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Social Media Basics for Lawyerpreneurs
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Social Media Basics for Lawyerpreneurs


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Basic Social Media Lessons for Lawyerpreneurs

Basic Social Media Lessons for Lawyerpreneurs

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. SocialMediaBasics Social Media Essentials for Lawyerpreneurs 1
    • 2. 2
    • 3. Know * Like * Trust People do business with PEOPLE they know, like and trust. Social Media tools can help you build a magnetic brand that facilitates your target market getting to know, like and trust you ... at an accelerated rate. 3 ©2009
    • 4. 3 Reasons to Embrace Social Media • Your ideal clients are actively using social media tools to connect with family, friends and colleagues; engage business and personal contacts; and find information related to their needs. • Social media sites facilitate strategic networking and provide valuable background information that can be utilized to identify points of connection with decision makers. • Social media tools can get you past the gatekeepers of decision makers. It is not uncommon to find yourself tweeting with the CEO of a company you’ve been unsuccessfully trying to reach via traditional outreach methods. ©2009 4
    • 5. 3 MORE Reasons to Embrace Social Media • Social media helps you build credibility through the systematic redistribution of great information created by others (with proper credit, of course). • Social media helps you build your reputation as an expert through the use of automated systems that syndicate your original content. • Effective use of Social Media tools will help you dominate search engine results in your local area. This results in meaningful local branding and increased client leads for the states in which you are licensed to practice law. 5 ©2009
    • 6. Blogging Basics • Use a self-hosted blog. I recommend the WordPress self-hosted platform. It is important for you to own the valuable Internet real estate that you are building with your blog.You will need to purchase a domain name and hosting package from a company like • Include a subscription box (aka opt-in box) on your blog and an offer that entices visitors to provide their contact information to be added to your database. I suggest using a service like or to manage your database. ©2009 6
    • 7. Blogging Secrets • Write short blog posts (250-500 words). • Keep in mind, individuals (not groups) read blogs. So, write your blog posts for an “individual” who embodies the key characteristics of your ideal client. • Use Google Alerts for a consistent flow of current information related to your industry and area of practice. • People love to read lists. Turn your blog posts into top 3, 5 or 7 lists when writing as these types of posts are quick reads, easy to write and highly informative. • Publish at least 2 posts per week to experience positive results from blogging. 7 ©2009
    • 8. Blogging Success • Include an About Us page on your blog. • Include a Contact Us page on your blog. • Use a design template that is attractive, magnetic and easy to navigate. • Establish a or account for your blog. 8 ©2009
    • 9. 5 Types of Tweeple 2 Follow Tweeple = Twitter Jargon for “People” • Colleagues • Clients • Decision makers and thought-leaders in your industry and area of practice. • Tweeple who the decision makers and thought-leaders you follow ... are following. Primarily consider Tweeple on the first 3-5 pages of followers as they are the most recently active Tweeple. • Tweeple who are using keywords and phrases that are relevant to your industry and area of practice. Use http:// and to find Tweeple using your industry keywords. 9 ©2009
    • 10. Twitter Tips • Use your full name or business name for your Twitter account. You can also create multiple accounts. • Go to for a fantastic list of lawyers and legal professionals using Twitter. • Go to to find executives who use Twitter. • Use a professional photo as your avatar. Do not use a logo or symbol here, save it for your background. • Use a custom Twitter background. I highly recommend engaging http:// They designed my Twitter background. 10 ©2009
    • 11. Secrets to Quality Tweets • Share information that others have tweeted and give credit to the source by using the letters “RT” at the start of your tweet. This is called “retweeting”. • Share links to current information relevant to your industry and area of practice. Use Google Alerts to stay on top of industry trends and breaking news. ©2009 11
    • 12. More Twitter Secrets • Let your “Tweeple” know about your original articles and blog posts. • Answer questions related to your area of practice. • Ask questions to survey the needs of your target market. Two great resources for creating polls are and 12 ©2009
    • 13. Leveraging LinkedIn • Change the default URL to your name or business name. I suggest using your name. • Upload a professional photo. • Complete the educational institutions and previous places of employment sections. This allows you to identify classmates and colleagues with whom to connect. 13 ©2009
    • 14. Maximizing LinkedIn Power • Use the summary section to write a “keyword rich” description of what your prospective clients can expect when they engage you. This is important for attracting leads on LinkedIn and for search engine optimization (SEO). Work with an expert for maximum effect. • Join LinkedIn Groups to raise visibility and build credibility with key decision makers. • Use LinkedIn Answers to raise your visibility and build credibility. 14 ©2009
    • 15. LinkedIn Applications • Connect your LinkedIn account to your WordPress blog to automatically update your LinkedIn account with new blog posts. • Connect your LinkedIn and Slideshare accounts to automatically update your LinkedIn account with PowerPoint presentations. • Consider using other LinkedIn applications as a way to increase your visibility and repurpose your original content. ©2009 15
    • 16. Facebook Finesse • Create a Facebook business page for your company or a public profile if you want to promote your personal brand instead of your company brand. • Use the “list” feature to create categories for your Facebook friends. • Connect with classmates, former colleagues, industry leaders and clients. Then, invite them to become fans of your Facebook business page or public profile page. 16 ©2009
    • 17. Facebook Power • Use Facebook groups to locate prospective clients. Write personal messages asking that they become fans of your Facebook business page or public profile page. • Link your blogs and YouTube channel to your Facebook account to increase visibility for these social media tools. ©2009 17
    • 18. Viral Video Magic • Create short videos that answer your clients most frequently asked questions. • Add music and turn your PowerPoint presentations into videos. • Use a customized YouTube background to reinforce your brand. • Keep your videos short and use plain English. 45 seconds to 7 minutes is long enough to be effective while maintaining the attention of your viewers. • Connect your YouTube channel with your blog and Facebook accounts for increased traffic and exposure.18 ©2009
    • 19. Automate * Systematize * Organize • Create Google Alerts at http:// for keywords associated with your business and receive updates when new information is published on the Internet containing such keywords. • Use to automate tweets using pre-defined criteria. • Use to conserve time by scheduling the future delivery of certain Tweets. • Use to simultaneously update multiple social media accounts. 19 ©2009
    • 20. Know * Like * Trust REMEMBER People do business with PEOPLE they know, like and trust. Utilize Social Media tools to build a magnetic brand that helps your target market get to know, like and trust you. Engage an expert to experience maximum results at an accelerated rate. Contact us at for more information about our Branding, Social Media and eMarketing programs, products and services. 20 ©2009
    • 21. My Favorite Social Media Tools • LinkedIn: Let me know that you saw this presentation in your message requesting a connection. • Twitter: • YouTube Channel: • Facebook Fanpage: • Facebook Group for Lawyerpreneurs: • Wordpress Blogsite: • Do not include “www” for any of the sites listed on this page. 21 ©2009
    • 22. T.C. Coleman, Esq. T.C. Coleman, Esq. is a lawyerpreneur and business coach who has spent nearly a decade as a corporate attorney and business advisor for multi-national public and private companies, entrepreneurs and non- profit organizations. She is the CEO of UpwardAction® LLC and LawyersLaunchpad. T.C. is known as an business development and branding specialist who knows how to help businesses and professionals increase their online visibility, attract more client leads, convert more clicks to clients and generate additional revenue. ©2009 22
    • 23. SocialMediaBusinessAttraction • At LawyerLaunchpad, we have developed a comprehensive social media program in which we will provide you with the following: • a custom WordPress blog site; • a custom Twitter background; • a custom YouTube channel background; • an optimized LinkedIn profile; • a step-by-step 90 day social media action strategy that will attract new client leads and business opportunities to your business. • Visit us at to learn more about this special program. 23
    • 24. Subscribe to our FREE eNewsletter “Launchpad Secrets” and receive bi-weekly social media, eMarketing and branding tips to help you launch businesses, ideas, products and services AND maintain momentum. You will find all of the details at 24
    • 25. 25