Uq capability statement iraq - july 2010

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Capability Statement - Iraq

Capability Statement - Iraq

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  • 1. Capability StatementUpper Quartile provides creative advice in the most challenging business and economic environments. All of ourpartners are experienced international development and management professionals who have worked at seniorlevels in the public and private sectors.Our clients include international NGOs, government agencies and global companies. Our scope of workembraces economic reconstruction in hostile regions, advice on economic development and reform, and businessstrategy and benchmarking. The common theme is our ability to deliver clear, pragmatic solutions to problemsthat are complex, highly uncertain and, occasionally, chaotic. We have three main areas of specialism:post-conflict reconstruction; economic development and reform; and business strategy. Our solutions aresuccessful and are always delivered on time and on budget. 7-9 North St David Street Edinburgh United Kingdom EH2 1AW Tel: +44(0)131 524 9640 Web: www.upperquartile.co.uk
  • 2. Upper Quartile in IraqSince 2009 we have developed a number of strategic partnerships in Iraq to support the private sector make andmanage its investments in the country, these include:Iraq Business NewsUpper Quartile has been producing Newsletters on Iraq and itsastonishing development for over 18 months. In February 2010 Anglo Arab Insurance Brokers and Upper Quartilecombined resources and created the Iraq Business News – a weekly newsletter that is sent directly to 7,000 IraqInvestors and a web site visited by 10,000 readers a month with an average of 5 pages read per visitor.The web site is a free resource financed by selling advertising on the web site and provides a remarkableresource library on Iraq and its development.www.iraq-businessnews.comOBM PeopleUpper Quartile has a joint venture with Oilbase Management– a recruitment and contract management company fortechnical staff to the international Oil Industry. With a database of over 6,500 technical and professional staffand 100 staff deployed on contract in several countries the combination of OBM’s ability to manage technicalstaff in difficult places on behalf of the oil industry and Upper Quartile’s presence in Basra and Baghdad we areuniquely placed to support the staff requirements of the Oil Industry as it builds up rapidly in the support oilproduction in Iraq.www.obmpeople.comServiced Office in BasraA fully resourced Representative Office on a short-term fixed-cost basis allowing you to be at the front of thequeue as the Iraqi Oil Industry opens up the massive oil fields in the south over the next months - withoutbearing the full costs or the risk!Our approach is based on your requirements and tailored to meet your business and regulatory requirements.We have been in Basra for almost 4 years now and have worked with several large multi-nationals positioningthem with the Iraqi Oil Industry – in the past this work has included identification and negotiating with Iraqipartners for tendering, identification of offices, managing registration of a business , negotiating of Lettersof Credit, senior staff recruitment. With an operational staffed office in Basra City, Upper Quartile staff areavailable to support you in building your business in Basra quickly and at minimal cost.
  • 3. Corporate Social ResponsibilityNot all growth is good. Communities that suddenly develop short term wealth in one group alone, are notsustainable. It can cause community strife, limit the benefits to development in a country or region, and hasbeen recognised by many countries and regions. CSR focuses on what business can do to operate in a responsibleway to secure the balanced future of the markets and regions they operate in. If companies are to succeed increating economic opportunities they will need to address the social challenges and opportunities they face: • businesses need to raise skills and overall capacities • businesses need to fit in with their host environment, adhere to the law, pay taxes due and support indigenous skills and business development aspirations and plans…more than anything this means: o businesses need to respond to environmental, social and governance issues; and o businesses need to have productive relations with government bodies, their communities, workers and suppliers.Upper Quartile have been running Corporate Social Responsibility programmes globally for 20 years buildingprivate capacity to benefit from a transition and developing Government to respond – we have a uniqueunderstanding of Iraq and its workings.Recent Project work in IraqSince 2007, we have completed a number of assignments in Iraq. Here are some examples. Client: Baghdad PRT Project: Trade Show in Baghdad More than 120 companies and almost 100 Iraqi business and government representatives attended a catalogue show in Baghdad on Sunday the 20th June. The event was managed and organised by Upper Quartile and co-sponsored by the U.S. Embassy Baghdad, Baghdad Provincial Reconstruction Team, and G4S. It provided a unique opportunity for local business leaders and facilitators to network. Companies participating in the event displayed catalogues and contact information in a variety of sectors including industry, health, water, agriculture, security, education, and consumer goods.
  • 4. Recent Project work in IraqClient: Private Client Project: Support to Contract Management Upper Quartile have been supporting the delivery of a $30 million contract in Basra with the South Oil Company through support in delivering Letters of Credit, evaluating alternate banking arrangements, debt collection and management of visa processes for South Oil Company Staff visiting the UK for equipment tests.Client: Various Project: Trade Mission to Basra (June 2010) 3 major companies participated in a trade mission to Basra including Aubin and ITS designed and managed by Upper Quartile and visiting the South Oil Company, Basra Investment Commission, Provincial Authority and Maysan Oil Company.Client: Various Project: Trade Mission to Basra (May 2010) 4 major companies participated in a trade mission to Basra including ASCO, KCA Deutag and GE Corporate designed and managed by Upper Quartile and visiting the South Oil Company, Basra Investment Commission, Provincial Authority and Umm Qasr Port.Client: DECC Project: Development of Competency Based Skills Development in Ministry of Oil, Baghdad, 2009 - 10 We have completed a programme, funded by the FCO with 3 Directorates in the Ministry of Oil in Baghdad to develop and trial a Competency Skills development and training system. This is being rolled out through a series of workshops for the Director Generals of all operational units in the Ministry of Oil during the 2nd Quarter of 2010. A development workshop was held in Aberdeen with key stakeholders to apply the process and train Change Managers from the Ministry.Client: Private Project: Iraq Business Development Working with one of the largest companies in the UK Upper Quartile supported their integration into the Oil and Gas Industry and establishment in Basra as a major supplier of support services to the international oil industry.Client: Private Client Project: Sourcing Local Suppliers, 2010 Identification and completion of due-diligence on local Iraqi Partners for a UK NDT company bidding into the IOC community in Basra. The work involved identification of local suppliers against a tight technical specification, meeting and assessing several companies, negotiating on behalf of the Client and supplying material for inclusion in the submitted tender.
  • 5. Recent Project work in IraqClient: IOC Project: Provision of Market Entry Service IOC 2009 Secondment of senior staff member to a prequalified IOC to enable them to enter and review the Iraq market, conduct project economic field appraisal and develop project plans.Upper Quartile Project: Publication of the Opportunity Iraq Newsletter, 2009 - 10 Weekly publication of the Opportunity Iraq Newsletter – reporting on the developments in the oil sector in Iraq with a readership of over 1,000 this has now been commercialised with advertising being sold to cover the increasing costs of production and sourcing material from the local Iraqi press.Private Client Project: Provision of Business Development Services, 2009 - Present Provision of 4 staff (2 expatriate and 2 local) to support an Integrated Security Service Provider build capacity quickly and respond to requests for services out with traditional security provision.Client: UKTI Project: Oil and Gas Trade Mission, October 2009 Managing and running the first Trade Mission to Iraq using non-military transport and non Government accommodation. A group of 12 representing large service companies and two IOC’s attended – all but one have made return trips and won business – some directly with the SOC.Client: UKTI Project: Trade Development in Iraq, 2009 In early 2008 Upper Quartile won a contract to support UKTI in the supply and staffing of the offices being opened in Baghdad and Basra in support of UK companies seeking to trade in Iraq. We supplied 2 senior expatriate staff in Baghdad and Basra and local staff in Basra and built the capacity in the Embassy and Basra Consulate.Client: World Bank Project: Design of PPP / PFI Initiative, 2009 In mid 2009 Upper Quartile won a contract to support the World Bank in Baghdad as it established itself and to provide a quick start to the design and introduction of the Iraqi Governments PPP / PFI initiative. Upper Quartile also staffed the offices being opened in Baghdad until World Bank staff could be mobilised. We supplied 1 senior expatriate staff in Baghdad.
  • 6. Client: FCO Project: Technical Support Initiative for Government of Iraq; 2008 and 2009 Support to identify and market investment opportunities to international business, advise potential investors on their interest, supporting the British Embassy Kuwait in facilitating improved trading for Iraq, assist develop Government investment processes and identify constraints to investment with appropriate counterparts (Ministries, IFI’s). Client: DFID Project: Foreign Direct Investment Market Development (Basra & Iraq) 2007-09 Support to identify global and regional companies with interest in investment in Iraq, marry them with options for key investment projects, assist them through the full FDI project cycle, to visit Iraq and prepare and submit project proposals to Ministers and others. Involved global marketing from Japan, US, Europe, to the Middle East, undertaking promotional activities and holding global Invest Iraq conferences. Client: World Bank Project: Private Sector Development Policy Implementation Programme Set Up 2009 The World Bank requested support to assist it to stand up the Private Sector Development Programme in Iraq. This involved work with the Prime Minister’s Advisors, Ministers, UNDP and others, establishing the office, holding seminars and drawing in the World Bank’s wider capacities in private sector development, PPP/PFI privatisation legal framework, country policy framework and fiscal position and in related areas. Client: DFID Project: Support to start up the Iraq National Investment Commission (NIC) 2008-2009 As a logical extension of the FDI project the NIC received mentoring and training support to develop promotional capabilities and develop its product offer and investment law and processes. This involved significant day to day engagement with the Minister level Chairman and Vice Chairman and in the Prime Minister Advisory Office, the Deputy Prime Minister Office and with Ministers including Industry, Transport, Security and on strategic investment projects. As part of this project we managed an international Iraq conference in London in April 2009, with the UK and Iraq Prime Ministers, and several other senior Ministers.Upper Quartile intends to remain engaged in Iraq with partners in the Iraqi Government, investors and tocontinue to work with the international community.Adrian GreenGavin JonesFor Upper QuartileFebruary 2010