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Evidence Based Outcomes Handouts Evidence Based Outcomes Handouts Document Transcript

  • Evidence Based Outcomes Your life line to change and funding. Key Questions . . . ? 1. What do you do? 2. Why do you do it? 3. How do you know it is working? 4. Who needs to know the results? 5. How do you internalize learning?
  • Evidence Based Outcomes Your life line to change and funding. Super Soccer Inc. Outcome Development Exercise: Mission Statement: It is the mission of Super Soccer Inc. to holistically develop young athletes who will compete at the highest level within the sport and achieve positions of leadership within their respective communities. Resources / Inputs: Certain resources are needed to operate your program. • 25 Coaches with professional soccer experience. • • • • • Activities: If you have access to resources then you can use them to accomplish your planned activities. • Hold soccer practice 4 time / week. • • • • • Outputs: We expect that once completed or under way these activities will produce the following deliverables. Goals that when reached will lead to changes or outcomes • Team members attend 90% of every practice. • • • • • • Outcomes: We expect that if you accomplish your planned activities to the extent intended then your participants will benefit or change in certain ways. • Team earns state championship. • • • • •
  • Evidence Based Outcomes Your life line to change and funding. Super Soccer Inc. Develop outcome indicators and your data source for your outcomes. Output /Outcome Outcome Indicator Data Source Measure 90% Practice Attendance Practice Attendance Coach’s Attendance Log Develop a communication plan for your results. • What will you report? • Who needs to see the report? Develop a plan to implement what you’ve learned into programmatic/strategic changes. • • • •
  • Evidence Based Outcomes Your life line to change and funding. Begin developing an outcome measurement plan for your own program. 1. Write a brief statement of your mission and or vision for changed lives. 2. Describe the program in terms of activities. What do you do? 3. Write specific outcomes that you expect to achieve based on your activities. 4. Identify measurable indicators for each outcome. 5. Determine how you will measure the indicators. 6. Plan who and how to communicate results and the learning that will take place.