MegaHacks: City, Region, Planet


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MegaHacks: City, Region, Planet

  1. Megahacks:city, region,planetA presentation byDr Cindy Frewen Wuellner, FAIA, @urbanverseFrewen Architects and University of Houston Futures StudiesFor APF Virtual Gathering Futures Festival 26-27 02011
  2. Hacking the body
  3. Hacking the CityMorro de ProvidenciaRio de JaneiroWomen, Morro de ProvidenciaRio de Janeiro, JR Artist
  4. Hacking the planetgeoengineering
  5. hacking? 1. Intentionally altering an existing system for new purposes 2. Frequently unauthorized, sometimes subversive, intentionally undermining authority 3. Transformational or incremental 4. Harmful or beneficial to host
  6. Why hack? 1. Solve a problem – Add function – Add beauty 2. Cause a problem – Steal – Destroy 3. Assert self
  7. This is our world now… we make use of a service without paying for what could be called dirt cheap if it wasn’t run by profiteering gluttons.We explore… we seek knowledge… and you call us criminals.You make atomic bombs, wage wars, cheat, lie, try to make it seem like we are the criminals.
  8. Yes… I AM A CRIMINAL.My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not how they look.My crime… Is outsmarting YOU.Something you never will be able to forgive me for. The Mentor, 1986 The Conscience of a Hacker
  9. The people called the Third Culture are hacking the planet. They are dissatisfied with normality. They are changing things. ...Hacking the planet is essential to the survival of the human race. Wesley Felter, 14 August 1998 THE HACK THE PLANET MANIFESTO
  10. Megacity Sao Paulo
  11. Megacities 1959 – 2000 - 2015
  12. Urbanization1950 – 2007 - 2030
  13. Population Forecasts for Selected Countries 2010 - 2100
  14. Prices are going up… Food Water Energy
  15. motivation + tools
  16. The Plan Voisin in ParisLe Corbusier 1922
  17. Geodesic Dome CityBuckminster FullerNew York City 1968
  18. Brasilia
  19. To use a building is to make it, by physical transformation or by inhabiting it in ways not previously imagined or by conceiving it anew. Hill, 2001
  20. Hacking the CityCo-Creating The Underbelly Project Abandoned Subway New York City
  21. GuerillaGardening
  22. Bike Lane HacksPortland Oregon
  23. D DIY CITIESGermany electrical box bench
  24. a shipping container…
  25. becomes a house
  26. Mobile shelters
  27. Guerilla Art Women, Morro de Providencia Rio de Janeiro, JR Artist
  28. Israel separation wall
  29. Hacking NatureThree Gorges DamYangzi River, China
  30. Lilypad floating ecolopolisfor 50,000 refugeesVincent Callebaut
  31. Hacking the planetgeoengineering
  32. hybridhacks Times Square NYC Networked Omniscient Exhibit
  33. Mobile Phone Users 2000 - 2010From 1 billion to 5 billion usersin a decade
  34. Social networks; peer to peerRepresentations Second Lifeof reality; maps Metaverse Roadmap modified
  35. Layar –on android cellphone
  36. New York Phantom City Tour
  37. Heads Up display wearable lenses Vernor Vinge Rainbows End
  38. Heads Up Display
  39. Co-making the city, Sydney Opera House Jorn Utzon Architectnot just watching
  40. Whocontrolssidewalks?
  41. Who shapes ourtransportation options? Copenhagen Bike Highway
  42. Who owns thewater?
  43. Who owns the skyline?
  44. History is the virtual madeactual, one hack after another. MCKENZIE WARKThank you!ContactCindy Frewen Wuellner@urbanverse