Why Employers Should Care About Global Talent in a Turbulent Economy


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A presentation by Sherazade Langlade, Upwardly Global NY Managing Director that focuses on:
1. Understanding and Leveraging Global
2. Talent Pipeline Development in the
Global Landscape
3. Approaches & Solutions

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Why Employers Should Care About Global Talent in a Turbulent Economy

  1. 1. Upwardly Global Why Employers Should Care About Global Talent in a Turbulent Economy © 2007, All Rights Reserved, Upwardly Global New York, San Francisco, Chicago www.upwardlyglobal.org © 2007, All Rights Reserved, Upwardly Global
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda  Understanding and Leveraging Global Talent  Talent Pipeline Development in the Global Landscape  Approaches & Solutions Sherazade Langlade, Upwardly Global Carlos Monteagudo, JPMorgan Chase
  3. 3. About Upwardly Global Provides employers access and resources to leverage the emerging talent pool of highly- skilled and fully work-authorized internationally trained professionals.  A 501c(3) nonprofit organization, with offices in in New York, San Francisco and Chicago.  Recognized and awarded by Ashoka, John F. Kennedy New Frontier Award, Harvard University, World Diversity Leadership Summit, and Toronto Regional Immigrant Employment Council.
  4. 4. Trends in Immigrant Demographics: Immigrants are a growing share of highly skilled workers Over 800,000 legal immigrants enter the US every year with full work-authorization, and many are prime working age.  1998-2000: Immigrants accounted for 128% population growth in NY 47% of total US workforce growth since 2000 has been through immigration. By 2030, new immigrants and their children will account for 100% of US workforce growth. Asians and Hispanics will comprise almost 50% of the growth in the workforce by 2010, much of it due to immigration. Immigrants have founded national brands including Sleepy’s, Golden Crust Bakery and Forever 21; and represent 53% of new businesses. Skilled immigrants represent an untapped, diverse labor pool.  15% of all college-educated persons in US (up from 8% in 1990)  29% of the workforce with Master’s degrees, 39% of workers with PhDs Sources: Migration Policy Institute, Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Deloitte Research, “It’s 2008, Do You Know Where Your Talent Is?”
  5. 5. Business Solution Experienced, Multilingual, and No Visa Sponsorship Required Work Authorized: All are fully US work authorized. University Educated: 100% Functional Demographic of Upwardly Global have earned a BA/BS (or Candidates equivalent), and over 50% have Master's degrees. Sales/Marktg HR 4% Experienced Professionals: 11% Public Sector 7 years average experience 20% in their fields, with over 50% of Upwardly Global clients IT/Engineer having management 12% experience. Acct/Finance Language & Cultural Skills: Other 20% All are bilingual, speaking 10% English and their native Legal language(s), and represent 10% Project Mgmt/ over 90 countries. Ops 13% Computer Literate: All candidates are proficient in basic applications and web navigation.
  6. 6. Barriers for Accessing Talent
  7. 7. The challenges of cross-cultural interviewing Typical Interview Cross-Cultural Challenges  Initial interview conducted over  Cultural differences the phone, follow up interview in – Level of formality person. – Individual vs. group – Perception of authority  Typical interview questions may include:  Communication styles – Tell me about yourself. – Words may have different meaning – What are your strengths? to the applicant and interviewer – What are your weaknesses? – Body language, such as eye – Why are you interested in contact, may be interpreted working for us? differently  Interviewer considers all  English as a second language aspects of the interview when – Applicant may not know technical assessing the candidate: terms and jargon. – Behavior – Applicant may have pauses while – Responses searching for the right words What is an immigrant candidate’s chance for success?
  8. 8. Opportunities for Accessing Talent Our approach to diversity initiatives builds internal capacity by providing global and diverse talent and customized value-add services. Employer Client Upwardly Global Services DataSynapse Internship Program Epana/VivaCorps Talent Solution Program JPMorgan Chase Industry Leader Program McGraw Hill Corporate Volunteer Program
  9. 9. Talent for ALL Industries & Roles Accenture Consulting Analyst Bank of America Fund Accountant Con Edison Junior Design Engineer Dept of Health & Mental Hygiene Assistant Architect Federal Reserve Bank Business Support Analyst Helen Keller International Information Systems and Network Technician JPMorgan Chase Personal Banker; Fx Financial Control Specialist; Tech Project Mgr KPMG Associate Memorial Sloan Kettering End User Support Analyst MTA Subway Car Inspector Officemate International Corp Design Engineer Rail Europe Technical Support Analyst SEEDCO Program Manager St. Aloysius Education Clinic Director of Development State Street Bank Data Analyst TIG Global Web Marketing Assistant/Media Buyer UBS Investment Bank QA Analyst
  10. 10. What do you gain? Our Network  Over 70 employer partners including JPMorgan Chase, McGraw Hill, Google and Cisco  Experience with over 1,500 immigrant professionals since 2001, with over 450 currently working in their professional field  Internationally recognized on immigrant professional talent inclusion Your Benefit  Gain access and knowledge to immigrant markets and consumers  College educated, management level, cross-sector talent pool  Employees increasingly value diversity commitment and corporate social responsibility initiatives  Retention directly impacts bottom line - over 85% of jobseeker clients remained in their positions after one year.
  11. 11. Contact Information Sherazade Langlade 401 Broadway, Suite 800 New York, NY 10013 212-219-8828 sherazade@upwardlyglobal.org www.upwardlyglobal.org Upwardly Global San Francisco, Aaron Winters, aaron@upwardlyglobal.org Upwardly Global Chicago, Rebecca Tancredi, rebecca@upwardlyglobal.org
  12. 12. Presenters Sherazade Langlade, Upwardly Global – NYC Sherazade is the Manager of Employer Networks for the New York City office of Upwardly Global; a nonprofit organization that helps progressive employers tap into the hidden talent of fully work-authorized immigrant professional talent. In her role, she is responsible for managing and developing all Fortune 1000 partnerships, as well as developing a comprehensive employer network program. Sherazade brings to Upwardly Global experience in program management, corporate partnerships, training and organizational development. In her previous roles with internationally recognized nonprofit organizations such as United Way, Habitat for Humanity and The Junior League; she doubled corporate involvement and funding to support critical programs. Sherazade received a Master of Public Administration from Baruch College through her selection as a National Urban Fellow and received a Bachelor's Degree in Government and Politics from St. Johns University. Sherazade was born in Paris, France to parents of French and Algerian heritage, and currently resides in New York City. Carlos Monteagudo, JPMorgan Chase Carlos Monteagudo is currently a Vice President & Staffing Manager for Retail Financial Services at JPMorgan Chase; he has grown from a recruiting consultant to a leadership role in his eight years of tenure with the firm. Carlos oversees a team of recruiters responsible for hiring sales talent for Chase's retail branches in the Northeast and South regions of the country. Prior to joining JPMorgan Chase, Carlos worked in marketing & client service roles for Deutsche Bank Private Banking Latin America and Pareto Partners. Carlos has been an active volunteer and partner with Upwardly Global both in New York and Chicago since inception; he is a native New Yorker and studied at Hunter College and Fordham University.