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Upfront - Our services and beliefs

  1. 1. UPFRONTThe UK’s leading entertainment marketing agency
  2. 2. ENTERTAINMENT MARKETINGEntertainment Marketing is how we describe the rangeof services we offer to brands, media owners andagencies
  3. 3. OUR HITSAward winning entertainment marketing A unique REM album only in The Times. Don’t miss your free iTunes card next Saturday. You can download 10 REM tracks with your free iTunes card and be the first to own songs from their new live album plus five REM classics including ‘Losing my Religion’ and ‘Man on the Moon’. Be part of the times. Free live album on iTunes. Please see back of card for download code. Retained by Created the The world’s first Record breaking Nestle for on award winning digital covermount pack cereal Foster’s Funny covermount with promotions promotions entertainment iTunes worldwide platform
  4. 4. ALL ENTERTAINMENT GENRESExperienced in working with content and talent in all genres and across all channels & formats
  5. 5. INDUSTRY INSIDERSWe have over 20 years experience in working with content, talent, brands and media owners
  6. 6. CORE SERVICESEntertainment marketing specialists Branded Entertainment Promotions Partnerships Sponsorships & Endorsements
  7. 7. ANCILLARY SERVICESEntertainment marketing specialists Talent liaison & rights Content production Direct to consumer fulfillment Festival marketing clearance
  8. 8. CLIENTS
  10. 10. CONTENTIt is entertainment content that drives true consumer engagement Content that really entertains is the content that people will want to spend time with and pass on. Brands need lots of dynamic and compelling entertainment content so that they can keep engaging with consumers Content allows a brand to develop stories but also allows consumers to add to those stories.
  11. 11. ENGAGEMENTEntertainment content is the engagement glue of the web “In a world with so much consumer choice and with all the challenges they face, marketers need to make sure their advertising works… The issue is how advertisers can connect with people. It is now about engagement.” Wenda Harris Millard, CRO, Yahoo!
  12. 12. PLATFORMSAn engagement platform delivers deeper interaction and connection with brands Forms the basis for long term consumer (and retailer) relationships Creates fans not consumers Pulls consumers into a long term story.
  13. 13. FANSConsumers who are fully engaged, loyal and act as advocates ‘Owned spaces’ Messages delivered via brand’s -controlled channels: website, onpack promotion, Twitter, Facebook ‘Bought spaces’ Messages delivered through online advertising: Search, Facebook, mobile, Twitter ‘Earned spaces’ Conversations started by brand & continued by others in social spaces (Blogs, fansites, communities)
  14. 14. SERVICES
  15. 15. BRANDED ENTERTAINMENTWe create engagement platforms for brands that deliver cultural traction and engage fans
  16. 16. BRANDED ENTERTAINMENTThe multi channel platforms are driven by entertainment content which is distributed throughsocial media and amplified by bought media
  17. 17. BRANDED ENTERTAINMENTCreating content for brands: blogs, videos, magazines, lanyards and programmes
  18. 18. BRANDED ENTERTAINMENTSupported by paid for mediaIn app advertising Facebook advertising Banner advertising
  19. 19. PROMOTIONSDriving consumer engagement and sales as part of an entertainment platform
  20. 20. PROMOTIONSWe activate via on pack, covermount, in store, digital, events, vouchers and loyalty clubs
  21. 21. PROMOTIONSDigital onpack On pack code and Enter code and choose 3 songs Downloads begin via Amazon mp3 instructions
  22. 22. PROMOTIONSOnline and mobile
  23. 23. PROMOTIONSCD and DVD covermounts
  24. 24. PROMOTIONSDigital covermounts
  25. 25. PROMOTIONSIn app and mobile
  26. 26. PROMOTIONSLoyalty clubs Free 10 track Caitlin Moran My Gordon Massive Attack How posh Brown are you? disaster album download from iTunes today y iTunes card inside magazine pack Take Take our quiz ak quiz Magazine 2GM Max 13C, min 0C SATURDAY March 27 2010 | timesonline.co.uk | No 69906 Don’t forget the clocks go forward at 1am £1.50 Rome puts ANDREW LLOYD/WALES NEWS pressure on Catholic leader to quit Resignation sought over child abuse scandal Ruth Gledhill, Jill Sherman gation is expected to cost up to £40 mil- lion and take no longer than five years. The head of the Roman Catholic “It’s difficult to see anything other Church in Ireland will be pressed to than a significant inquiry being held,” a quit if he refuses to resign over the senior government source said. “There growing child abuse scandal, The Times was an acknowledgement that there’s a has learnt. need to act with expediency.” Nothing less than Cardinal Sean By announcing an apostolic visita- Brady’s resignation will diminish fury tion to the Irish Church in a letter last at the highest levels in Rome over his week, Pope Benedict XVI effectively role in paedophile priest cover-ups. placed it in receivership. The Northern Ireland Assembly Dr Brady’s exit, after the resigna- prepared last night to order an official tions of two other bishops, would set in investigation into child abuse in the train a Catholic reformation in the Province after details emerged of more country. Other bishops are also expect- ed to go after the influential Tablet journal called for the forced retirement Scandal closes of nearly all as the mood in Ireland reaches “zero tolerance”. in on the Pope Dr Brady apologised last week for his News, pages 6, 7 role in a church tribunal on allegations made by a 14-year-old boy against Brendan Smyth, a priest whose case attacks on children by members of the brought down the Irish Government in clergy. 1994. The victim was sworn to secrecy Dr Brady is spending the days before after the proceedings. Easter considering his position as Arch- But the view in Rome is that this has bishop of Armagh. Although there is not gone far enough and there has no canonical procedure to remove him, been no popular groundswell of if he refuses to go voluntarily pressure support for Dr Brady in Ireland. from the Holy See will make his The scandal spread closer to home departure inevitable. “Ireland needs a for the Pope yesterday as, in Italy, a fresh start,” a source in Rome said. “By group of victims appeared on television clinging on, he is putting his own to allege that two dozen priests in Matt Smith, the new Doctor Who, is reviving the fortunes of a fashion label threatened with extermination News, page 12 interests before the Church’s.” Verona had abused children at a school The inquiry would be similar to that which uncovered a shocking litany of historic crimes in the Republic of Ireland last year. An official investi- for the deaf for decades. The Holy See attempted to blame the media for Continued on page 7, col 3 Leading article, page 2 Guess Who is saving Harris Tweed?
  27. 27. PROMOTIONSFacebook promotions to drive sales, traffic, fans,awareness and capture data using competitions,quizzes, coupons, user-generated photos, blogs, andvideos 
  28. 28. PARTNERSHIPSThe right partnerships provide mutual credibility, adding legitimacy and relevance.
  29. 29. PARTNERSHIPSWe put together brands, media owners, entertainment content creators & talent
  30. 30. SPONSORSHIP & ENDORSEMENTSWe broker and deliver partnerships between talent and brands
  31. 31. TALENT AND RIGHTSWe source the talent and clear the rights for all kinds of marketing campaigns
  32. 32. CONTENT PRODUCTIONWe executively produce branded entertainment content using the best in class producers from allentertainment sectors
  33. 33. DIRECT TO CONSUMER FULFILLMENTWe fulfill our promotions and partnerships including pick & pack, manufacture, merchandise,despatch
  34. 34. FESTIVAL MARKETINGWe provide a bespoke service for brands wishing to work within the music festival sector includingmerchandise, programmes, lanyards, on site sponsorship & activation and perimeter fence advertising
  35. 35. THANKS UPFRONT. The UK’s leading entertainment marketing agency.Unit 217 Buspace Studios, Conlan Street, London W10 5APT 020 7565 0050shout@upfrontuk.com