Crisis management in social media at 4th EXL's Digital pharma, Berlin 2012


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My lecture on Crisis management in social media at 4th EXL's Digital pharma, Berlin 2012

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Crisis management in social media at 4th EXL's Digital pharma, Berlin 2012

  1. 1. Crisis Managementand Social MediaBy Uri GorenDigital Pharma EuropeBerlin 2012
  2. 2. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
  3. 3. A Picture Taken When Gilad Shalit Retured
  4. 4. Key Takeaways• You never know what can turn in to a crisis• Sometimes: “If you can’t beat them join them”• Humor and self humor is an important tool in Social Media
  5. 5. Neopharm Key Facts• Established 1941 – 70 years of experience• Neopharm brings branded Rx products ,branded Consumer Healthcare products, food supplements, OTC, Dermo-cosmetics, Medical and Life science equipment to the Israeli market• Our values are: leadership, humaneness, professionalism and Innovation• Ranked #55 in D&B’s Largest Israeli Enterprises 2010• 530 employees• 2nd largest marketing group in the Israeli health care market with +$300M revenues• Israel’s marketing and sales powerhouse for branded OTCCH products• Israel’s largest marketer of branded Rx products
  6. 6. Neopharm Group – Key Activities Chairman: David FuhrerNeopharm GenMedix: Promedico: Eldan:Israel: Marketing and Wholesaling and Marketing & sales ofMarketing and sales of sales of generic logistics of medical equipment,CH, OTC, dermo- and named-patient pharmaceuticals, instrumentation andcosmetics, and base products healthcare and servicesprescription products medical products LDD: environmental consultancy and remediation services company
  7. 7. Pharma’s Challenge inSocial Media
  8. 8. Social Media Pharma• Fast moving • Slow moving• Transparent • Not as Open• Uncontrolled • Highly regulated• Real time • Conservative• 140 characters or less • Primum Non Nocere• Two-way • Research and Evidence • Hierarchy
  9. 9. Pharma Marketers and Marketing• Scientifically driven• Physicians are the main target• Highly Regulated• Prone to Face2Face marketing• Mostly Below the line marketing• Not as versed in digital marketing
  10. 10. Crisis Management in The Age ofSocial Media, Has AnythingChanged?
  11. 11. Social Media Crisis – A Definition“A social media crisis is an issue that arises in or is amplified by social media, and results in negative mainstream media coverage, a change in business process, or financial loss”. Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter group
  12. 12. Consumers Have Become Media• 25% of search results for the World’s Top 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content• 34% of bloggers post opinions about products & brands Do you like what they are saying about your brand? You’d better.• 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations• Only 14% trust advertisements
  13. 13. Consumers Have Become Media “More than one-quarter of US consumers (26%) say theyare more likely to tell family, friends, and co-workers about a bad experience with a product or service than a good one”According to LoyaltyOnes COLLOQUY report. March 2011
  14. 14. Almost No Control on Brand Messaging
  15. 15. Almost No Control on Brand Messaging
  16. 16. Times Have Changed
  17. 17. No Secrets
  18. 18. Social Media: A Driver of Traditional Media“Technology is shifting thepower away fromeditors, publishers, the establishment,the media elite. Now it’s the peoplewho are in control.”Rupert Murdoch
  19. 19. Tools Of The Trade
  20. 20. Tool #1 – Always Listening In
  21. 21. Tool #2 – Boosting Your Immune System
  22. 22. Tool #3 – Immediate Response
  23. 23. Domino’s
  24. 24. Crisis Standard Operating Procedure• Have your Crisis SOP in line with social media readiness• Have your teams ready – every one knows his/her job• Educate on social media
  25. 25. Tool #4 : Honesty, Transparency, Empathy• Treat the cause first not the effect• Own up to your error• Talk in a simple and clear message• Do not censor legitimate criticism• Move quickly to be in touch directly with the relevant stakeholder• Be Smart – Compensate
  26. 26. Tool #5: Do Not Neglect Your Digital Assets• Your website should be an updating tool• Respond where the crisis happens
  27. 27. Tool #6: Employee Education• Social media policy• Social media training across the organization• Do not block your employees• Risk analysis
  28. 28. Social Media CrisesA Driver Of Positive Change
  29. 29. Thank You!