Criminal Defense Attorney Charleston SC


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Contact Uricchio Law Firm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you or a loved one are under investigation, have been arrested or are charged with a crime. We are available for weekend and evening appointments and will make jail visits.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Charleston SC

  1. 1. Uricchio Law Firm147 Wappoo Creek DriveWappoo CentreSuite 205Charleston, SC 29412Phone: 843.795.9300843.795.9300 (or toll free 800.LAW.9891)Fax: 843.795.3990
  2. 2. Uricchio Law FirmAt Uricchio Law Firm, WeKnow You by Name, NotYour File Number
  3. 3. Uricchio Law Firm• Uricchio Law Firmrepresents clients facingserious legal problemsthroughout SouthCarolina, particularly inCharleston, Berkeley, andDorchester counties.• Our practice areas includecriminal defense, personalinjury, and workplaceaccidents.
  4. 4. Uricchio Law Firm• Uricchio Law Firm isconveniently locatedon James Island in theWappoo CentreBuilding on beautifulWappoo Creek, nextdoor to the CharlestonCrab House.• Contact or call us todayfor a free consultation.
  5. 5. Uricchio Law FirmCriminal Defense Attorney Charleston SCWe focus our practice on the following areas ofcriminal defense:• Assault & Battery• Burglary, Theft, Shoplifting• Criminal Domestic Violence• Drug Charges• DUI• Fraud• Kidnapping• Murder• Probation/Parole Violations• Sexual Assault/Rape• Traffic Violations• White Collar Crimes• *All other Felony & Misdemeanor crimes
  6. 6. Uricchio Law FirmMotor Vehicle Accidents• A serious accident can change yourentire life in a matter of seconds. Whenyou are unable to work and haveextensive medical bills, it is imperativethat the insurance company quickly paythe money you are owed.• Unfortunately, insurers aren’t usually soenthusiastic about cutting you a checkand can put up quite a fight.• Our accident attorneys know how tohold insurers to their obligations andwill work to get you compensatedquickly.
  7. 7. Uricchio Law FirmPersonal InjuryMedical MalpracticeExamples of malpractice:• Improper or delayed diagnosis• Negligence in performing surgicalprocedures• Medication errors• Failure to diagnose• Failure to obtain patient’s informed consent• Abandonment or failure to monitor• Neo-natal (newborn) malpractice andpediatric malpractice• Obstetrical malpractice and delivery roommalpractice• If you are the victim of medicalmalpractice, call 800.LAW.9891 toll free orcontact us online.
  8. 8. Uricchio Law FirmWorkplace AccidentsCharleston Workplace Accident Attorneys• Many employees in South Carolina arecovered by workers’ compensationinsurance. This coverage pays for medicalcare and rehabilitation therapy after aworkplace accident. It can also providecompensation for lost wages and anydisability resulting from the accident.• However, your employer’s compensationinsurance company may try to minimize theextent of your workplace injury. Withoutthe help of a workers’ compensationattorney, you may not get the medical careand benefits you deserve.
  9. 9. Uricchio Law Firm• If you have suffered aserious injury, UricchioLaw Firm will advocateon your behalf to getyou the compensationyou deserve.
  10. 10. Uricchio Law FirmContact us today or call for a freeconsultation.Uricchio Law Firm147 Wappoo Creek DriveWappoo CentreSuite 205Charleston, SC 29412Phone: 843.795.9300843.795.9300 (or toll free800.LAW.9891)Fax: 843.795.3990