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LinkedIn Training Webinar
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LinkedIn Training Webinar


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One of the most important social media channels for business networking is LinkedIn. If you want your LinkedIn profile to stand out above others in your industry, watch this LinkedIn Training …

One of the most important social media channels for business networking is LinkedIn. If you want your LinkedIn profile to stand out above others in your industry, watch this LinkedIn Training Webinar.

You can also watch the whole webinar video with audio here:

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  • 1. Tips for Standing Out on LinkedIn
  • 2. LinkedIn Tip 1 • Take Full Advantage Of Space Provided. • Fill out everything as thoroughly as possible. – You can add up to 2,000 characters in the Summary section, so fill it up! – Be creative and write in first person. – The first paragraph is the most important.
  • 3. LinkedIn Tip 1 continued – Make it personal. Don’t have the same summary as others you work with. – Break up this section with headers, sub-headers, copy/paste characters, etc. to make it easier to read.
  • 4. LinkedIn Tip 2 • Connect, Connect, Connect – Always add a personal message when sending a LinkedIn request. – Explain why you’re connecting. – There will be some spam, but you can flag it and disconnect.
  • 5. LinkedIn Tip 2 continued – If you’re connecting just to connect, you’re not using LinkedIn correctly. Try to actually interact with people. – LinkedIn is about building relationships with people (online networking), not collecting as many strangers as possible.
  • 6. LinkedIn Tip 3 • Join Groups, But Be Picky. – There are thousands of LinkedIn Groups to join that offer great opportunities to make connections. – Quality over quantity. – Be involved, answer questions, post questions.
  • 7. – Research the group’s demographics (i.e. where they’re located, the industries they’re in). • Click the “i” tab (for information) to the right of the group’s name and select “Group Statistics.” – You can also see how active the group members are and research the group’s growth. – This way, you can easily identify which groups would be best for you to join. LinkedIn Tip 3 continued
  • 8. – Consider starting your own group for your industry or profession. • Invite your contacts • Monitor/post interesting questions often • Don’t open to public LinkedIn Tip 3 continued
  • 9. LinkedIn Tip 4 • Customize Your Public Profile URL. – Instead of a URL with confusing numbers at the end, make your URL nice and clean by claiming a LinkedIn vanity URL. • Click “Edit Profile,” then below your photo, click “Edit” next to your Public Profile link. • Once on this page, click “Customize your public profile URL” to update your URL.
  • 10. LinkedIn Tip 4 continued – A vanity URL will make your profile more professional and a lot easier to share. – Share your profile as appropriate, for instance on business cards and in email signatures.
  • 11. LinkedIn Tip 5 • Optimize Your Profile To Be Found Easier. – Search LinkedIn for key terms you want to be found by. – Add these keywords to various sections of your profile such as your summary. – Make sure that the keyword you want to be found for most is in your headline.
  • 12. LinkedIn Tip 6 • Rearrange Or Remove Sections Of Your Profile. – LinkedIn allows its users to reorder sections in any way they prefer. • Click on “Edit Profile,” and simply hover over the double-sided arrow to the right of the “Edit” button on each section.
  • 13. LinkedIn Tip 6 continued – Drag and drop a section to a different position of your profile. – You can also remove sections in your profile that do not apply to you or your industry. – This way, you don’t have uncompleted sections on your profile that people can see.
  • 14. LinkedIn Tip 7 • Check Out Who Has Viewed Your Profile. – On the “Profile” dropdown, click “Who’s Viewed Your Profile.” – Send connection requests to those you aren’t currently connected with.
  • 15. LinkedIn Tip 8 • Export Your Connections. – Import your LinkedIn connections to other social networks or through email. • Click on “Connections” in the top navigation, and choose the little gear icon in the upper right. • Under “Advanced Settings,” you can click “Export LinkedIn Connections” as a .CSV or .VCF file.
  • 16. LinkedIn Tip 9 • Utilize @Mentions In Your Status Updates: – Similar to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn now let’s you tag or @mention other users or companies in your status updates. – The mentioned user will be alerted that you mentioned them. – Note: Only use the @mention when it is appropriate or makes sense to tag that specific profile.
  • 17. LinkedIn Tip 10 • Post Consistently: – Share links to your own work, photos or news related to your industry. – Posting regularly keeps people on your radar.
  • 18. LinkedIn Tip 10 continued – If you’re unsure of what to post, use LinkedIn’s awesome new trending content tool. – This interactive tool highlights the most popular content being shared on LinkedIn throughout various industries. – Keeping an eye on this will help your company decide what you should be sharing on LinkedIn to generate the most engagement.
  • 19. LinkedIn Bonus Tip • When you are able, upload a Background Image: – Taking a cue from Facebook, Google + and Twitter, LinkedIn is redesigning its profile layout. – This new design includes a larger profile picture and an expanded header (1400x425).
  • 20. Notes about Connecting • Give endorsements every time you log in. • Thank others for endorsements they give. • Tell your network about exciting news. • Write recommendations and ask for one in return.
  • 21. Available Services • The following services are available through UplinkSpyder: – We can manage or clean up your profile – We can provide an in-person training to your staff/company – We can evaluate individual profiles and provide specific advice and feedback – We can create a company page for you on LinkedIn