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What is guest post and its way to do so. Benefits of Guest post/blog. To know more about Upendra S Rana Visit this page- URL:

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Guest post -upendra rana

  1. 1. Guest Posting / Guest Blogging Prepared & Presented By: Upendra S Rana (Internet Marketing Executive)
  2. 2. What actually it is?
  3. 3. Is it just Writing post for other blogs to get backlinks?
  4. 4. NO! There's lot more Here are some points to know?
  5. 5. Yes, He is Bill Gates To get TRAFFIC
  6. 6. To build TRUST
  7. 7. To build BRAND
  8. 8.  Writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog.  Great way to give your blog or website exposure.  You get the opportunity to publish an article on a popular, high PR blog and in return for your efforts you are usually allowed to link back to your own blog or website.  Getting a guest post on a popular blog is a great way build traffic and increase your exposure.
  9. 9. Is that simple?
  10. 10. May Be ! OR May Not Be !
  11. 11. Why out of 100 guest posts only few get recognition?
  12. 12. Why out of 100 guest posts only few get recognition? Because 99% people don't know “How to do it?”
  13. 13. So what can I do?
  14. 14. Learn Guest Blogging
  15. 15. # DON’T Go For This  Must not include URLs in title or post summary  Be natural , post can’t be promotional. It can be informative only  Must not include personal information such as home number or residential address.  Do not include affiliated program links or copyrighted contents. If copyright contents are used, they either Must be in property of author or with permission.  Do not repeat same keywords in your every post.  Never post in low quality sites. Must check PR and DA of website.
  16. 16. # Do this in Guest posting  Be real & informative content  Aim for advanced readers  Word Count  Formatting  Put/Add, Related Images  You may include Non promotional related Links  Promote the post on Social networking sites  Come back to your post and reply to comments  Talk/communicate to them nicely  Your post must be original and must have never been published before on the Internet
  17. 17. Three ways for searching this:  By Googling and sending email.  By making account on some popular sites and build community.  By searching in SMO sites. Eg Twitter, FB, G+
  18. 18. Some Popular Guest Blogging Sites
  19. 19. List of Google Advance Keyword Search guest post “guest post” “about the author” “write for us” “blog for us” “guest blog for us” “guest blogger” guest blogger guest contributor “guest contributor” intitle:contributor inurl:contributor intitle:guest inurl:guest intitle:”guest post” inurl:”guest post” intitle:”write for us” inurl:”write for us” ”Become a Contributor” “Become a guest author” ”Guest post by” ”Guest Contributor” Suggest a guest post submit a guest post add a guest article submit a guest article contribute contribute an article looking for guest bloggers looking for contributors guest blog for us write for us submission guidelines guest writer faq “Guest blogging guidelines” inurl:guest-blog inurl:guest-post inurl:guest-post-guidelines inurl:write-for-us inpostauthor:”guest author” keyword inpostauthor:guest keyword inurl:profiles/blog/new list of sites that accept guest posts “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts” “ “ Add Articles” “Add Guest Post” “Submit Guest Post” “Guest Bloggers Wanted” “Blogs that Accept Guest Posts” “Become a Contributor” “Contribute to our Site” “Become a Guest Writer” “This guest post was written” “This guest post is from” “Now Accepting Guest Posts” “The following guest post” “Guest Blogging Spot” ”Become a Guest Blogger” “Want to Write for” ”Contribute” ”Submit News” ”Suggest a Post” “Become an Author” “We accept guest posts” “We accept guest blogs” “we accept contributors”
  20. 20. . How To Do Deal With Author/Blogger/Editor To: Subject: Guest posting Hello xyz, Greetings of the day!! I'm Upendra Rana. I just read your post on home security and home improvements. It’s totally interesting. I am a very active blogger, and do lots of guest posting on very high end blogs. Moreover, I have noticed that you are accepting guest posts as well. I come across your site in Google searches and have stumbled across a number of great posts. I wanted to reach out to see if you would allow me to do a post. I look forward to your thoughts. Warmest regards, Upendra Rana
  21. 21. Conclusions: 1. Nowadays, as per Google guidelines guest post is more beneficial. 2. Google gives more value to Editorial links as compare to the Publisher links(i.e. we are getting from general article sites). 3. Content always post in thematic site as well as Good PR and DA of site. 4. More easy to get visitor from these sites. It is done for the people point of view. 5. Content must be unique & good quality. After the proof read from editor then only your content get published. 6. At last, Try to post 1 guest post per site in a month. Because it is different from articles.
  22. 22. Thank You…!!!