowing issues: • Billing • Technical Support • General Inquires & Sales • Customers’ suggestions and feedbackDocument: August 2005Page 2 of 6 © Kanar Tel – 2005
  3. 3. Kanar Tel IVR ProjectSome Telecom operators have a different number for each one of the above. However, inKanar Tel we are going to cover all the aspects above under one umbrella of our Voiceand Data Services.4. IVR Proposed Structure for Phase 1 (Launch Phase)To serve our short and long term plans, the IVR should shed the light on all the servicesand products provided by Kanar Tel. Our IVR should be a great representative of the newcomer to the Sudan Telecom industry.For phase 1 of the launch, IVR should be in both Arabic and English and should be brief,simple, and straightforward to customers’ needs and requests. Customers should not gomore than three levels down to speak to a customer service executive.Customers should have easy mobility in mapping through the IVR hearing their choicesof services’ information, benefits, etc. Customers should be able to go back to theprevious menus as well as the main menus.Therefore, we are proposing to separate the menus according to the caller type and need.The main menus proposed are as follow: • Home users • Business Users • Offers & PromotionsUnder each of the menus above, customers should be served in all aspects mentionedabove (billing, technical information on the products and services). Also it will help inhaving them more focused, and shall eliminate unnecessary calls landing on the CSEs.Submenus of “General information”, “Billing”, and “Technical Support” should be underboth “Home users” & “Business Users” menus.Document: August 2005Page 3 of 6 © Kanar Tel – 2005
  4. 4. Kanar Tel IVR Project Welcome to Kanar Tel Choose Press 1 for Arabic Language Press 2 for English Home Users Offers & Business Users PromotionsThe proposed IVR should include information and support to all Kanar Tel serviceswhich cover Voice & Data Services.Services maybe be categorized under “Home Services” and “Business Services”5. Recommendations/Actions • It’s suggested to standardize the areas of announcements/ messages on the IVR. Messages shall be put in designated areas according to the nature of caller/option. For example, if a customers clicks 1 being a Home User, before he goes further down on the menu, he/she may hear an announcement that is related to him/her being a home customer like an outage, an offer that he/she can avail of, etc. Also, we may fix some messages areas after pressing a specific option. For example, if he/she presses 1 for a Narrowband service like the Dial Up menu, we may put a message advertising about our broadband promotion which can work so well as a marketing tool. Also, for example, if he/she presses 2 for a broadband service menu, we may add a message announcing a failure in the network or we can add a message encouraging our customers to upgrade to higher packages. Basically, with the proposed look of the IVR and the separations in its menus, we can customize the messages and put them in their right areas according to their nature and needs.Document: August 2005Page 4 of 6 © Kanar Tel – 2005
  5. 5. Kanar Tel IVR Project Action: Once the IVR structure proposal is approved and ready to be implemented, we need to determine the areas of messages. Once the IVR is implemented and ready for service, the exercise of adding messages/announcements should be controlled and moderated by a specific party in a call centre. • It’s also recommended to add a Call back option for callers who stay in queue for X minutes. The callers will have the option to either continue holding or to be called back after punching his/her phone number. The system will later initiate a callback within X minutes. Action: IT to confirm the possibility and all requirements of implementation. • Sending technical and sales documents by FAX maybe considered. Action: If approved, text for the documents will be made available to feed the structure with. • Navigation loops will be available, so callers will always have the option of navigating through main menu, submenus or to disconnect the calls. Therefore, repeated keys have to be assigned and agreed upon to serve the options of navigating through the IVR. E.g. press * to repeat the option, press # to go back to previous menu...etc Action: Once the IVR structure proposal is approved, we should work on assigning those keys and standardize them among the IVR menus and sub menus. • It’s suggested that when an existing customer calls for support by a CSE, he/she should enter the account number to reach the CSR. This is to facilitate the support for the CSE once the call is landed to him/her and encourage customers to use their account numbers. If customer fails to enter his/her account No., or exceeds maximum number of tries, CSR will always be available to assist. Action: As we feel that we should not make this option an obligation as some customers may not carry their accounts with them, we should look at a way to encourage customers to use their accounts all the time when calling for support.Document: August 2005Page 5 of 6 © Kanar Tel – 2005
  6. 6. Kanar Tel IVR Project • For billing inquires, it’s recommended to rout a customer to an IVR where a customer should enter his/her account and access his/her billing information. This service can be chargeable. Action: IT may explore the feasibility of implementing this service. • Upon selecting of some services sub menus like business and corporate services, calls should be prompted directly to a CSE since those types of subscribers are sensitive and cannot hear IVR messages. Action: CS and marketing to review and decide on those services6. Conclusion: The proposed IVR structure is made to serve customers needs in an efficient and friendly manner. It should work easily with Itisaluna short and long-term plans. The proposed IVR shall increase customers’ awareness in using the IVR to effectively address their needs.Document: August 2005Page 6 of 6 © Kanar Tel – 2005