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Experience and Education portfolio for Steve Waldron. Dated 2010

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  1. 1. STEVE WALDRON 6110 Pershing Ave, Apt 2E StevePWaldron@gmail.com Saint Louis, MO 63112 843.276.2775
  2. 2. EMPLOYMENT March 2006 – December 2008 In house Revit Expert Architectural Intern III / LS3P Associates, Ltd., Charleston, South Carolina Incorporated Autodesk Revit as essential software program for fast track and large commercial buildings Completed schematic design, design development, and construction documents for a beachfront resort, specialty park structure, large high school, and headquarters for the Missile Defense Agency. November 2005 – February 2006 Intern Architect II / Cobb Architects, Charleston, South Carolina Project Design of Custom Residential Housing Projects in Traditional Neighborhoods August 2005 – October 2005 Intern Architect II / Karl R. Rohrer and Associates, Akron, Ohio Assisted in modernization of three public housing projects in Stark County and two Post Office renovations September 2003 – March 2004 Co operative Education Student / Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority, Cincinnati, Ohio Assisted in redesign of 'The Banks' riverfront development to spur economic development downtown September 2002 – December 2002 and March 2002 – June 2002 Co operative Education Student / Roger Short & Associates, Cincinnati, Ohio Managed preliminary design on multiple church additions and school master plans September 2001 – December 2001 and March 2001 – July 2001 Co operative Education Student / City of Cincinnati, Department of Architecture and Urban Design Assisted in roadway infrastructure improvements and parkland development projects September 2000 – January 2001 Intern / University Architect at the University of Cincinnati Office Manager for the Department of Capital Finance June 2000 – September 2000 Intern / Stanley Miller Construction Co. /Steve Miller Architects in Canton, OH CAD Draftsman / Computer Manager for the company, improving the presence of computers in the office EDUCATION Graduate School Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO, Master of Urban Design Class of 2010 3.5 GPA (current) University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, Master of Architecture Class of 2005 Top 10% of class in graduate design studios, top 25% overall school ranked #6 in country by DesignIntelligence (2003,2004) ,Senior Class President of Architecture, 2004 2005 Graduate thesis: ‘Neighborhood Design: Response to Megalopolis’, available upon request Global Scholarship winner for 56 day academic travel through Eastern and Western Europe Undergraduate School University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, Bachelor of Science in Architecture, 2003 Cincinnatus Centurian Scholarship Winner Top 15% of class in undergraduate design studios school ranked #2 in country by DesignIntelligence PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITATIONS Passed Architectural Registration Exams Completed all seven exams of current ARE 4.0 system Construction Document Technologist Construction Specifier’s Institute, 2008 Certified Toastmaster Toastmasters International, 2008
  3. 3. PERIOD PROJECT PAGE PERIOD PROJECT PAGE PROJECT PAGE CREDITS 1 GRADUATE EDUCATION 16 EXTRACURRICULARS 30 EMPLOYMENT 2 WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY IN ST. LOUIS Learning by Design 31 Developing Connections: 7 32 FULLTIME EXPERIENCE Bringing New Life to First Ring Suburbs Europe 2004: 56 Day Backpacking Trip 2006 LS3P Associates, Ltd. 3 Founded in Reality: 18 33 Charleston, South Carolina Pro Forma Studies for developing Clayton, Missouri Artistic Exploration 2007 LS3P Associates, Ltd. 4 UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI 34 Charleston, South Carolina Photographic Observation Neighborhood Design Thesis I: 19 5 LS3P Associates, Ltd. Investigation of a Vital Metropolitan Area 2008 Charleston, South Carolina Neighborhood Design Thesis II: 20 6 Highlighted Work: Investigation of a Vital Neighborhood Revit Experience Neighborhood Design Thesis III: Design and Testing of Blue Ash, Ohio 21 FALL Cobb Architects 2005 Charleston, South Carolina 7 SMMR Karl R. Rohrer & Associates Urban Interstitial: Skateboard & Sculpture Garden to Renew City 22 2005 Akron, Ohio An Entertainment District for Clifton Heights 23 Urban Design Principles: CO OPERATIVE EDUCATION FALL Port of Greater Cincinnati 2003 Cincinnati, Ohio 9 UNDERGRADUATE EDUCATION 24 10 Conceptualizing a Contemporary Urban Bath 2 WNTR Port of Greater Cincinnati Clifton Spa Part I: 2004 Cincinnati, Ohio SPRG Roger Short Associates 2002 Cincinnati, Ohio 11 Clifton Spa Part II: Detailing the Contemporary Urban Bath 26 FALL Roger Short Associates 2002 Cincinnati, Ohio 12 Center for Cultural Diversity: A Retreat Center for Burnet Woods Park 27 SPRG City Dept. of Urban Design 2001 Cincinnati, Ohio 3 Community by Design: A Group Project for Residential Housing 28 FALL City Dept. of Urban Design 2001 Cincinnati, Ohio 14 Rehabilitation: A Studio and Display Gallery for Sculpture 29 SMMR S. Miller Construction 2000 East Sparta, Ohio 5 EMPLOYMENT EDUCATION EXTRACURRICULAR
  4. 4. 01 The following is a list of photographs and illustrations not the sole creation and/or property of Steve Waldron: 2006 SPRG 2001 All photos property LS3P Associates, Ltd. Used with permission. All photos property City of Cincinnati, Department of Urban Design. Used with permission. 2007 All photos property LS3P Associates, Ltd. Used with permission. FALL 2001 Illustration o by ADC Engineering, Inc. All photos property City of Cincinnati, Department of Urban Design. Used with permission. 2008 All photos property LS3P Associates, Ltd. Used with permission. FALL 2009 Introductory studio analysis by Steve Waldron, Matt Kuebler, and REVIT Thomas LcLaughlin All photos property LS3P Associates, Ltd. Used with permission. Metropolitan Development Pro Forma by Steve Waldron, Sarah Burnett, Saima Gulbahar, Matt Kleinmann, and Lucas Lopez FALL 2005 All photos property Cobb Architects. Used with permission. Metropolitan Landscapes project by Steve Waldron, Christian Clerc, and Jonathan Dowse SMMR 2005 FALL 2004-SPRG 2005 All photos property Karl R. Rohrer and Associates. Used with permission. Neighborhood Design: Response to Megalopolis Thesis Document copyright OhioLink Universities. FALL 2003 Document is available for viewing at: All photos property Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority. http://www.ohiolink.edu/etd/view.cgi?ucin1116010734 Used with permission. Illustrations oand q by Urban Design Associates. SPRG 2004 Illustration u by Al Neyer, Inc. Design of Sculpture Park by Steve Waldron and Mathias Detamore WNTR 2004 All photos property Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority. WNTR 2001 Used with permission. Design of Community Grounds by Steve Waldron, Steve Albert, Illustrations n,Z,q, and by Beyer Blinder Belle, LLC. Jennie Markel, Sarah Reid, James Warden, and Matt Zeier SPRG 2002 WNTR 2005 CHARETTE All illustrations and photos property RSA, Inc. Used with permission. Design of Building and Landscape by Steve Waldron and Seth Wilschutz and belonging to Cancer Family Care, a Not For Profit Organization. Used with permission. FALL 2002 All illustrations and photos property RSA, Inc. Used with permission.
  5. 5. ...In summary, I absolutely wish Steve Waldron the best of luck in his career and hope our paths cross again in the near future. I am confident that many of the qualities he possesses would correspond well to the traits you seek in a student ... We will always hold a spot for him at our firm, and hope that he returns after completing your program I also wanted to commend the work of your student intern, Steve Waldron, who at Washington University, with even assisited very capably in helping to put all the pieces of our promotional display more to offer as a contributing member together. It's always refreshing to see a young professional who has a great of the LS3P team. working attitude, and is willing to spend whatever time and personal effort it takes to do the job right. Hats off to him. I have no doubt he will do well in his career. Thompson E. Penney, President of LS3P and 2003 AUA President Client, Reverend Glenn Baaten, First Presbyterian Church of Harrison April 21, 2003 January 15, 2009 E M P L OYM EN T Michaele Pride-Wells, director of UC's School of Architecture and Interior Design, said the rankings reflect a tough curriculum and the quality of the university's one hundred year old cooperative education program, which allows students to alternate between classes and paid work related to their major. UC students work for academic “The program's major strength is co-op,” said Mike Crosbie, an credit in paid positions around the architect with Steven Winter Associates Inc., in Norwalk, Connecticut, world before they graduate. and a writer for Architecture magazine. “Traditionally, architecture programs have a lot of emphasis on theory and not a lot on practice. The fact that folks in Cincinnati have this dual life is what makes the program strong. The faculty seem to ... have a foot in both worlds. It doesn't tip the program into being too much one or the other.” December 11, 2003 http://www.enquirer.com/editions/ 2003/12/11/loc_ucranking11.html 02 April 21, 2003 http://www.architecturemag.com/architecture/search/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1002825896
  6. 6. 03 E n z M o z P OPPORTUNITY L In March of 20006, I joined the largest architectural firm in the Southeastern United States. I was initially hired to be the primary urban designer as the firm looked to increase their capacity to do PERSONAL IMPACT O land use plans for conceptual After working on a couple capacity analysis. At the end of 2006, when the project manager was studies[], my rate of working was promoted to studio leader, I was well-regarded, and I was quickly transitioned to work on fast-track transitioned into his new studio. projects. Initially, I transferred several Z z projects into Autodesk Revit, but [ z reverted several projects to Autocad Y due to lack of staff experience in Revit. My primary project was Arcadius, a beachfront resort for Carolina Beach, North Carolina, a barrier island near Wilmington XYZ. Despite improvements to the design so that it Full Employment M corresponded better to zoning requirements, the project fell through LS3P Associates, Ltd. 205 1/2 King St. after design development due to a Charleston, SC 29401 legal disagreement between the 843.577.4444 ownership group. www.LS3P.com z 2006 E ] z
  7. 7. E Full Employment M LS3P Associates, Ltd. 205 1/2 King St. Charleston, SC 29401 843.577.4444 www.LS3P.com z n o z P OPPORTUNITY L When the Arcadius resort project finished, I was loaned to the Education studio, as they had been awarded a 323,000 square foot high school Y. York High School was to be four times larger than any previous project attempted in Revit and was O scheduled to be bid for construction in just eleven months. Concurrently, a park shelter ^ was also completed in Revit by z Z [ z myself and two others not on this project. PERSONAL IMPACT Y Despite minimal understanding of Revit by most people within the firm, it was used for the floor plans, life safety plans, department plans Z, exterior elevations, and overall sections. Design Options were done in Revit for project alternates, and schedules counted project quantities in z real-time ^. The final renderings also used the Revit model M [. During the high school project, I was loaned yet again to the Interiors studio to do computer renderings for proposed conference room renovations and office buildings they were working on X. z ] z ^ 2007 04 E
  8. 8. 05 E n z M P z p L OPPORTUNITY O The largest project ever completed at LS3P, the Von Braun Complex III project Z was designed to be the new headquarters for the Missile Defense Agency in Huntsville, q z Alabama. In a little over 12 months, the 820,000 square foot facility included full tenent upfit. As a design-build project, the project was underway as drawings were still being Y completed. Structural steel was bought out while design development was still in progress. Structural slabs and exterior walls for the basement, first, and second floors were z o completed before construction documents were completed. Full Employment PERSONAL IMPACT z r M LS3P Associates, Ltd. In this project, all drawings were done in 205 1/2 King St. Revit, regardless of scale. Again, the Charleston, SC 29401 majority of the project team was 843.577.4444 www.LS3P.com inexperienced Revit users, so I became an asset by advancing the training of s z members within both this team and the E firm. On the project, my duties were to complete the difficult tasks, such as: scheduling [, creating new components X, and wall sections Y. 2008
  9. 9. E n z o z M P z q z p L Full Employment O LS3P Associates, Ltd. 205 1/2 King St. Charleston, SC 29401 843.577.4444 www.LS3P.com z r z s Because of my advanced understanding with Autodesk Y Autocad, I was selected by the firm to study Revit at a local community college. However, much of my knowledge in the software has been gained through experience, problem solving to find alternative workarounds, and researching blogs. Several of my projects have been accomplished in z t part or in full with another coworker who learned Revit in the M As I learned a greater knowledge of Revit, I became increasingly familiar with the Revit Family Editor, often same manner as me. Through many conversations, we downloading existing pieces from the internet and adding figured out solutions to problems as they arose, and many of shared parameters u to make them increasingly useful. these solutions have became incorporated into the LS3P Several were made from scratch t and while some were standards by adding them to the template file. needed only for a specific project qr, the knowledge gained in how to achieve the results can be easily replicated u z E in another project. A favorite example of the usefulness Revit has is the ability to show the exterior on only part of the building, exposing the structure s. REVIT 06
  10. 10. 07 n z E M z o P OPPORTUNITY Z z L Seeking a greater share of responsibility and new learning opportunities, I embarked upon a national search to find a firm that would allow me, as a new graduate, to utilize everything I felt I had to offer. I selected Cobb Architecture, a O small residential firm in Charleston, South Carolina that focuses on custom, single family houses for wealthy clientele seeking beautiful houses on the beach. PERSONAL IMPACT FULL EMPLOYMENT Y At Cobb Architecture, I typically Cobb Architecture, LLC managed four or more concurrent 108 One Cool Blow, Suite 208 projects. Responsibilities included Charleston, SC 29403 843.856.7333 conceptual design, construction www.cobbarchitecture.com documents X, electrical plans ], and z [ interaction with clients. During one of M the meetings, I completed this quick sketch to help illustrate to clients how their additions may appear [. As this was my first interaction with residential design, local building styles, and common wood frame z E construction, the learning potential FALL 2005 was large and I had great opportunities for gaining advanced understanding in wood-frame architecture. z ]
  11. 11. E OPPORTUNITY FULL EMPLOYMENT M My initial job following graduation was Karl R. Rohrer and Associates, Co. completing construction document sets 3810 Ridgewood Rd. with Karl R. Rohrer and Associates, an Copley, OH 44321 Akron, Ohio, firm which specializes in Post 330.668.1127 www.karlrohrer.com Office renovations and metropolitan housing. Experience previously gained in P masonry construction was utilized in creating a facelift for the apartment complexes, converting deteriorating stone panels into split face block surrounding z n the structural piers . z o L z Z O PERSONAL IMPACT Y During the ten-week duration, I detailed as-built drawings for a roof replacement of the Akron Postal Sorting Station Y, exterior renovations for three Stark County Metropolitan z Housing apartment buildings X, and existing and proposed drawings for two houses owned by Ohio Multi-County Development Corporations, turning them into ADA-accessible M houses per federal housing regulations ]. A vast amount of knowledge was gained in technical annotations of design drawings and creating architectural specification books for construction documents Z. z [ ] z SMMR 2005 08 E
  12. 12. 09 z n E z p M z o P z q r z L OPPORTUNITY O In 1999, Urban Design Associates designed ‘The Banks,’ a riverfront park and development area between the downtown core and the Ohio River. The Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority was created to implement the plans. By 2003 only the professional ballfields and Underground Railroad Freedom Center had been built. Pressure was on the z s Y Port Authority to engage commercial and residential developers to complete the remainder of the development. It was feared that public money may not be available for much longer unless more was built soon, and I help with design and compiling funding grants. PERSONAL IMPACT z t CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION M Significant time was spent gathering existing drawings Y [ Port of Greater Cincinnati Auth. and creating new ones ] as part of the application for a Tax 1014 Vine St., Suite 1600 Cincinnati, OH 45202 Increment Financing loan from the federal government. As 513.621.3000 the deadline for the loan approached, additional consultants www.cincinnatiport.org were called in for the many aspects of the application, and I disseminated the information gathered into the correct areas z u E of the loan. Additional time was spent in observing the construction of both the Banks facilities Z and various brownfield redevelopment projects the Port oversaw throughout Hamilton County ^, of which Cincinnati is a part. FALL 2003 v z
  13. 13. E CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION M Port of Greater Cincinnati Auth. 1014 Vine St., Suite 1600 Cincinnati, OH 45202 513.621.3000 www.cincinnatiport.org o z z n Z z P z [ z L OPPORTUNITY O In preparation for a federal transportation loan, redesigning and updating the original Banks plan was necessary. After z ] five years, a new analysis showed changing market conditions. The Port solicited work from various high-profile PERSONAL IMPACT Y firms such as Beyer Blinder Belle, Boora I was involved in many design charettes as they met, during Architects, and Sasaki Design to revise which my opinions were well-regarded. When the Port had the design. The updated plan included a reduced management during the final month of my combination of open park spaces or employment, I was given additional responsibility to parking structures in the middle of each continue the momentum that had been building. Daily block X, and more dynamic building duties included organizing and researching elements z ^ sequences ] than had previously been M necessary for intergovernmental working group meetings designed Z. Many aspects, such as ] and representing the Port Authority on various square footage and completed occasions. including regular media contact and press infrastructure, were not changed. releases. z _ Central Riverfront Total 293,400 750 750 000 176,000 225 180,000 1,399,400 E Development Timetable/ Phases demand exists for downtown hous ng units than The Banks development plan wi l be implement will likely be supplied by all the pending or p o WNTR 2004 ed n phases wi hin the area south of Second posed downtown C ncinnati developments The Street Referred to as the Cen ral Riverfront Banks Plan recommended that housing develop Development Area, he south of Second St eet ment include ownersh p and rental p opert es for development blocks are numbered 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, people in a l income ranges, including some 8, 10, and 12 Phase I s env sioned to include units hat are affordable for lower income house Blocks 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, and 12, while Phase II wi l holds Part cular attent on should be g ven o the nclude Blocks 4 and 8 Phase I may beg n con for sale and rental proper ies ta geted to empty st uction planning immediately, with a a get nesters (aged 50 70) and rental units for young construc ion start date of 2002 Phase II may working adults (single and married) The Banks begin cons ruction following he 2003 demolit on Plan ca ls for 900 1300 residential uni s of C nergy Field 10 PROGRAM OF DEVELOPMENT USES The Banks Plan recognizes that The Banks Retail Street level retail shops, res aurants, and enter tainment should be designed o support the esi development must be market driven A m x of den ial, office, and anchor a trac ion act v ty in uses s cr tical in order o achieve a successful, The Banks Development Area Economic analy long term development While the plan ncludes sis suggests sufficient demand wi l be created to
  14. 14. 11 E M o z P p z L OPPORTUNITY O In an effort to balance my time between civic design and architecture, my third co-op term was with Roger Short & Associates, a small design-build firm that is known z n z z q r throughout the Cincinnati area for their specialty in ecclesiastical facilities. The first co-op quarter largely PERSONAL IMPACT CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION consisted of making revisions to existing drawings [ Y I became the firm’s photographer for Roger Short and Associates, Inc. and graphic presentations as the firm developed a new the newly-established website XYZ 951 North Bend Rd., Suite 9 project portfolio. I was the first co-op to work for the firm and the redesigned marketing Cincinnati, OH 45224 and later helped the firm hire several additional co-ops and brochure. The firm was enamored with 513.681.4300 employees as they continued to grow. my conversion of existing Autocad® www.rsa-architects.com drawings into brochures ]^. Additional time was spent in s z M developing a deeper understanding of the daily business decisions a practitioner makes in operating a successful private firm. z t SPRG 2002 E
  15. 15. E z n z Y z Z M CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION P Roger Short and Associates, Inc. 951 North Bend Rd., Suite 9 Cincinnati, OH 45224 513.681.4300 www.rsa-architects.com z [ L z PERSONAL IMPACT OPPORTUNITY O Daily tasks included design The subsequent quarter at Roger Short and Associates provided ample opportunity development in Autocad® for Harrison for growth. The firm had fallen behind on a project, and I was given the Presbyterian Church. I also assisted responsibility of maintaining satisfactory status on seven other projects while the them with marketing material for firm focused on finishing the primary project. fundraising. These presentations were done through many forms: initial z ] z ^ Y concept sketching Y], three dimensional modeling Z^, and occasionally with physical modeling [. Another primary focus of mine was the master plan for the newly-formed Cincinnati Christian Academy _, which involved feasibility studies of their z u M land. I also spent one day per week doing construction management of the subcontractors working at Harrison Community Center . FALL 2002 12 E
  16. 16. 13 E n z M o z P q z p z L OPPORTUNITY O I spent thirteen weeks with the City of Cincinnati’s Architecture and Urban Design firm learning government infrastructure, digital and graphic design, and civil engineering techniques. The City’s department r z Y teamed co-ops with six registered architects, four graphic designers, four botonists, and thirty-seven licensed civil engineers. PERSONAL IMPACT CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION M The introductory co-operative education term focused Cincinnati Dept. of Urban Design on presentation work. Using Adobe® Photoshop, existing 801 Plum St., Suite 450 photos were modified to demonstrate potential Cincinnati, OH 45202 513.352.5270 renovations, so that citizens could vote to accept or www.cincinnati-oh.gov/transeng/pages/-6771-/ reject the construction in their neighborhood. Shown s z here is a neighborhood streetscape XY and a parking E lot near the stadium housing the Cincinnati Bengals Z[. Additional projects included colorful mapping of various types ] and proposed aerial images of future works . SPRG 2001
  17. 17. E n z o z M OPPORTUNITY CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION P The second phase of the co-op term at the City enabled me Cincinnati Dept. of Urban Design with opportunities to design. Later in the quarter, my superior 801 Plum St., Suite 450 and I completed a blight study for the Oakley neighborhood Cincinnati, OH 45202 , which later received federal money for commercial 513.352.5270 www.cincinnati-oh.gov/transeng/pages/-6771-/ development X^ and state money for brownfield restoration YZ[. In a blight study, an objective survey L investigates the social, cultural, and economic conditions of a neighborhood or square mile area. It appraises the area and assesses the current condition, then proposes various alternative uses. q z r z p z O ] z PERSONAL IMPACT Y Though the scope was small, my first constructed projects were entry piers to the neighborhood of Hyde Park East ], ‘designer crosswalks’ in the exclusive neighborhood of Mt. Adams, and a retaining wall _. ^ z M _ z FALL 2001 E 14
  18. 18. 15 E OPPORTUNITY M Using the network of UC Architecture alumni, my initial office experience was working for an architect at a construction company. Though the design aspect of this firm was limited, I began to P PERSONAL IMPACT A majority of my time was spent setting up the office with understand the complexities Autocad® for the first time and transferring basic present in the building industry, and hand-drawn sketches into construction documents. the number of inspections required z n Additional duties included attending construction bid before occupancy. This position meetings, copy printing, and construction observation. The lasted twelve weeks, though an project shown here belongs to a 4800 square foot offer to be a co-op the following L fabrication company. year was extended. Since I had barely begun architecture school at this point, I did not receive academic credit for this experience. SUMMER INTERNSHIP O S. Miller Construction Co. 2250 Howenstine Dr. East Sparta, OH 44626 330.484.4510 z o z p Y q z M SMMR 2000 E z r
  19. 19. Year after year, the University of Cincinnati’s architecture and interior While UC holds a reputation for producing among the most design programs continue to build on past success. Once again, both practice-ready students in the country, professors say it's time to programs have been ranked among the very best undergraduate and up the ante in molding the type of graduate who is an even more graduate programs in the country in a survey of design employers just critical thinker. UC is also the only public institution to make the released today. UC’s interior design program won top honors – rated as worldwide top 10 list of design schools ranked by I.D. magazine in number one in the nation – for the sixth year in a row. The undergraduate 2002. "The overall program is even better now due to the intense architecture program was ranked number two in the nation, while UC’s first four quarters. It helps them learn quicker and easier later," graduate architecture program was ranked number six in the nation. Both Gordon Simmons, interim director of the architecture school said. http://www.enquirer.com/editions/2003/04/06/loc_daap06rankings.html April 6, 2003 the undergraduate and graduate architecture programs have consistently GRAD been rated very highly throughout the years of the survey. http://www.uc.edu/news/public_PrintableRelease.asp?information=2216 May 1, 2005 EDUCATION UC’s graduate architecture program moved up in the rankings. It now holds In the 2010 DesignIntelligence special report, the No. 2 spot in the nation, right behind Harvard University. Last year, UC’s UC’s graduate architecture program holds a graduate architecture program stood at No. 7. top spot ... along with Harvard, Yale, and 1. Harvard University Princeton University, UC is one of 13 2. University of Cincinnati programs listed in the special report’s 3. Columbia University “sampling of where some of the most promi- ..The rankings come from DesignIntelligence, a publication of the Design nent architecture and design firm leaders Futures Council, are based on employers’ hiring experiences. An extremely earned their degrees.” high percentage of UC students in the graduate architecture program – 98 percent – “believe they’ll be well prepared for their profession upon gradua- ...99 percent of UC’s architecture students tion,” and 90 percent give very high marks to the quality of the UC program said they believe they will be prepared when relative to educational costs. it comes time to succeed in the work place. http://www.uc.edu/news/NR.aspx?id=9350 December 11, 2008 http://www.uc.edu/news/NR.aspx?id=10921 November 5, 2009 16
  20. 20. 17   E PROBLEM STATEMENT D Using Martin Luther King Drive as a transect, sites were selected in either St. Louis or one of the many suburbs touched by the street. Principles of urbanism were to be applied that enhanced the community in a beneficial   manner . Project and site selection were not defined, and external research was not required. A project which U synthesized a manipulation of both ORICAL FORMAT and H S landscape N: architecture was encouraged.     C 1914 GAP IDENTIFICATION: TOPOGRAPHY GAP IDENTIFICATION: BOUNDARIES 1938 A 1951 GAP IDENTIFICATION: DIRECTION GAP IDENTIFICATION: STREET ADAPTATION 1980     T DESIGN SOLUTION I The intent of the project was to create a mixed use environment that bridged the transition between a retail-focused street and the neighborhoods of the first-ring suburbs that exist behind the retail . Additional attention was spent creating layers of transportation separating streets, pedestrian trails and bicycle pathways for safety   and increased liveliness throughout the neighborhood . Development was designed that would function as a neighborhood center , which enable current discussions of future light rail transit to result in a viable project . FALL 2009 O