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Splunk provee Inteligencia operativa para todos
Splunk es la plataforma de inteligencia operativa en tiempo real líder del sector. Es una forma fácil, rápida y segura de buscar, analizar y visualizar los grandes flujos de datos de máquina generados por sus sistemas de TI e infraestructura tecnológica (físicos, virtuales y en la nube).
Splunk Enterprise 6 es la versión más reciente y proporciona:
- Análisis potente para todos los usuarios a velocidades sorprendentes
- Experiencia de usuario completamente rediseñada
- Entorno del desarrollador más enriquecido para una ampliación fácil de la plataforma

Splunk Enterprise 6 ya está disponible. Descárguelo ahora y pruébelo usted mismo.

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Splunk Sales Presentation Imagemaker 2014

  1. 1. Copyright  ©  2013  Splunk  Inc.   Overview  Presenta?on  
  2. 2. Make  machine  data  accessible,     usable  and  valuable  to  everyone.     2   Mission  
  3. 3. Innova?ve,  Powerful  and  Easy  to  Use  SoHware   3       Splunk  storage   Other  Big  Data  stores   Report  and   analyze   Custom     dashboards   Monitor     and  alert   Ad  hoc     search   Developer   Pla@orm   Data  collec?on   and  indexing  
  4. 4. LOB  Owners/   Execu?ves   System   Administrator   Opera?ons   Teams   Security   Analysts   IT     Execu?ves   Applica?on   Developers   Auditors   Website/Business   Analysts   Customer   Support   4   IT  Opera?ons  Management   Web  Intelligence   Business  Analy?cs  Applica?on  Management   Security  and  Compliance   Broad  Use  Across  IT  and  the  Business  
  5. 5. Splunk  Suppor?ng  a  World  Beyond  IT   Personal  Ac?vity  Tracking   Flood  monitoring  warning  Cars  as  telemetry  sensors   Suppor?ng  the  next  gen  airliner   Health  and  Safety  Commercial  Transport   Home  Energy  Management   Building  Power  Consump?on   Power  and  Energy  
  6. 6. 375+  Apps,   20,000+  ques?ons   and  25,000+  Answers   3,000+  unique   visitors  per  week   to  dev.splunk.com   Local  User  Groups     and   SplunkLive!  events   Annual  Users’  Conference   Sept.  30  –  Oct.  3   Las  Vegas,  NV   A  Growing,  Global  Community  of  Users  
  7. 7. VERSIONS   Con?nuous  Development  for  Over  8  Years   7   Engine   Pla@orm  1        2        3   2006-­‐2008   Tool   2009-­‐2011   2012   VERSIONS   4      4.1      4.2    4.3   VERSION   5   “Google  for  the   datacenter”   “Engine  for  machine-­‐ generated  data”   “Pla@orm  for  operaWonal   intelligence”  
  8. 8. Key  Focus  Areas  for  Splunk  Enterprise  5   8   How  can  we     deliver  much     faster  repor?ng,     at  scale?   How  can  we     build-­‐in  resilience   on  commodity   hardware?   How  can  we     create  a  becer   pladorm  for     enterprise  apps?  
  9. 9. Splunk  Enterprise  5  Overview   9   Enterprise-­‐class   Scale  and   Resilience   Faster,  Easier   Reports  and   Dashboards   Modularity   Interoperability Extensibility   New  repor?ng   technology  delivers   drama?cally  faster   reports   New  high  availability   architecture  delivers   built-­‐in  resilience  on   commodity  hardware   Developer  pladorm   API,  SDKs,  resources   Big  data  ecosystem   integra?ons  
  10. 10. Faster,  Easier   Reports  and   Dashboards   Blazing  Fast  Reports,  Made  Simple         Report  AcceleraWon   !   Based  on  new  transparent   summariza?on  technology     !   Speeds  up  reports  by  up  to  1,000x   !   Easy  to  set-­‐up,  works  across  all  types   of  data   !   Data  is  up-­‐to-­‐date,  scalable,  used   automa?cally  by  eligible  searches   !   Works  with  preexis?ng    4.x  Splunk   reports  as  well   Create  dashboard   Click  acceleraWon   Reports  run  faster   10  
  11. 11. 11   “With  the  faster  repor?ng  in  Splunk  Enterprise  5  and   one-­‐click  accelera?on,  our  execu?ves  and  product   managers  are  able  to  quickly  compile  and  analyze  a   wide  range  of  data  without  requiring  addi?onal   developer  resources  to  obtain  that  data.”   Geoffrey  Brookins,,   Vice  President  of  Engineering,       Snap  Interac?ve   Faster,  Easier   Reports  and   Dashboards  
  12. 12. 12   “We  clicked  the  checkbox   and  dashboards  just  ran   faster.  And  faster   dashboards  means   happier  end  users”   Kevin  Kalmbach,   Technical  Architecture,     Staples   “Faster  reports  are   incredibly  valuable,  but   what's  really  amazing  is   the  ease  in  which  we   can  set  them  up”   Jens  Ihnow,,   System  &  Process  Manager   Oco  Group  
  13. 13. Dynamic  Drilldowns   ! Create  custom  drill  down   behavior   ! Click  through  to  another   dashboard,  form,  view,  or   external  website   ! Carry  forward  relevant  context   More  Intelligent  Dashboards   13   User  creates  a   drilldown     on  a  chart  or  table   Click  sends  context     (fields,  values)  to  any  URL   Faster,  Easier   Reports  and   Dashboards  
  14. 14. “Dynamic  Drilldowns  means  the   same  team  can  create  more   sophis?cated  dashboards  for     our  users”   14   IT  Architect,   A  Top  U.S.   Home  Improvement  Retailer   Faster,  Easier   Reports  and   Dashboards  
  15. 15. Share  Dashboards  with  Anyone   15   ! Improved,  simpler  experience   sharing  dashboards  as  PDF   ! Send  PDF  dashboards  and   reports  to  anyone     ! Integrated  with  aler?ng   framework  for  scheduling   ! Works  across  Windows,  Linux,   Unix,  or  Mac  pladorms   Integrated  PDF   Faster,  Easier   Reports  and   Dashboards  
  16. 16. 16   “Integrated  PDF  means  that  our   execu?ves  get  the  cri?cal   informa?on  they  need  in  the  format   they  want  it.  And  it’s  all  automated”   IT  Architect,   A  Top  U.S.     Home  Improvement  Retailer   Faster,  Easier   Reports  and   Dashboards  
  17. 17. Enterprise-­‐class   Scale  and   Resilience   High  Availability,  On  Commodity   Servers  and  Storage   17   ! As  Splunk  collects  data,  it  keeps   mul?ple  iden?cal  copies   ! If  indexer  fails,  incoming  data   con?nues  to  get  indexed   ! Indexed  data  con?nues  to  be   searchable   ! Easy  setup  and  administra?on   ! Data  integrity  and  resilience   without  a  SAN   Index  ReplicaWon   Splunk  Universal   Forwarder  Pool   Constant   Up?me  
  18. 18. 18   “We  learned  about  Index   Replica?on  at  Users'   Conference.  It  just  worked   as  adver?sed.  And  it  was   super  easy  to  set  up  -­‐  we   probably  won't  find   anything  easier”   Kevin  Kalmbach,   Technical  Architecture,     Staples   “Splunk  gives  me  cri?cal   insights  into  all  the   transac?ons  running  in   our  company's  data   centers.  And  with  Index   Replica?on,  I  now  get  to   guarantee  the  data”   IT  Architect,   A  Top  U.S.  Home   Improvement  Retailer  
  19. 19. 19   “Splunk  Enterprise  5  delivers  a  true  enterprise   pladorm  from  Splunk.  Index  Replica?on  is  a   mission-­‐cri?cal  feature  for  us  at  CERN,   enabling  us  to  reliably  monitor  and  analyze   our  infrastructure”   Alex  Iribarren,     Lead  Manager  Backup  Service,     CERN   Enterprise-­‐class   Scale  and   Resilience  
  20. 20. Get  New  Data  Sources  Into  Splunk   20   App  is  installed  from   Splunkbase  containing  input  1   Configure  the  input  via  a   customer  page,  or  Manager  2   Copy  configured  input(s)  to   Deployment  Server  3   Deploy  to  Forwarders   according  to  server  class  4   Develop  and  share  your  own   data  input  programs  5   1   2   3   4   5   Modular  Inputs   ! Extend  Splunk  framework  to   define  new  inputs   ! Simplifies  the  installa?on  and   configura?on  of  new  inputs   ! Shipped  outside  product   release  cycle   ! Available  on  Splunkbase  and   appear  automa?cally  in     Splunk  Manager  UI   Modularity   Interoperability   Extensibility    
  21. 21. Enabling  Big  Data  Ecosystem   21   Modularity   Interoperability   Extensibility     >> >> Real-­‐Wme     CollecWon  and   Analysis   Dashboards,     Reports,     Access  Controls   >> •  Reliable  Data  Export   •  Index  Hadoop  Data   Splunk  App  for  HadoopOps   •  Troubleshoot,  monitor  and   analyze  end-­‐to-­‐end  Hadoop   environment  
  22. 22. 1,000+  unique  visitors  /week  to   dev.splunk.com   SoHware  freely  available  on   GitHub   @splunkdev   An  Engaged  Community  of  Developers   22  
  23. 23.    How  Do  Developers  Use  Splunk?   Integrate  with  IT   Infrastructure     Build  Real-­‐Wme  Data     ApplicaWons     Accelerate     Dev  &  Test     1   2   3   Modularity   Interoperability   Extensibility    
  24. 24. What’s  Possible  with  the  Splunk  Pladorm?   24   Power  mobile   apps  with  KPIs   and  alerts   from  Splunk   Log  directly  to   Splunk  from   remote   devices   Extract  Splunk   data  for  long   term   warehousing   Customer   specific   dashboards   with  user  data   Integrate   Splunk  with   your  BI  tools   Run  Splunk   searches  from   within  your   applica?on   API   SDKs   UI  
  25. 25. Enterprise-­‐class  SDKs  and     Developer  Enablement   Available  SDKs   Python  Beta   Java  Beta     JavaScript  Beta   PHP  Public  Preview   Shipping  with     Splunk  Enterprise  5   JavaScript  SDK   Versioned  API     JSON  Everywhere   25   Modularity   Interoperability   Extensibility    
  26. 26. Upgrade  /  Migra?on   26   !   Report  Accelera?on   –  4.3  reports  can  be  accelerated  by  clicking  the  check  box   !   Index  Replica?on   –  4.3  indexed  data  are  immediately  searchable  under  replica?on   !   PDF  Prin?ng   –  Any  reports  with  simple  XML  can  be  printed  in  PDF  form  
  27. 27. Key  Benefits  of  Splunk  Enterprise  5   27   Resilience  that  is  built   in,  even  as  you  scale   on  low-­‐cost  servers     and  storage   Up  to  1000x  faster   reports  that  are   easier  to  navigate   and  share   Enterprise-­‐class   Scale  and   Resilience   Faster,  Easier   Reports  and   Dashboards   Modularity   Interoperability Extensibility   Developer  SDKs,   resources  and  tools  to   maximize  enterprise   technology  investments    
  28. 28. Thank  You