Superlatives trivia

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Consodilate superlatives.A fun game for your class.

Consodilate superlatives.A fun game for your class.

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  • 1. World Facts 1
  • 2. Approximately how big is the world’s population? a. 3 billion people b. 6 billion people c. 98 billion people 2
  • 3. What is the largest country in the world at around 17,000,000 square kilometers? a. Canada b. China c. Russia 3
  • 4. What is the smallest country in the world? a. Vatican City b. El Salvador c. Guinea Bissau 4
  • 5. Where is the coldest place on earth? a. Greenland b. Siberia c. Antarctica 5
  • 6. Where was the hottest temperature ever recorded? a. California, U.S.A. b. Iran c. Zambia 6
  • 7. Where is the driest place on earth? a. The Atacama desert in Chile and Peru b. Aswan, Egypt c. Death Valley, USA 7
  • 8. What is the tallest mountain on earth? a. Mount Kilimanjaro b. Mount Everest c. Aconcagua 8
  • 9. What is the largest desert on earth? a. The Arabian b. The Sahara c. The Kalahari 9
  • 10. What country has the largest population? a. India b. The U.S.A c. China 10
  • 11. What country has the smallest population? a. St. Kitts b. Tuvalu c. Vatican City 11
  • 12. How many countries border Brazil? a. 7 b. 10 c. 14 12
  • 13. Which continent has the most countries? a. Africa b. Europe c. Asia 13
  • 14. What country has the most people per square kilometer? a. Singapore b. Monaco c. Bangladesh 14
  • 15. What two countries have the least amount of people per square kilometer? a. Mongolia and Namibia b. Australia and New Zealand c. Botswana and Iceland 15
  • 16. What is the longest river? a. The Nile, Africa b. The Amazon, South Africa c. Chang Jiang (Yangtze), Asia 16
  • 17. What is the deepest lake in the world? a. Tanganyika, Africa b. Baikal, Russian Federation c. Caspian Sea, Asia-Europe 17