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Bullying in the classroom ats
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Bullying in the classroom ats


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Published in: Education, Career, Sports

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  • We've been discussing about these bullying issues with my co-parents in school. And I believe it will be a great idea to teach our children a safety tip on how to deal with bullying. And as been noticed, bullied case has been increasing rapidly, so we've come of an idea to search for a mobile safety that will ensure our kids to be safe even when we're not around. Then we found this link that talks about securing every family in modern way. You can also check that link for your own good.
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  • 1. Bullying in the ClassroomAntwuan Stinson, Ed. D.Assistant ProfessorAlabama State University
  • 2. What is Bullying?Bullying is acting in ways that scare or harm another person. Children who bully usually pick on someone who is weaker or more alone, and they repeat the actions over and over. Alabama State University
  • 3. What is Bullying?Bullying is an attempt to exert social power. Bullying is not the result of the bully‟s lack of understanding about right and wrong, or their lack of empathy. Quite often a bully is conflicted between his desire for power and his empathy. It‟s not that a bully doesn‟t understand or feel empathy click [here] Alabama State University
  • 4. Forms of Bullying Physical bullying includes harm, such as hitting, shoving, kicking or tripping. Emotional harm, such as making fun of the way a child acts, looks, or talks. Writing mean things about someone in emails or online journals (blogs) is also bullying. Verbal bullying is name-calling, making offensive remarks, or joking about a persons religion, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or the way they Alabama State University
  • 5. Forms of Bullying (cont.) Social Alienation is when a bully excludes someone from a group on purpose. It also includes a bully spreading rumors, and also making fun of someone by pointing out their differences. Cyber-bullying is done by sending messages, pictures, or information using electronic media, computers (email & instant messages), or cell phones (text messaging & voicemail). Alabama State University
  • 6. Gender Differences Girls who bully are more likely to do so in emotional ways. A girl may form a group and exclude another girl or gossip about her. Boys who bully often do so in both physical and emotional ways A boy may shove another boy and call him names. Alabama State University
  • 7. Bullying to Karen Huff Klein Alabama State University
  • 8. National FactsOne in every five children in grades six through ten report they bully classmates (Cole, Cornell, & Sheras, 2006)28% of students report having been bullied at school during the past six months (NCES, 2007)53% of these students said they had been bullied once or twice during the six-month period25% said they had been bullied once or twice a month11% reported being bullied once or twice a week Alabama State University
  • 9. National Facts (cont.) 8 percent reported being bullied almost daily 79% reported being bullied inside the school building 28% report being bullied on school grounds Older students report less bullying Approximately 37% of sixth graders, 28% of ninth graders, and 20% of twelfth report being bullied Alabama State University
  • 10. National Facts (cont.) Rates of bullying are much higher for gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgender students (Kosciw & Diaz, 2006). Over 75% of these students heard derogatory statements, and over percent experienced physical harassment at school based on their sexual orientation. Alabama State University
  • 11. National Facts (cont.) 60% of middle school students say that they have been bullied, while 16% of staff believe that students are bullied 160,000 students stay home from school everyday due to bullying. (NEA) 30% of students who reported they had been bullied said they had at times brought weapons to school Alabama State University
  • 12. National Facts (cont.) A bully is 6 times more likely to be incarcerated by the age of 24 A bully is 5 times more likely to have a serious criminal record when he grows up 25% of students say that teachers intervened in bullying incidents while 71% of teachers say they intervened Alabama State University
  • 13. Anti-Bullying in Alabama Dr. Yvette Richardson, Alabama Board Member of District 4 leads the statewide anti-bullying campaign. Model Anti-Harassment Policy adopted in 2009 Comments by Dr. Richardson Youtube Video [here] NEA Research & Tools [here] Alabama State University
  • 14. Bully – The Bus Ride Alabama State University
  • 15. Center for Disease Control(CDC) Youth in grades 9-12 in public and private schools in the United States (U.S.) found that 15% of students reported seriously considering suicide, 11% reported creating a plan, and 7% reporting trying to take their own life in the 12 months Suicide is the third-leading cause of death among people between the ages of 10 and 24 Alabama State University
  • 16. Center for Disease Control The top three methods used in suicides of young people include firearm (46%), suffocation (37%), and poisoning (8%) Males make up 84 % of the approximate 4,400 victims reported a year Approximately 149,000 youth between the ages of 10 and 24 receive medical care for self-inflicted Alabama State University
  • 17. Center for Disease Control Reported suicides in the 10 to 24 age group, 84% of the deaths were males and 16% were females Boys are more likely than girls to die from suicide Girls, however, are more likely to report attempting suicide than boys Alabama State University
  • 18. Center for Disease Control The survey found Hispanic youth were more likely to report attempting suicide than their black and white, non- Hispanic peers Alabama State University
  • 19. Center for Disease ControlRisk factors History of previous suicide attempts Family history of suicide History of depression or other mental illness Alcohol or drug abuse Stressful life event or loss Easy access to lethal methods Exposure to the suicidal behavior of others Incarceration Alabama State University
  • 20. Bully Project Alabama State University
  • 21. Bully Interview on ABC GoodMorning America Alabama State University
  • 22. What is “Typical”? Messaging ◦ IM, Text, Threats, Rumors, Gossip, False Stories, Stalking, Humiliation, Demeaning Photos Online ◦ Facebook, Fake Profiles, Cruel comments, revealing secrets, false stories, spreading rumors, stalking, revealing information Photos ◦ Sexting, Coercion, Distribution Alabama State University
  • 23. Bullying can be… One person making fun of another. One person trying to beat up another. A group of people ganging up against others. Alabama State University
  • 24. Direct Bullying Physical – hitting, kicking, pushing, stealing, hiding or ruining someone’s things. Making someone do something they don’t want to do. Verbal – name calling, teasing, insulting, threats. Alabama State University
  • 25. Indirect Bullying RelationshipBullying – gossiping, spreading rumors and lies about someone. Making someone feel left out or rejected. Facts on bullying [here] Alabama State University
  • 26. Ways to avoid future bullying Don’t bring expensive things or money to school Hang out with friends Avoid unsupervised areas Sit near the bus driver on the bus or walk with a teacher to class Don’t walk alone and avoid places where bullying occurs Get funny Don’t act scared “No one can make you feel inferior University Alabama State without
  • 27. Why Do Students Keep Bullyinga Secret? They are taught not to “tattle.” They think telling someone they are being hurt or someone else is being hurt is wrong. They have told or heard someone else tell adults about bullying before, and nothing was done about it. They are afraid adults will make the situation worse. Alabama State University
  • 28. Why Do Students Keep Bullyinga Secret? They are embarrassed or feel shame because they feel no one likes them; they feel defective. They feel shame because they cannot stand up for themselves as they have been taught. They do not want to worry their parents. They love their parents and want to protect them from worry and anxiety. Alabama State University
  • 29. Bullying Stories video ms/news/bullying/ ms/articles/2010/04/08/two_deaths_to o_many/ 2/08/bullying-suicide-teens- depression_n_1247875.html Alabama State University
  • 30. Bullying – You Decide? Jennifer recently broke up with her boyfriend Andrew. Andrew is now dating Melissa. Jennifer convinces all of her friends not to speak or hang out with Melissa anymore. Is this bullying? Phoebe Prince bullies sentence [here] Alabama State University
  • 31. Bullying StoriesJoel Morales of New York….click [here] 12-year old teen hanged himself Tuesday June 5, 2012… [here] Kids chased him, threw sticks and pipes at him, teased him for his smarts, his 4-foot-9 stature, and his deceased father His mother found him hanging in their apartment at about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday Alabama State University
  • 32. Bullying StoriesTeddy Molina of Corpus Christi, Texas High school freshman took his life last week with a hunting rifle [here] Taunting came from a group called the “Wolf Pack” through verbal assaults The reason for the harassment? He was mixed race. Blogger to discuss Bullying [here] Alabama State University
  • 33. Bullying Stories Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover hung himself because of Gay Bullying [here] Jonah Mowry interviewed on because of youtube video using notecards [here] Alabama State University
  • 34. Anti-bullying AdvocatesMental health professionals say bullying-related suicides are connected through the relationship between the two depression and anxiety. Alabama State University
  • 35. Anti-bullying AdvocatesEducational psychologists argue that because mental health issues are often a common thread running through bullying and suicide, schools should not have a narrowly-focused solution but adopt a broad spectrum approach to preventing. Alabama State University
  • 36. Anti-bullying Bill Ontario, Canada The Accepting Schools Act, known as Bill 13 Allows students to set up clubs called Gay Straight Alliances (GSA) Significance is that GSA conflicts with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church Neither a board nor principal may prevent students from using the name „gay-straight alliance‟ [here] Alabama State University
  • 37. Signs to Look For Rapid Behavioral Shift (RBS) Increased Isolation Familial Withdrawal -Michael Nuccitelli, a Forensic/Clinical Consultant Alabama State University
  • 38. Bullying and Social Media Facebook- 5 million out of the 7.5 million people under 18 are 10 years old and under At any given time, there are 750,000 online predators Only 10% of children being cyber bullied tell their parents Alabama State University
  • 39. Signs of Cyber-bullying Your child‟s internet history is cleared. He/She turns off the computer when you enter the room. Your child is upset when he/she gets off the computer. -Michael Nuccitelli, a Forensic/Clinical Consultant Alabama State University
  • 40.  Barbara Coloroso, author of several books on parenting, bullying, and conflict resolution, says parents must model behavior to create kind, empathetic children. Alabama State University
  • 41. Bullying websites ng/bullies.html http://www.ngfl- ml about-bullying Alabama State University
  • 42. Bullying websites Teens Against Bullying site ◦ #/home Stop Bullying ◦ ypesbullying.html Adult bullying 20/index.html Alabama State University
  • 43. Bullying websites http://www.ngfl- ullying.html l University Alabama State
  • 44. Findings and Results Those struggling with their sexuality need to realize there are sources in every community to help; these kids are often targets Parents must speak out. You must talk to your child about bullying Teachers, administrators and school personnel have a duty to stop bullying on school grounds. There must be a zero tolerance policy Alabama State University
  • 45.  Teachers, administrators and school personnel have a duty to stop bullying on school grounds. There must be a zero tolerance policy. Parents must teach their children acceptance and tolerance of others that are different Not only must bullies be held accountable -- their parents should be, as well Alabama State University - Dr. Dale Archer, Clinical Psychiatrist
  • 46. Antwuan StinsonContact (334) 229-7690 Alabama State University