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Shareable City | Cercamia



A Shareable City enables residents to efficiently and safely share and creating more connected communities.

A Shareable City enables residents to efficiently and safely share and creating more connected communities.



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Shareable City | Cercamia Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Shareable City Collaborative Culture Sharing Economy Domenico Di Siena | @urbanohumano Espacio LANAU | Madrid | dicember 2013 image by Julio Albarrán | flickr images
  • 2. @cercamia Plataforma para conseguir Conocimientos y Servicios a través de Intercambios o pagos con su moneda social Cercoin.
  • 3. Domenico Di Siena | @urbanohumano
  • 4. Distributed Agency imagen de Francesco Cingolani:
  • 5. Adhocracy
  • 6. innovation .urban innovation .social design .network thinking .knowledge management imagen de Francesco Cingolani: knowledge .research .design .education .consulting
  • 7. Campo de Cebada imagen de Todo por la Praxis:
  • 8. City + Technology = Smart City what is missing?
  • 9. Smart City: .citizens as users .centralization .trivialization of managment
  • 10. missing people
  • 11. Citizens + Technology = Sentient City better?
  • 12. why Technology? image: Jake Przesco
  • 13. to Communicate & Share fuente imagen:
  • 14. Prosumers imagen de Francesco Cingolani:
  • 15. Physical/Digital Hybridization image:
  • 16. Personal Digital Identity
  • 17. Sentient Identity credits: Francesco Cingolani | network thinking y minimalismo, basada en una imagen de Amber Case | flickr
  • 18. Ambient Awareness imagen de Francesco Cingolani:
  • 19. Local Identity imagen de Francesco Cingolani:
  • 20. Digital Reputation Local Identity
  • 21. Le orecchiette di Bari
  • 22. Identidad Social Identidad Colectiva Located Collective Intelligence credits: Logarithmic growth dynamics in software networks - S. Valverde1 and R. V. Solé1,2 -
  • 23.  multi-membership  imagen de David Lorenzo:
  • 24. back to reality  imagen de Andrew Becraft:
  • 25.  inhabit the glocal  imagen de Richard P. J. Lambert:
  • 26. Glocal Dimension imagen de Francesco Cingolani:
  • 27. Shareable City
  • 28. Internet is retrieving the value of the spatial dimension, lost after the industrial revolution. In the early Nineties Saskia Sassen spoke about the global city, highlighting the political and economic weight of the largest urban agglomerations in the context of globalization, helped by the amazing technological development. While this process at first has fed our disconnection with the spatial dimension, now we notice some dynamics that projected us in a clearly opposite direction... Shareable City
  • 29. Local community can use the new dynamic technologies to impact positively on the territory. Shareable City
  • 30. Citizens connected and self-organized, promote activities, dynamics and new urban spaces that do not respond to traditional market logic and, at the same time are independent of local government systems. People can design and be in control of their own life. Shareable City
  • 31. to choose? .to delegate .specialization .producer / consumer .isolation imagen de Francesco Cingolani: to build? .to take part .hybridization .prosumer .collective intelligence
  • 32. The essence of cities is that they are shared. Shereable City
  • 33. Imagine a city where the people decide how the city budget is spent. Where the people own the banks, control credit, and create their own money. Where the people own the utilities that make green energy and Internet access available to all. Neal Gorenflo Shereable City
  • 34.
  • 35.
  • 36. Sharing Economy CITIZEN PROSUMER imagen de Francesco Cingolani:
  • 37. url:
  • 38. url:
  • 39. Traceability imagen de Francesco Cingolani:
  • 40. Co-creation imagen de Francesco Cingolani:
  • 41. url: http://parkingd Park(ing) Day Image by Steve Rhodes license CC by-nc-nd
  • 42. url: http://lagaleriademagdalena. com/ la galería de magdalena
  • 43. Open Source Urbanism imagen de Todo por la Praxis:
  • 44. imagen Campo de Cebada:
  • 45. imagen Campo de Cebada:
  • 46. imagen Campo de Cebada:
  • 47. en bici por madrid url: pdf
  • 48. projects
  • 49. imagen de Jonathan Rey
  • 50. imagen de Jonathan Rey
  • 51. imagen de Jonathan Rey
  • 52. imagen de Jonathan Rey
  • 53. imagen de Jonathan Rey
  • 54. Mobile Learning fuente imágen:
  • 55. Ambient Learning imagen de Francesco Cingolani:
  • 56. credits: logo de Think Commons diseñado por Francesco Cingolani (@immaginoteca)
  • 57. @thinkcommons credits: eme3 festival (@eme3_bcn)
  • 58. @thinkcommons credits: imagen de Jaime Eizaguirre (@eiza)
  • 59. @thinkcommons credits: imagen de Carla Boserman (@carlaboser)
  • 60. @open_madrid
  • 61. Think Cities @thinkCities credits: imagen de Jonathan Reyes (@ciudad_basura)
  • 62. On-line Sessions credits: imagen de Jonathan Reyes (@ciudad_basura)
  • 63. Workshops & Lectures credits: imagen de Jonathan Reyes (@ciudad_basura)
  • 64. University Connection credits: imagen de Jonathan imagen de Jaime Eizaguirre: @eiza Reyes (@ciudad_basura)
  • 65. Shareable City: Collaborative Culture Sharing Economy Espacio LANAU | Madrid | 10/12/2013 Domenico Di Siena | @urbanohumano · con la colaboración gráfica de: Francesco Cingolani | | @immaginoteca creative commons: CC-BY-SA 2.0