Changing organizational culture - a sweaty usecase


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You Thought Implementing Devops Is Hard? Try Building a Shower in Your Workplace

This is my ignite talk from devopsdays Tel Aviv, it is about hacking organizational culture, and how a seemingly impossible venture (building a fully functional shower in a place where there is no room or budget for it) can be made possible with a few simple (but determined) steps. It all started when I wanted to encourage people (including myself) to ride their bicycle to work, but needed a place to wash off our sweat after the intensive morning rides. By using this funny use case I’ll demonstrate a few tricks I used that are very relevant to driving change in any organization.

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  • Explain how much do I ride, mostly weekend
  • So I don't have a lot of time (3 kids and a full time job - not 8 like you know who but still quite a handful) 
  • I do it every weekend, so much fun … Average time I spend on the road every day is an hour and a half, what a waste
  • But I’m the sweating kind. After a morning ride in the summer it literally looks like I took a shower. Some guys or ladies can use wipies but not me
  • After all, I do have to work with other people But we don’t have a shower… and other in the building don’t either And we’ve discussed this in the past and it never came through because the CFO didn’t want to spend the money, and we didn’t have a location, and the CEO didn’t care enough. What would you do?
  • Well it does! It’s a about driving change in an organization that doesn’t want to make any changes. I used Jesse’s rules!
  • Well it does! It’s a about driving change in an organization that doesn’t want to make any changes. I used Jesse’s rules!
  • Show the helio shower and Nati spa, people laughed at the first few moments but they got use to it
  • Show Yoram,Lubo, NatiMention Zeev
  • I already lost at least 5 pounds since I started just a couple of months ago (people already start noticing) Case for CEO / CFO – fit employees absent 5 days less every year according to one study, and up to 80% less according to another Not to mention air pollution and gasoline costs for a high tech company with many employees using company cars
  • CEO is completely into it. He’s noticed the benefits too. There’s an allocated budget to build a real shower. The CFO and myself met the building manager and he allocated a place for us to build the shower.Construction work to begin after the holidays
  • Explaina about the location of the shower
  • Changing organizational culture - a sweaty usecase

    1. 1. Changing Organizational Culture – A Sweaty Use Case Uri Cohen Head of Product @ GigaSpaces @uri1803 #devopsdays TLV
    2. 2. So, This Is What I Love Doing
    3. 3. I’m Also a Full Time Dad & Head of Product at GigaSpaces
    4. 4. So I thought, Let’ s Ride My Bikes Instead of Doing This…
    5. 5. But This Is What I Look Like after a Typical Ride
    6. 6. So I Needed a Place to Wash Myself Off
    7. 7. You’re Probably Wondering How All of This Is Related to Devops?
    8. 8. Jesse’s Rules!
    9. 9. Start Small, Build Trust
    10. 10. Create Champions
    11. 11. Use Metrics to Build Confidence
    12. 12. Celebrate Success!
    13. 13. So What’s Next?
    14. 14. Lessons Learned
    15. 15. Lesson #1: You will run into a lot of Skeptics, Do n’t Listen to Them
    16. 16. Lesson #2: Change Takes Time
    17. 17. Lesson #3: Take It One Small Step at a Time
    18. 18. Lesson #4: Be Prepared to Improvise
    19. 19. Lesson #5: Find a Management Sponsor
    20. 20. This Is All True, Regardless of the Change You’re Trying to Push!
    21. 21. Thank You!