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Frewen AIA KC Social Media Presentation



Architects and social media: overview and getting started.

Architects and social media: overview and getting started.



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  • We gave this presentation about architects and social media at AIA 11 June 2009, and covered what is social media, benefits and pitfalls plus gave 7 tools to use first - twitter, linkedin, delicious, flickr, youtube, facebook, and blogs. We set up a delicious page AIAKC w/ 70-80 social media sites including many how to's. I reloaded this preso after 15 people had viewed, so add that to the total views. Please let me know on twitter @urbanverse any comments, ideas or questions you have; and we will respond. thanks for viewing!! -- cfw
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Frewen AIA KC Social Media Presentation Frewen AIA KC Social Media Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Riding the Social Media Tsunami aiakc chow&tell 11 june 2009 Cindy Frewen Wuellner, FAIA, PhD Zena Weist, EMBARQ Ramsey Mohsen, Digital Evolution
  • Content public projects housing & schools master planning In association w/ Sasaki View slide
  • Dr. Cindy Frewen Wuellner, FAIA Frewen Architects, U of Houston, U of Kansas Zena Weist EMBARQ Senior Manager of Interactive Brand Ramsey Mohsen Digital Evolution Group, Web Consultant View slide
  • agenda
    • What is social media?
    • And how is it changing the way we practice?
    • What benefits do you gain from social media?
    • What are some potential pitfalls ?
    • How do a few social media tools work ?
    • Where can you start? First steps.
    • Q & A throughout and at end of program.
  • riding the social media tsunami
    • How social media can get your clients bragging about you ---
    • instead of you promoting your services.
  • phone fax email cad websites bim
  • your brand microblogging business networks social networks video social bookmarks blogging pictures From The Conversation Prism: Brian Solis New page: AIAKC
  • What can you do with social media?
    • Share – broadcast, educate
    • Learn, research – real time, deep knowledge
    • Converse – social, business network
    • Community – advocate, collective action
    • Going from simple “what are you doing?”
    • to more globally-minded “what is the world up to?”
    • @ CharukesiRamadurai
  • Tribes
    • @urbanverse: RT @rosssturley: 1 in 6 architects in europe out of work, says survey - - ouch.
    • @nytonline: Architecture Review: Lose the Traffic. Keep That Times Square Grit.
    @urbanverse: diller scofidio + renfro: alice tully hall, lincoln center for the performing arts, new york
    • @chinaeducation: Young designer determined to improve architecture education in China's smaller cities
  • Ramsey Mohsen Digital Evolution Group, Web Consultant
  • About me.
    • Project Lead/Consultant at Digital Evolution Group
    • Blogger, Video Blogger, Former Lifecaster on Justin.TV
    • _
    [email_address] @ramseym
  • Where I work.
    • 9 year old e-business consultancy
    • Voted one of the best web development firms in the region (Ingram’s)
    • National and regional awards for thought leadership and results
    • Exceptional team with in-house strategy, information architecture, programming, testing, e-marketing and animation skills.
  • What is Social Media?
    • Tools for sharing and discussing information.
    • SM vs. Social Networking?
          • = communities w/like interests to connect
    [email_address] @ramseym
  • Social Media isn’t replacing anything.
    • SM is in the spectrum of communication.
    [email_address] @ramseym
  • The new influencers.
    • Expansion from traditional media.
    • The rise of the individual.
    • Trust 2.0, peers not institutions.
    [email_address] @ramseym
  • Proliferation of influencer channels.
    • We trust a stranger over any paid-for communications or advertising.
    • Blogs are a form of trusted opinion, over magazines and newspapers.
    [email_address] @ramseym
  • Demand for transparency. [email_address] @ramseym
  • Social media, more than just a fad. [email_address] @ramseym
  • … more than just a marketing tool.
    • sales/lead acquisitions
    • internal knowledge development
    • customer service
    • operations
    • executive leadership & visibility
    • branding
    • product development
    [email_address] @ramseym
  • … more than just a marketing tool.
    • “ Chatter Factor”
      • online vs. offline translation
    [email_address] @ramseym
  • Your website isn’t good enough.
    • = 1 component of a larger web strategy
          • Channels/Gateways to homebase
    • Trust factor and credibility
    • SEO positioning
    • SM starts conversations & relationships
    [email_address] @ramseym
  • Zena Weist EMBARQ Senior Manager of Interactive Brand
  • Listening
    • In the beginning…
      • Google Alerts (Yahoo)
      • Google Blog searches
      • BlogPulse
      • Complaint boards
      • Technorati
    • Later…
      • Collective Intellect
      • All of the above
      • Addictomatic
    • Now…
      • Radian6
      • All of the above
  • Social Media Strategies
    • EDUCATE : Train to create breadth and depth in our employee base to give them the tools and opportunity to actively engage in social and emerging media.
    • SEEK & CULTIVATE: New employee talent and corporate resources to better position EQ as a “thought-leader” in this emerging space while tapping external influencers.
    • 3) INTEGRATE: Listen to and become part of conversations that are media agnostic and evergreen; ensure all marketing and communication strategies are interwoven to create consistent messaging.
    • 4) RESEARCH: Invest in socmed-specific research to identify emerging trends, shifting EQ from followers to leaders; monitor brand perceptions to identify opportunities and gaps.
    • 5) MEASURE : Use media appropriate metrics to evaluate performance against best-in-class examples.
    • 6) INNOVATE & EXPERIENTAL: Utilize the socmed opportunity to evolve the brand into one that is dynamic, interactive and relevant; leverage opportunities via conversations to position the brand for future growth.
  • Content Strategy
    • Short-term: Contest
      • HSI focus
    • Long-term: How-to Videos
      • Top 10 Customer Service issues
        • Online Outreach
        • Call Centers
      • Continue to interact/use feedback loop
  • First steps
    • Listen & Research – (Google Alerts, Twitter search, blogs)
    • Educate yourself/team (guidelines)
    • Share – (Slideshare, flickr)
    • Hash out content strategy, then blog
  • People to follow (@zenaweist)
    • Shel Israel - Global Neighbourhoods    @shelisrael
    • Tim Halbur – Planetizen managing editor     @halbur
    • Beth Kanter – Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Use SM ht tp:// @kanter
  • People to follow (@urbanverse)
    • Su Butcher – The Architects League    @subutcher
    • Alex Steffen – Worldchanging    @worldchanging
    • Cameron Sinclair – Architecture for Humanity ht tp:// @cameronsinclair
    • AIA Kansas City
    • new Delicious webpage
    • AIAKC
    • For webpage bookmarks
    • Creates common/shared knowledge
  • What should you do next?
    • Do 15 minutes of Social Media research a day.
    • Share 1 thing a day.
    • Find people to follow that interest you.
    • Be ready to…
      • Learn, learn, learn.
      • Let go to gain more.
      • Risk the unknown, plan to be flexible.