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Republic of nambia

Republic of nambia






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    Republic of nambia Republic of nambia Document Transcript

    • v
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • CONTENTS List of abbreviations ......................................................................................................................................................................vi Foreword .........................................................................................................................................................................................vii Executive summary .....................................................................................................................................................................viii Introduction ..................................................................................................................................................................................... x PART A ...................................................................................................... 1 Maintaining good governance and citizen empowerment .......................................................................................1 Polcy development ......................................................................................................................................... 3 . Cabnet affars.................................................................................................................................................... 4 Coordnaton and supervson ....................................................................................................................... 4 Communty nteracton .................................................................................................................................. 4 . Specal assgnments .......................................................................................................................................... 5 Dplomatc lason and nternatonal conferences ..................................................................................... 8 PART B .................................................................................................... 11 Public service management and reform .................................................................................................................... 11 Human resource development.................................................................................................................... 11 Human resource management .................................................................................................................... 13 Namban Insttute for Publc Admnstraton and Management ......................................................... 14 . Human captal management system ........................................................................................................... 16 Reforms to advance efficency and effectveness .................................................................................... 19 Remuneraton, benefits and related ssues .............................................................................................. 21 . Publc Servce response to HIV/AIDS ....................................................................................................... 23 . ICT management and E-governance .......................................................................................................... 24 PART C .................................................................................................... 29 Disaster management and preparedness ................................................................................................................. 29 PART D .................................................................................................... 31 Effective utilisation of resources ................................................................................................................................... 31 Overvew ......................................................................................................................................................... 31 . Fnancal management ................................................................................................................................... 31 . Off-budget bank accounts ............................................................................................................................ 34 Procurement ................................................................................................................................................... 35 . Asset management ......................................................................................................................................... 36 Transport ......................................................................................................................................................... 36 Regstry ............................................................................................................................................................. 36 Informaton Technology Management ...................................................................................................... 37 . Human Resources Management ................................................................................................................. 39 Appendix 1 .............................................................................................. 40 Establishment Outline including Employment Equity position ............................................................................. 40 Appendix 2 .............................................................................................. 41 Organogram of the Office of the Prime Minister.................................................................................................... 41 v
    • List of abbreviations EU European Unon ICT nformaton and communcatons technology IT nformaton technology MIT Mnsteral Implementaton Team MTP Medum-term Plan NDP Natonal Development Plan NIPAM Namban Insttute for Publc Admnstraton and Management O/M/A Office, Mnstry or Agency PMS Performance Management System SACI Southern Afrca Capacty Intatve SOEs State-owned Enterprses TESEF Transformatonal Economc and Socal Empowerment Framework UNDP Unted Natons Development Programme USAID Unted States Agency for Internatonal Development v
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • FOREWORD BY THE PRIME MINISTER The Office of the Prme Mnster s delghted to present ts actvty Report for 2006 – 2007. Durng ths perod the Office of the Prme Mnster performed ts Consttutonal mandate; statutory responsbltes; admnstratve and management agenda wth vgour, focus and purpose. Durng the perod the coordnaton of efforts wthn the Prme Mnster’s Office mproved consderably. The Prme Mnster’s Bureau focused on ssues of nter-mnsteral coordnaton, problem solvng and legslatve agenda of Government. The Office of the Deputy Prme Mnster ntensfied ts efforts n the areas of socal ncluson and dsaster mtgaton and management. The Deputy Prme Mnster s to be commended n her efforts, commtment and tangble results. She has translated the Bblcal dea of beng “brother’s keeper” nto care gvng and sharng. She has skllfully promoted the Prme Mnster’s Office as a carng office. The Office of the Permanent Secretary has effectvely ensured that management of the Prme Mnster’s Office s efficent, effectve and accountable. Resource allocaton and utlzaton produced the desred results. Personnel matters, budget control, publc servce management and human resource development were addressed. The Prme Mnster’s Office aspres to be lean but effectve; goal drected and result orented; pro-actve and effectve. The year 2007 – 2008 wll be planned to acheve ths ethos. Nahas Angula, MP Prime Minister v
    • EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Our motto of effectve, efficent and accountable servce delvery once agan spurred on the actvtes undertaken by the Office of the Prme Mnster durng the past financal year. In ths sprt, too, t s my sngular honour to present our Annual Report on these actvtes. Among our achevements durng 2006/7 was a polcy adjustment to focus development for the majorty of our ctzens on both economc and socal transformaton, as opposed to the narrower prevous vew of economc empowerment only. Ths change of focus wll ensure a more holstc approach to development n the country. Also as regards empowerment, among the specal projects assgned to the Office has been to manage the ncorporaton of members of the margnalsed San communtes nto the manstream. The year under revew saw progress on ths front as well, n terms of mprovng educatonal facltes to vulnerable communtes, provdng ndvduals wth tranng and employment opportuntes, and donatng seeds and draught anmals to communtes n two targeted Regons to encourage crop farmng. A new Mnstry of Veterans’ Affars was also establshed durng the year under revew, to effectvely and justly address the plght and welfare of war veterans. In respect of development relatng to cooperaton wth other countres, the Office of the Prme Mnster was tasked wth consultng wth communtes affected by the German Specal Intatve to address that country’s hstorcal mpact on Namba. Other major negotatons ncluded talks wth Angola and Botswana on a marne cable that would permt the enhancement of dgtal communcaton n southern Afrcan states. A properly traned workforce s key to ensurng efficency and effectveness n servce delvery. Hence, the sklls of at least 300 publc servants were developed and enhanced durng the reportng perod, ensurng that we buld natonal capacty to delver on our promse of delverng qualty servces to the publc. Furthermore, traned groups of traners can now be deployed countrywde to equp others wth the know-how requred to mplement the Performance Management System effectvely. Ths broad system, whch s performance-based and results-orented, ams to ensure that staff contnue to perform at requred professonal levels and wth the ntegrty expected of publc servants. Other tranng nvolved the dentficaton of just over 39,000 publc servants who would benefit from sklls development n nformaton and communcatons technology (ICT). The programme targets Wndhoek- based publc servants n a first phase that ends n 2008, after whch tranng wll be rolled out to the varous Regons. It s a cornerstone of natonal soco-economc development to ensure that rural communtes are empowered by access to communcaton servces. Also n pursut of enhancng the effectveness and efficency of publc servce delvery, the Office mplemented the Southern Afrca Capacty Intatve durng the year under revew. Through ths Intatve, publc nsttutons n the regon can perform optmally by enablng them to take on ncreasngly complex tasks, produce nnovatve solutons, ncorporate new technologes, and provde tranng n publc servce management. v
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • Another feather n the Office’s cap was the acquston of a human captal management system. Ths system wll not only enhance the organsaton and processng of staff-related data, but wll also ntegrate seamlessly nto the exstng financal management system. More generally on the ICT front, close to N$800,000 of the N$932,953 of the budget awarded to tenders for the 2006/7 financal year was dedcated to purchasng computer hardware and software. Other steps forward n respect of ICT nclude the development of a new voters pollng system and an electronc records and documents management system (EDRMS). The new voters system wll reduce the overall tme spent at pollng statons and mprove the overall efficency of the electon process. The EDRMS wll serve to mprove records management practces n the Publc Servce. I am also proud to announce that a report on the job evaluaton and gradng exercse that has taken place snce 2003 has now been delvered for revew. The financal year also saw publc servants across the board begnnng to receve the benefits of a 5% salary ncrement wth effect from 1 Aprl 2006. In respect to strengthenng our relatonshp wth the publc, 84 of the 95 functonal areas dentfied n 2005 as requrng Publc Servce Charters have been completed. These Charters gude the publc n what to expect from us, and how to deal wth nstances where we have faled to delver on our promse of qualty servce to them. As n prevous years, the Office contnues to coordnate the naton’s response to the HIV/AIDS pandemc. In ths context, targeted tranng courses at the Polytechnc of Namba were offically launched durng the year under revew, whle a number of workshops ensured strategc ssues were addressed. And finally, t has been noted that Namba has seen an ncrease n the frequency of and losses assocated wth dsasters. In terms of more effectve dsaster management, therefore, the year under revew saw the development of a Draft Dsaster Rsk Management Polcy. All of the above actvtes fit nto the broader vson for Namba’s future by 2030, as well as wth the five-year tme frames of our Natonal Development Plans. Our achevements n ths past financal year bear testmony to our relentless development drve. And t s wth the mpetus of ths energy that the Office of the Prme Mnster looks forward to the targets of the comng year. Mrs. Nangula Mbako PERMANENT SECRETARY x
    • INTRODUCTION The perod under revew wtnessed a number of actvtes undertaken by both the Prme Mnster and the Deputy Prme Mnster as part of the poltcal, consttutonal and admnstratve remt of the Office. The Office contnues to be drven by the broader goals of efficent and effectve publc servce delvery to ctzens, whch prncple nforms ts day-to-day actvtes. In addton to the Office’s mandate, the 2004 SWAPO Party Manfesto, the Second Natonal Development Plan (NDP II) and the Vson 2030 polcy document remaned as the pllars of the work n the Office. The Office’s functons are those of leadng Government busness n Parlament; coordnatng the work of Cabnet; advsng and assstng the Presdent n the executon of Government functons; managng and overseeng publc servces n the country; and carryng out specal projects assgned to the Office. In order to enable the Office to fulfil ts mandate, resources are allocated on the bass of the followng 3 broad programmes: § Enablng the Prme Mnster and the Deputy Prme Mnster to execute ther consttutonal and Cabnet-related functons § Enablng Namba to have an efficent, effectve and accountable Publc Servce § Reducng the mpact of dsasters on Namba and ts people. Based on the above programmes, key actvtes were undertaken accordng to the followng functonal areas durng the perod under revew: § Polcy development § Cabnet affars § Coordnaton and supervson of O/M/A/s § Communty nteracton § Specal assgnments § Dplomatc lason and nternatonal conferences § Human resource development § Human resource management § Human captal management system development § Reforms to advance efficency and effectveness § E-governance, and nformaton and communcatons technology management § Dsaster and emergency management, and § General admnstraton. x
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • PART A Maintaining good governance and citizen empowerment The Prme Mnster’s Bureau s the heart-beat of Publc Admnstraton and management n the country. The Prme Mnster’s Bureau coordnates the works of the Executve Branch of Government. The Bureau oversees the effectve and efficent management of the Publc Servce. The Bureau further montors polcy development; legslatve process; and mplementaton of programmes by Mnstres and Government agences. The Bureau also nteracts wth busness sector; the populaton; and dplomatc corps. Durng the reportng perod, energes of the Prme Mnster’s Bureau were drected to ssues of the functonng of State-owned Enterprses and other companes; the socal plght of ex-combatants; the tradng regme of She-been owners; the securty stuaton n Western Caprv; grazng dsputes n Western Kavango and labour matters. The Prme Mnster’s Bureau coordnated nter-mnsteral meetngs to deal wth the financal challenges facng Ar-Namba; the management of the Namba Broadcastng Corporaton; the restructurng of the Country Club and Resorts; as well as the outbreak of Polo n the country. Moreover, the Prme Mnster’s Bureau facltated negotatons among stake-holders regardng the establshment of Powercom Moble Telecommuncaton Company; financng or sellng of Ongopolo Mnng and Processng Company and ts eventual takng over by Weatherly Internatonal and the stuaton regardng Ramatex Company. These negotatons were demandng, tme consumng and some tmes frustratng. Another problematc ssue whch sezed tme and energy of Prme Mnster’s, Bureau and contnue to do so, s the ntroducton by Telecom Namba of the technology currently tradng as “Swtch”. The technology has effectvely created a thrd moble telephone provder. Ths move has created cut throat competton n the moble telephony market. Negotatons regardng the regulaton of the telecommuncaton ndustry have proved tough and acrmonous. The Prme Mnster’s Bureau contnues to provde a neutral value for such negotatons to contnue. Another ssue whch proved ntractable was the ntroducton of Mass Dstance Charges by the Road Fund Admnstraton. Though the Prme Mnster’s Bureau tred ts level best to find an amcable understandng among the partes, the ssue eventually was resolved through courts. The Road Fund Admnstraton lost the case. The Prme Mnster’s Bureau was further sezed wth the facltaton of mutual understandng between Ramatex company owners and the representatves of organzed labour. Agan, ths ssue was only settled when the workers and management negotated drectly for a deal. However, the ssue of developng a turn-around strategy for Ramatex as a gong concern remans a challengng one. The Prme Mnster’s Bureau nteracted further wth the prvate sector on ssues of natonal concern. The Namba Manufactures Assocaton engaged the Prme Mnster’s Bureau on the development of the Manufacture Strategy for Namba; the ol companes kept the Prme Mnster’s Bureau updated on the performance of the ndustry; and the financal sector engaged the Prme Mnster’s Bureau on the development of the Fnancal Sector Charter for Economc Empowerment of Prevously Dsadvantaged ctzens. Furthermore, the Bureau receved vsts from the Prvate Sector operators ncludng the vst by NOKIA Vce Presdent for Afrca; NAGEM owners; Norwegan meat trade ndustry representatves; and local representatves of companes such as Bank Wndhoek, NOVANAM, Shell Namba, Ohlthaver and Lst Group, just to menton a few. 1
    • The Prme Mnster’s Bureau took keen nterest n development ssues. The Prme Mnster was honoured to launch the Round Table Pledgng Conference for the Educaton and Tranng Sector Improvement Programme. The Bureau kept n touch wth the Natonal Plannng Commsson on the negotatons regardng the Compact for the Mllennum Challenge Account. On the domestc socal ssues, the Bureau receved vsts from ndvduals, groups and tradtonal authortes on the range of ssues. Such ssues ranged from threats of evcton by muncpal authortes to land dsputed between tradtonal authortes; socal plght of orphans to demand for financal support by ndvduals wshng to take-up studes. The youth who were born n exle were partcularly persstent n demandng the Prme Mnster to attend to ther socal plght. These demands put pressure on the meagre resources of the Prme Mnster’s Bureau. Smlarly, a stream of nvtatons from schools, youth clubs, small enterprses and ndvduals were receved. The Prme Mnster was expected to make donatons and pledges to such nstances. Towards ths end the Office of the Prme Mnster made the followng Contrbutons/Grants/Donatons durng 2006/2007 No Beneficary Nature Value Item Charged wth Date the Expendture 1 Educatonal Cash N$ 5000 020100044 03/06/2006 Development Trust 2 Independent Photocoper N$ 9473 020100044 10/08/2006 Busness System 3 Onalusheshete Cash N$ 5000 020100044 12/09/2006 Trust Fund 4 Karas Cash N$ 10 000 020100044 12/09/2006 Consttuency Office 5 Insght Karas Cash N$ 5000 020100044 12/09/2006 6 Unted Natons Cash N$ 5000 020100044 30/10/2006 Lteracy Club 7 Namcol Books N$ 2855.91 020100044 01/11/2006 8 Polce Staton Cash N$ 5000 020100044 06/12/2006 Buldng Project 9 Okakongo KA Cash N$ 1000 020100044 30/10/2006 Nangombe Many Foregn vstors pad courtesy calls to the Prme Mnster’s Bureau. Some dplomatc vstors brought nvtatons or messages from ther Head of State for onward forwardng to our Head of State. Some came to ntroduce ther canddates for leadershp of nternatonal organzatons. Fnally, the Prme Mnster acted several tmes on behalf of Hs Excellency, the Presdent, durng hs absence from the country. The Prme Mnster’s Bureau wshes to record ts apprecaton to all for ther understandng and co-operaton durng the reportng perod. Through cooperaton and collaboraton the country should be able to move forward. 2
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • Policy and legislation developments Much of the achevements reported under ths category emanate from polcy drectves ssued by Cabnet durng the watershed 1995 Swakopmund Retreat. The State-owned Enterprises Governance Act no 2 of 2006 was gazetted for mplementaton as from November 2006. The Act, whch ams to ensure the efficent governance of State-owned Enterprses (SOEs) and the montorng of ther performance, also makes provson for the establshment of the State-owned Enterprses Governance Councl, an nter-mnsteral body whch s chared by the Prme Mnster. By the end of the reportng perod much progress was made on the creaton of a Secretarat, whch n terms of the Act, must carry out tasks central to the performance of the functons of the Councl. The Councl also authorsed further comparatve studes to be undertaken to gauge nternatonal benchmarks on the governance of SOEs; a report n ths regard s n the final stages of complaton. Cabnet renamed Black Economc Empowerment (BEE) as Transformational Economic and Social Empowerment Framework (TESEF) on 23 May 2006. Ths decson also created an Ad-hoc Commttee chared by the Prme Mnster to oversee the desgn of a TESEF strategy. Among other thngs, TESEF ams to acheve the followng: § Develop the framework to empower prevously dsadvantaged Nambans on the prncples of socal justce, economc growth and transformaton § Desgn an empowerment framework whch s nclusve, transparent and sustanable § Put varous empowerment vehcles n place § Identfy barrers to partcpaton n, control of and ownershp of economc assets by prevously dsadvantaged Nambans § Devse systems to prevent cronysm, wndow-dressng, favourtsm and patronage § Identfy codes of good conduct by ndustry for empowerment purposes, and § Devse mechansms for montorng, regulatng and reportng on the transformatonal mpact of the empowerment framework. Durng the reportng perod, consultants were nvted to submt proposals on how to desgn TESEF. The Tender Board approved the appontment of DECTI Namba as a sutable consultant for ths purpose. The contractual agreement n ths regard was sgned between the Office of the Prme Mnster and DECTI Namba on 29 March 2007. The Prme Mnster also took the first steps towards ensurng that Namba also enhances good governance practces across all soco-economc sectors n ther applcaton of ICTs, when he submtted, and secured ts adopton n prncple by the Cabnet Commttee on Legslaton n June 2006, of the draft Use of Electronic Communications and Transactions Bill. In ths regard, the Unted Natons Commsson on Internatonal Trade Law (UNCITRAL) offically acknowledged Namba’s “great progress towards the adopton of a modern legslaton for electronc commerce…..” The Bll s expected to be ploted through the Parlament n the near future. Hs Excellency the Presdent naugurated the Publc Office-Bearers (Remuneraton and Benefits) Commsson n Aprl 2006. The Commsson s provded for n the Public Office Bearers’ Commission Act of 2005. The OPM provded secretarat and financal support to the Commsson durng the reportng perod. 3
    • Cabinet affairs Cabnet apponted the Deputy Prme Mnster to oversee the polo outbreak and coordnate the Government’s response to t n the Kunene Regon. The Deputy Prme Mnster was also at the centre of Government efforts to enhance Namba’s broadband connectvty through the Namba–Angola–Botswana Marne Cable Intatve. Namba s actvely explorng ways to enhance ts connectvty, and the West Afrcan Festoon System (WAFS) s one such avenue beng explored. Dscussons are contnung at both techncal and mnsteral levels. Coordination and supervision Regular consultatons were held wth Offices, Mnstres and Agences (O/M/As) under the Deputy Prme Mnster’s supervson to debref her on ther actvtes and functons. These platforms serve to share nformaton and exchange deas and advce n respect of the constant algnment of O/M/As to the broader development goals. The Office also convened a meetng of the varous departments and unts under the supervson of the Deputy Prme Mnster at the begnnng of the year under revew. The purpose of the meetng was to set clear goals and objectves for project mplementaton, montorng and evaluaton, and for the Deputy Prme Mnster to be nformed about planned programmes and actvtes. In addton, the meetng served as a consultatve forum for departments and unts to pont out shortcomngs and challenges that requre drect poltcal leadershp and attenton. The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Mr. Nahas Angula swearing in Ambassador Eddy Amkongo as Chairman of the Public Service Commission Community interaction Both the Prme Mnster and the Deputy Prme Mnster contnued to nteract wth ctzens by undertakng trps to a number of the country’s 13 Regons to lsten to ther concerns and to share nformaton on mportant ssues. Durng the perod under revew, the Prme Mnster officated at 36 events and held 78 meetngs on topcs rangng from securty matters to nvestments, labour, developmental ssues, meda, and the lke. A total of 16 local trps were undertaken by the Deputy Prme Mnster durng the revew perod. She held extensve meetngs wth busness leaders, communty members, parastatals, young people, non-governmental organsatons (NGOs) and labour unons. A total of 97 n-office nteractons were also recorded durng 2006/7. Furthermore, the Presdent nomnated the Deputy Prme Mnster to spearhead communty consultatons on the German Specal Intatve. To ths end, the Deputy Prme Mnster held consultatons wth the San, Damara/Nama and Ovaherero/Ovambanderu communtes. These consultatons were successfully concluded and a report on the proceedngs was presented to the Presdent. 4
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • Special assignments Cabnet approved the San Development Programme, Ovatue and Ovatjmba emergency assstance programmes, for executon by the Office of the Deputy Prme Mnster. As drected by these decsons, the Programme s chared and run by the Deputy Prme Mnster and she s asssted by a Techncal Commttee consstng of dentfied Mnstres, whch meets regularly to ensure the Programme s beng mplemented successfully. The ntal stages of the process ncluded vsts by the Deputy Prme Mnster to varous San communtes across Namba. These meetngs were amed at consultatons wth the San on ther needs and on what they consdered as pressng challenges facng them. These consultatons confirmed that the San lve under dre condtons, and that they lack the basc socal and economc nfrastructure to meanngfully partcpate n natonal development programmes and processes. To counter ths pognant stuaton, the followng actvtes were undertaken durng the year under revew: Apiculture training programme Under ths beekeepng and honey producton project, 12 members of San communtes from sx dfferent Regons receved tranng n apculture. The nstructors were sourced from Kenya, and financal support was provded by the Icelandc Embassy. The successful tranng wll soon see some of the deservng canddates vstng the Kenyan apculture ndustry. Scholarships Four San learners from the Caprv, Omaheke and Otjozondjupa Regons were allocated support from NamPower and the Mchelle McLean Chldren’s Trust. Under the San Development Programme, the Office also sponsored 41 San students and learners at the Unversty of Namba, the Polytechnc of Namba, the Internatonal Unversty of Management, the Vocatonal Tranng Centre, the Caprv College of Educaton, the Rundu College of Educaton, the Namba College of Learnng, and at varous secondary and prmary schools. Provision of draught animals and seeds A number of draught anmals were handed over to the San people n the Caprv and n Omaheke Regons. These ncluded more than 70 donkeys n Caprv and more than 10 hefers n the Omaheke Regons respectvely. Seeds for crop plantaton and cultvaton were also handed over to the San people n Caprv. National Youth Service Scheme Thrteen names of young members of San communtes were sent to the Mnstry of Youth, Natonal Servce, Sport and Culture because the Mnstry s eager to recrut young people from these communtes n partcular nto the Natonal Youth Servce Scheme. The provson of nomnees wll need to become an annual process, so that a sgnficant San ntake can be acheved over tme. The Mnstry stll has to report on progress made n regard to the Scheme. 5
    • Employment In lne wth ts employment equty strategy, the Office employed four members of San communtes n varous entry-level posts. The Office of the Deputy Prme Mnster s currently facltatng the submsson of names for 2007 through the offices of Regonal Governors, and has wrtten to all Regonal Councls to consder possble employment for members of San communtes. In addton, the Office of the Deputy Prme Mnster facltated the employment of four members of San communtes at the Auto Tech n Tsumeb once they have successfully completed ther tranng at the Wndhoek Vocatonal Tranng Centre, whle nne others wll be employed by Namba Wldlfe Resorts durng the comng financal year. Coffin Production Durng varous consultatons t was learned that San people, unlke other Nambans, were bured n plastc bags. The Deputy Prme Mnster then approached busnesses nvolved n the manufacturng of coffins and organsed a project to tran San youth n coffin manufacturng. Two groups consstng of five partcpants from Otjozondjupa and Omaheke were then traned n coffin manufacturng. The costs assocated herewth were met from the San Development fund. Ths project wll be extended to other regons n due course. Donations The Standard Bank of Namba Ltd granted financal support to the Okaepe School Project to the tune of N$70,000 to cover the cost of donkey carts, hostel fees and mattresses, whle the Donkerbos School receved a grant of N$96,000 from ths benefactor. Among the many other benefactors were foregn government development ad agences from the People’s Republc of Chna and Iceland, the Red Cross, and corporate sponsors lke Namdeb, Nedbank, Old Mutual, Rosh Pnah Znc Mne, Corporate Tranng Solutons, Omankete Investments (Pty) Ltd and Ark Fshng. The Office of the Deputy Prme Mnster facltated the donaton of mattresses, blankets and clothes to many San communtes, such as those resdng n Oshkoto, Otjozondjupa, Okavango and Omaheke. Other donatons were as follows: § Wndow glass (N$14,267.58), 1 x computer, 1 x prnter: Motsom Prmary School, Omaheke § 1 x computer, 1 x prnter, 1 x table (N$400), cabnet (N$400), Char (N$585), openng of account (N$300): OSWYDO, Omaheke § 1 x computer, 1 x prnter (N$3,000): Donkerbos Prmary School, Omaheke § 1 x photocoper (N$15,000), paper and transport (N$2,127.50), Whte Stone Project (N$3,046.70): Tsumkwe West, Otjozondjupa § Tranng (N$33,180): Bravo, Okavango § Feasblty study (N$14,744.23): Excelsor Hostel, Oshkoto § 5 x pt latrnes (N$12,500): In Ohangwena – Tobas Hanyeko Prmary School, Ekoka Kndergarten, Eendobe Kndergarten, Onamatadva Kndergarten; n Otjozondjupa – Okaepe Prmary School § Youth tranng (N$30,505.40): Omaheke § A major donaton of N$ 500,000.00 was made by a Swedsh phlanthropst and deposted n the San Development Fund. 6
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • Bwabwata Game Reserve The Mnstry of Envronment and Toursm has been engaged n dscussons wth the San communty lvng n ths area. The dscussons were facltated by the Deputy Prme Mnster. The San at ths game reserve cannot benefit from ts resources due to restrctve natonal parks legslaton. It has now been agreed that a Memorandum of Understandng be sgned between the Mnstry and the Karamashyan Assocaton, whch was formed by the San communty and offically launched. To ths end, a hgh-level Mnsteral delegaton s to hold a consultatve forum on ste wth the San communty n Aprl 2007 to expedte and finalse the process of benefitng from Government resources. The communty have already begun to benefit from huntng rghts n the game reserve. It s worth notng that the Assocaton wll be transformed nto the Game Products Trust Fund, and that the first contrbuton to ths Fund s ready to be made. Ths represents a major mlestone for the San communty, and they are now free to engage n the communty conservancy programme. San Development Programme The OPM provded N$400,000 durng 2006/07 as a subventon to the San Development Programme. Addtonal resources are ntended to be obtaned from varous stakeholders and donor agences through close cooperaton wth the Natonal Plannng Commsson. Young San graduates with the Hon. Deputy Prime Minister and Hon. Minister of Gender and Child Welfare San child receiving attention from Hon. Deputy Prime Minister, flanked by the Hon. Governor of the Omaheke Region 7
    • Diplomatic liaison and international conferences Among the Office of the Prme Mnster’s many nternatonal engagements durng the perod under revew was Namba’s partcpaton n the Mcrosoft/Government Leaders’ Forum – Afrca, held n Cape Town, South Afrca. The Commonwealth Assocaton for Publc Admnstraton and Management (CAPAM) Bennal Conference held n Sydney, Australa, was another mportant platform, whch presented an opportunty to dscuss matters relatng to crtcal publc servce reform, whle drawng on best practces and lessons from larger Commonwealth natons. The Internatonal Early Warnng Conference held n Germany was another mportant meetng. As a country prone to natural dsasters n respect of floods and droughts, Namba ganed sgnficant exposure to handlng early warnng systems. The Prme Mnster attended the World Economc Forum held n Cape Town, South Afrca, from 31 May to 3 June 2006. The theme for 2006 was “Gong for Growth”. Among others, the followng recommendatons were made by the Prme Mnster on hs return to Namba from ths Forum: § That the Mnstry of Trade and Industry be mandated to organse a semnar for Namban busnesses n vew of Inda and Chna’s ascendancy n the world markets, as well as to deal wth the ssue of global labour productvty and how Namba’s compettveness could be rased. § That consderaton be gven to approach Cabnet wth a request to nvestgate the feasblty of establshng an ndependent thnk tank wth sufficent resources and research capacty to gve sound practcal and workable polcy nput on relevant economc ssues, as well as to scrutnse Government mnstres’ project proposals under an exstng framework but outsde Government structures. § That consderaton be gven to conductng a comprehensve revew on the adequacy of Namba’s polcy on manufacturng, trade and nvestment n terms of ts mplementaton and aganst the background of new global challenges facng the country. The Prme Mnster also represented the Presdent durng the commemoraton of World Health Day n Lusaka, Zamba, on 7 Aprl 2006. The event focused on human resources for the health sector. From 1 to 5 November, 2006, the Prme Mnster attended the 40th annversary celebratons of Ibs n Copenhagen, Denmark. Ibs s an ndependent Dansh development organsaton workng globally, natonally and locally to ensure that people n Afrca and Latn Amerca gan equal access to educaton, nfluence and resources. Ibs’s relatonshp wth Namba goes back to the lberaton struggle, when t rendered assstance to Namban refugees n Angola and Zamba. The Prme Mnster used the 40th annversary celebratons as an opportunty to network wth varous stakeholders n maxmsng the potental to solve ssues confrontng Namba’s development status. As dplomatc lason s mportant to the work of ths hgh-level office, the financal year under revew saw numerous courtesy calls and vsts beng pad by dplomats represented n Namba. The dscussons focused on strengthenng and mprovng blateral relatons wth Namba n the economc and poltcal arenas. The dscussons also addressed how to strengthen multlateral cooperaton wth varous nternatonal bodes. 8
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Nahas Angula attending the WHO Summit in Lusaka, Zambia, with Zambian Vice President and the WHO Chief The Hon. Deputy Prime Minister delivering a speech Group photo of CAPAM Conference, Sydney, Australia at the CAPAM Biennial Conference in Sydney, Australia 9
    • The Rt Hon. Prime Minister addressing the community of Permanent Secretaries receiving their letters of Okankolo in the Eengodi Constituency, with the Governor appointment upon reassignment Mr. Penda Ya Ndakola and Councillor Mr. Joseph Iimbili Pupils from Erongosig, Usakos during the visit to the Prime GRN trucks and busses transporting flood victims on the Minister’s Office Zambian side during the repatriation (August 2007) GRN EDRMS Project team in working session with CA- The Hon. Director General of National Planning Commis- CSS Management team with their Legal Counsel at the sion, the Hon. Minister of Trade and Industry and CA-CSS CA-CSS Head Quarters in Beijing, China Management team during assesment visit to CA-CSS Head Quarters in Beijing, China 10
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • PART B Public service management and reform The OPM has been actve n a dverse range of actvtes n the areas of publc servce management to mprove servce delvery, secure value for money and mpart ethcal practses. Human resource development The Office strves to develop and mplement human resource development polces n the Publc Servce, and to provde for, advse on and facltate qualty HRD nformaton and support nfrastructure. It s a custodan of efficent competency development strateges for the Publc Servce and a cultvator of mutual benefical strategc partnershp through on-gong consultatons wth stakeholders. Strategic generic training programmes, April 2006–March 2007 Training offered Date No. of O/M/A participants Inducton Course 3–7 Aprl 2006 18 Mnstry of Agrculture, Water and (Operatonal Level) Forestry Mnstry of Home Affars and Immgraton Customer Servce Course 15–19 May 2006 22 Mnstry of Home Affars and (Operatonal Level) Immgraton Customer Servce Course 19–22 June 2006 18 Mnstry of Home Affars and (Operatonal Level) Immgraton Communcaton Course 3–7 July 2006 12 Mnstry of Home Affars and Immgraton Mnstry of Gender Equalty and Chld Welfare Inducton Course 18–21 September 2006 25 Mnstry of Home Affars and Immgraton Customer Servce Course 17–18 October 2006 15 Mnstry of Home Affars and Immgraton Supervsory Tranng 17–21 July 2006 24 Mnstry of Home Affars and Immgraton Mnstry of Regonal and Local Government, Housng and Rural Development Office of the Attorney-General Inducton 21–25 August 2006 10 Mnstry of Home Affars and (Supervsory Level) Immgraton Mnstry of Gender Equalty and Chld Welfare Mnstry of Regonal and Local Government, Housng and Rural Development Mnstry of Educaton Erongo Regonal Councl Half-day presentaton on customer 27 June 2006 35 Mnstry of Gender Equalty and servce topcal ssues Chld Welfare 11
    • Training offered Date No. of O/M/A participants Teambuldng Interventon 25–27 Aprl 2006 n/a1[1] Drectorate of Adult Basc Educaton Performance Management System Inputs 5 Aprl 2006 n/a n/a Inducton Course Instructors’ Course 08 –12 May 2006 10, 12, 9 Mnstry of Home Affars and 21–25 August 2006 11–15 Immgraton September 2006 Mnstry of Educaton Mnstry of Safety and Securty Mnstry of Fnance Customer Servce Course 19–22 June 2006 10 Mnstry of Home Affars and Immgraton Facltaton Sklls Course 2–4 October 2006 12 Office of the Prme Mnster Mnstry of Labour and Socal Welfare Mnstry of Agrculture, Water and Forestry Performance Management System June–September 2006 12 Mnstry of Labour and Socal Tranng-of-Traners Course Welfare Mnstry of Lands and Resettlement Mnstry of Fsheres and Marne Resources Mnstry of Fnance Mnstry of Agrculture, Water and Forestry Performance Management System September–November 19 Mnstry of Agrculture, Water and Tranng-of-Traners Course 2006 Forestry Mnstry of Labour and Socal Welfare Mnstry of Fsheres and Marne Resources Mnstry of Lands and Resettlement Mnstry of Fnance Performance Management System February–March 2007 30 Office of the Prme Mnster Tranng-of-Traners Course Varous O/M/As Supervisors’ Course Manual Partcpants n the Performance Management System (PMS) Tranng-of-Traners Course made suggestons on how to mprove the course, and these were ncorporated nto the revsed Course Manual. The Manual was also accordngly algned to the PMS by the PMS Facltator. The Office was consulted for ther nputs on the overall content, methodology, exercses, language, spellng, nstructonal desgn, etc., and these were ncorporated n the Manual as well. Plans are under way to consult nternatonal traners for benchmarkng. Communication Skills Course Durng the year under revew, the Office worked on desgnng and developng tranng manuals for communcaton sklls course amed at operatonal and supervsory levels of staff. Secretarial Training Course The Manual for the Secretaral Tranng Course s n ts final stages. 12
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • Human resource management Implementation of the Performance Management System At the end of the prevous year under revew, a 15-module PMS Implementaton Toolkt developed by Stratex Consultng CC, Vsons Consultng CC and Consultng Synergy Afrca CC through a sponsorshp from the Swedsh Internatonal Development Agency (Sda) was completed and sgned off. The PMS Project Management Toolkt for Mnsteral Implementaton Teams (MITs) was developed by Stratex Consultng CC. Two Tranng-of-Traners Courses for nternal facltators of the front-runner O/M/As were presented from 28 June to 5 September 2006, and 18 September to 28 November 2006. Techncal unts from the Office of the Prme Mnster as well as nternal facltators from the followng O/M/As attended these courses: § Electoral Commsson of Namba (2) § Mnstry of Agrculture, Water and Forestry (1) § Mnstry of Defence (2) § Mnstry of Fnance (1) § Mnstry of Fsheres and Marne Resources (4) § Mnstry of Foregn Affars (1) § Mnstry of Gender Equalty and Chld Welfare (2) § Mnstry of Health and Socal Servces (4) § Mnstry of Labour and Socal Welfare (10) § Mnstry of Lands and Resettlement (6) § Mnstry of Mnes and Energy (4) § Mnstry of Regonal and Local Government, Housng and Rural Development (3) § Natonal Assembly (1) § Natonal Councl (1) § Natonal Plannng Commsson (3) Pool of consultants Besdes Senor Management across the Publc Servce, A pool of 13 consultants have been contracted to facltate the roll-out of the PMS Implementaton Toolkt. The first brefing sessons wth the consultants were held on 8 and 11 September 2006. A comprehensve brefing on the PMS was held from 2 to 6 October 2006. Implementation MITs have been formed n the Mnstry of Labour and Socal Welfare and the Mnstry of Educaton. The former has made great strdes n rollng out the PMS wth ther b-weekly MIT meetngs. They revewed ther strategc plan, whle mplementaton of Modules 1, 3 and 12 of the PMS Implementaton Toolkt was facltated amongst senor managers by consultants contracted from the pool, and amongst other staff by nternal facltators traned durng the PMS Tranng-of-Traners Course. The Mnstry of Educaton’s MIT has held some ntal meetngs and workshops n preparaton for roll-out. Meetngs amed at establshng MITs were held wth Permanent Secretares of the Electoral Commsson; the Mnstry of Agrculture, Water and Forestry; the Mnstry of Fsheres and Marne Resources; the Mnstry of Gender Equalty and Chld Welfare; the Mnstry of Health and Socal Servces; the Mnstry of Lands and Resettlement; the Mnstry of Regonal and Local Government, Housng and Rural Development; the Mnstry of Trade and Industry; and the Natonal Plannng Commsson. 13
    • Benchmarking The Namba Central Intellgence Servce has requested the Office to comment on ther Performance Management and Development System, whch was dscussed on at a meetng held on 24 May 2006, resultng n seven of ther staff members partcpatng n certan sessons of the PMS Tranng-of-Traners Course from June to September 2006. Namibian Institute for Public Administration and Management International Partnerships In May 2006, followng a study conducted on the feasblty of NIPAM by two French specalsts, wth financal and techncal support from the French Embassy n Wndhoek, a study trp was undertaken by three senor officals from the OPM and the Publc Servce Commsson Secretarat. The trp, whch was financed by the Fnnsh Embassy n Wndhoek, took these officals to the Fnnsh Publc Servce Tranng Insttute, HAUS, to determne possble cooperaton between t and NIPAM. A NIPAM stakeholder conference took place n October 2006, wth financal and techncal support from the French Embassy, and a report was submtted to the Prme Mnster. Based on the outcome of the conference, a small Task Force was apponted by the Permanent Secretary. The Task Force held meetngs durng whch a busness plan and legal framework for NIPAM were dscussed and desgned. A development budget amount was approved for the constructon of the NIPAM buldng, to an amount of N$ 45 mllon. An expert from HAUS (Dr. A. Shvola), vsted Namba on a fact-findng and advsory msson wth financal support from the Fnnsh Embassy. He compled a Mddle Management Development Programme that wll be ploted from July 2007 as the first offical NIPAM tranng course. The exstng SGP was also evaluated by Dr. Shvola and descrbed as excellent; ths could also be run as a NIPAM course. Negotatons wth the French Embassy to support the development of a tranng programme for Regonal Councls and Local Authortes are ongong. Towards the end of the reportng perod, the OPM under the Inda Techncal and Economc Cooperaton programme, then secured the servces of an expert n publc servce management (Dr. B. Harbola) to assst n the nsttutonalsaton process n the creaton of NIPAM. In vew of NIPAM developments, the Office has also begun to work on the revew of the Tranng Polcy of the Publc Servce of Namba. Prelmnary research was conducted to evaluate the mplementaton of the current Tranng Polcy, whle a comparatve study was conducted to benchmark the Polcy aganst others of ts knd n other countres. The Office collaborated wth Dr Shvola n ths effort, whch forms part of hs survey to comple a Mddle Management Development Programme for NIPAM. NIPAM concept building design - Windhoek 14
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • ‘Person-power’ audit Several meetngs took place between the OPM and the Natonal Plannng Commsson. The latter ssued a draft Human Resources Report for 2006/7–2011/12, whch contans relevant figures on the Publc Servce. In an addtonal meetng, a representatve of the Natonal Plannng Commsson commtted to tran Office staff to establsh a ‘person-power’ databank. Ths databank would connect the Office to the Natonal Plannng Commsson, and the statstcs would be accessble to both collaboratng partes. Other sgnficant actvtes durng the perod under revew were as followng: § Training Officers’ Forums: Two such forums were conducted n June and July 2006, respectvely, at Unted House. A total of 17 Tranng Officers attended the forum n June, whle 26 attended the July one. A thrd forum was conducted on 27 February 2007 at the Thürngerhof Hotel. A total of 30 partcpants attended, whle Dr Shvola made a presentaton and consulted wth Tranng Managers and Officers from the varous O/M/As. § Namibia Student Financial Assistant Fund: The Drectorate of Human Resources Development partcpated n awardng financal assstance to prospectve students who wshed to further ther studes. Rt. Hon. Nahas Angula, Prime Minister. Dr. Ari Sihvola,Training Consultant, Finnish Public Service Training Institute (HAUS.) Ms. Sabine Kownatzki-Pell, Director: Human Resources Development. 28 February 2007 15
    • Human capital management system The Office of the Prme Mnster ntends establshng a world-class, comprehensve, all-encompassng, Government-wde, ntegrated human captal management system that wll cater for the needs of all role players to support proper plannng and management of human resources wthn the Government. At the end of 2006, the Office acqured a comprehensve human resource nformaton management system soluton from Oracle Afrca, wth a specal dscount. The Oracle HR Solutons package s specfically desgned to ntegrate wth other Oracle products – more specfically Oracle Fnancals. The latter, known as the Integrated Fnancal Management System, has already been mplemented by the Mnstry of Fnance. The HR Solutons system wll be mplemented n phases, wth 2010 beng targeted for complete mplementaton. Management services The OPM also provdes management advsory servces n the wder Publc Servce sector to ensure coordnaton and management of publc enttes. Such servces form part of the drve for greater efficency, effectveness and value for money. In ths regard three busness unts provde servces for resource management, consultances, and gradng and job evaluaton. Resource management Ths busness unt offers advce n respect of resource needs. It does so by mplementng customer-focused servces through revewng, analysng, reportng and recommendng polces and practces relatng to the most economcal utlsaton of resources. It also provdes techncal assstance to the Publc Servce Commsson. Durng the reportng perod, the Publc Servce expanded by 349 posts. The financal mplcaton of ths change stood at N$42,117,957. Other nterventons lke farmng out servces, occasonal employment, addtonal employment, and gradng of job categores cost the Government an addtonal N$73,200,337. Among the hghlghts for the year were the creaton of a Mnstry of Educaton, a Mnstry of Youth, Natonal Servce, Sport and Culture, and a Mnstry of Veterans’ Affars. Ths restructurng came about as a result of the Cabnet reshuffle n 2005. However, some of the changes requred durng the latter have not materalsed, namely the creaton of a post establshment for the Mnstry of Safety and Securty, and the transfer of the functon of rehabltaton to the Mnstry of Health and Socal Servces. The Mnstry of Trade and Industry was also restructured to brng about more efficency and effectveness. Other functonal unts that were restructured nclude Aquaculture, the Government Stores, and Chld Welfare. In addton, the revson and re-gradng of the job categores Human Resource Practtoner and Accountant contrbuted to better servce delvery. 16
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • Total number of projects received and finalised, 1 April 2006–31 March 2007 Nature of Projects Projects Posts Posts Temporary Expenditure Savings Expenditure Actual cases received finalised created abolished units (N$) (N$) (N$) Expenditure (N$) Organsaton 41 61 1,573 1,224 - 92,088,263 49,970, 306 - 42,117,957 and establshment Farmng out 37 39 - - - 40,216,585 - - 40,216,585 Occasonal 14 20 - - 1,439 17,160,692 - - 17,160,692 employment Addtonal 2 4 - - 489 8,477,548 - - 8,477,548 employment Mechansaton 39 39 - - - 222,169 - - 2,232,169 (tenders) (19 tenders) Gradng and 7 5 - - - - - 5,113,343 5,113,343 regardng, and job categores Procedures - - - - - - - - - and methods/ horzontal TOTAL 133 163 1,573 1,224 1,928 160,175,257 49,970,306 5,113,343 115,318,294 (19 tenders) Ths table shows the number and types of projects receved from varous O/M/As, as well as projects finalsed. The number of posts created and abolshed s also shown, along wth the expendture or savngs realsed n each case. Requests for restructurng requre longer-term study and nvestgaton; therefore, some could not be finalsed n the reportng year. It should also be noted that the statstcs nclude projects regstered n the prevous reportng year and only finalsed durng the current reportng perod. Consultancy service The Office provdes consultancy servces to O/M/As to mprove servce delvery to the publc. Customers are currently served through strategc management and plannng, as well as operatonal support. The key busness areas are as follows: § Busness analyss § Performance analyss § Strategc analyss, and § Strategc management. Durng the reportng perod, the Office asssted O/M/As n development of the followng: § Busness strateges § Management plans § Management control systems, and § Operatonal control systems. 17
    • Strategc plannng and management as a tool to enhance efficency, effectveness and value for money across the Publc Servce ganed consderable momentum durng the year under revew. In terms of expected results and mpact, strategc plans are a prerequste for the mplementaton of the proposed PMS across the Publc Servce. O/M/As have responded postvely to date to the call for mproved performance and servce delvery to ctzens, and have, therefore, worked closely wth the Drectorate of Management Servces for assstance n ths regard. Ths paradgm shft s expected to enhance the capacty of managers n the Publc Servce as well as nculcate a culture of responsblty, transparency and accountablty. The strategc plannng process has so far nvolved 46% of all O/M/As to the level where ther plans are ether to be mplemented (cascade nto management plans) or algned to comply wth the requrements for the mplementaton of the PMS. The engagement and development process has begun wth 43% of O/M/As. Regonal Councls and Local Authortes have also been taken on board, wth 62% of the Councls havng draft plans. A survey s currently under way to establsh the status quo at Local Authortes. Job evaluation and grading In 2003, ths busness unt was mandated to revew the exstng Unfied Gradng Structure. In addton, t was tasked wth researchng, developng and mplementng a job evaluaton and gradng system approprate to the Publc Servce. A report on the outcome of these actvtes was submtted to the Permanent Secretary of the Office durng the perod under revew for a decson to be made on the approprate job evaluaton to be used. The am of job evaluaton s to provde a systematc and consstent approach to definng the relatve worth of jobs wthn the workplace. It s a process of comparng jobs wth one another wth the purpose of provdng a defensble and equtable bass for determnng and managng nternal pay relatvty between jobs. Job evaluaton thus nvolves an analytcal process that breaks down jobs n varous components. These components are then used to evaluate the job usng an approprate job evaluaton mechansm. Furthermore, the evaluaton provdes the framework wthn whch decsons on salares and gradng can be made. Regrading requests received for the period 1 January to 31 December 2006 Ministry Job category Mnstry of Agrculture, Water and Forestry Chef Anmal Health Techncan Mnstry of Educaton Archvst Lbraran Mnstry of Works, Transport and Communcaton Avaton personnel Office of the Presdent Namba Central Intellgence Servces staff Mnstry of Regonal and Local Government, Housng and Coordnator Rural Development Mnstry of Works, Transport and Communcaton Drector Deputy Drector Mnstry of Works, Transport and Communcaton Plot The above cases were pendng due to the absence of a job evaluaton and gradng system. 18
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • Reforms to advance efficiency and effectiveness Current Publc Servce Reform Intatves focus on empowerng ctzens as well as publc servants, the mplementaton of servce charters, and mprovng delvery and management processes and systems n the Publc Servce. These ntatves are dscussed below. Southern Africa Capacity Initiative The Publc Servce, wth the assstance of the Unted Natons Development Programme (UNDP), s makng use of SACI tools n order to mprove servce delvery. SACI s amed at strengthenng and developng new polces that assst publc nsttutons n performng ncreasngly complex functons; producng nnovatve solutons; ncorporatng new technologes for mprovng servce delvery; and provdng basc tranng n essental publc servce management. The Office of the Prme Mnster, the Mnstry of Educaton, the Mnstry of Fnance, the Mnstry of Home Affars and Immgraton, and the Mnstry of Trade and Industry have been selected as plot O/M/As. They are busy dentfyng servce areas, referred to as “Namba Servce Delvery Quck Wns”, for process re- engneerng by means of the SACI tools. The Office dentfied the recrutment and msconduct processes for plotng n ths regard. A workshop took place on 26–28 February 2007 to re-engneer the two processes. The results of the workshop stll need to be valdated before beng presented as a “Namba Servce Delvery Quck Wn” to the Jont Sesson between mnsters and permanent secretares to be held later n 2007. “Speak your mind” Citizen Survey and Employee Survey Durng the year under revew, the Office began plannng for two surveys that wll target customer and staff members, respectvely. They am to assess the extent to whch the exstng publc servce mprovement ntatves have made an mpact on servce delvery. The purpose of the employee survey, “Are we makng a dfference?” ntends to assess the level of satsfacton amongst staff members and how ths relates to ther overall performance and, ultmately, servce delvery. In contrast, the purpose of the ctzen survey, “Speak your mnd”, s to establsh a baselne of nformaton that wll help to understand the wants, needs and nterests of Publc Servce clents as regards servce delvery. A report on the survey outcomes wll serve as one of many measurements of progress toward admnstratve reform, whch wll lead the Office of the Prme Mnster toward a vson of how ts servces should operate n the future. The report s also ntended to serve as a bass for plannng and to measure the mpact of servces undertaken for process mprovements or budget reductons. Implementation of Customer Service Charters Out of 95 functonal areas dentfied snce July 2005, 84 Customer Servce Charters have been developed. Of the latter, three functonal areas are yet to be revewed. These are the Patent Charter and the Rehabltaton Charter of the Mnstry of Health and Socal Servces, and the Parks and Wldlfe Management Customer Servce Charter of the Mnstry of Envronment and Toursm. 19
    • The remanng 11 functonal areas, as lsted below, are at dfferent stages of development n respect of ther Customer Servce Charters: Functional area Office/Ministry/Agency responsible Hgher Educaton Charter Mnstry of Educaton General Servces Mnstry of Foregn Affars Msson Mnstry of Foregn Affars Alen Control Customer Servce Charter Mnstry of Home Affars and mmgraton Ctzenshp and Passports Customer Servce Charter Mnstry of Home Affars and Immgraton Immgraton Customer Servce Charter Mnstry of Home Affars and Immgraton Valuaton and Estate Management Charters Mnstry of Lands and Resettlement General Servces Mnstry of Lands and Resettlement Youth Development Customer Servce Charter Mnstry of Youth, Natonal Servce, Sport and Culture Sport Development Customer Servce Charter Mnstry of Youth, Natonal Servce, Sport and Culture Culture Development Customer Servce Charter Mnstry of Youth, Natonal Servce, Sport and Culture Dsaster Management Charter Office of the Prme Mnster Extension of Customer Service Charters Wth regard to the extenson of Customer Servce Charters to Local Authortes, a draft charter for the Walvs Bay Muncpal Councl was developed durng the year under revew. Four plot stes were dentfied, namely Walvs Bay for Part I Muncpaltes, Otjwarongo for Part II Muncpaltes, Helao Nafid Town Councl, and Koës Vllage Councl. A Charter Development and Implementaton Workshop took place on 25–26 January 2007. The am of the workshop was to bref partcpants on the charter process, and to develop prototype charters for the four levels of muncpaltes. A report on the Workshop was drafted to record the partcpants’ experences and contrbutons. Africa Public Service Day Each year, 23 June s celebrated as the Unted Natons Publc Servce Day. The contnent celebrates ths as Afrca Publc Servce Day (APSD). Namba has been celebratng ths day snce 2003, when t was declared. The Deputy Prme Mnster was elected as the Southern Afrcan Development Communty (SADC) Charperson for the APSD, out of recognton of the good work beng done n Namba’s Publc Servce reform ntatves. Through the Deputy Prme Mnster, Namba was mandated to coordnate the contnental celebratons for 2006. Namba also served as the coordnator for the APSD n the SADC regon. Three officals from the Publc Servce of Botswana came to benchmark wth Namba on how to organse the celebratons. The man event for the day was a lve satellte broadcast from Namba to Lesotho, Maurtus, South Afrca and Swazland, whch was consdered successful. Other actvtes ncluded a seres of publc lectures that focused on the year’s chosen theme, “Buldng an ethcal publc servce for mproved servce delvery n Afrca”. The sub-themes were “Reconstructon of publc servce n Afrca n lne wth the unque challenge facng Afrca”, “Promoton of good governance n publc servce”, and “Empowerng ctzens through access to nformaton”. These lectures amed to rase awareness among the publc and publc servants wth regard to the ASPD, and to exchange deas on the theme and sub-themes. The lectures were presented once a week for four weeks n the tme leadng up to 23 June to rase awareness of these ssues. Another event that was organsed to celebrate APSD was a march by publc servants n Wndhoek on 23 June. Close to 200 publc servants partcpated, and they were led by the motvatonal sounds of the Namba Defence Force brass band. 20
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • Trade fairs As part of the awareness campagn on Publc Servce charters, the Office of the Prme Mnster partcpated n trade fars at Gobabs, Ongwedva, Rehoboth, Swakopmund and Wndhoek. The publc was nformed about the varous functons and projects for whch the Office was responsble, and the names of contact persons were provded on the panels of the exhbton stand. Remuneration, benefits and related issues Followng protracted negotatons between the Government and recognsed trade unons, the followng were agreed to n a Memorandum of Understandng sgned on 30 March 2006: 1 April 2006–31 March 2007 § A 5% salary ncrement across the board for all cvl servants was approved. The budgetary mplcatons are as follows: 2006/7 N$ Housng allowance 122.7 mllon Housng subsdy 30 mllon 13th cheque 10 mllon Re-gradng of teachers 49 mllon Re-gradng (other groups) 12.4 mllon Klometre tarff 1.5 mllon Bonus for managers 9.5 mllon TOTAL 234.1 mllon 2007/8 N$ Transport allowance 177.4 mllon Car allowance 3 mllon Re-gradng teachers 49 mllon Re-gradng (other groups) 12.4 mllon TOTAL 241.8 mllon 2008/9 N$ Salary ncrease 305 mllon § Staff members below Management level would be enttled to a monthly allowance of N$100, N$250 and N$400, dependng on ther salary range. Ths allowance excludes staff members partcpatng n the Home Owners’ Scheme for Staff Members (HOSSM). § The HOSSM would subsdse staff members’ home loans to a maxmum of N$300,000. § In respect of the re-gradng exercse, job categores requrng a three- or four-year degree qualficaton would be realgned over two financal years. § The professonalsaton of Accountants and Personnel Officers would be mplemented over two financal years. § Klometre tarffs were adjusted from N$0.68c to N$1.00 for those qualfyng for a motor vehcle allowance. 21
    • 1 April 2007–31 March 2008 § A transport allowance of N$10 or N$9 per day, dependng on certan factors, for staff members below Management would be pad. § The car allowance for Management and Professonals on Management level would be ncreased by 5%. Apart from the finalsaton of the ssues agreed upon n the negotatng process, the followng ad hoc matters were also attended to: Item attended to Budgetary implication (N$) For staff at Osre, partcpaton n the rent allowance benefit - Amendments to the Personnel Admnstraton Measures for the job category Rural - Development Officer Re-gradng of the job category Deck Officer (adjustment wthout financal - mplcaton) Re-gradng of Sergeant Major (Defence) 1 mllon Creaton of new job category Internal Auditor 2.7 mllon Introducton of a number of remuneratve allowances for the Namban Polce 0.5 mllon Adjustment of remuneratve rates for settng, moderatng and markng examnaton 14 mllon papers Revson of contracts of employment n the Publc Servce - Adjustment of the housng allowance for poltcal office-bearers 2.3 mllon Improvement of varous benefits for Deputy Mnsters, backbenchers, and members 15 mllon of Regonal Councls Creaton of an allowance for use of prvate cellular phones for offical purposes (not predctable) Thrd notch salary adjustment for staff below the rank of Colonel (Defence) 26 mllon Re-gradng of Marine Superintendent 0.4 mllon TOTAL 61.9 million 22
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • Public Service response to HIV/AIDS The Natonal Strategc Plan on HIV/AIDS (MTP III) tasks the Office of the Prme Mnster wth coordnatng the Publc Servce response to the pandemc, lstng two objectves: § To engage the sector’s leadershp and spearhead the response, and § To manstream HIV/AIDS wthn the sector from sectoral polces to mplementaton, techncal support, supervson, montorng and evaluaton, publc nformaton and accountablty. To ths end a strategc plan, work programme and budget were developed. An HIV/AIDS Unt was also establshed to act as a management unt for the Publc Sector’s response Programmes and activities The tranng programme comprsng the followng modules was offically launched by the Deputy Prme Mnster at the Polytechnc on 28 June 2006: § Basc Facts (5 days) § Manstreamng (4 days) § Basc Counsellng Sklls (3 days) § Montorng and Evaluaton (3 days) The followng workshops were held on strategc ssues: § The components of a comprehensve workplace programme § Sharng of experences n workplace programmes, and terms of reference for focal persons § An assessment on O/M/As’ readness to mplement workplace programmes § Workplace programme roll-out § Voluntary counsellng and testng § Montorng and evaluaton for the Publc Servce sector The nvolvement of stakeholders was key n establshng the present programmes. The European Unon (EU) sponsored the workshops, tranng and a consultant to strengthen the HIV/AIDS Unt as well for future assstance n rollng out support for workplace programme development. The UNDP provded consstent support n terms of the Southern Afrcan Capacty Intatve (SACI), and commtted expertse and fundng for the roll-out programme n terms of an mpact study, volunteers to assst wth the workplace polcy, programme mplementaton, and advocacy. The Unted Stated Agency for Internatonal Development (USAID) s assstng wth the mpact study and workplace programmes n two mnstres, whle the Gesellschaft für Zusammenarbet (GTZ) s assstng wth workplace programmes and advocacy n four others. The Mnstry of Health and Socal Servces and the Natonal Plannng Commsson as well as the above- mentoned stakeholders were part of the strategc work programme developed to mplement MTP III objectves n the Publc Servce sector. 23
    • ICT management and E-governance The Government of the Republc of Namba s commtted to the utlsaton of nformaton and communcatons technology (ICT) as a means to ensure efficent and effectve servce delvery to our ctzens. Durng the perod under revew, the Office was nvolved wth five major projects, as outlned below. Building skilled ICT human resources The objectve of ths project s to have all cvl servants ICT-lterate by 2012. ICT tranng exsts that s accessble to all publc servants. The Department of Publc Servce IT Management (PSITM), whch manages the programme, acqures tranng materals through a tender process and delvers tranng at ts IT Vrtual Tranng Centre. A total of 39,044 canddates were dentfied and categorsed n terms of undergong tranng, and the courses on offer to them were dentfied. Wndhoek-based cvl servants would be targeted n the first phase, whch ends n December 2008. Regonal canddates would be traned n the second phase to commence n January 2009. By the end of the year under revew, negotatons were at an advanced stage wth the Polytechnc of Namba and Unversty of Namba to offer the courses n ICT usage. Promoting universal access One of the ways n whch many countres have acheved natonal and human development has been through explotng the ablty of ICT to delver nformaton for strategc decson-makng n government, nternatonal trade, agrculture, manufacturng, socal servces, and other sectors. It has been accepted, therefore, that access to communcaton servces wll empower rural communtes to partcpate n and contrbute to natonal soco-economc development. The first leg of ths project s to establsh communty centres. These wll have computers, fax machnes, copers, rados, televsons and other ICT nfrastructure. The man purpose of such centres s to brng servces closer to the people. As the e-government project takes shape, communtes wll have access to servces where they lve. So far, the Mnstry of Informaton and Broadcastng has been studyng ways to establsh communty centres. Dscussons between the Office of the Prme Mnster and the latter Mnstry are under way to pool ther resources n order to jontly establsh these centres. Developing and implementing a new Government/Namibia portal The overall vson of the E-Government Portal ntatve s to facltate consumer transton from beng ‘n lne’ to beng ‘onlne’. The am s to provde a sngle pont of access to nformaton and servces organsed accordng to the nterests and needs of Publc Servce consumers, permttng access anytme and anywhere. 24
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • Internet/Intranet Government Business & GRN Portal Industry Services Foreign News Relations Namibia in a Tourism Nutshell GRN information portal structure Ths Portal Intatve conssts of a number of subprojects, n terms of whch the followng were acheved durng the year under revew: Web page design standards The exstng web desgn standards were revewed as part of the overall web development procedures and desgn standards process. The drafted web development procedures and desgn standards document called Guidelines, Procedures and Standards on the Process of Website Designing and Implementation was revewed and endorsed by the Government Webmasters’ Group, and s now n the process of beng presented for adopton by the Publc Servce Commttee on Informaton Technology. An e-government portal archtectural and mplementaton framework has also been drafted. The framework provdes a blueprnt that wll allow the development of standardsed portal solutons n accordance wth the nterests and needs of ts consumers, permttng access anytme and anywhere. E-government portal technical architecture implementation The conceptual e-government portal archtecture was prototyped through the mplementaton of a techncal portal archtecture. At present the techncal archtecture hosts four newly developed dynamc webstes. GRN information portal The government nformaton portal wll be organsed nto seven components: § Namba n a nutshell § Experence Namba § Foregn relatons § Our Government § Government news § Government servces § Government contacts The desgn and development of the Government news component was completed durng the year under revew. The news ste s updated and mantaned daly. The rest of the portal components are currently under development. 25
    • Portal services A number of generc portal servces were mplemented on the portal techncal archtecture for use by government webstes, web applcatons and web servces. These nclude the followng: § Web counter § Sngle sgn-on authentcaton system § Web forum § Web content management system GRN websites A number of projects on the development of new webstes were embarked upon and updated for varous O/M/As. Here are some of the stes developed: § Agrcultural Statstcs and Informaton webste, Mnstry of Agrculture, Water and Rural Development (www.agrstats.gov.na) § Law Reform and Development Commsson of Namba webste (www.lawreform.gov.na) § Mnstry of Home Affars and Immgraton webste (www.mha.gov.na) www.agristats.com.na www.mha.gov.na www.dnea.gov.na www.eservice.net.local 26
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • The followng webstes were revewed and updated: § Mnstry of Labour (www.mol.gov.na) § Integrated Communtes System webste, Mnstry of Labour (www.cs.gov.na) § Mnstry of Safety and Securty (www.mss.gov.na) § Natonal Examnatons and Assessment, Mnstry of Educaton (www.dnea.gov.na) § Intranet Informaton Onlne (e-Servce) webste, Office of the Prme Mnster (www.eservce.net. local) A number of webstes were beng desgned by the end of the reportng perod: § Office of the Prme Mnster § Mnstry of Lands and Resettlement § Mnstry of Justce § Mnstry of Health and Socal Servces § Performance Management System and Job Evaluaton and Gradng Intranet webstes, Office of the Prme Mnster National voters’ polling system The overall msson of the Natonal Voter Regstraton System s to mprove the overall voter regstraton, vettng and votng process through the use of IT. A new pollng system was developed, therefore, whch drectly ntegrates nto the exstng electronc voters’ regster. The new pollng system wll allow voters to be vetted and marked off aganst the voters’ roll durng the votng process. Ths wll reduce the overall tme spent at pollng statons and mprove the overall efficency of the electon process. System maintenance and ICT improvement By the end of the reportng perod, about 30 systems were beng mantaned. The msson of the project to mprove ICT nfrastructure s amed at creatng an envronment that s conducve to gvng effect to all e- government ntatves, amongst whch are the followng: § Network securty Network securty ssues were nvestgated to ensure that the network was secure and safe from vruses, spam mal, and external threats from the Internet. To acheve ths, a firewall, ant-spam and ant-vrus devces were acqured and successfully mplemented at the gateway network. § Network backbone upgrade The government network backbone was upgraded both n terms of hardware/software and bandwdth capacty. The Government now has a 4 Mbps nternatonal lne va satellte, lnkng the network to the rest of the world. § Backup and dsaster recovery ste An off-ste backup and dsaster recovery ste were set up as part of a contngency plan. Government core systems such as the Government network system (GRNnet) and the Mnstry of Fnance’s Integrated Fnancal Management Systems are duplcated and hosted at the ste. § Doman regstratons and admnstraton As part of admnsterng and mantanng the GRNnet, domans regstraton and admnstraton, web hostng, Internet and emal servce provson to O/M/As, and dal-up servces to the publc were offered. 27
    • The table below shows some of the newly regstered domans that have recently joned the GRNnet: O/M/A Domain name Mllennum Challenge Account, Natonal Plannng Commsson mca.gov.na Mnstry of Agrculture, Water and Forestry wawf.gov.na Mnstry of Agrculture, Water and Forestry agrstats.gov.na Mnstry of Justce lawreform.gov.na Mnstry of Labour and Socal Welfare cs.gov.na Mnstry of Safety and Securty mss.gov.na Mnstry of Veterans’ Affars mova.gov.na Natonal Lbrary of Namba nln.gov.na Office of the Employment Equty Commsson eec.gov.na § Regonal connectvty The Office dentfied the need to take the Government Intranet to the regons so that regonal offices could also partcpate n onlne servces such as the Human Resources Informaton Management System, the Integrated Fnancal Management System, and the e-Servce webste exclusve to publc servants. Plans are under way to lnk regonal offices to the government network. Ths s beng done n collaboraton wth other stakeholders such as the Mnstry of Regonal and Local Government, Housng and Rural Development, the Mnstry of Fnance, and Telecom Namba. § Reformulaton of procedures, standards and gudelnes relatng to the web development process E-government servce delvery cannot be realsed wthout the use of an ntegrated webste. It s mperatve, therefore, that proper standards, procedures and gudelnes are adopted and documented by managers and technocrats n web development. Thus, a project was launched to ensure a coordnated approach towards the Government’s webste development and content mantenance, as well as to ensure that each O/M/A web page s need-drven and user-focused. Ths project spells out the sx major phases of the process of webste desgn that O/M/As need to follow n lne wth best practces, namely – § development of strategc objectves § user needs dentficaton § archtecture desgn § mplementaton § web testng, and § web launchng. Ths approach was adopted upon the launch of the new polcy on webste management for the Publc Servce. 28
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • PART C Disaster risk management Durng the reportng perod, the Office coordnated and mplemented two regonal tranng programmes. The first of these nvolved dsaster rsk reducton for all 13 Regons. The objectves of the tranng were to establsh and strengthen dsaster preparedness and the emergency response for Regonal Emergency Management Unts (REMUs). Durng the workshops, the understandng and applcaton of dsaster rsk reducton concepts were enhanced among the partcpants. Coordnaton and response for the Natonal Emergency Management System were also mproved. Ths resulted n – § ncreased poltcal commtment to dsaster rsk reducton at regonal level § mproved capacty for the dentficaton and assessment of dsaster rsks § enhanced knowledge management for dsaster rsk reducton § ncreased nformaton/publc awareness of dsaster rsk reducton, ncludng early warnng systems, and § ncreased capacty for emergency response and preparedness, and n terms of how to formulate a contngency plan. The second tranng programme consttuted a natonal workshop for manstreamng dsaster rsk reducton nto development plannng. It was amed at all stakeholders, and was presented n September 2006 n collaboraton wth the Natonal Plannng Commsson. Reportng back on ther attendance of the World Conference on Early Warnng n Bonn, Germany, from 25–29 March 2006, the Deputy Prme Mnster and the Deputy Drector of the Dsaster and Emergency Management Unt related that early warnng systems could consderably reduce the loss of lfe and property, and that the fundamental precondton for natonal dsaster preparedness was the avalablty of well-functonng end-to-end early warnng systems. The delegaton also learned about key elements of early warnng systems, namely rsk knowledge, generaton of warnngs, dssemnaton of warnngs, and the capacty to respond. Jont crop assessment mssons covered all the sx crop-producng Regons. The am of these mssons was to look at crop prospects (food producton), grazng and ranfall performance records n order to determne whether a relatvely drer season or drought could be expected. Representatves from the Emergency and Management Unt Drectorate also attended the 2006 Annual Food/ Cash-for-Work Tranng and Plannng Workshop. The Drectorate, as a Task Force member, s requred to make a presentaton on relevant matters to the Workshop, as are representatves from the varous regons. Lussese B Camp-Relocation Centre: Caprivi Flood 2007 29
    • The Office asssted the followng communtes that were negatvely affected by heavy rans and floods: Community Nature of impact Nature of assistance No. of people affected Berseba Storm wnds 120 blankets 230 15 tarpaulns 60 jerry cans 4 boxes of soap Mattresses 6 pt latrnes Kabbe Flood 3,000 x 12.5 kg bags of maze meal 6,000 400 boxes of tnned fish 400 boxes of cookng ol 26 tents Sbbnda Heavy rans 250 blankets 1,200 26 tents 60 x 12.5 kg bags of maze meal 22 boxes tnned fish Lnyant Heavy rans and flood 3,000 x 12.5 kg bags of maze meal 375 households Marental Flood 150 tents 4,200 420 mattresses 850 blankets 10 moble tolets 440 boxes of cookng ol 440 boxes of tnned fish Development of a National Policy on Disaster Risk Reduction For the effectve management of dsasters, t s necessary to develop a natonal dsaster management framework to gude the Natonal Dsaster Management System n Namba. It s wthn ths context that a workshop was held n Swakopmund from 7 to 11 November 2006. The workshop was offically opened by the Prme Mnster, who noted that there had been an ncrease n the frequency of and losses assocated wth dsasters n Namba. The outcome of the workshop was the development of a Draft Dsaster Rsk Management Polcy. Ths Polcy made reference to ts South Afrcan counterpart, whch s currently a model n the Southern Afrcan Development Communty regon, as well as to the Zamban Dsaster Management Polcy. GRN trucks off-loading people at Simalala, Zambia during the His Excellency the President of the Republic of Namibia, repatriation (Flood Operation) 2007 Hifikepunye Pohamba and the Caprivi Regional Governor, visiting a relocation centre - (Kabbe B). 2007 Flood 30
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • PART D Effective utilisation of resources Overview The expendture of funds allocated by Parlament on the budget vote for the Office of the Prme Mnster contnues to be properly accounted for and duly authorsed. The requred appropraton reports and other financal statements for the 2007/8 financal year have been completed and submtted to the Office of the Audtor General. No untoward rregulartes on operatons havng financal mplcatons were reported, and expendture was kept n lne wth budget allocatons. One of the hghlghts durng the year under revew was the more consstent applcaton of the Integrated Fnancal Management System n the areas of procurement, budgetng, credtors, and payroll systems. Smlarly, the Office of the Prme Mnster appled sound practces n utlsng ts human resources support servces, as shown by a related audt report ssued by the Publc Servce Commsson. IT support servces began wth a roll-out plan to replace all desktop computers older than five years n the Office of the Prme Mnster wth newer versons. Financial management Medium-term Plan The outcomes and performance measures of MTP III, submtted for the perod 2007/8–2009/10, were measured aganst the followng core programmes (wth budgeted figures) assgned to the Office of the Prme Mnster: Programme Allocation 2005/6 2006/7 2007/8 2008/9 (N$’000) (N$’000) (N$’000) (N$’000) Actual Estimate Estimate Estimate Consttutonal oblgatons of the Prme Mnster and 13,636 15,758 16,962 17,874 Deputy Prme Mnster Publc Servce management and mprovement 41,949 55,254 89,236 80,831 Dsaster recovery and emergency servces 6,229 3,730 9,545 10,540 Total 61,814 74,742 115,743 109,245 P rogramme Alloc ation 100,000 90,000 80,000 70,000 C ons titutional obligations of the P rime 60,000 Minis ter and Deputy P rime Minis ter N$'000s 50,000 P ublic S ervice management and improvement 40,000 Dis as ter recovery and emergency 30,000 s ervices 20,000 10,000 0 2005/06 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 Actual E s timate E s timate E s timate 31
    • The provsonal actual expendture for the prescrbed programmes per category (man dvsons) durng the perod under revew was as follows: Main budget division: 2006/7 budget Budget to 31 % of total Actual % of total March 2007 budget Expenditure Expenditure (N$’000) to 31 March 2007 (N$’000) Office of the Prme Mnster 13,252 17.7 11,530 17.9 Governance of SOEs and Dsaster 5,615 7.5 6,294 9.8 Management Admnstraton 15,924 21.3 13,549 21.0 Publc Servce Management 18,602 24.9 16,254 25.2 Publc Servce Commsson Secretarat 8,878 11.9 8,785 13.6 Publc Servce IT Management 7,034 9.4 5,459 8.5 Constructon - NIPAM 5,437 7.3 2,603 4.0 TOTAL 74,742 100 64,474 100 Main Divis ions : B udget / E xpenditure C omparis ons 20,000 18,000 16,000 14,000 12,000 B udget N$'000s 10,000 E xpenditure 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 0 Admin OPM PSM PSITM Constr. - NIPAM PSCS Gov. of SOEs & DM Main B udget Divis ion: 2006/07 E xpenditure Main B udget Divis ion: 2006/07 B udget Main B udget Divis ion: 2006/07 E xpenditure Main B udget Divis ion: 2006/07 E xpenditure Office of the P rime Minis ter Office of the P rime Office of the P rime Minis ter 4.0% 7. 3% G overnance of S OE s and 8.5% 4.0% 17.9% Minis ter G overnance of S OE s and 8.5%4.0% 17.9% 17. 7% Dis as ter Management 9. 4% G overnance of S OE s and Dis as ter Management 8.5% 17.9% Adminisas ter Management Dis tration tration Adminis 13.6% Adminis tration 13.6% P ublic S ervice 9.8% 7. 5% P ublic S ervice 13.6% 9.8% 11. 9% Management 9.8% Management P ublic S ervice P ublic S ervice S ervice Management P ublic C ommis s ion S ecretariat P ublicommis s ion S ecretariat C S ervice P ublicommis s ionervice IT C S ervice IT S ecretariat P ublic S 25.2% 25.2% 21.0%21.0% 21. 3% ManagementManagement P ublic S ervice IT C onsManagement AM- NIP AM truction -truction C ons NIP 25.2% 21.0% 24. 9% C ons truction - NIP AM 32
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • Categories Budget Actual Expenditure Personnel Expendture 43,810 39,100 Goods and other servces 23,900 21,464 Subsdes and other current transfers 903 834 Furnture and Office Equpment 692 473 Constructon - NIPAM 5,437 2,603 Total 74,742 64,474 C ategories of E xpenditure: 2006/07 50,000 45,000 40,000 35,000 30,000 N$'000s B udget 25,000 E xpenditure 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 Personnel Goods and Constr. - NIPAM other serv. Furn. & Office Subs. & other curr. transfers Expen. Equip. 33
    • Off-budget bank accounts The followng bank accounts were admnstered and montored durng 2006/7 financal year: § National Independence Celebrations Fund Funds on ths account are utlsed to cover expenses relatng to natonal ndependence celebratons. At the end of the reportng perod, the account balance stood at N$1,501,368.96. § Heroes’ Acre Fund The balance on ths account as at 31 March 2007 was N$67,326.58. § National Emergency Disaster Fund At the end of March 2007, an amount of N$8,628,705.55 was avalable on ths account. The account s utlsed for actvtes related to natonal drought and emergency ad schemes. Four accountng staff members are permanently apponted to assst wth the admnstraton of ths Fund. § San Development Account The balance on ths account as at 31 March 2007 was N$102,913.38. § ACBF (Africa Capacity Building Fund) Local Account Funds on ths account are utlsed to cover expenses relatng to the PMS. The account balance as at 31 March 2007 was N$1,382,375.00. § Computer Services Trade Account Ths account s utlsed for transactons that relate to IT ntatves n the varous O/M/As as well as for expendture related to the mantenance of Publc Servce computers. The account s admnstered n terms of the provsons of the State Fnance Act, 1991 (No. 31 of 1991). At the end of the reportng perod the account had a defict of N$5.8 mllon n respect of debt acceptances stll to be processed over the course of the next financal year. 34
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • Procurement Tender Board Durng the perod under revew, 11 formal tenders were requested and approved, whle 2 were cancelled. The approved tenders amounted to N$982,953, made up as follows: Description of tender Amount (N$) Rental of a photocoper machne 40,122 Rental of a photocoper machne (three-year contract), Publc Servce IT Management 64,584 Prntng of the 2004/5 Annual Report 36,000 Prntng of the 2005/6 Annual Report 20,600 Purchase of office furnture for the Charman of the Publc Servce Commsson 28,064 Purchase of computer equpment and related software, Office of the Prme Mnster 417,220 Purchase of computer equpment and related software, Office of the Deputy Prme Mnster 21,530 Purchase of computer equpment and related software, Emergency Management Unt 22,200 Purchase of computer equpment and related software, Prme Mnster’s Dsablty Unt 79,865 Purchase of computer equpment and related software, E-records Management 118,132 Purchase of computer equpment and related software, Publc Servce IT Management 134,635 TOTAL 982,953 The Tender Board also granted exemptons amountng to N$24,222,800 durng the 2006/7 financal year. Of ths amount, the annual general exempton that enables the Office of the Prme Mnster to procure a varety of goods and servces durng the financal year n queston wthout havng to resort to standard Tender Board procedures amounted to N$7,583,426 durng the year under revew. Exemption Amount (N$) Annual General Exempton, Office of the Prme Mnster 7,583,426 Acquston of ron pot applances (Trade account) 969,970 Techncal and networkng servces, system development and qualty assurance 4,893,970 Exhbton stand at Wndhoek Showgrounds 200,000 Appontment of a consultancy firm to develop the draft TESEF 500,000 Purchase of a Human Resource Management System 4,585,248 Appontment of a consultant to assst wth draftng of recommendatons and a report on the remuneraton of 85,000 poltcal office-bearers Mantenance of the Government of the Republc of Namba Enterprse Agreement for three years (Aprl 2007– 5,405,186 March 2010) wth Mcrosoft Inc. TOTAL 24,222,800 The overall procurement statstcs for the Office for the year under revew were as follows: Description Financial year 2006/7 Number of meetngs for economsng commttee on procurement actvtes 11 Number of approved procurement requests 1,743 Value of goods and servces procured N$4,412,397.59 35
    • Asset management The Office of the Prme Mnster s regstered as a stock control pont n Wndhoek n accordance wth Treasury Instructons and the Stock Control Manual. As the headquarters, t s requred to admnster nne dstrbuton ponts n Wndhoek and Swakopmund. The Office’s Stocktakng Board conducted stocktakng at all dstrbuton ponts durng the year under revew. By the end of the reportng perod, they were busy wth stock verficatons to determne surpluses, deficences, redundant and worn tems, and damaged tems. Recommendatons as to these categores wll be forwarded to Treasury for approval. The followng dstrbuton pont verficaton sheets were completed: Publc Servce Commsson Secretarat (Unted House), Publc Servce Informaton Technology Management, Emergency Management Unt, Luna Court, Neserhus Flat No. C4, Central Governance Agency, the Prme Mnster’s offical resdence n Swakopmund. The Office’s own verficaton sheets and an nvestgaton of deficences at all dstrbuton ponts had not been finalsed by the end of the reportng perod. Transport The Office’s permanent fleet comprsed 50 offical vehcles and three motorcycles at the end of the perod under revew. Durng ths perod, the Government Garage asssted the Office on varous occasons wth pool vehcles to enable staff and consultants to fulfil ther tasks n lne wth ther mandates. For the 2006/7 financal year, only one accdent was reported. It nvolved a BMW vehcle, regstraton No. GRN 186, CR. 709/12/06, and occurred on 16 December 2006. The clam aganst the Government amounted to N$18,000. Description of transport expenditure item Amount (N$) Fxed tarff clams 2,690,160 Pool vehcles 66,712 Penalty tarff clams 56,568 Hred vehcles 109,940 Fuel clams 42,920 Vehcle accdent clams 233,286 Total 3,199,589 (est.) Registry The Regstry of the Office of the Prme Mnster classfied and screened about 4,000 files from Publc Servce Management. They wll now forward a submsson to the Natonal Archves for a decson regardng whether the files are to be retaned as future records or dsposed of. In collaboraton wth the Natonal Archves, the Office nsttuted a Natonal Steerng Commttee on E- records Management. The Commttee was nvolved wth formulatng polcy and scrutnsng the procedures to be followed n mplementng E-records Management n the Office as a plot project. A project team has been vstng varous mnstres to determne the status quo at ther Regstry offices n order to make sutable recommendatons on the way forward. Some members of the project team undertook Internatonal study tours to equp themselves wth the necessary knowledge and sklls, and to wtness and assess progress made by other countres thus far n mplementng e-records management systems. 36
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • Information Technology Management Overview of Objectives and Functions The objectve of the OPM Informaton Systems unt s to provde hardware and software support and mantenance, as well as strategc forward plannng for IT to all Departments, Drectorates and Unts at the OPM, excludng the Department of Publc Servce IT Management (DPSITM). Other servces carred out nclude assstance wth specal IT related projects such as the new Human Resources Management system, the Mcrosoft Lcensng Agreement wth Government, representaton of OPM on the Publc Servce Commttee on IT (PSCOIT), the management of all OPM IT related hardware and software purchases, repars, ndvdual user support and tranng, as well as the admnstraton of the IT equpment nventory and assocated software lcensng. Projects / Operations / Programmes Completed and / or Undertaken In lne wth the stated objectves and functons, the major actvtes centred around first level hardware and software support to all users, fixng of hardware related ssues, acquston and mplementaton of 2-year 200 Corporate Ant-Vrus clent-server lcenses at OPM HQ, Unted House and the Emergency Management Unt (EMU) and the drawng up of specficatons for the acquston of new hardware and software. IT-related support was also provded to the newly-establshed Ant-Corrupton Commsson. OPM IT Networks: Internal IT networks receved much attenton durng the year, wth some emphass beng placed on testng and mplementng new wreless network technology. The hghlghts nclude: § A wreless network and Internet server soluton was mplemented at the Ant-Corrupton Commsson. Ths soluton was revsted and expanded when the ACC moved to new offices n the Frans Indongo Buldng, Wndhoek cty centre. § A new wreless network and Internet soluton s planned for the HIV/AIDS and Performance Management Systems (Namba) unts. A connecton to the Government Intranet wll be nstalled early n the new financal year. § A wreless network access pont was nstalled on the fifth floor of OPM HQ to test wreless nterconnectvty wth the exstng LAN and to provde moble access for management wth wreless enabled laptops. So far the equpment has performed flawlessly. § All wreless networks nstalled are “closed”, beng access restrcted wth the latest encrypton technques. § The network at Unted House (Wndhoek) s n the process of beng upgraded wth half of the swtches havng been replaced durng the current financal year. The rest of the network wll be upgraded durng the next financal year. 37
    • Hardware Acquired and Retired: Outsde of the Redundant PC Replacement Programme (see below), 10 new PCs were purchased durng the 2006/2007 financal year. Major actvtes related to ths were: § Configurng the new PCs – brngng the operatng system up to date and nstallng Ant-vrus and other protecton software ncludng configurng ther network settngs n a consstent way and recordng all hardware and software seral numbers and ther other vtal statstcs nto the nventory database. 60 very old PCs were retred durng the year and 5 PCs from ECU were reassgned as part of the Redundant PC Replacement Programme. Other specalsed acqustons ncluded the specal Bralle hardware and software purchased for a sght mpared staff member of the OPM Dsablty Unt. The current nventory of PCs at OPM (excludng DPSITM) now stands at 187. Redundant PC Replacement Programme Ths Programme s ntended to make redundant PC replacement an annual actvty so that approxmately 25% of all OPM PCs (excludng DPSITM) are replaced each year, so that ultmately no PC hardware wll be older than 4 years. Ths year 65 new PCs were acqured as a start to the mplementaton of ths Programme – 60 ordnary PCs and 5 laptop PCs – wth 60 old PCs beng taken out of servce and 5 others beng redeployed. ICT Experiential Student Employment Programme Durng ths financal year OPM, once agan, employed Polytechnc ICT experental students on a temporary 6 month contractual bass. A total of 8 students were employed under contract. By the end of the financal year, however, they were beng traned as specalst Oracle database admnstrators and programmers for IFMS. After ther Oracle tranng s complete, t s ntended to deploy or place them n varous posts wthn Government mnstres. 38
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • Human Resources Administration OPM Post establishment The sze of the establshment of the OPM now comprses of 312 posts. The most recent data ndcates staff members on the establshment numbered 231 comprsng varous categores. Thus, 81 posts were vacant. Ths number excludes ncumbents of Poltcal Office Bearer postons. The table below (Appendx 1) shows a breakdown of the OPM staff complement. In addton, the followng projects been wll be created n the near future and 30 addtonal posts wll be created whch wll expand the overall establshment: § Electronc Documentaton and Records Management System Project (EDRMS) § Namba Insttute for Publc Admnstraton Management (NIPAM) § Human Resource Captal Management System (HCMS) Recruitment/turnover: The Personnel component admnstered the permanent appontment of 8 dsadvantaged females and 6 dsadvantaged males, 3 contract and 9 dsadvantaged temporary staff members, handled 14 promotons of dsadvantaged staff members, 9 transfers from other O/M/A’s and translated nto new ranks. 5 staff members were transferred to other O/M’s/A’s. 15 staff members resgned. Affirmative Action: The OPM revsed ts Affirmatve Acton Plan and submtted a new Plan for the perod 2006-2007 whch was approved by the Employment Equty Commsson. Among the ssues addressed n the Plan are: § Redesgnng of buldngs and upgrade of facltes for access of persons wth dsabltes § The ntroducton of a system to ensure equal dstrbuton of job assgnments § The ntroducton of a support system and tranng for dsadvantages groups § Career advancement programmes Leave: Study leave wth full remuneraton for one year each was granted to two staff members to study towards Master’s degrees abroad. The Personnel Office captures personal nformaton of staff members, salary detals, onto the HRIMS as well as housng subsdes and nstalments, salary ncrements, offical accommodaton deducton and leave . The component also admnstered the leave postons of 50 Poltcal Office Bearers. Training: Four staff members were equpped wth new computers and on-the-job tranng was provded to operate the computers. Proper usage of the HRIMS was mplemented. Staff members wll receve tranng n the near future on the new HCMS system. The OPM was the first amongst all the Offices/ Mnstres/ Agences that was used as a plot for the project HCMS system. 30 OPM staff members, attended non-qualfyng tranng courses locally and abroad. Financial Assistance toward formal qualifications: Fnancal assstance was granted to 25 staff members at the OPM to mprove qualficatons. 39
    • Appendix 1 ESTABLISHMENT OUTLINE (PER PROGRAM) INCLUDING EMPLOYMENT EQUITY POSITION (2004) COMPONENT NUMBER OF POSTS MALE FEMALE DISADVAN- ADVAN- VACANT POSTS FILLED TAGED TAGED POSTS Prme Mnster’s Bureau 31 17 8 9 17 0 14 Deputy Mnster’s Prvate 13 12 8 4 12 0 1 Office Department 57 52 20 32 49 1 5 Admnstraton and Informaton Technology Management (ncludng PS Office and Internal audt) Publc Servce 79 64 37 27 57 6 15 Management (HRM, HRD, MS) Publc Servce 28 24 9 13 22 2 4 Commsson Secretarat Publc Servce 56 23 15 8 22 3 33 Informaton Technology Management Emergency Management 31 23 13 10 23 0 8 Unt Efficency and Charter 6 6 2 4 5 1 0 Unt SPECIAL PROJECTS (PROVISIONAL POSTS) Performance Management 2 2 2 0 2 0 0 State Owned Enterprses 6 6 2 4 5 1 0 Governance Councl HIV/AIDS Unt 3 2 1 1 2 0 1 TOTAL 312 231 117 114 217 14 81 40
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • Appendix 2 ORGANOGRAM OF THE OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER (at date of ssue) Broad Structure of the Office of the Prime Minister Prime Minister’s Bureau Rt. Hon. Prme Mnster: Mr. Nahas Angula Poltcal Advsor: Mr. Moses !Omeb Specal Assstant: Mr. Penda Namuhuja Deputy Drector Communcaton: Ms. Carolne Stongo Deputy Prime Minister’s Bureau Deputy Prme Mnster: Dr. Lbertne Amathla Specal Assstant: Mr. Bernard Swartboo Deputy Drector Specal Project: Mr. Gerson Kamatuka Permanent Secretary’s Office Permanent Secretary: Mrs. Nangula Mbako Admnstratve Assstant: Vacant Department Public Service Commission Department Public Service Management Secretariat Under Secretary: Mrs. Martha Mbombo Under Secretary: Mr. Mori Kavitjene Drector (Human Resource Development): Ms. Sabne Kownatzk Drector Drector (Audtng): Ms. Pamela Hoebes Drector (Management Servces): Mr. Etenne Martz Deputy Drector (Staffing): Ms. Francenah Shkongo Drector (Human Resource Management): Mr. Axel Kessler Department Public Service Information Department Administration and Information Technology Management Technology Management Under Secretary: Mrs. Nangula Hamutenya Under Secretary: Mr. Gordon Elliott Drector (Qualty Assurance): Vacant Deputy Drector (Personnel and Auxlary Servces): Drector (Techncal Support Dvson): Mr. Erastus Amutenya Ms. Rachel Gowases Drector (System Development & Implementaton): Deputy Drector (Fnance): Mrs. Mary Maswahu Mr. Frans van Staden Efficiancy & Charter Unit Director Emergency Management Director: Mr. Steven Isaack Acting Director: Mr. Gabriel Kangowa Deputy Drector: Ms. Inge Murang Deputy Drector: Mr. Frances Kooper Deputy Drector: Ms. Yrka Martz Actng Deputy Drector: Ms. Judth Malambo Central Governance Agency Executive Director: Mr. Lazarus Uaandja Chef Fnance Officer: Vacant Chef Legal Officer: Ms. Irene Vsser 41
    • Natonal Sectoral Decentralsaton Office/Mnstry/Agency Servce Delvery Improvement Intatves (SDIIs) Unt to Indvdual Charter for the Publc Servce n Afrca Servce Delvery & Employees Systems Ctzens Employees Development Improvement Empowerment Development Decentralsaton • Pocket Gude • Common • Common Servce • EMP P • e-Handbook Assesment Charters • frcan A • Emloyee Framework • Servve Drectory Governance Satsfacton (CAF) • Customer Inventory Survey • -Governance e Satsfacton Survey (AGI) • Strategc Generc • Customer Programmes Feedback System 42
    • • OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER • ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007 • Vson 2030 Natonal Development Plans (NDPs) Medum Term Plans (MTPs/MTEF/PEMP Performance Management Decentralsaton e-Governance System (PMS) Strategc Plans Human Resources Informaton Management System (HRIMS) Management Plans e-Records Management & Documentaton System Performance Agreements Intergrated Fnancal Management Sysyem Personal Development Plans Performance Assessments Performance Recognton Decentralsaton 43
    • NOTES: 44
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