Uriah Av-Ron presentation at The Junction, Nov.


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Uriah Av-Ron presentation at The Junction, Nov.

  1. 1. <ul><li>Emerging Tech Companies: Effective PR without Hiring a PR Agency </li></ul><ul><li>(as told to you by a PR agency) </li></ul>Oasis Public Relations at The Junction
  2. 2. Uriah Av-Ron <ul><li>Founded Oasis PR in 2004 </li></ul><ul><li>Focus on B2B PR predominantly in online ad and ecommerce technology </li></ul><ul><li>Current clients: eXelate, SupersonicAds, Todacell, Barilliance </li></ul>Oasis Public Relations
  3. 3. Ground rules for today: <ul><li>Please ask questions </li></ul><ul><li>Let’s make it a dialogue so bring up actual scenarios you have / are facing </li></ul>Oasis Public Relations
  4. 4. What is PR? Engaging with Journalists / Bloggers / Communicators who can create and disseminate content to help influence the people you desire to reach. Oasis Public Relations
  5. 5. How do you do that? Oasis Public Relations
  6. 6. Divide & Conquer Identify 5 Journalists / Bloggers / Communicators that can help you reach your target audience Oasis Public Relations
  7. 7. Research these 5 and compile a list of 10 things which they have written about which are relevant to what your start-up does Oasis Public Relations
  8. 8. Reach out to these 5 Journalists / Bloggers / Communicators Oasis Public Relations
  9. 9. Tips for how to reach out to these 5 Journalists / Bloggers / Communicators (in random order) Oasis Public Relations
  10. 10. Please ask any questions you have related to the points I’m making Oasis Public Relations
  11. 11. What is your objective? Why do you want the PR? Oasis Public Relations
  12. 12. Set realistic expectations Oasis Public Relations
  13. 13. Be realistic. Leave the hype for your mother. Oasis Public Relations
  14. 14. It’s about them, not you Oasis Public Relations
  15. 15. Be creative Oasis Public Relations
  16. 16. Use all of the information that’s available about the journalists / bloggers / communicators you’re targeting. Oasis Public Relations
  17. 17. Public Relations builds like a rolling snowball, but sometimes you have to make sure it keeps rolling. Oasis Public Relations
  18. 18. Keep it short – a pitch email about your company should be under 150 words Oasis Public Relations
  19. 19. Tell a story Oasis Public Relations
  20. 20. Make sure you: <ul><li>Tell why the Journalist / Blogger / Communicator (and their readers) should care about your company / technology </li></ul><ul><li>Have a clear business model </li></ul><ul><li>Solve a pain (a ‘must have’ instead of a ‘nice to have’) </li></ul>Oasis Public Relations
  21. 21. Include links but DON’T send attachments (unless they tell you that you can). Oasis Public Relations
  22. 22. Recommended: start with an email, and if needed, follow-up with other media, including Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, etc. Oasis Public Relations
  23. 23. If someone can make an introduction to the Journalist / Blogger / Communicator, ask them to do so (provided it’s someone whom the Journalist / Blogger / Communicator respects). Oasis Public Relations
  24. 24. Most Journalists / Bloggers / Communicators won’t sign an NDA Oasis Public Relations
  25. 25. Social Media isn’t the answer Oasis Public Relations
  26. 26. This is the only slide about PR agencies : Please hire someone who knows PR to help you announce funding because funding announcements get the most press coverage (Sorry Globes / The Marker, but if you’re targeting countries outside of Israel, don’t give the story exclusively to the Israeli press). Oasis Public Relations
  27. 27. Questions? Comments? Thank you Tel: 050-7-427-087 Email: uriah@oasis-pr.com Oasis Public Relations