Imaginext batman batcave


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Quick presentation on the very popular Imaginext Batman Batcave

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Imaginext batman batcave

  1. 1.  Look out, the ever popular Fisher-Price has come out with Imaginext Batman Batcave! Imaginext Batman Batcave is one of the hottest toys that many parents will find on their sons Christmas wish list this year. And its no surprise too because Batman has been a popular cultural icon for many years back when Batman began as a comic book character. But Bruce Wayne, the secret identity of Batman, cannot be without his secret headquarters: the batcave!
  2. 2. Batman and Robin toy An elevator to access all figures included! levels of the caveBatman & Robin activate 5 Fire projectiles from different things on the behind the walls that cave retract Secret entrance,mechanical claw, working A bat signal that lights elevator, telescope to up! look out for bad guys!
  3. 3. 1. Batman figure2. Robin figure3. Batcycle4. Bat-glider5. Computer console6. Two small accessories7. And of course, the Imaginext Batman Batcave
  4. 4.  Batman and Robin are included! There are 5 different things that the toy figures can activate An adult only needs to put in batteries and hook the wall to the hinge Kids get a kick out of the batman bat signal, especially in the dark Even girls and siblings enjoy playing with the Imaginext Batman Batcave Very sturdy so it can withstand rough and tumble play Great toy for younger Batman fans from ages 3 on up
  5. 5.  Requires 2 AAA batteries, so make sure you have them on hand What? No Joker for Batman and Robin to chase after? Unfortunately, the Imaginext Batman Batcave you’ll have to buy one separately Must pay for other accessories if you want your child to have other villains like the Penguin
  6. 6. One satisfied customer said…“Fisher-Price Imaginext has really outdonethemselves on this fantastic four full floors of funBatcave. It comes basically put together with only2 things an adult has to do before the kids moveinto this tall hideout for Batman and Robin- thefirst is to get a phillips screwdriver, go to thethird floor behind the launcher door and put inthe 2 AAA batteries.”
  7. 7. One unhappy customer said…“The Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave playset willentertain kids from 3 to ten. It’s a large structure withdifferent levels for lots of imaginative play. However,many of the moving parts work clunkily out of the boxor else feel like they won’t stand up to a lot ofplaytime. Many of the moving parts are triggered byred discs that turn like knobs. Each disc has a pair offootprints for you to plug any Imaginext figure intoand then turn like a key. However, the fit between thedisc and the figures rarely snug enough to allow littlehands to trigger the reaction this way. As a result, mykids gave up on this almost immediately and beganopening gates and moving the elevator manually.
  8. 8. To read the full review as well as watch avideo about the Batcave, visit