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  • Go.local PLATFORM 3 unique functions
  • Travel Concierge

    1. 1. go.local (SG Edition)Travel ConciergeTeam Member NamesHo Yi ChuenLee Hsiao Wei (Sean)Low Gin ShiBalaji
    2. 2. Each year, millions are invested in Singapore tourism. Tourists are still not getting a ‘local’ experience.
    3. 3. I’ve lived in Singapore for 3years, I am only beginning to discover the places. - Clayton Singapore is about the club scene in Clarke Quay, and shopping in Orchard. There’s nothing unique here. - Yudi
    4. 4. What tourists really looking for? Tourists are looking for a local experience.While there are plenty of well known attractions, they want local-flavoured recommendations. Local Experience = Unique Travel Experience
    5. 5. Travel agents, local day tours,Extensive travel guides apps, guides and sites Does not expose the “long tail” of local experience.
    6. 6. .
    7. 7. .Fromofficial mega attractions to… …
    8. 8. . Beaulieu House, Semb awang ParkFrom St Patrick’s day 2012official mega attractions to… … Singapore Serendipitous local Experience
    9. 9. Contextualcrowd-sourced itinerary Location-basedrecommendation Ease of sharing travel experience via social media
    10. 10. Experience in 3 easy steps
    11. 11. Nearby or Islandwide?
    12. 12. ‘Nearby’ Screen Flow
    13. 13. Review / Travel log creation screen flow
    14. 14. Crowd-sourced reviews
    15. 15. Local Event Notifications (Location-based)
    16. 16. Review / Travel log creation screen flow
    17. 17. SummaryPOI Reviews Social-shared travel log Visitors Local recommendations Reduce resources Preserving local culture Support local businesses content Locals -source Crowd Merchant Deals Sponsored listings
    18. 18. Next StepsWhat needs to happen to make this project a reality?• Make available subsidized/sponsored mobile data access• Build / leverage existing reviews of Places of Interests• Strong incentive mechanism for locals to post reviewsAny partnerships or more data needed?•Datasets required: OneMap Places of Interests data, One Map @ SG,LTA Bus Stop Code and Locations, SMRT Bus Information and Routes,SBS Transit Bus Information and Routes.• Bank tie-ups for merchant deals• Potential collaboration with STB
    19. 19. Credits & ContactsTeam leadName: Low Gin ShiNumber: 9146 8945Email: futurist@rocketmail.comTeam members:Ho Yi ChuenLee Hsiao Wei (Sean)Balaji
    20. 20. Appendix
    21. 21. Next StepsDevelopment Timeline Sign-off; Development Launch of Launch of Focus group (Application / Content Population / “Go Where, “GoLocal – research and Content Focus group testing Singapore?” Singapore” feasibility timeline Development) Jul to Sep 2012 Oct to Dec 2012 Jan to Mar 2013 Apr to May 2013 Jun 2013 3 months 3 months 3 months 2 months
    22. 22. Competition X X X
    23. 23. Market Sizing Singapore 2011 Visitors Total: 13.1m Total: 5.1m App usage 3G exposure at 45% x 70% home and own smart adoption in SG x 60%  50% phone 40% > 2 days stay Pre-trip x downloads 1 in every x conversion! 30% app last group of 3 33% month x x Share of 5%% Share of 20% adoption adoption Better experience 80k users 80k users for 80kSource: STB 2011, Nielsen 2011, go.local Team Analysis
    24. 24. Marketing Activities• “How local are you?” Challenge• Google Adwords and Contextual Targeting• Airlines inflight magazines