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Urban Lifestyle Report - New Media (Oct 08)
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Urban Lifestyle Report - New Media (Oct 08)


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An old number of our trend report about the new media landscape. For more information head over to and register.

An old number of our trend report about the new media landscape. For more information head over to and register.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 2. CONTRIBUTORS TOUGH TIMES OR GREAT OPPORTUNITIES? Tomas Nihlén, Editor in Linda Pierre, Editor and Lisa Sculati, Writer. San Chief and writer. Co-founder responsible for layout & Francisco based freelance Lately both analogue and digital media have been dominated of Urban Lifestyle. Holds a design. Co-founder and co- writer and radio journalist. by bad news, layoffs and depressing prognoses for the near future. very strong interest in new owner of Urban Lifestyle. She Enjoys exploring the latest The heavy duty VC firm Sequoia started a crisis meeting with a slide media and how Internet is is also marketing director for trends in new media, blogging saying “R.I.P Good Times.” Now all “unnecessary” costs for web changing the fundamentals an e-commerce site in the about Sweden, learning startups have to be cut to decrease the burn rate and demands to of the whole marketing arena. travel accessories category. Swedish and spending time break even faster are getting more visible. For marketing consultants He parttcularly keeps an eye Linda enjoys actually using outside. Has worked with this means they need to convince their clients that marketing is on the evolving Internet video social media in her daily work so called ”old media” or necessary even, or especially, in hard times. scene. Also loves podcasting instead of just talking about ”traditional media” for more both as viewer and creator. it. than a decade. In tough times market shares comes with a discount and when competitors lose their focus and spend all their valuable time staring at balance sheets you might just have the perfect opportunity to steal some of their market shares. If you are a consultant you might want More writers Editor in Chief Tomas Nihlén +46 8 501 64 377 to focus more on selling value rather than your time at an hourly fee. Lia Dutra, strategic planner at the Brazilian Editor & Creative Director Linda Pierre Offense is often the best defense and it’s always good to try to agency Africa Propaganda. +46 8 501 64 376 increase revenue before focusing on the cost side. But lets not get Hjörtur Smárason, Anthropologist who went stuck in this crisis, there are a lot of other interesting things to talk Subscription practical. Writes, speaks and consults on Internet 5 issues/year, 175 Euro. about. For instance we have chosen to focus a bit extra on what we marketing. To buy one single report, head over to and other refer to as “The Social Media Election” and “Consumer Uprising.” The Andrey Zhukov, Future entrepreneur from Royal Images & illustrations first expression doesn’t need any further Institute of Technology who wants to improve our Images and illustrations are all if not taken by any lives with new technology. of our writers, been approved by the copy holder, explanation but the second one stems from free of use for commercial purpose or are licenced the blogger uprising we noticed in Sweden Ben Grossman & Marta Kagan, founders and under Flickr Creative Commons. when the authorities decided to wiretap all strategists at the marketing agency BiGMarK. Internet traffic in and out of Sweden. The Web page & blog bloggers wouldn’t have it and an instant Tamora Burk, strategist with a focus on product development, trading and design at the agency grassroots movement was born on a scale Maverick-Dean. that we have not seen before in Sweden.
  • 3. in this issue 42. 2008.10 4. BRANDS 59. miscellaneous In this issue we decided to drill Lisa Kudrow is doing web based therapy for down deep into what we would Lexus in their latest and greatest jump into like to call ”The Social Media online video. This projects leans more towards Election” (the US presidential election that is). It’s a political 41. PEOPLE ”branded entertainment” a la BMW rather than shaky mobile videos a la YouTube. campaign that offers insights on The days of consumers playing nice is over. We also give you some pointers on becoming the future of marketing. Using If you cross them you might be staring down a Twitter pro, and speaking of pros this issue’s social media as an essential part the barrel of a consumer uprising. In Sweden profile is Nicholas Gill. You can find his blog of very integrated campaigns that’s what happend to the authorities when here and his podcast here (and keep an eye both candidates are kicking some they decided to start wiretapping the people. out for a cameo from Urban Lifestyle there in a big brand butt this time around. But that’s just one of many examples and you future episode). No wonder Obama wins the title might as well read and think about it to make ”Marketer of The Year” by AdAge, sure that it never happens to you... Since this beating Apple and Zappos. 5. topic was so interesting we even decided to produce a low budget web documentary about it which even caused some debates in countries like Spain. 25. MEDIA YouTube now lets you easilly buy music from selected video clips. The future of monetization for online video according to Google. We think it sounds very interesting. It’s interesting because it’s about finding ways to do something positive for you and your brand during recessionary times. Market shares are cheaper, the competition loses focus and so on. We also take a look at exactly what the F**K social COVER IMAGES BY: media is really all about. 31. 49. aaron.michels & billypalooza
  • 4. 4 A picture doesn’t always say more than Text: Linda Pierre a thousand words U ser generated content has been around for a while now. It could even sound like a tired term. But there are big differences in how much BRANDS control you give the users and how much is controlled by the brand. In some cases the users might even feel like they are not creating content, but rather just picking from a set of templates. Ford Fiesta recently launched a European campaign centered around photos In each issue we explore what brands are doing to prosper in the instead of words.They did so by wrapping a car with photos from “the people”.. digital age and how the area of branding is evolving thanks to ll photos are are licensed under Creative Commons to avoid legal problems. Visitors to the site can click on individual images to see the source and new media. In the section ”Digital Branding in Focus” we take a photographer and also decide which images should stay and which should go. closer look at a specific brand category. Another feature is the ability to share these photos. But here Ford missed an important ingredient in social media. Sure you can email the link to the image on the Ford site to friends, but you can’t post it directly on your Facebook A picture doesn’t always say more than a thousand words 4 account or make a social bookmark and so on. The Wine Industry dives into Social Media 5 The point of the campaign isn’t obvious to me and I think they could have Digital branding in focus: ”The Social Media Election” 8 pushed the envelope further. Perhaps with more features for interactivity What if the world could vote? 20 like comments or perhaps even using video instead of photos. Well polished Bettering your Business Blog 22 and nicelly done, but the next time I would like to see something a bit more innovative!
  • 5. 5 Another trend emerging in the wine industry: The Wine Industry podcasts to reach out to a target audience. Randy Hall co-hosts a podcast called Wine Biz Radio out of California’s Sonoma Valley. Hall comes from a high tech background, having worked 16 years at dives into Social Media a Fortune 100 firm. “I find that the people who I’m trying to reach are early in their careers in the wine industry (young firms open to new technology, and Text: Lisa Sculati furthermore, the generation weaned on the internet),” Photo: Kyle May says Hall. “It’s about finding that group of like-minded wine folks who are out to make a difference. I have high expectations for where the wine industry will be with respect to the internet and social media We’ve arrived at the day and age where Hosted by New England based Bin Ends in a couple years time. Right now, the small Wine, you can take part in a monthly and nimble players in the wine world are you can now enjoy a wine tasting online. wine tasting on the micro-blogging site all over the web, they get what it’s You don’t need to plan a trip to Napa Twitter, usually on the third Thursday about, they get that social media of every month. It’s an international wine is a conversation and not just Valley, Sonoma Valley, France or Spain to tasting in which consumers may comment, another media channel.” sample fine wines. In another example of ask questions and have a conversation with how one industry is expanding its customer the makers of a month’s featured wines. This allows winemakers to connect with and form a base and improving consumer relations relationship with wine connoisseurs who are not able through social media, wine merchants to travel to their region, as they reach a segment of their target audience that they cannot interact with have begun to offer online wine tastings. through traditional media or face to face.
  • 6. 6 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Hall says you could call Wine Biz Radio, “From Sonoma Valley To Your Ears,” something of a hybrid/crossover show. “It originally started as a radio call-in talk show on a community radio station in the town of Sonoma in 2004 by my co- Vaynerchuck says his dad host Kaz (aka Richard Kasmier of Kaz Winery), basically dragged him into centered on talking about and talking to folks the family business, a small in the wine industry. My involvement with the liquor store in New Jersey. “I show (as co-host) started in early 2007. Prior to hated every minute of it until I joining the show, I had separately hatched the realized that people collected idea that I wanted to start a podcast about the wines just like they collect wine industry, interviewing winemakers and baseball cards. I started newsmakers, with a California focus. In the reading Wine Spectator and second half of 2008, we both realized that our The Advocate and before commitments were such that we weren’t able to long I was the primary buyer take the time off to run down to the studio when for our store.” the show was supposed to air. So, we decided to produce our show outside the radio station, using In addition to his wine my equipment and taking on podcast production. industry responsibilities, To maintain audience involvement, we use the Vaynerchuck speaks at many conference call service, which high tech conferences, including Blog World Expo in Las Vegas. “A few years ago I saw provides you with a fully manageable chat/audio the internet becoming more social and really saw the opportunity to leverage web tools for interface, so you can host and record shows personal branding. I really feel like anyone who is not using these tools has missed the boat that have many callers talking or muted, with a completely. All of these are tools that allow you to reach and engage an audience to build text chat that provides those more timid souls a your brand.” way to interact with us. We primarily offer our podcast through our website.” Hall says their On the issue of the wine industry turning to social media, Vaynerchuck says there has been main audience can be found in the USA but they a big movement, especially among bloggers and other folks that are looking to get their voice also have international listeners in Australia, out. “I think you’ll see more wineries and winemakers making noise via social media in the France, Canada, the UK and even China. coming months.” Across the country from Sonoma Valley, Gary The company behind Wine Library TV, The Wine Library is a large Internet retailer, Vaynerchuck hosts Wine Library TV, a daily disseminating daily wine offers via Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. “Ultimately it’s video blog devoted to wine, out of New Jersey. been the building of my personal brand and WLTV through social media that has raised
  • 7. 7 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE the notoriety and customer base of Wine Library. We are in the midst of a personal branding gold rush. Anyone in wine or any other industry has the opportunity to make a name for themselves by seizing the opportunity presented by all these social media tools.” Across the Atlantic, Spanish wine seller Excel Wines is taking advantage of social media tools to reach out to a European audience. Anna Axén, co-founder of Excel Wines, blogs and micro-blogs about Spanish wines and recently attended the first European Wine Bloggers Conference. Axén, originally from Sweden, now living in Bilbao, Spain, says she is very new to the world of blogging and social media. Her company’s blog site was created this past April. “We did it after realizing that traditional media didn’t do it for us. We wanted “The principal goal of the European Wine Bloggers Conference was to bring as many some feedback from customers and visitors of our bloggers as possible together to exchange ideas and experiences and to explore means service and products to be able to improve and in the of working together to give blogging, in particular wine blogging, more exposure and, end increase our sales. We got in contact with some ultimately, more clout. There were over 40 attendees which was a great turnout. Topics other wine bloggers in Spain who finally helped us discussed included blog writing, wine ratings and monetization.” For Excel Wines, it to get started. We are now using Twitter, Facebook, was principally a way of meeting other bloggers and hearing about their experiences. Open Wine Consortium and we’re reading loads of “We met some very interesting people and got some great ideas about how to improve other wine blogs around Europe. We use sites such and expand our blog.” as adegga and snooth to market our wines online.” Axén believes that social media use is still in its Through social media, fine wine connoisseurs and wine merchants are finding more infancy in Spain. “But more and more, wineries and opportunities to interact and connect. They’re talking to each other and they’re bonding. distributors are now realizing the impact of social The merchants become friends. The connoisseurs gain a more intimate knowledge of media and are starting to blog and tweet, etc.” regional and international wines.
  • 8. 8 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE DIGITAL BRANDING IN FOCUS: ”The Social Media Election” Text: Tomas Nihlén Photo montage: billypalooza T he US election has sometimes election”. For instance BrandonbySutton Urban Lifestyle) as “The social media been referred to (and not just us at writes about this term in a recent blog post. Sutton points out that at the time of the last US election back in 2004 Facebook was only open for college students and YouTube wasn’t even launched yet! These facts are symbolic of how much the digital arena has changed since then. Not even terms like “social media” were coined at that time. The term web 2.0 was however coined that very same year according to Wikipedia but was still considered to be something only for tech-people and definitely not something for “regular” people having nothing to do with the mainstream crowd. Compare that with the reality of today. Take a look at your circle of friends and ask yourself, how many of them have managed to avoid signing up for Facebook or have never heard of YouTube? It’s a brand new world. With a new set of rules and opportunities. Join us for a journey into the social media jungle where the US presidential campaigns are chopping their paths with a machete and showing brands the future of marketing.
  • 9. 9 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Photo: Center for American Progress Action Fund Social media strategies - summary It’s really interesting to see that there are still people who think that social media is something just for a small niched audience with a clear tech focus and not for “the masses.” The smart people behind the social media strategies for Obama and McCain would not agree and that’s why they have been diving deeper and deeper into this area and at the moment kicking some big brand butt to be honest, pardon the French. What this shows is that even if the whole population hasn’t discovered social media yet, there are still enough people who have and these people can be mighty influential. This group is in fact now big enough to make social media apart of the regular marketing budget. It is important though not to think that you can treat social media just Senator Barack Obama like any other marketing channel and use it to push your content in yet * Twitter +103 000 Followers another direction. Companies must learn to think conversation instead of pushing messages. This might sound like a cliché by now but that * Facebook +2.2 million Fans doesn’t make it any less true. * MySpace +740 000 Friends Many bloggers have written about the social media adventures of both candidates, including Speak Media Blog which published a post that sums * YouTube Subscribers: +104 000 up some of the most interesting numbers from the online campaigns and Channel views: +17 million the engagement both candidates have managed to create. We updated the numbers a bit since they constantly grow. The engagement for both * LinkedIn 500+ Contacts candidates is huge, even if I think Obama plays in a league of his own.
  • 10. 10 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE These numbers makes it obvious that Obama is either ahead because his campaign has been more successful or because his fans are more tech savvy, and maybe even younger than McCains’ fans. But a possible downside for Obama can be that some of his fans might not hit the polling booths on November 4th because it seems like he will win anyway. I’m not saying that it has to be that way, but it’s a potential risk from Obama’s perspective. Techno/Marketer wonders if the candidates will continue to keep their social media identities alive after the election or if they will let them become “ghost towns.” We will get back to that in the next issue of Urban Lifestyle Report - New Media. Some interesting aspects of the campaigns are for instance when Obama announced his VP candidate via SMS which reached over 2.9 million people. Unfortunately the news got out through traditional media first which sort of stole the campaign’s thunder. And speaking of things gone wrong McCain probably crossed the line when he asked supporters to copy and paste standard comments promoting McCain on blogs, no matter if the comments were relevant or not. That is probably why it went sour according to PR Squared, not the thought itself but the way it was executed. Comments should always be relevant and you should always be transparent and open Photo: Photo Mojo about who is behind a particular opinion or comment. Plus in the McCain case they offered participants “reward points” which might sound sort of like a bribe. Despite a few mistakes, both sides should be praised from a social media perspective for daring to try new ways to attract voters. Some mistakes could have been avoided, but all in all they have played this game well. Even though some might claim that, as usual, the candidates have spent too much time Senator John McCain and energy on “trash talking” their opponent. But that seems to be a classic problem in all US elections. * Twitter Unofficial Site +3 600 Followers There’s one last thing I would like to mention about innovative approaches * Facebook +588 000 Fans before we round off this article. Obama even bought ad space in a TV Game * MySpace +55 000 Friends called Burnout, a smart move that I don´t think McCain will copy... * YouTube Subscribers: +26 000 It’s obvious that the strategists behind both social media campaigns have Channel views: +1.8 million understood that there are not just a whole new set of opportunities due to social media, but also a whole new set of expectations to meet online. The year * LinkedIn 500+ Contacts 2008 will also be remembered as the year when the bar for political campaigns was raised to a whole new level. Now there is no turning back!
  • 11. 1 1 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Internet tools to follow the election There are a massive number of tools out there that let you follow the election and even help you decide which candidate you should vote for. Several popular blogs have made lists on the most interesting examples. ReadWriteWeb for instance recently picked 5 tools to visualize the election. One of these services shows which industries have donated money to the candidates and another one shows how money is earmarked for certain uses. There are many services that are focusing on finding the right political party for a certain voter such as Glassbooth, Candidate Calculator and Match-O-Matic. Politics4All is a social platform that lets candidates, citizens and There are several other tools directed to people outside of the US, political groups meet up, collaborate and try to achieve change in a like for example the site (which you can positive direction, whatever that might be. Another interesting social read more about in another article by one of the brains behind the platform is A Global View on the US Election 2008, a site created by site). Yet another site letting other countries participate in a fake LiveJournal to let reporters outside the US borders ask questions to US election is done by The Economist, according to Nevill Hobson. In voters and create discussions to get a feeling for how US voters think. the latter the world is divided into one electorate per country and Only companies with a deal with LiveJournal can use the service to all countries that can manage to collect at least 10 voters are in the post questions, but anybody can see what people are talking about game. At this moment Obama is crushing the competition on both on the site. these sites.
  • 12. 12 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE If you are a US citizen, and registered to vote, but you are travelling the country at the moment there is a site that can help you to avoid losing your chance to make a difference. Election Protection helps you keep track on all the practical details that you need to think about while voting on the road. Then there is of course several Facebook applications to support your favorite candidate. One of them is Election Monitor which seems to have some bugs but it still might be worth checking out. That’s all we had space for in this issue. I hope I left you upcoming voters out there with some tools to use and for you marketers a big chunk of inspiration to create some tools for your brand that can help people in their everyday life. If you think we have missed out on some great tools feel free to add them in the comment section here. Don’t be shy now and more importantly don’t forget to vote.
  • 13. 13 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Political live coverage 2008 The tools for quenching your thirst for live election video have developed by leaps and bounds since the last US election. Back then the term micro-blog wasn’t known and it would take another 2 years for Twitter and Jaiku to be born. But this time around there is a massive number of ways to keep an eye on the election in real-time. One way is to follow where political “tweets” are aggregated. How might this be useful you might ask yourself. Well the answer to that is that it gives a sense of how the discussions are going among the influential and tech savvy Twitter crowd. This target group is interesting to study because they might have some real influence on the online discussions about the election. This discussion- friendly group of people might also influence people that are being indecisive and looking for input to guide them in some direction. It also gives great feedback to what these people think about specific debates and the topics that are being discussed in them.
  • 14. 14 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE The social aggregator FriendFeed didn’t want to be left out from the election mania and therefore also created a special page here where you can follow the election. It is about to be replaced with a more permanent page here. For an even bigger flow of media in real time about the election try this mashup that gives you an aggregated flow with tweets, blog posts, video and other types of media from the political candidates. The service can be embedded as a widget on any website and all comments are visible on all locations no matter where they were submitted according to TechCrunch. Popular Internet TV site Hulu is streaming live from the debates on TV. Both the second and third debates were streamed from its site. The first one in collaboration with NBC (one of the owners of Hulu) and the last one with News Corp owned Fox News (another owner of Hulu). A big problem with Hulu however is that it is only available in the US. You can fool the system that you are inside the US when you are not, but that is just something that more web savvy people know about and can in fact pull off. I was recently contacted by Simon Owens who told me that C-SPAN is also committed to getting all election related video out there in real-time. You’ll find the hub for this located here. Owens also told me that you as a user can start editing and sharing clips while the debates are still playing. During streams the site also aggregates tweets that include the code #debate08 or #nashdebate and it also monitors the blogosphere for election related content to display. Mashable published a great list of places where you can find live video from the election. The list includes following sites; CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo/ABC, CSPAN, Current and earlier mentioned Hulu. As you can see there is no shortage of live video this time around and we haven’t even covered all the sites with user generated content such as mobile live video services Qik and Mogulus. Those surely will also have some live coverage related to this election. If not, you can always start streaming your own opinions or put your phone up in the air at a speech yourself. There’s no limit to what you can do to actually make a difference this time around.
  • 15. 15 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE The US election as a catalyst for brand innovation The US election has turned out to be Amazon thinks the winning candidate could or red for McCain. The choices are registered somewhat of a laboratory, where companies be predicted by letting people buy Obama and and aggregated to the campaign site 7-Election. can test out new products and services under McCain masks for Halloween. According to com. Even in this “mock-up election” Obama a limited period of time. In some cases these the results at the moment Obama is ahead in has a lead over McCain with 60 per cent against innovations are not that profound and more this voting game. It remains to be seen though 40 per cent. 7-Eleven claims to have hit the on a marketing campaign level. Smart ways if that will be accurate in the actual election. bulls-eye in several former elections according to improve advertising, evolutionary rather to beyondmadisonavenue, therefore it will be than revolutionary. But then there are those This is not the only example of a brand using the interesting to see if the chain has found the brands that bring innovations to the table election to engage people. 7-Eleven is running perfect polling system. that even could redefine their brand identities a similar campaign in which the company has and change its essence. Since innovation is a done for several elections now. This time the Another pair of brands taking part in the relative term we will let you decide what is customers get to choose their “party-cup” election fever are YouTube and PBS. They innovative or not. when they buy a hot beverage; blue for Obama want regular, young, voters to record their
  • 16. 16 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE experience at the polling booths on election day. These video clips are then uploaded to Video your vote and selected clips will be aired on PBS to try to illustrate what it is like to vote as a young citizen in the US today. But there are some pretty strict rules. The clips must be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long and on top of that there are some legal issues to handle for participants. For instance it’s illegal to film anything inside the polling booth or outside it, according to Gizmodo, Another brand entering the election circus to try to use this timing to build its brand, and hopefully try to do something good, is Burger King. The central slogan is “Have it your way” and the campaign site directs people to either their Facebook or MySpace application. These applications let users answer a number of political questions that are typically Democrats vs Republicans. After answering these questions you can see which of your friends have done the same and which ones agree or disagree with you. The results are also displayed as a ticker on the bottom of the campaign site. To drive traffic to the site BK used TV advertising according to Promo Magazine.
  • 17. 17 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE This is not the only area in which The New York Times is pushing the envelope during the election. The magazine has also launched an impressive video player that makes it easier for users to navigate in long debates and other election videos. There is a time line on the top showing in which parts Obama speaks and in which parts McCain speaks. To make it even easier they have also placed a text version of the videos to the right with There are also brands that innovate on another level. Google Labs for links to specific parts of the clips. Take a look for yourself to instance recently launched a new service to let users search for words see what you think. in video clips related to the election. This is a way to test out cutting edge technology that might be implemented on a wider scale in the near Not all that innovative but still an attention grabbing detail in future. It will be interesting to see if this function will be implemented this election is how Annheuser-Bush (owner of Budweiser etc.) on all of Google’s video resources like YouTube and Google Video in the is sponsoring political debates together with other brands such future. No doubt this is a great opportunity to test drive this technology. as HP. In each election in the US there seems to be a large number Another interesting example is the The New York Times which has of technical problems that in the long run might increase the created their first open API. What’s an API some of you might wonder? distrust for the election process. To act against this trend Wired Well it’s one of the cornerstones of “web 2.0” and to be more exact it decided to publish a mashup map that lets users report on means creating an external interface to your own service or database technical problems during the election all around the US. These that lets other services gain access to certain parts of your data. This reports or comments might come in the form of text or links is very useful for instance when creating mashups and so on. The New to audio, video or images. This is a great way for a brand to York Times’ API lets other web services collect data about financial market itself and at the same time do something positive for the contributions to the political parties in the US election. By opening up community. You can find the map here. their data in this manor they are actually experimenting with its identity as a newspaper. From originally being printed only on paper, The New York Times first made the transition to also being digital and now this next natural step towards becoming a modern information source for both man and machine. I totally agree with ReadWriteWeb when saying that this is the way of the future.
  • 18. 18 Politics and comedy online Illustration: ”Batmobama and Robiden” by Paul Richmond Some people would probably claim that politics and comedy don’t mix well. That they at all costs should be kept separated. And then there are people who think the absolute opposite, that they have lived a life of symbioses since the dark ages and that political satire is an essential part of any well functioning democracy. No matter what you do think about this issue the two forces are meeting up online right now for a cavalcade of election comedy of varying quality. There is a flood of sites and video clips that make fun of the presidential candidates or the “election circus.” There is not enough space in this report to fit them all into one article but we have selected a few interesting examples. The most talked about example online might be the fight between the characters Obama Girl and McCain Girl. It started with a video with Obama Girl called “I got a crush... on Obama” (video). Then McCain Girl answered with “INCREDIBLE McCAIN GIRL - HULK SPOOF” (video) and later they met in a challenge (video) and also on Geraldo (video) but this time under friendlier circumstances. Now there are a ton of videos from these characters on YouTube, just search for “obama girl” or “mccain girl” and you will find them. This well produced video makes fun of both candidates and has been viewed more than 1.4 million times. The group behind the video, Jibjab, has produced a large number of political videos like this one and this one.
  • 19. 19 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE The blog Phreak 2.0 compares Obama and McCain If Florida would be hard to reach for Obama, these “hip hop kids” are not. At least with Batman and The Penguine illustrated with a great not according to this music video. picture by Paul Richmond, take a look here to see what it looks like or to the left. But there is also unintentional comedy like what people at a McCain event seemed to think was going on on-stage according to They were amused by McCain’s A popular video clip where John Cleese talks (and facial expressions, eye movements and his repeated references to “Joe the Plumber.” laughs) about Sarah Palin has been spread around the This term has flooded the Internet lately and become sort of a gimmick on Twitter, Internet lately. Cleese states that he used to think that which you can sense here. To wrap it up, as I said before this election most definitely his colleague Michael Palin was “the funniest Palin in has proved that interacting with your audience is a good thing. By providing tools the world” but now he has realized that it in fact is and material that can be shared easy, commented on. That makes it possible for Sarah Palin who holdes first prize. people to engage in a winning concept and get your word out there and to stand out in the crowd of messages. Social media is one way to open up and let your customers At least one site seams to agree and that is Palin As in on your brand. Don’t be scared just do it! President. Take a look around and live in Sarah Palins world, should she become president. Take a while to make up your own mind. Another example of political comedy is when YouTube users create short clips and mashups of reality, like this clip where a YouTuber shows us “How many times did Sarah Palin wink?” and another user shows us “The Obama Llama Song”. Just search for “election” and “humor” and you will find tons of clips. A bit more controversial site might be “The Great Schlep” which is a site targeting young Jewish American voters to make them go to Florida and make sure that their grandparents vote for Obama. In the introduction video Sarah Silverman jokes about prejudice against African-Americans and Jewish grandparents. You can read more about the site here.
  • 20. 20 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE What if the world could vote? Text: Hjörtur Smárason, Marketing Safari It’s only a few days until the US presidential election. Everyone is talking about the election and everyone has an opinion on who should be the next person to take on the most powerful job in the world. But who decides who it should be? The US people? The US supreme court? Or the registered voters in the US? Would it be any different if the whole world could vote? Three guys in Iceland decided to ask the world. So they set up the website http://IfTheWorldCouldVote. com where people from anywhere in the world can cast their vote on either John McCain or Barack Obama. So far 333.000 people from 198 countries world wide have voted. And the trend is clear. The world is unanimous. Over 87% of the world would like to see Barack Obama as the next president of the United States. Only one country would vote for John McCain – The Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia. Sadly for John McCain, it’s not because he’s so popular there. It’s because Obama is very unpopular there after he announced support for Greece in the Macedonian name dispute when It should give a clue about who the world would like to see as the next president of speaking to a group of the Greek minority in Chicago. the United States and maybe get people in the United States to realize how much this matters to the whole world” says Hjörtur Smárason, co-founder of IfTheWorldCouldVote. com. “Our mission is to get as many voters from as many countries as possible. Whether or not we reach our goal According to the site, Obama would get 81,8% in the USA. Is that because he’s so popular of more voters than in the last US election, we really among those who can’t vote? Or is the “online population” more pro-Obama than the want to get a reasonable amount of voters from each “offline population?” Or will we see a landslide victory for Barack Obama on November country so that a comparison can be made. 4th? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
  • 21. 21 Wikipedia vs Energizer which one wins in a tag war? Text: Tomas Nihlén Text: Andrey Zhukov It’s official, Britney Spears is on Twitter! There is a Twitter user called “TheRealBritney” What pops into your mind when you hear a brand like “Facebook?” Personally that drew a lot of attention on Twitter when it was officially launched as Britney Spears’ I saw words like “poke” and “tagged images of my university professors entrance to the Twitter world. Does this mean that micro-blogging has become doing the air guitar move on the dance floor” in my mind. Try Brandtags mainstream already? Probably not just yet... When the news first broke a lot of people for yourself and learn which mystical word associations a superbrand has to were very impressed to see such a new you. approach from an established artist trying to reconnect to her fans. But it didn’t An even more exciting thing would be to see two random brands enter the take long until it became obvious that it ring. No rules and the winner is at your mercy. It’s not a dream, you can find wasn’t Britney hammering away at the it in The battle mode. keyboard but her PR-team. Furthermore the updates were mostly just dumping The cherry top of the branding cake belongs to Google and Adidas with 424 links and promoting events not so much and 421 wins out of 507 battles. Swedish Absolut Vodka and Skype are in interacting which is a big part of what the first hundred. Odd couple SAP and Howard Stern are apparently equally micro blogging is all about. Frankly speaking this was not the most innovative way to boring, living in the use Twitter and Gary Vaynerchuck expressed his criticism in this video. 1938 Media also cellars of people’s joined the debate but claimed that Vaynerchuck was naïve to think that a star like Britney minds. would eve use Twitter personally. But I must say that I agree with Gary Vaynerchuck on this isssue, it would be much more efficient if Britney would be personally engaged There’s also the in social media. In fact Vaynerchuck posted a new video calling out Obama, with the OS Browse mode, message that if Britney gets heat for fake twittering then so should Obama. which shows tags only from people Britney’s PR-team also launched a YouTube channel and a Britney centric social on PCs or Macs. networking service called CircusVip to bring together all fans on the same platform. It Turns out way more will be interesting to see what kind of engagement this will create around Britney. The people who use team made a decision not to build a new social networking service but rather use a PCs think Apple’s white label service called Ning. The positive part of using an existing platform is that pretentious than it is much cheaper but the downside is that it doesn’t have the same flexibility. Finally people who use I would say that it is an interesting project from Team Britney but they made some Macs. Go figure! unnecessary mistakes when they launched the Twitter account, mistakes that show a lack of knowledge into how social media works.
  • 22. 22 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Bettering Your Business Blog Text: Lisa Sculati How confident are you that your business blog is reaching your target audience? What kind of interaction do you have with the readers of your business blog? Do you feel your blog conveys an authentic message? How do you feel your blog’s message is being received? David Meerman Scott, author of the book ”The New Rules of In his 2007 book, Scott writes “There’s no doubt that my blog is the most important marketing and Marketing and PR: How to use news releases, blogs, podcasts, PR tool I have as a marketing and PR speaker, writer, and consultant.” viral marketing and online media to reach your buyers directly,” recently outlined what he considers to be the 5 biggest mistakes Another high profile blogger, Mack Collier, addressed The Small Business Marketing Unleashed corporate bloggers are making. On his blog, Web Ink Now, Scott conference a few months ago in Houston, Texas on the topic of “Blogging for Business.” On Search tells us to avoid the following pitfalls: Engine Collier tells his readers “When a business starts blogging, many aren’t sure what they should be blogging about. So they begin writing about what they know best, themselves. “1) Start a blog without first following other similar blogs (and Unfortunately, the last thing a business blog should be, is a tool to promote that business. Instead, commenting on them) companies should use their blog to provide value for their readers, and to give them information 2) Write excessively about (your) company’s products and that they can find use in.” services 3) Focus on one-way propaganda and don’t involve other blogs You’ll find lots of advice on the web on how to improve your business blogging efforts, but what and bloggers if you need more inspiration? Blogging conferences are becoming magnets for entrepreneurs 4) Accept all the defaults in the blogging software package and corporate marketing and PR professionals. A quick scan of the web reveals a plethora of 5) Fail to realize the importance of the “About” page” opportunities to attend one of these events. If you can make it to Amsterdam in late October,
  • 23. 23 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE you can take part in the Blog 08 conference. Dublin, Ireland just hosted The Blogging and Social Media Conference on October 4th. Blog Well will take place in San Jose, California on October 28th. Las Vegas hosted Blog World Expo in September. Blog World is dubbed “ the largest blogging conference in the world.” This week I had the opportunity to gain insight on quality business blogging from one of the panelists at Blog World, Patrick O’Keefe, owner of iFroggy Network and author of Managing Online Forums. Question: What, from your experience and observations, are the biggest mistakes many business bloggers are making? Answer: “I don’t know if I would call them the biggest mistakes or not, but here are some of the ones that I see: 1. Not posting regularly or on some sort of schedule. 2. Not interacting with commenters and readers. Generally, it’s not a good thing to see a blog where Depending on your blog and subject, you don’t need to blog the author or authors never interact with commenters. But, this is especially true of a company run blog. every day. But, what you do need to do is blog regularly and Bloggers are seen as representatives of the company and if people are leaving comments and asking on some semblance of a schedule. There are very successful questions that are not being answered, it makes them feel ignored and makes them feel as though the blogs that blog once every 3-4 days. But, the blog’s readers blogger or company is just interested in talking to them, not with them. know that there will be a new entry every 3-4 days. Blogging is a commitment and must be treated as such. It’s hard to 3. Finally, this is happening less and less, but it’s important to identify who exactly is writing the post, what cultivate an audience when you aren’t regularly updating they do, who they work for and, if appropriate, any potential conflicts of interest that they have. Blog posts your blog. aren’t written by Company XYZ, they are written by John Smith, Director of Something or Another.”
  • 24. 24 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Question: How were you involved in Blog World Expo and who was the audience? Experienced bloggers, new bloggers, a mix? Audience feedback? Answer: “I was on two panels. One was called “How to Deal with Trolls, Spammers, Sock Puppets.” The other was “Avoiding Disaster: How Not to Use Social Media,” highlighting various social media tactics and strategies that can harm your brand.” “The audience was really a mix of people, everyone from individuals who didn’t know much about blogging to people who lead in the space and are widely respected. It was a great event. The audience feedback that I have heard has been solid.” Question: What do you to say to people who are skeptical of using the blogosphere and blogging platform as a marketing/customer relations/public relations tool? Answer: “I can understand why some might consider it to be somewhat Final thoughts for business bloggers, Patrick? scary, but at the same time, that shouldn’t stop you. Take your time “I would say that there is a lot to be gained. When you think about it, to learn the medium and learn from the people who are using it participating in the blogosphere and in social media can equal a very low successfully. Proceed carefully, treat everyone and everything with monetary investment for a very high potential of reward. Obviously, it is respect and you should be able to find your way and be able to incredibly valuable to have a good relationship with your customers and carve out a positive presence online.” your fans and the internet makes it exceedingly easy to do so.”
  • 25. 25 3-D CINEMA ON ITS WAY BACK? Text: Tomas Nihlén Photo: John Kratz T he movie business has to, just like its sisters and brothers in media the music- and book industry, think in new terms in digital times like these. A lot of people choose to stay at home to watch the movie instead of opening their wallets for the movie theaters. At the same time we notice that consumers don’t watch less movies, instead they are putting their money into home theaters. The sound quality keeps on improving and screens are growing. Together with media downloading movies, rental services online such as LoveFilm and Netflix offer tough competition to the cinemas. When competition increases and the small advantage the cinemas had against home studios decreases it’s time to press pause and to think. So what can cinemas do to entice people and to be willing to spend money to see movies on movie screens instead of at home? In this section we explore how the new media landscape is evolving and what it means to marketers. Focus lies on the new tools and channels that can be used to One way of approaching this challange is to refine the experience. Many of us understand and reach the consumers. tried out a pair of 3D-glasses one or two times when going to the movies back in the 80s. Apparantly it is time for another go, at least if we believe what we saw 3-d cinemas on its way back? 25 on this episode of the video podcast Cranky Geeks. Unfortunately you still have to wear one of those glasses, even though I guess they have improved some Good times R.I.P 27 since last time. Sure holograms are cool but if they can’t offer this technology on How to succeed against all odds 29 sufficient amounts of good movies I’m having a hard time to see this concept fly. Digital books - future or failure? 31 It often is the lack of content that puts an end to these types of experiments. A lot of energy and money are being put into the the technique while the content What the F**K is social media? 33 is forgotten. If there aren’t enough good movies in 3D this attempt will most Google vs. iPhone 37 likely turn into a fiasco. But if they succeed with both those parts; the technology Live video - a part of our everyday lives? 39 and the content this can actually be a very good and interesting concept.
  • 26. 26 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE ”I clicked to buy and I liked it” Text: Linda Pierre Now you no longer have to wonder what the name of that song in that particular video clip on YouTube is and how you can get it. YouTube recently launched a new function allowing viewers of videos with music in it be able to get the information and also buy the song almost directly from YouTube. Just a click away you get access to Amazon or iTunes to purchase the song you just heard. For now this applies mainly to music videos from a few record labels but there’s also a possibility you’ll see it under videos done by the public. This new function doesn’t only aim towards music but digital files in general that can be bought via Amazon or iTunes store. Electronic Arts has together with Amazon made it possible for viewers of the online video game Sphore-videos on YouTube to easy access to buy the game from its store. Google says this is just the beginning and that they have plans to create collaborations with business within other industries gradually, like for instance the movie- and TV- industry. Maybe this is the recipe that finally gives YouTube a share of the advertising cookie? Facebook Social Ads Feed on Privacy Illiteracy An Online Media Daily publication tells us as story The Ads in effect turn you, the Facebook user, into a controls for users. Unfortunately most just don’t even about how privacy illiterate most people are. Most product spokesperson. Ostensibly this happens with know they are there, which benefits the advertisers. don’t even know that they should care. Author Nina your permission, but most people really have no idea I have my privacy settings now to block anyone from Lentini discusses Facebook’s Social Ads: what they have agreed to. using my name and face in their ads. This is why privacy literacy is so important. It’s really on the users to make “Natural or not, finding oneself in an ad unexpectedly is You may have discovered that making myself a “fan” of sure they know what is going on, because it benefits a worrisome prospect. I enjoy Facebook and the fun my a company or brand gave them the right to use your companies like Facebook to not really tell you. friends and I have therein. And I have been careful not face and name in their ads on Facebook, unless you to join a group that might come back to bite me. Still, I expressly blocked them from doing so. Text: Andrey Zhukov shouldn’t have to worry about my face–or rather the faces of my daughters–ending up in an ad.” In Facebook’s defence, it has some pretty solid privacy
  • 27. 27 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE GOOD TIMES R.I.P Text: Tomas Nihlén Photo: Sequoia Capital After a few years of good times we are now entering a global recession, that has probably not escaped anybody connected to the Internet or following mainstream media. The beginning of uncertain times have spread a wind of worrying thoughts among both marketers and web entrepreneurs, how will this affect the staff issues, revenue and margins? There are no certain answers and it’s hard to foresee what will happen the next couple of years. It wouldn’t be surprising if this would make it, relatively speaking, easier to sell low cost products and services than things that fall into the “everyday luxury” category like Spa treatments, movie tickets, and other non-essential products/services. But then again maybe people need to escape the everyday reality and therefore will keep some of those luxuries, who knows? One thing though that is pretty certain is that people will not spend less time online for information, entertainment and bargain hunting. This trend will most certainly keep increasing and this means that we are spending more and more time online instead of hanging out with traditional media.
  • 28. 28 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Photo: Sad guys on trading floors Time Magazine added to the fire by publishing a front cover with an image of a bread line and the caption “The New Hard Times”, according to The Big Picture. For a more accurate and modern take on this go to the new photo blog Sad Guys On Trading Floors. This is the new LOLcat phenomenon according to Mashable. For entrepreneurs it’s all about decreasing the “burn rate” and make their money last as long as possible according to people like Brian Solis and Jason Calacanis. The blog Inquisitr puts it in this well nuanced way: “The Sky is Falling. Start panicking.” The layoffs continued and on the 10 th of October it was Internet entrepreneur Loic Le Meur’s time to start cutting staff from his Seesmic, which is a platform for video conversations. The news first came as a shock to bloggers such as Robert Scoble who wrote a blog post saying it was very surprising considering that Seesmic has been great at attracting capital. The discussion continued in the comment section and also on Entrepreneurs that work with the Internet as their basis for business will Seesmic including this video from Le Meur. however feel stronger demands for viable business models right from the start. At least if they are planning on collecting venture capital. It will not be as easy anymore to build services first and then start thinking about how to make money out of them. Over the last couple of years quite a few entrepreneurs have reasoned like what Jim Morrison says to Wayne in the movie Waynes World 2 - ”If you book them, they will come.”, “If you build your site everything Photo: Jeff Kubina will sort itself out.” For VC hunters at least that time is over. The most powerful VC company in the US, Sequoia Capital, set the tone when they called for a crisis meeting with their portfolio companies and the first slide read ”Rest In Piece Good Times”. One of the entrepreneurs told Boom Town that it was a very unpleasant insight and the last time Sequoia had a meeting like this it was when the bubble burst back in 2000. After this recent meeting Twitter started to flood over with tweets about layoffs from different Video conversation platforms and micro-blogs were not around during the last recession web 2.0 companies. Not as a direct consequence of this specific meeting, but so it is interesting to see how fast information is spreading. It’s worth thinking about if a general understanding that the industry is going through a steel bath and that this is increasing the speed with which the recession is spreading. And if that’s the case this meeting was just another manifestation of it. then will it work the other way around and turn the recession around when it’s time?
  • 29. 26 29 To succeed against all odds Text: Tomas Nihlén Photo: freshwater2006 Like we mentioned in the previous article some categories of products/services might gain from a tougher economy. It could be simple and cheap products like Campbell Soup (video) which stock price actually jumped to a new level when the other stock prices started their decline on the US markets. Another product type besides soups that could see an increase in demand is products that helps consumers shed some light on the otherwise non-transparent financial world, watch this video for instance.
  • 30. 30 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE R obb Hecht, digital strategist at IMC Strategy Labs, describes the current state like this in a post on DMNews: true both for entrepreneurs and brands. But what about marketing consultants? Well that depends on two things; first it depends on the total marketing budget and then how much of that is allocated new opportunities since unemployed people have more time for media consumption and an increasing slice of that pie is digital. Consumers might not have the same resources to shop, but they will have more ”It’s during a recession that a brand should to the types of media that you are active time on their hands to consume both media position itself as the leader in its category. in. MarketingProfs recently conducted and other products and services. It is the best and least expensive time to a study among marketers (in this case gain market share” on the buyer side) and 65 per cent of the Another opportunity arrives when the respondents believed this recession would competition loses focus if you can maintain You could also claim that tough times drive it and start building market share. Here’s innovation and push companies to make have a negative impact on their marketing budget. Most of the participants thought your chance to use this timing to get closer their businesses more efficient. One could to your consumers. In doing that social almost look at it from a more philosophical this recession will last at least until 2010. 25 per cent of them expect layoffs and 43 media plays a huge and important role. It standpoint and reason that it’s the struggle provide a cost efficient and unique way to that makes us do things in new and smarter percent are anticipating a negative effect on salaries. connect to your target groups. If you can ways. O’Reilly Radar puts it like this: use and participate in this arena wisely, ”First, this recession will be good for So are we staring down a dark hole or is you can increase loyalty and attract new innovation because recessions generally there any silver lining on the horizon from customers. are. During boom times, companies direct a marketer’s perspective? That depends development and occupy great talent with on what kind of marketer you are. When it at best evolutionary improvements over comes to Internet marketing it seems like Opportunities in tough times: the state of the art. Companies are great this will continue to gain market share. So chasers of new things, but aren’t great at for Internet marketers the recession could − A bigger share of marketing budgets go to the making new things. A recession means be a possibility to keep taking shares from digital arena technologists cease to be paid vast amounts traditional advertising. If you are a buyer of marketing services this might be an − Tougher times = more people in front of to duplicate the work of others. The Great computers and TV sets Tech Bust of Ought Two gave us 37Signals, opportunity to overlook some agreements Flickr, and and there’s a strong and lower some supplier costs. But it’s − Cheaper to buy market share argument to be made that many companies important not to to forget that it’s even more spent the next six years chasing what they important now to differentiate and create − Competitors might lose focus created.” customer loyalty. Don’t let the quality in − Social media = new opportunities to create what you do suffer. Also Stowe Boyd agrees with this statement loyalty and attract new customers and other blogs like Mashable too. This is A cynic might say that it also opens up some
  • 31. 31 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Digital books future or failure? Text: Linda Pierre Photo: Amazon Kindle2 Sony also recently launched an updated version of their ebook T reader. It comes with touch screen and perhaps a slightly fancier design than he Internet has become the place where we meet to discuss different Kindle. So who is the biggest player on topics, hang out and get updated on what´s going on in the areas we the market? Sony or Amazon? Well are interested. It can happen anytime and you are not tied down to a specific the answer is actually neither of them, geographical location, just as long as you can find a computer with an Internet it’s Apple with their iPhone. Sure the connection. But the thing is that you don’t actually have to use a computer for that screen is much smaller and the battery anymore, that’s pretty obvious with mobile devices like 3G phones and now also life is not that great. But on the other netbooks and function specific devices like ebooks they all have screens capable hand it’s small and if you own one odds are you of displaying texts from digital boks. So what is the future of digital reading? Will always carry it around with you. Plus it means that you these devices blow paper books back into the stone age? don’t have to spend money on yet another device. Amazon Kindle was just launched in a new and updated version a few weeks ago. Up until recently the only way to cram ebooks into your iPhone was to With Kindle you can not only read books, reports or other documents, you can buy an application for it through iTunes, but now there is a free alternative. also search for information on the Internet thanks to built in mobile broadband. Stanza is a free application that let’s you do just that, and with that I mean The reason why Amazon put the Internet connection right into the Kindle is of cram as many ebooks into your iPhone as you have room for. And that is course so that if you get the urge to buy a new book you can! It only takes a few exactly what hundreds of thousands of people have done; in only a few minutes and you can do it anywhere you have mobile coverage. Perhaps not as months 395 000 copies of this application have been downloaded and 5 000 appealing as a good old paperback in which you curl up on a sofa with a glass of more copies are downloaded each day. The best thing is that even the books red wine. But it sure does the trick if you’re travelling and don’t have space for all you can download with the application are free since they are in the public the books you need or want to read while away. Another plus is the fact that if domain (no copyright). If we compare iPhone with its Stanza application to you don’t like what you are reading, just push a button and download something Kindle, the latter with a goal to sell 380 000 units in 2008 iPhone is hitting a else. home run in the field of ebooks.
  • 32. 32 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE So how many people actually read ebooks? How big is the market and what is the growth rate? Will they ever replace paper books completely? These and many more interesting questions are addressed in a recent study called eBooks – The End User Perspective. So far it’s mainly in research and the rest of the academic world that ebooks have had great success. Not that surprising considering that area is very information centric and these type of devices are great for holding large amounts of information and at the same time offer the possibility to search for information online. Those two features combined make for a reader experience that can take you from one place to another just by pushing a button, which means you can dig deeper in those areas that you are especially interested in. According to this study people that use ebook readers do so mostly in their work or studies. So it’s not a replacement for novels in paperback but rather non fiction books and reports. These ebooks are not read from page one all the way through to the end, but rather in sections looking for answers. But we have just seen the beginning of this and perhaps the next step is to replace books in school for ebook readers? One being the form factor, they just don’t look that nice today, it’s not a product that will impress the cool kids at school. The question remains; will this ever become “the killer app” for the mainstream consumers? Will There is no denying the fact that there are certain pros these consumers want to first pay for a clunky piece of electronic and then pay for the books as well? Perhaps if to digital information, like accessibility, direct feedback they can create a “must have” sensation rather than a “would be ok to have.” Especially considering the financial and also the environmental aspect of not having to chop state of the world right now. down as many trees and transporting them on trucks all over the world. The book industry is facing some of the same challenges as the music and movie industry. More and more people are buying their books online, which is driving many “analog” bookstores out of business. There is a But for ebook readers to become sexy enough to be constant discussion about copyright and the fact that young people are downloading music and movies online, “the next iPod” for young consumers there are still a but it’s still a fact that they are doing it. And now there are ways to do the same with books. So the book few challenges. industry needs some innovative products and business models to succeed in the future and ebooks might just be a part of that formula for success. No matter what happens, digital is always in style!
  • 33. 33 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE What the F**K is Social Media? Text: Beng Grossman & Marta Kagan Photo: Ian Livesey
  • 34. 34 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE If your customers aren’t asking about it now, they will be. If your clients aren’t asking about it now, they should be. Comcast used it to revolutionize customer service; Consumers expect companies and brands to participate in a used it to put its CEO front and center; Nike used it to motivate a community dialogue and when companies fail to do so, targets are apt to reconsider your to run over 84 million miles and SeaWorld used it to launch o ne of its most brands competitors, to ignore your brand, or most damaging, to broadcast efficient attraction promotions ever. You may have heard fleeting mentions their dissatisfaction to the world using the very social media you aschew. of parts of it—social networks, blogs, micro-blogs, RSS, podcasts, alternate reality games—but at the end of the day, you’re left asking yourself: What It’s also important to realize that audiences are more jaded and media- the F**K is Social Media? savvy than ever before. While 14% of people trust advertisements, 78% of people trust recommendations of other consumers—and social media is the The long answer is that social media is an umbrella term which defines perfect forum for those recommendations. 2 The only way to develop lasting the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction and the relationships with consumers today is through transparent, authentic, and construction of words, pictures, videos and audio. It is a robust set of tools inclusive communications. You cannot enter these conversations determined that is revolutionizing the way people talk to each other, communicate with to be ‘on message’ or controlling. Consumers will call you on it… publicly. businesses, and broadcast themselves to the world. But at its most basic level, social media is people having conversations online. Does it sound like a scary social media world out there? It doesn’t have to be. And it is imperative that you don’t resist the shift, because people are talking Naturally, the next question people ask is: Why should I care? Believe us. The about your business and your clients’ businesses right now, whether you are answer is not, “Because we say so.” Social media represents a fundamental present or privy to those conversations or not. If you don’t believe us, jump change in the way we communicate. There are volumes of startling statistics on right now and search a brand name or business out there—73% of active online users have read a blog, 57% have joined category. You will be privy to what about 2 million people are thinking, doing, a social network, 83% have watched video clips—but the most important and saying on Twitter, the most popular micro-blogging service. If you don’t thing to realize is that social media is the way of the future.1 While the know what to search for, try “nipple.” We guarantee people are talking about communication model of yesteryear was a one-way monologue, today, that them right now. The point is that you might as well join the conversation model has experienced a complete overhaul and backlash. so that you can create positive brand impressions, understand how you can better serve your consumers, and help naturally facilitate the conversation.
  • 35. 35 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Social media is the way of the future. The fact is that if you do not use it, your competitors will… and they will win. Millenials/Gen Y-ers are projected to outnumber Baby Boomers by 2010 and they live in this space. They don’t care about your ad, but they do care what their friends think, and to prove it, 96% of them have joined a social network.3 They already wield $350 billion per year in spending power, and they haven’t even entered the workforce yet.4 Millenials are poised to become the next behemoth target, and they are harder to reach than any previous generation. You have to meet them where they already reside, on their terms. While the barrier to entry for social media is very low (after all, most every service is free), be careful - looks can be deceiving. Before you jump 4. Engage: Take a look at some of the great successes mentioned at the beginning of this article. Think about creating a playground in, it’s extremely important that you be prepared and educated about this where consumers can interact, engage with your brand, and, new medium. Social media evangelists and enthusiasts generally agree ultimately, feel ownership of your brand. that there are four major steps to hopping on the proverbial social media train: The best part about social media is that it is so new that the possibilities are limitless! There have been some great social media initiatives already, 1. Listen: It’s how all great conversationalists start. Before you but there is definitely space for many, many more rockstars in this arena. even start to say a word, find out what people are saying about We want you to be one of them. It’s high impact, it’s scalable, and it really you and your company. Listening to the conversations that are is a must if you or your clients want to stay competitive. already in progress within social media services will probably provide the cheapest, easiest, and most genuine research insights Just be sure to remember… honesty is the best policy. Be open, truthful, you’ll ever get. Take some time to digest it; don’t be hurt or authentic, and engaging. Above all else, Don’t F**K With People. They angered by it; and then continue the process. don’t like it and it’s antithetical to the premise of social media. Now, go forth and ride that social media train to the bank of opportunity that lies 2. Participate: Remember it’s a dialogue, not a monologue and ahead. It’s an exciting time, and if you ever have questions along the way, that social is much more important than media. Not all of what we’re here to engage you in whatever dialogue you want to have. We’ll you share has to have a concerted purpose. You must appear start by listening. as human as you are in real life and you must have a personality that people trust and are interested in. As you begin entering This article is based on a presentation entitled “What the F**K is Social into a dialogue with your consumers, you will probably find that Media?” It is available for viewing and download here. they are very happy to hear from you and amenable to talking Written by: Ben Grossman, Founder + Chief Strategist, BiGMarK about a variety of topics. Marta Kagan, Founder + Chief Strategist, BiGMarK 3. Relinquish control: Just as in real life, people don’t like it when you try to control conversations, because that dynamic Sources: doesn’t seem natural or genuine. The goal of your participation 1. Universal McCann Comparative Study on Social Media Trends, April 2008 is to enable, inspire, influence, and… 2. Nielsen “Truth in Advertising” Report, October 2007 3. National School Boards Association (NSBA) and Grunwald Associates LLC, August 2007 4. Alloy’s Media + Marketing’s Samantha Skey at “Millenials’ Social Media Addiction” at iMedia Summit December, 2006
  • 36. 36 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE The state of the blogosphere 2008 Text: Tomas Nihlén - and the relationship with brands Illustration: Technorati ”The state of the blogosphere 2008” The blog search engine Technorati recently released their yearly report on the topic “The state of the blogosphere.” We are going to take a look at some of the most interesting findings from a marketing perspective, which is the part about brands. You can find the whole report and a table of contents of course depend on here. how the information is distributed and there It’s becoming clearer and clearer that brands are no given truths play an important role in the blogosphere about the future. But both as active participants and as a topic the study shows the of conversation. According to this study importance of being a part more than 4 out of 5 bloggers write about of the conversations online in a brands; reviews, encounters with customer positive way, to listen to what people service and also about experiences in stores. are saying and not just to stick your head Companies are starting to understand this into the sand and hope that nobody else is and are now trying to recruit bloggers as listening.... things that are interesting to you and your brand ambassadors. A third of the bloggers Another interesting development is that the business. Then start to think about how say they have been contacted by a company line between media companies and private you can start building relationships with for this purpose. persons blogging is dissolving. Today them to both get input on your products The participating bloggers in this study most newspapers have one or more blogs and services and also to help you spread are not that receptive to information from on their websites. That’s not that strange the word about your brand. Make a great traditional media or directly from brands. considering that a blog is just a simple and product or service, let people know about it They prefer to get their information from free publication tool and doesn’t really say and give them the tools to spread the word. other Internet users, WOM basically much about the content. My advice is to start There you have the magic formula. Now go rather than brand advertising. This can off by listening to bloggers who write about mix your cocktail of success!
  • 37. 37 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Google vs. iPhone The mobile market fight gets more competitive Text: Linda Pierre Photo: loura Google just released the first “Google Phone”, “Gphone” or “G (call it what 1” you will) together with T-Mobile in the US and UK. So the question on everybody’s minds is “Is this an iPhone killer?”
  • 38. 38 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE episodes of podcasts to let you listen to Photo: vvenziani and/or watch them offline. But Apple thought it was too much of a competitor to iTunes and decided not to let it through to the application store. T hat question is hard to answer and it is still too early to predict. But if I allow myself to take a look into the crystal ball I would probably guess iPhone is a true phenomenon and quite hard to beat by other smartphones. The earlier 2G version and then the 3G version that the answer is no, since this product is more of have together sold an impressive total of 10 a niche product than the iPhone. Sure it has some million phones and that’s 3 months before interesting features such as the integration with the year is at an end. Both Samsung and Amazon’s DRM free mp3 store, both touch screen LG have tried and failed to knock iPhone and keyboard. And besides that it also has, like the off the throne despite praise from critics. iPhone, customizable user interface. One thing that If anybody has a chance to threaten the I’m curious about though is why both the G1 and iPhone it should be Google, but I’m still the iPhone lack the possibility to record video. This not sure it will. I’m not saying it won’t be develop applications for it, while Apple holds a tight is particularly strange since video is growing at an a success though, it even sold out before hitting the grip on the iPhone applications and only allows some exponential rate on the Internet. In Google’s case stores, so it looks promising. Stiff competition to of them to become public. Apple have received a lot this is even more strange since the company owns both might arrive very soon though, in the form of of heat for this strategy since developers sometimes YouTube and with Apple it is equally strange since Blackberry’s new touch screen model. spend a lot of time and energy on applications that Apple is considered to be the brand of choice for never will be available in the application store. Some This is interesting to study for several reasons, the music and video makers. might claim that Apple doesn’t want applications to first being that totally new players in this field like compete with the standard iPhone applications that Apple and Google now are competing with older To be able to use the G1 you need to have a Google are pre-loaded on the phones. The truth is probably brands and making a huge impact. Since they account. Even though it might feel like “everybody” that Apple just wants to own the user experience are new to this, they don’t have the same legacy has one today, it still might be a step a bit too high and keep a minimum level of quality that never is when it comes to brand perception and product for new users that might make them hesitate about to be crossed. For developers this means that they development. They don’t need to commit the same ordering a G1. This could keep the mainstream have certain frames to keep in mind, but problems mistakes as brands like Nokia and SonyEricsson. customers away and make them choose an easier could be caused by not making these frames clear Another interesting perspective is which mobile smart-phone like the iPhone. enough for them. One of the applications that got operating systems should be considered in a mobile Both Apple and Google are very strong brands, a thumbs-down from Apple is Podcaster which marketing campaign. For instance when will Android especially among younger and web savvy consumers. raised some eyebrows and caused a bit of a ruckus be an essential platform for marketers to reach? The big difference between these phones is that the in the iPhone community. Podcaster is an application These are some of the reasons why we cover this G1 is completely “open source” and anybody can that, as it sounds, lets you automatically download area and why this matters to you as a marketer.
  • 39. 39 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE LIVE VIDEO a part of our everyday lives? Text: Linda Pierre The trend is continuing to point upwards and we have seen a lot of new services enter the arena like mobile live video services Qik and Swedish Bambuser, and also sites like Mogulus and focusing on the computer as a streaming platform. For the mobile services a success factor might be coming pre-loaded on mobile phones, which is something that Qik has succeeded with. And you no longer need a smart-phone Photo: irina slutsky to use Qik, they recently launched a broader support for many other regular mobile phones from Nokia and SonyEricsson. In early 2007 we were all invited to follow Justin Kan who mounted a webcam on his baseball hat and started streaming his life 24-7 via a backpack with a laptop and mobile Internet. Justin swore not to stop streaming his life ever, but really the goal was to generate buzz for a community of lifecasters called which now has over 1 million registered users and several million unique visitors each month.
  • 40. 40 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE SMS has just passed voice calls as the is at physical events. If you can’t be there biggest use of mobile phones in the US and in person you can at least look at the most according to analysts live video will be one interesting keynotes from it in the comfort of of the most important ways for people to your home or office. show what they are up to in the future. The fact that Qik now becomes available Sharing everyday life experiences with for a wider audience might just increase the friends and/or the rest of the world is a speed with which mainstream consumer strong trend and has grown a lot the last groups will accept this new technology. But I couple of years. The will to do so has think it will take a while before “everybody” probably been there for much longer, but it starts sending their lives live 24-7. But there is now that it is becoming cheap and easy are huge opportunities for brands to use enough to be able to do it on a large scale. this new technology to entertain, educate Blogs for instance are a widely popular and and or engage in interesting conversations used platform to do so and status updates with the consumers and open up for more on sites like Facebook are quickly becoming transparency. Without going through big a part of people’s lives. It remains to be seen media’s editing room and being colored by if live video will be as huge as blogs. If so it journalists, companies can actually talk won’t happen over night, at least not for the directly to consumers and even let them ask mainstream consumers. The services are questions in real-time. still in most cases in beta mode and mostly a in life. Another similar example of sharing playground for early adopters. One challenge the moment of birth is Ginny-Marie Case who Of course this trend comes with both though is the mobile Internet connections twittered her way through her labor when she opportunities and threats for brands. The that for most people cost money depending had a baby, well maybe not the whole process good news is that this is a great tool for brand on how much data they transfer. If we would but pretty much... ambassadors to spread the word about your see more widespread free wifi in more places products and services. But the flip-side to I think that would definitely give a boost to Having the opportunity to start streaming that is there might also be people who will these types of services. your life live to the world at any moment is use this tool to show their dislike towards really mind boggling. In these cases it’s not your brand. We are entering a world far more For tech savvy early adopters this is not a like TV channels going live to push out well complex when anybody can start sending high price to pay to be on the bleeding edge produced content, it’s about people sharing live video at any moment without an editor of technology. One of those people is Stephen their lives. It gives you an opportunity to or clear ethical guidelines to follow. There is Heywood who sends The Tech Buzz via his have a conversation with your viewers and always two sides to new technology, brands channel on a regular basis. On to interact while streaming. Maybe even let and marketers need to see them both in order a special day in his life in early September them influence the direction of what’s going to make the best of the situation, to utilize the when his wife gave birth to their daughter on. Another interesting area in which live new opportunities and to avoid the threats as Samantha he also streamed her first moments video is starting to become an important part much as possible.
  • 41. 41 When did we start trusting strangers? Text: Tomas Nihlén Photo montage: luc legay U niversal McCann recently conducted a study with the same name as the headline. The results show, not so surprisingly, that social media has become mainstream and we are all affected by it when we make purchasing decisions. You could call this a tipping point which takes us from a marketing world where social PEOPLE media is no longer “good to” include in a marketing budget but rather a “must have.” According to this study it’s mostly via IM and mail that we share The Internet is no longer only a vast computer network, it’s becoming our views on products and services, 44.5 percent and 42 percent respectively have done so the latest month. It also becomes more increasingly important as a tool for communication, research and re- and more usual for consumers to spread their views about products creation for people all around the world. This makes it an important and services to a broader audience, and 29 percent of them have mirror for cultures in the physical world and a structure and enabler commented about a product or service on a blog and 27 percent have posted an opinion on a social networking service. for creating new ones. An interesting conclusion from this study is that since it’s now When did we start trusting strangers? 41 so easy to share youre views online, practically everybody is an Urban Uprising 42 influencer on some level. Everybody is of course not as influential Explosion in the Swedish blogosphere 47 as popular bloggers and other content creators online, but still, Wiretapping Sweden 49 their opinion matters to some people and is therefore relevant. The heat of Brazilian Consumer Uprising 51 You can find the whole presentation here. I recommend using the Internet Buzz 54 full screen mode since the text might be hard to read otherwise.
  • 42. 42 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE URBAN UPRISING! Text: Tamora Burk Illustration: JelleS C onsumer militancy is evolving as individuals join forces on the Internet to fight back, discuss making it easy for consumers to connect and planning transparency, strategies interests, share passions and seize control. In today’s seamlessly with those around that create enduring, online world, consumers have more power than them, publishing their views loyal relationships ever. Through consumer-generated media— Millions openly, often for all to see. with today’s direct and of blogs and hundreds of social networks, message And the conversations regularly opinionated consumer. That being boards, wikis and media-sharing sites are discussing, revolve around brands. As consumers said, commanding the attention of a praising or attacking a vast array of topics. According seize control, attention and influence shifts Fortune 500 company is no small feat. to Datamonitor, in just three years time, 70% of outside of a brand’s immediate control. The online content will be user-generated. Technorati now consumer is engaging with brands, with or McDonald’s though, is paying attention to monitors over 180 million blogs. without them. And this presents both a risk and an the ongoing outcry from moms/parents, child opportunity. advocates and nutritionists about childhood obesity, The Internet has enabled consumers to take over the and is bringing moms’ voices into their kitchen via driver’s seat, via passionate blog-storms or compelling Since consumers trust other consumers above brands, blogs. Consumers have been loud, angry, consistent online videos to help them get leverage over companies a company’s success depends on its credibility and its and insistent. The health and nutrition issue is huge in ways letters and phone calls never could. Facilitated ability to gain the trust as well as support of web-savvy, and relevant. And for quick service restaurants, it’s an by technology, massive amounts of dialogue, opinion outspoken and influential customers. Many brands are issue of wanting to communicate openly with mothers and content are uploaded daily to participation sites, listening and forming relationships built on openness who make decisions on what their kids eat.
  • 43. 43 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE “We know moms are the decision makers for the household,” said McDonald’s spokesperson Tara Hayes. “We want to make sure moms who are making decisions are given the right information so they can make sound decisions. The company has hopes the program will counter the unhealthful image that books like “Fast Food Nation” and films like “Super Size Me” have cast on the fast food industry and will get moms to listen to others about the brand. “What the program is really doing is giving an authentic voice to what we know and believe about our brand and our food,” said Molly Starmann, McDonald’s director of U.S. marketing. “It’s helping us demystify some of the perceptions out there.” McDonald’s is using real people who have spoken angrily about fast food and their company to tell its story in hopes that will better resonate with other customers. “We tried to [tell our story] but it’s something not as credible as if it’s coming from customers,” Starmann said. “We know moms listen to other moms and word of mouth is the most incredible source.” Photo: miikkahoo WOM is also risky for companies, the buzz pulse about a particular product or a brand, company or executive, has the power to kill and cause severe damage in a very short amount of time. People tend to pass along information—true or not—if they sense it has the potential to affect a lot of people. Perhaps one of the reasons that the tampon rumors continue to exist, in spite of readily available information that refutes it, is that it was perceived as having the potential to affect a lot of women. Information that is Mommy bloggers have been a hot topic in the media recently. Research credible, potentially threatening or severe has the ability to impact a huge audience. conducted by BSM Media cites almost 50% of moms now read a blog with a growing number of moms going to blogs for product EVP of strategic services at Nielsen Online, Pete Blackshaw says “In today’s Internet- recommendations. Some mom bloggers have audiences of over 8 million driven world, customers have more power than ever” and shows marketers and business readers and subscribers. Marketing through bloggers takes time and a leaders how to establish and maintain credibility for their brand by being authentic, great deal of relationship, but McDonalds connected, and has launched listening and responding to customers. Filled with stories based on his experience a PR campaign targeting the very group behind food choices: moms. working with brands such as Toyota, Dell, Nike, Sony, General Motors, Hershey, Unilever, Nestlé, Lexus, and Bank of America, Blackshaw offers a clear strategy to The company has tapped six women selected from more than 4,000 sustain competitive advantage. applicants, who will act as “correspondents” and report their findings via blogs and videos at through September and With the advent of and other like venues where customers can vent volunteer as reporters for its Moms Quality Correspondents panel. The about bad service or deficient products, consumer generated media (CGM) is a force purpose is to show moms what the company is all about and change to be reckoned with. One single disgruntled customer can broadcast his complaints to perceptions that McDonald’s a place just for high-calorie fast food. an audience of millions, which is then widely circulated with continuous pass-around. McDonald’s also announced it would take into consideration thoughts Businesses may not like it, but they better get used to it as more and more consumers and ideas that women generate for future marketing initiatives. are uploading.
  • 44. 44 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE The gap between what consumers want, or DONT want, and what the marketing front door. On her Web site, you’ll also see photographs of splintered beams, bowed community is giving them has grown so vast that we often face a relevancy crisis floors, and a graphic that declares: “Pulte Homes sold me a lemon!” Sabin has been that leads to uprisings. Culture is changing and if the marketing industry is to remain called crazy, but she’s not the only dissatisfied customer. The Internet has rapidly effective it needs to change the methods by which to go about understanding and become an outlet for frustrated homeowners to chronicle their bad experiences speaking to consumers. with new homes they have found to be structurally defective. Homeowners can now post complaints, discuss legal options, and warn future buyers on at least a dozen Angry consumers lash out YouTube - Grip Sites builder-directed “gripe sites,” with names such as Crapconstruction. For Brands, these stories and examples represent a need to shift strategies and focus. Marketing is all about going to where the people are. Part of it is about building a community. That will be a focus for the long term. The online voice of the consumer is a relevant metric of a brand’s perception. Often regarded as the most uninhibited focus group, online chatter can reveal insights into the awareness of a brand, and its reputation and equity. Brand growth today starts with the consumer conversation, sharing the voice and incorporating social media into planning. Kodak and Kraft wanted to be part of the conversation Michael Whitford, a systems engineer from Chandler, Arizona, was distraught when his new Apple Macbook crashed only six months after he purchased it. When Apple refused to fix the computer for free under his extended warranty, Whitford took matters into his own hands and posted a smash-and-bash video titled “Macbook Destruction” in which he demolishes his malfunctioning laptop. With a camera and a sledgehammer, Whitford went to work, explaining his gripe to the audience before systematically reducing the Macbook to smithereens. He posted the video on the Web site and within four days Apple contacted him, apologizing for the problem and offering up a brand new $1,700 computer. Kodak made the decision to make social media part of their corporate strategy. Back in September 2006, they launched their first blog A Thousand Words – and As homebuilders struggle and houses get harder to sell, builder-bashing gripe sites are have engaged in other social media since then, including podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, grabbing more attention and more traffic. Consumers such as Susan Sabin are turning YouTube, flickr, and delicious. Krista Gleason, Communications Strategist at Kodak to the Web to organize and attack unresponsive builders for faulty construction. says, “Our social media activities are part of our overall communications and marketing She says: “People just don’t understand how many people are just being financially strategy. We use social media to connect with our customers – communicate, listen, destroyed by bad construction and binding arbitration. But now more and more interact, engage – and share information about our company and our products and people are going to the Internet to expose their problems and get back at the builder.” services. The outside of her house in Lenexa, Kansas, is covered with lemons: lemon-shaped foam cutouts, twinkling lemon Christmas lights, and a lemon-adorned wreath on the A Thousand Words features stories from Kodak employees on a variety of topics
  • 45. 45 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE but with a focus on photography and imaging and reflects the breadth and expertise of our company and making an impact on both company culture and with customer relationships. Internally, Kodak employees are passionate about their work and the blogs give them a chance to personally communicate that passion. Externally, the blogs give customers and readers a better and more credible understanding of Kodak – the blogs give Kodak a human face. There have been many online experts who feel that Kodak ‘gets it’ and customers who appreciate Kodak individual employees listening to them. A woman on Twitter was having a problem with her printer and was so grateful when she was twittered back with the solution to her problem. As part of the month-long “Breakfast from Heaven” They Don’t Care About Your Ad, They Care One of the aspects of Social Media Marketing (blog promotion, brand managers Adam Butler and Tyler What Their Friends Think marketing, viral, etc) is the issue of the company Williamson boarded Jet Blue planes, often dressed in needing to “let go” on controlling the brand, or rather white tuxedos. The duo filmed passengers’ thoughts Marketing has to change. Consumers are participating “share” the brand with its targeted audience base. about the samples, brand and cream cheese in in a connected, informed society. Brands that succeed Social media is where sensationalist bloggers and general. The footage was packaged into videos for a in the future will be those that open a dialog with writers have a higher say than most online PR folks on blog and online sites. For an age-old brand expanding their customers, admit their mistakes, and essentially a good day. In essence, in the realm of Social Media, its product line, traditional marketing alone doesn’t become more transparent. Blogs will be standard ways everyone either becomes a spokesperson or a critic. cut it. Is it working? In the first nine days, the blog had for companies to reach their customers. more than 16,000 visits. Overall, the response was With a winning product, Kraft took a calculated risk on a One consumer group NOT to be ignored is Generation very positive. viral campaign that delivered huge results. Philadelphia Y. This is a generation of Super Influencers, heavy Cream Cheese is 128 years old. And that was the Brands are moving more and more into the online social media users, who also fit the typical profile of problem. People were used to the venerable brand space launching blogs to engage in conversations with early adopters who are likely to try new products, but they may not have been interested in a variation customers. Coming at marketing from both ends, big take risks and share their opinions with friends. with 1/3 less fat. How do you reach them? Kraft Foods mass advertising campaigns and realspace events, but Growing up in the almost futuristic technological era decided that only way was to get new product right into also with the smaller, more intimate connections. Some of the 2000s, Gen Y has a nearly intimate connection consumers’ mouths. And that meant airport sampling. brands are starting to participate by ‘purchasing’ their to “instant” technology and this may explain their Partnering with JetBlue Airways passengers received way into social media, seeking longer term marketing reputation for being peer oriented and for seeking branded breakfast packages last month containing the gains by sponsoring a popular media asset/blogger and instant communication/gratification. They’re going to cream cheese sample and a bagel. benefiting from that association. be the driving force behind the way the web of the
  • 46. 46 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE future is shaped. What Gen Y wants from the web will be the web. They are very active in terms of sharing and recommendation, using the tools of social media to shape opinions and purchasing patterns. Brands need to reach out to these creators as they will become the most powerful voices in the influence economy. A new report from Universal McCann looks at how Internet based commentary is an increasingly powerful force. Opinion online has leveled the playing field in sectors where expertise has traditionally been key to purchase decisions; the advice of total strangers is being increasingly trusted. For Brands, it’s about being more accessible. As consumers adopt an ever-greater number of digital channels to communicate, so should products, services and brands. A splintering traditional media landscape, coupled with emerging participatory, digital media platforms, has resulted in consumers becoming more active in choosing when and how to engage with brands and marketing communications. Consumers have the power, the energy, the technology and the desire, to barter with companies - this is no longer a one-way conversation. This collective conversation (called the Blogosphere) is one of the fastest growing areas of new content on the Internet. And it’s limitless. There are no state, national or international boundaries, no postal zones or zip codes, no age-related or socioeconomic barriers, no filter-prone press flacks or censors. This means brands have unprecedented access to powerful real-time audience information. Now there is a chance for companies to work with their consumers and give something back. Research and related Links: Angry Customers Tell 3,000 The consumers and social media Girls Give Advertisers “The Flip” Why gen Y is going to change the web McDonald’s chefs testing a smoothie ImmediateFuture - redefining PR - blog Brandstreams - The Next Generation Social that will debut in 2009 Media Tool for Companies to Reach Their “Breakfast from Heaven” blog Audience. PromoMagazine McDonalds Moms Kitchen reports Smirnoff Concerts/Sponsoring Blogs Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2008 Women Outnumber Men on Most Social Networks How Brands Can “Buy” Social Media report According to Study, Half of U.S. Adults Use Social Media Sponsorship: Monetization’s Dark Horse In social media, communicating your identity is part of the exchange Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Blogs are a mainstream media world wide
  • 47. 47 Explosion in the swedish blogosphere -The right to our digital footsteps Text: Tomas Nihlén Photo: Focal Intent On June 18th a torn Swedish parliament voted yes to National Defence Radio Establishment”. But it turned implementing a new signal surveillance law that would out that this wasn’t just any new law but a political be named “The FRA law” in both the media and everyday hot potato, a law that by the opposition was dubbed conversation. The FRA is an acronym for “Försvarets “Lex Orwell.” And not even an important soccer game Radio Anstalt” which in English is translated to “the against Russia could stop the protests online.
  • 48. 48 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE The new law means that Swedish authorities will be able to listen in to all Internet traffic crossing the Swedish borders. Since the vote the law has been changed somewhat and some of the critics have accepted the new version of the law. But what is interesting from a marketer’s perspective is how this law gave birth to an unprecedented digital grassroots movement. A movement that wasn’t controlled by an individual or organization but a collection of micro- movements with a big number of bloggers and other “activists” involved. Opinion makers, bloggers, thinkers and activists were working hand in hand and an organic online hub was formed to gather some of the most interesting content and to show this information to journalists to help them get a better view of what was really going on. The man behind this site, Mikael Nilsson started this site because he Photo: Tomas Nihlén didn’t think mainstream media really understood the issue. With massive wiretapping there are several problems for journalists like the fact that they can no longer guarantee protection of their sources. Relatively early on protest videos started surfacing on YouTube against this law. Through using video it’s relatively easy to generate feelings and create dramatizations of political issues. These video clips that started showing up At the moment it looks like the protest did not manage to cause the could look like this, this this and this. Except for blogs and Parliament to tear up the law. But it was revised and the politicians YouTube, Jaiku was used to spread short updates and help finally understood that the law would not pass quietly. This is the first organize people before demonstrations. big manifestation of blogger power in Sweden. Like I mentioned above, the debate started to come alive on It remains to be seen what will happen in the future with this law. the Internet, since the traditional media outlets didn’t pick But one thing is certain, politicians, brands and organizations need up on this issue first. They just noticed that something was to be careful when it comes to provoking a potential digital mob. percolating in the blogosphere and only later realized the And for us as people it means that we need to start thinking about magnitude of both the law itself and the resistance towards the digital footprints we leave behind and how they could be used it. This issue came to dominate both the blogosphere and for different purposes. Watch this video for a great visualization. One mainstream media for weeks on end. An overwhelming thing is certain, after this blogger explosion both consumers and the majority of all opinions expressed relating to this issue were blogosphere have established themselves as a power to keep an eye negative towards the law. on and now hold a certain spot on the walls in the corridor of power.
  • 49. 49 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Text: Tomas Nihlén In the beginning of the debate about the new wiretapping law in Sweden there was some international attention about it and the news ended up on sites like Slashdot , but then came the silence. While the debate became the biggest topic in Swedish media for weeks on end there was no attention about it outside Sweden anymore. Therefore we at Urban Lifestyle decided to record a low budget web documentary about it and to focus on the digital grassroots movement against the law. We put out a really simple campaign site on which also would be the name of the documentary. On the site we first placed a very simple animated make for a lightweight and compact camera that services, forums and much more. Knowing that they trailer to start getting some attention for the launch produces video that is easy and fast to edit and perfect are being watched might change their behaviour that was set to be a couple of months later. And on for video sites like Vimeo, and YouTube. Another therefore we thought it was important to study this the project blog you could read updates about who interesting side effect of using a small camera is that it topic up close. Another interesting perspective for us we were interviewing and also nominate people who doesn’t intimidate the people who are interviewed as was how the resistance was organised through social you thought we should talk to. much as a larger one would do. The video was then media. We also saw that there was limited information edited in Final Cut on a Macbook Pro 17 inch. about this blogger uprising in English and the videos Equipment that had been uploaded to YouTube were interesting Method but not that informative. The equipment used for recording the documentary was intentionally low budget to show that expensive We started out by identifying why this topic is interesting The project had several parallel purposes: equipment is not essential for creating content that in so many different ways. Since we study the evolution spreads in the blogosphere, just as long as it is interesting of the social web on a daily basis we see that Internet 1. To do good for the community and make and covers a topic that people are interested in. So wiretapping touches on peoples everyday life in more the issue more of an international discussion we decided to use a Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG65 which and more ways. Consumers spend an increasing 2. To share interesting insights is a standard definition (640x480 pixels) camera that number of hours each week both searching for and shoots to memory cards in MP4-format. These specs creating content online, on blogs, social networking 3. To promote our company and this report
  • 50. 50 We created a list of people to interview and we asked the blog readers to nominate tech site Slashdot and a number of other sites and blogs like Beta Alfa, Magnus more people. Most of them were then actually interviewed during the production Rytterstam,, Hokuo, Tailsweep, A La Carte, Wiretap Watch, Jan Kallberg, of the documentary, a couple needed to be excluded due to time constraints. We Ballare All Baia, San Francisco to Stockholm, second intentions, Christian Engström, had set a tight deadline – September 17th when the documentary should be out in Antikristen, Mark Klamberg, Maria Ferm, Nikke’s Index, Teflonminne, The Lonely order to leverage the timing of the opening of the Swedish Parliament on September Savage, Dynamic Man,, NRKbeta,, Nigel 16th. In this way we were able to shoot some of the interviews in the proximity of Todman’s Blog, The Embedded Citizen,, Kevin’s Security Scrapbook, the demonstrations during opening day for the Swedish Parliament after the summer The Naked Photographer. break to make the content as fresh as possible. A post on a Spanish blog here was then submitted by a blog reader to the Spanish Late night Swedish time on the 17th of September the last pieces were put together digg site menéame and attracted over 300 votes and created a debate in the on the documentary and it was uploaded to two video services of choice; Blip. comments. tv and Vimeo. Many hours of hard work were finally showing in a 20 minutes long documentary with interviews, facts and our own Lisa Sculati as narrator. In just a few weeks the video was viewed about 22 000 times which must be seen as an impressive number considering that this is a niched topic and a pretty long clip The documentary started spreading and was mentioned on two popular video to watch online. podcasts here and here. It was also mentioned twice on the popular European IT blog TheNextWeb here and here, on the news site TheLocal here , the legendary If you are really interested in this topic keep an eye on the blog here for potential future extra clips and more material.
  • 51. 51 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE The Heat of Brazilian Consumer Uprising Text: Lia Dutra Photo: Spielzimmer As soon as Tomas invited me to write an article for this Differently from other countries, where people month’s report and we talked about its main theme – revolt against brands and organizations, consumer uprising - I thought it would be interesting developing movements and initiatives against to talk about it from Brazil’s point of view. I am, after certain issues, making their opinion known all, Brazilian and work in the Brazilian market. Then and even being able to deny these brands, it hit me: How to talk about consumer uprising in a Brazilians follow a slightly different style. country where people, where the nation, is known for being a little passive? It’s pretty obvious that brands reflect people. What they buy can show some perspective on who they are and When I think of consumer uprising, I think of people who sometimes complement them are more active, co-creative, with more power over brands as beings. But, in this brands – for good or for bad. Brand Hijack reflects a bit of that – the universe, Brazilians are still in marketing through the eyes of the people, “the consumer’s act the beta version. of commandeering a brand from the marketing professionals and driving its evolution” – in fact, it’s a bit of marketing without appearing to be marketing, reflecting the power of people over brands. WOM is the strongest format of marketing that exists.
  • 52. 52 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE With the consumption power, the act of searching for information is growing as well. Before buying anything people research it a lot. They trade information with others, ask people for their opinions and what they enjoy. Sometimes it’s very likely that they even try to – lots of times successfully – convince other people to buy a particular brand – creating an atmosphere just like the one from Wikinomics, where mass collaboration is capable of deciding and changing everything. Illustration: cleverson.braga Brazilians are becoming a little more dynamic, definitely more participative. They are looking for experiences; they have more attitude and know how to demand their rights. This is happening because consumption is growing and now the needs are becoming more related to our identity. Brazilians’ passive image is already changing. Passive was never the right word. In the past, Brazil used to have The consumption power in the country is still growing, so Brazilians are still a very poor image as a country. Maybe not all of that is living the I want to have stage, not the I want to be version. They are still in over yet but the country has grown and that scenario the first steps of the consumption ladder. From the moment where the needs increasingly belongs to the past. receive more satisfaction, being will take place becoming the protagonist, then it will become a time for people to acquire a more active posture. It’s important to highlight that passivity is different from simplicity. In fact, Brazilian people are not passive, they In fact this scenario is already changing; we’re already on our way to getting are simple. Simplicity doesn’t mean less. Doesn’t mean there. Despite the the nation still being considered shy when compared to Brazilian people are less rich in essence, or that they what sometimes happens abroad, there are some movements of people joining don’t have a gigantic symbolic universe and so on. This in this products and brands world. Besides common communities in Orkut to simplicity means just being easy. That implies on seeing complain, and a little buzz to not recommend certain brands and so on, other the world in a simpler way, it means to know how to initiatives have been taking place. improvise, how to make things easier.
  • 53. 53 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Optimism and joy are two of the main features of the Brazilian people, who are believers and do not give up easily. Research carried out in 132 countries shows that Brazilian people have a very high happiness expectation. Within five years, Brazilians will be the happiest ones in the world according to FGV. Then you’ll probably ask me what has that got to do with brands and the market? This optimism and persistency are translated into good moments for the economy. When people live better, they consume better. Open TV reaches 99% of the Brazilian population in all cities, pay-TV is highly qualified and offers broad editorial segmentation allowing differentiated formats, 285 thousand magazine issues circulate monthly, there are over three thousand radio stations and the Internet expands at a tremendous rate in Brazil according to Ibope. That gives Brazilian people a higher qualified profile. Then Another brand that’s had some results from this environment – not so good ones you might get lucky, because if they like your brand, they’ll though – was Banco Real (now part of Santander). One of its bank agency managers do anything for it [and obviously, the same is true in the sold a retirement product to a 60-year-old man (weird, at least). Unfortunately, the opposite way]. old man had a health complication and had to get the money from the application. Turns out he was not allowed to – he could only get the money when he retired. His daughter decided to make something of it and sent an e-mail to everyone she One brand that is now collecting all the benefits from this knew – including her colleagues at Petrobras, until one day, it reached the bank more active consumer is the Brazilian mobile phone provider president. Guess things were never the same around there. Oi. With its irreverent, daring and different style, it reaches people in a way other brands couldn’t. Defending people’s freedom, it owns the unlocked cell phones territory. After Brazilians’ power is changing, it’s growing. They like this brands universe. Not all, you shouldn’t be stuck with a company you are not only do they like to “watch it”, they also like to be part of it. The expansion has satisfied with. You should have the services from the one started and its moves are fast. With the consumption strong in all social levels, that you like the most. Youth oriented and with a great the search for what’s new is more than stimulated. Brazilians no longer wait for sense of humor, it appeals to simplicity, offers relevant things to happen, they’ll certainly go for it. It could be a nice moment to spread content and is far away from bureaucracy – not to mention the goods of your organization – or not. When it comes to brand consumption in its highly aggressive offers. Brazil, Beta is now becoming pro.
  • 54. 54 Internet Buzz... Text: Linda Pierre & Tomas Nihlén Photo: Todd Huffman The Internet isn’t all about technology, it’s actually more about people. People share information, communicate, build one or several identities, get themselves educated and entertained all at the same time/same places. To capture some of what’s going on in Internet culture right now, we will now present some of the things that people are currently buzzing about around a few of the web’s water coolers, divided into 3 areas: video, the blogosphere and micro-blogs.
  • 55. 55 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Digg: [Digg, about Digg: “a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest Video online destinations to the most obscure blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by our users. You won’t find editors at Digg — we’re here to provide a place where people can collectively determine the value of content and we’re changing the way people consume information online.”] So what is hot on Digg right now? Celebrity gathering Here are three selected videos from the top 10 list for the latest 30 days Ok we all know the American presidential election is on as of October 17th, 2008. (click on the runway. Politics is a heavy subject discussed widely on the image to watch the video) the Internet right now and has been so for a while. The people over at is no exception. The crowd there also tends to lean towards the democratic side which you Shake it Mario! can also see on the top digged videos this last month. 9 out of 10 are about politics in some form. This video with Number 1 on the list, with over 9500 diggs (votes), is a video over 6900 diggs aimed towards the problem that 50% of from Nintendo. The upcoming release of a new game for the Wii the people in the US don’t vote. Another movie with the crowd with good old Super Mario called Wario Land: Shake it! same ambitions is Michael Moore’s latest called Slacker has gotten a lot of attention online. Probably not just because of Uprising. Last election he went on a tour to get people the game itself, but for how it was presented on YouTube. The clip to vote. His tour now has become a movie which you can actually shakes your download for free. But only if you live in the US or Canada. world with a teqnique Although there are ways to make it look like you do... we haven’t seen A lot of sarcastic movies about John McCain are also flourishing before. With over on Digg, like this one and this one. 3.6 million views on YouTube this must be considered a viral Video can be cruel success. Nintendo Sarah Palin has had a rough time in the media these past wanted to illustrate weeks. A parody of her interview with a journalist from CNN the shaking needed resulted in a sketch on the very popular TV-show Saturday to play in the Wii and Night Live. With over 2.4 million views on YouTube and did it well. To make over 8200 diggs this video in which reporters from CNN the viewer feel like laugh about it has spread her answer in this particular interview they move along with all over the net and around the world. There are several other the video has been videos in which she has a tough time with reporters. As a vice done before. But to presidental candidate that probably is something you would actually shatter the hole page into one big shake is a first one. have to be prepared for and to be aware of how fast it can Well done Nintendo! be spread with the force of the Internet.
  • 56. 56 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE YouTube: [Founded in February 2005, YouTube is the leader in online video, and the premier destination to watch and Video share original videos worldwide through a Web experience. YouTube allows people to easily upload and share video clips on and across the internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs and email.] So what is popular on YouTube at the Do your own Saw-trailer moment? Here are three selected videos from the top 20 list for the last 30 days as The movie Saw has had 4 movie releases (apparently of October 17th, 2008. (click on the image always on Friday before Halloween) and now it’s time for to watch the video) the fith one, Saw V, on October 24th. This time you can do your own mashup-trailer (viewed over 2.3 million times) out of what you think are the best Saw-scenes and upload them to the movie’s YouTube channel. So far over Right for Fred 2300 videos have been uploaded. The winner gets to go to Los Angeles for the horror movie premiere. Video, Fred is the new star of the Internet sky. In May this year he images, audio and effects are available. Another very posted his first video, it has got over 6.9 million views so popular movie amongst the younger crowd, High School far and over 39 000 comments. Since then 30 more videos musical 3, also premieres on the 24th. Which one will you have been posted on YouTube, he has his own homepage see this YouTuber asks? (impressive one) and his own store selling t-shirts with a Fred-figure on them. Fred frequently posts new videos, To all you “haters” out there somethimes several times “Haters” is a well known label for people on the Internet in one week. 3 of his latest that like to tell others (often anonymous) how much they videos have all gotten hate what they do, say, look like and so on. On YouTube more than 2.5 million there’s a lot of them, but you can also see them on other views each. That’s a lot! types of web sites where you can comment anonymously. Watch them here, here Nigahiga is a YouTuber that a few weeks ago posted a and the most popular one video to all these haters called “A message to all haters.” this last month here. It’s Over 2.5 million views so far, 378 video responses obvious this guy (who in and nearly 37 000 comments. Obviously this was his videos is like a teenage something that both attracted the so called “haters” and 6-year old on speed) others agreeing with him. wants to collect some of the fame Internet has to offer. Besides these video clips seen by millions we also recommend these: And we are ceratain he will. The ninja cat (what is it about cats and the Internet?), Project10tothe100, Sara Silverman and Skype’s laughter chain.
  • 57. 57 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Icerocket: [Wikipedia: “IceRocket is an Internet search engine specialized in searching blogs.”] Blogposts & News Reddit [Wikipedia: “Reddit (also reddit) is a social news website on which users can post links to content on the web. Other users may then vote the posted links up or down, causing them to appear more or less prominently on the Reddit home page.] So which blogposts and news items are popular amongst the citizens on the Internet right now? Here is a small selection of topics being discussed, shared and linked to in the world of blogs. Toplist at Icerocket Popular on Reddit There’s two things that (not that suprisingly) dominate the blogosphere right now; the US “Joe the Plumber” (now a term for the average American) asks Barack Obama election and the financial crisis. a question about his business. This video has been discussed by many and has got over 840 comments on Reddit. Paul Graham from venture firm Y Combinator wrote a blog post claiming times of bad economy aren’t such a bad time actually for starting a business. That is exactly what Microsoft Zen Moments is that kind of a blog you wish more people would find their and Apple did in the 70s. He doesn’t say it’s such a good time either, it just doesn’t matter. way to. This blog post about a cab ride 20-years ago that he couldn’t forget It all ends up with the people behind the startup to make it succeed. Sure the financial made a big impression on more than a few. The Internet is not just about temperature has some effect, eliminating those who wouldn’t have made it anyhow but only spreading bad news but those little things that matter in life as well. sooner. He urges people who think about starting a company not to look in the news for threats but in the mirror. As far as investors go; “buy when times are bad and sell when times If you use Gmail this new feature might come in handy for you. Mail “Googles” are good.” TechCrunch and Loic Le Meur think Graham makes many good points. Robert will prevent you from sending emails late at night you wish you hadn’t the day Scoble agrees with Paul to some extent but thinks people are too optimistic and that a lot of after. startups will fail. People’s behavior changes in a recession that’s why Scoble thinks you should Stopping financial crises the “Swedish way”. start thinking about how to “Recession proof your startup” instead. There’s a lot being done for citizens in the US to actually register and then go There is a lot of buzz about mobile phones at the moment. If it isn’t the iPhone or the Gphone to vote on November 4th. Rock The Vote is one of them. it’s upcoming BlackBerry Bold. But now there’s a rumor that BlackBerry will announce a new touch screen phone (called BlackBerry Storm) as soon as May at the WES. This has gotten Barack Obama helped a Norweigan woman in 1988 at the airport, now it has some of the most popular blogs quite excited. become public for the whole world, 20 years later. Another gadget buzzed about lately is the “Noriko-san”, an electronic sleeping mask. You This picture illustration on which one of the two presidential candidates is the put it on when you’re for an example on the train, the outside communicates where you’re elitist says more than words. heading. This way you can relax more when you sleep, given that fellow commuters wake you up in time. In this video it’s tested. Gizmodo and New Launches doesn’t believe in it The privately developed rocket SpaceX has after three failed launches finally though. made it into space, Wired writes about it.
  • 58. 58 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE Micro-blogs Twitter: [Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?] So what are people linking to and buzzing about on Twitter at the moment? Here are a few selected links and discussions selected from Twitt(url)ly. Links & discussions At the top of the list on October 21st 2008 we found the latest ”I’m a Mac”-movie where Apple with a big confidence continues to add to the discussions regarding problems with Windows Vista and the amount of money Microsoft puts on marketing. Watch the clip for yourself here. engagdet wrote another Apple-related blogpost about the new MacBook- models that had two M-characters on its keyboards...Oops... Yet another popular video clip that has attracted some attention is the one from a live transmission at in which the social media profile Gary Vaynerchuck attended and kept on checking out his Twitter feed at the same time. We have to say it was fun watching Gary ”in action” live talking about something else than wine, which is his usual topic of choice. A blog post on Mashable about famous Twitter-users also caught some attention on the service itself. There’s also been quite a lot of discussions about Britney and her entrance on Twitter, something we also write more about on page 21 in this issue. Without the Internet we would probably never see things like chimpanzees riding on a Segway... We leave it up to you to decide weather this type of content getting its fifthteen minutes of fame is a good or a bad thing. Regardless it’s out there and it’s popular. You’ll find the clip here. Finally a political video clip with the title ”Crazy Tracy – This is why America is Broken.” Take a look to make up your own mind. We can’t avoid to see that most of the political links shared on Twitter are more pro-Obama rather than pro-McCain.
  • 59. 59 Internet Shows Text: Linda Pierre miscellaneous In this section you find different topics we want to highlight, people to keep an eye on and more we think you as a marketer will find interesting. In this issue we would like to point out a few interesting internet shows that have a few things in common. They Internet Shows 59 are all humorous and two of them are furthermore Tips: Tools 62 sponsored by a brand which make them particularly Tips: Inspiration 63 interesting from a marketer’s point of view. Profile: Nicholas Gill 64 Opinion: Marketers need to redefine their role 65
  • 60. 60 miscellaneous Puppy Love Besides Web Therapy Lexus also has added the webserial Puppy Love produced by Amy B Harris who also produced Sex And The City, which isn’t that hard to guess if you watch the clips. Here you are invited into the world of dog owners and the lives or their precious pets. This type of comedy seems to work just as well on the Internet as on TV. The episodes are short and perfect for a few minutes of escape from reality. Web Therapy In the last issue of “Urban Lifestyle Report – New Media” we told you about one of the latest and most buzzed about webserials “Gemini Division” starring actress Rosario Dawson. This time we have another webserial to tell you about also with a star as the leading character. Lisa Kudrow, also known as Phoebe from the hugely popular Friends, plays the part of a therapist who helps her clients online. The show can be viewed on Lexus’ new Internet video site L STUDIO. The site is still in beta, but it looks pretty slick and nothing like the shaky clips we are used to staring at on YouTube. Kudrow is also producing and writing the script for this series where she helps her clients via webcam, which just might be the wave of the future in therapy by the I think Lexus is on the right track here. They are choosing to be a part of the new way. Remote sessions... media landscape and the Internet video scene which is a smart move. However In addition to high quality video content on this site, you will also find some other they have committed a few mistakes, that mind you could be corrected. Personally interesting functions, such as comments and the possibility to rate videos. There I would like to see an option to subscribe to these series in iTunes or Miro, is also a link to Lexus Living a digital lifestyle magazine from the very same car otherwise they might just lose me and the rest of their viewers since we don’t brand, presented both in English and Spanish. You might think Lexus would have have the time to go back to their site all the time to watch new episodes. They get squeezed in a Lexus car in every clip but they haven’t, which is nice. Even though credit for not putting their products in all the series but going for the more subtle the site looks really good, they have made a few minor errors. For instance, in approach. If they could just add the function for subscription I just might become some of the comments there are links to YouTube videos, but the links are not a regular viewer to a couple of these shows. I might. But they need to get the click-able and there is no way to copy-paste text. content to me in the ways that I want, not in the ways that they want.
  • 61. 61 miscellaneous The Burg and Goodie bag Two episodical video productions that early on claimed their places as Internet video pioneers have now found there place under the umbrella of the video production company For Your Imaginations (FYI). I’m talking about the odd but funny and cool group of friends in “The Burg” who define themselves by being ahead of the game and true to the stereotype of life in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. And the second one is the really funny video blog Goodie Bag. You’ll find them both at Axis of Comedy. So why does this even matter? Right now some of you might wonder why this is relevant to you? This is how we look at it. There is an absolute infinity of content out there to find and utilise as a marketer. Besides, some of these series might even be substitutes for regular TV, maybe even for you personally. Sure these series don’t have the same reach as TV, but they sometimes build a strong community of people with shared interests and in some cases even shared values. Fans of video podcasts for instance are in many cases much more loyal than casual TV viewers. So if you are a content creator and manage to engage your viewers and also let them get the content the way they want it, you might build a really valuable community there. And if you are a brand looking for new exciting advertising opportunities you just might find them in one of the webserials out there, as long as you understand what you are getting yourself into. There’s also big opportunities for brands to create their own web video material. As long as you don’t see it as another way to spread TV-commercials but instead create something interesting and for the web there’s a chance you will find loyal viewers as well. This is not an easy thing to do, take a look at Anheuser-Busch’s Bud-TV as a bad example of branded video content. But as the saying goes, as long as you live you learn.
  • 62. 62 miscellaneous TIPS: TOOLS TwitterMania If you are one of many marketers who have jumped on the Twitter- bandwagon, you’re probably either standing on the first step of the stairs; a mix between that first feeling of love and overwhelming, or you have moved on to the next step and are now at a stage of “how should I use this to make money”-phase. There isn’t any universal answer to that question, but to find one’s own field of usability when it comes to Twitter (and other similar services). On the other hand there are a lot of applications and add-ons to help you find your way through the Twitter jungle. When it comes to finding people to follow on Twitter we recommend these three services; Twitterholic, Twellow and Twubble. The first one gives you a list of the most popular users, the other one works like the yellow pages but for Twitter and the third service shows you which ones your friends on Twitter are following. To keep track of the buzz on Twitter we use several different services ourselves, some of our favorites are; twitt(url)y, Twitscoop and tweetmeme. If you like to search for certain words and or topics on Twitter you should try out services like Twitter Search and Flaptor Twitter Search. Whether you should use an application (software downloaded to your computer) or use Twitter directly from its own site is a matter of taste. If you have more than one account (perhaps your private one and one for the company you work for) an application isn’t such a bad idea. Twhirl is a good application if you want to keep more than one account running and TweetDeck is the one that offers the best functions to create some order at your Twitter desktop. Good luck!
  • 63. 63 miscellaneous TIPS: INSPIRATION Webpage or a virtual world? A webpage doesn’t have to be just a regular one you head Moving images worth checking out to for information, it could also for example be a small virtual world. That’s how Red Interactive Agency thought with its site We would also like to share two inspiring video clips we think represent a modern and cool in which you as a visitor become a character way of expressing via video on the Internet right now. The first is one of those political videos in their virtual world. This avatar can be customized to some we’ve spoken a lot about in this issue. This one though is different from the others. It’s a music extent and if you don’t like the chat function to be able to video with MC Yogi. also standing behind the design-wheel. The video is produced by Robin communicate with other visitors it can be turned off. Definitely Livingston. worth taking a look at for some inspiration. The other video is simpler in its expression but still manages to build a positive feeling for the product and curiosity amongst us as viewers. We are talking about this video clip that aims to market the online music service Spotify.
  • 64. 64 miscellaneous Profile Title/role: Digital Planner and blogger at Companies worked for before: - Ogilvy as Business Partner for global Unilver account Name: - Digitas as Vice President/Associate Director for, Samsung Nicholas Gill and GSK - Wunderman as European Account Director for Ford of Europe Currently works for: - Tullo Marshall Warren various roles across Nissan Europe, Smirnoff Five by Five - the digital agency of Lawton and Morgan Stanley Communications Group Educational background: Location: Degree in Business Information technology from Southampton Southampton, England Solent University Q. What clients do you work with? - Activision, B&Q, THQ, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Dole. Q. What is your advice to become successful in your line of work? - Always be inquisitive. Experience what you’re talking about to deliver authenticity and authority. Q. What are the 3 campaigns you are most proud of? 1. Re-designing and re-architecturing of at Digitas to bring alive the truly interesting and pioneering work Shell do to a multuitude of audiences and starting the conversation with external audiences. 2. Launching the Ford S-MAX across Europe with a digitally led strategy. 3. Proving that relationship marketing can work for Smirnoff and still deliver creative that shifts brand perception off the scale and has massive viral effect.
  • 65. 65 Marketers need to redefine their role OPINion A new book has just hit the shelves; Branding Only Works on Cattle. To be didn’t have all the information they needed honest I haven’t had time to read this book for well thought out purchasing decisions yet but the title intrigues me. We have in so they were “helped” by marketers who recent years lived in a brand paradigm created simple ways to perceive brands. where the concept of branding has been For instance a certain brand was to be the universal remedy for everything. “Build associated with “safety,” “cheap” or “well The most important thing for brands will be to your brand and the consumers will buy your designed.” Then came lifestyle branding and know their target group, know exactly what products” has been the general advice. An now we will see if that will hold up in these they really need and deliver it. On top of that almighty remedy for everything that never days of social recommendation and sites they need to build loyalty and commitment seems to be questioned on any larger scale. like Pricerunner making it harder to “fool” and they will no doubt need help with this. the consumers. Take for instance a site like Marketing no longer just means advertising But the branding house is shaking in it’s and PR, it’s so much wider and consultants CarZen, it asks you about what features you foundation, and not just because of this book need to find ways to sell value rather than need when buying a new car, at what price, but several important factors are changing time. And when it comes to both brands what category and so on and then helps you the rules of the game. First of all, we are and consultants, the rules of evolution still decide what car to pick. How much influence entering a recession where consumers decide the future; whoever adapts best to does traditional advertising have on those margins are shrinking in combination with new circumstances wins in the end. Just look decisions? an almost radical transparency when it at what happened to the dinosaurs... comes to prices and product features. The So what will this do to your role as a latter trend means that in part consumers marketer? - Tomas Nihlén
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