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04 shayr final 04 shayr final Presentation Transcript

  • WHAT’S MINE IS YOURS Anirudh Rastogi Gowrish Giridharan Ravi Srinivasan
  • Imagineyourself at the neighbourhood MallYou see the Avatar Extended DVD.You want to watch!What do you do? Buy Buy with Books for bulk deal Rent OR Borrow from a Friend
  • What can friends share? Books Camping DVDs Gear Disc Players Vacuum Cleaners Party Power Camera Accessories Drill DIY Equipment Video Thermometer Games Projector Travel Board Games Bag Soldering Sports Iron Bike Racquets … and a lot more
  • Why bother?because rampant Consumerism is NOT Sustainable 50 Million Power Drills idle at homes If 5 % Singaporeans 200,000 borrowed Books, we save TreesCOLLABORATIVE CONSUMPTION is the next BIG THING 10 Ideas That Will Change the World
  • However, Sharing must be made EASY SAFEIntroducingSmartphone AppSearch Friends (through ) TMSelf ExchangeBar-Scan Integration to import from ISBNdatabase
  • Launch Phases Target Profile: Phase 2 Phase 1  Share with Everyone  With Facebook Friends TM  Share Everything  Easy Share Items  SAFESHAYR Optional  Share for Free  Rental Charges Optional Targeted Launch Full LaunchLaunch 9 Months 24 Months Monetization Rental Commission Aggregated Consumer demand data: for predicting market needs Ads served: When friends do not meet your need
  • App Demo
  • Next StepsLaunch App in 4 weeksTargeted launch- University campuses and early adopters of technology- Meetup Groups (Movie Watchers, Bikers, Gamers, Photo Enthusiasts)
  • This is already happening in the West.. • 23,000 books shared on bookmooch • 5 million items put up by people to be shared on swaptree.com • Car sharing is a 12.5 billion industry in 2012SHAYR aims to create a simple, social, safe platform for everyday ‘sharing’ in Asia Sources: Rachel Botsman, What’s Mine is Yours
  • Credits & ContactsTeam LeadName: Ravi SrinivasanNumber: 91193057Email: ravi@skarrs.comTeam members:Anirudh RastogiGowrish Giridharan