Sales & Lead Recovery Solutions for eCommerce


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UpSellit's sales and lead recovery solutions recover abandoned consumers with fully customized 100% pay-for-performance solutions.

With SmartAgent automated chat, marketers can engage site visitors mid-abandonment and provide assistance. UpSellit's custom abandonment chat campaigns are custom developed to automatically assist your customers and convince them to come back and complete the conversion. For more information on UpSellit's SmartAgent automated chat solution, please visit:

UpSellit's Email ReMarketing solution leverages a unique lead recovery technology called Datahound. Datahound increases conversions by capturing pre-submit customer information for automatic remarketing. For more information on UpSellit's 'Pre-Submit' lead recovery email remarketing solution, please visit:

For more information about how UpSellit's 100% pay-for-performance sales and lead recovery solutions can help your online business, please write or call +1 (866) 504 9619.

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Sales & Lead Recovery Solutions for eCommerce

  1. 1. Recover Abandoned Carts!with UpSellit’s Customer Recovery Solutions!
  2. 2. Shopping cart abandonment is on the rise.!2006  –  Marke+ng  Sherpa  |  2007  –  Coremetrics  |  2008  –  Coremetrics  |  2009  –  Coremetrics  |  2010  –  Fireclick  |  2011  –  SeeWhy  |  2012  –  Fireclick  
  3. 3. There are four primary reasons a consumer will abandon their shopping cart.! Shipping Consideration Comparison Confusion 50% 25% 38% 0% 13% North American Technographics! Retail Online Survey!
  4. 4. UpSellit’s custom solutions identify and directlyaddress the top reasons for cart abandonment.!
  5. 5. UpSellit has recovered over 12 million sales for some of the web’s top retailers. !
  6. 6. We develop, manage and optimize on a100% pay-for-performance pricing model.!
  7. 7. UpSellit will instantly increase conversions! while gathering actionable insight.! “25% increase in sales” “critical to our success” “exceeded our expectations” “10% increase in our sales”
  8. 8. Abandonment Chat recovers abandoning visitors with automated assistance.! • Increase Conversions 10-25%! • Learn Why Consumers Are Abandoning! • Provide Real Value with Intelligent Support! • Test Offers, Messaging & Discounts!
  9. 9. Custom automated chat agents addressconcerns and answer FAQs to drive sales. ! • Understands Everyday Language! • Translates Misspellings, Slang & Webspeak! • Friendly & Professional Personalities! • Accurately Answers 100’s of Custom FAQ’s! • Regular Audits Continually Grow Knowledge Base! • Can Dynamically Pull Site Content! • Can Assist Site Navigation!
  10. 10. Recovery Emails are highly targeted messages that bring back abandoned shoppers.! • Increase Conversions 5-15%! • Collect Pre-Submit Customer Leads! • Send Timed and Targeted ReMarketing Emails! • Test Offers, Messaging & Discounts!
  11. 11. Datahound® builds a larger remarketing database by capturing leads in real-time.!• Advanced Keystroke Capture Technology!• Privacy Policy Act & CAN SPAM Act Compliant!• Target & Filter Specific Form Fields!• Session Data & Visitor Details Saved!
  12. 12. Abandonment Surveys collect detailedconsumer feedback and reinforce value.! • Increase Conversions 1-5%! • Surveys Adapt and Respond to User Input! • Easily Analyze In-Depth Feedback! • Test Offers, Messaging & Discounts!
  13. 13. Dynamic Surveys adapt to consumer responses for relevant and effective engagements.! • Disambiguate Feedback with Reactive Questions! • Provide Relevant Value Propositions! • Provided Highly Targeted Incentives! • Promote Social Engagement! • Grow Email Remarketing Lists! • Build Customer Loyalty!
  14. 14. Our solutions include complex businessrules for optimal customer engagement.! !Target & filter engagement with extensive traffic segmentation.!
  15. 15. We actively monitor, test, and optimize every campaign. !Our ongoing optimizations only require a client approval.!
  16. 16. Complete client-side reportingfor easy performance tracking. !
  17. 17. Getting started with UpSellit is easy.!• No Upfront Costs!• No Client-Side Development!• Simple, One-Time Implementation!• Secure Client-Side Reporting!• 24-Hour Client Support!
  18. 18. Thank You for Considering!UpSellit’s Customer Recovery Solutions! For more information, ! Please contact: Jeremy Aaronson! VP of Sales & Marketing, UpSellit! Email: | Office: (805) 322 1522! !