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Eureka! English

  1. 1. Eureka! I’ve got it!!! A 4-Day Transformative Intensive With UPEN CHOKSHI Corporate trainer Company Success Coach
  2. 2. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! People are Pure Potential People are Pure Possibilities We do not know who we are until we see what we can do. - Martha Grimes
  3. 3. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! This fundament makes the basis for the Eureka! Experience Training. The Training aims to uncover the hidden potential of the individual, allows the people to get in touch with their inner greatness and support them to move into life with confidence, commitment and quality. The purpose is to live one’s fullest potential and live the life of immense possibilities.
  4. 4. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! This is what most of us know ……….
  5. 5. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! This way of living is the result of: - Constraints of the Past - Immobilization because of Emotions - Inability to handle Fears - Unsure about Life Goals - Non-understanding of Universal Principles - Distorted view of Reality - Living the life “inside the box” - And ….. And ….. And …… The result is the Life of Struggle.
  6. 6. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! The Eureka! Experience Training offers transformative perspective to life: The Life of ease, the life of joy, the life of fulfillment.
  7. 7. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! All of us have had moments in our life when we succeed without any obvious effort, times when we perform superbly well, times when the actions move more gracefully …… in fact, these are the moments when the time itself seems to have stopped!!!!!! We are never quite sure how that happens or how to make such thing happen again. This way of functioning is not a matter of ability or education or smartness. It can not be taught, explained, or practiced.
  8. 8. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! This state is like learning to balance a bicycle. At some critical moment, you FEEL that you now KNOW! – you KNOW that you CAN balance the bicycle. There are no doubts, no questions. This is the state when you FEEL – Aahaa……….. Aahaa……….. I’ve got it!! We call this ………. Eureka! Experience.
  9. 9. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! Normal, standard education method/trainings teaches new concepts & philosophy which you try to remember and work out how to apply them in real-life situation. The conventional educational methods focus on content building, adding facts, rules, techniques, or skills to our existing knowledge. Eureka! Experiential Training is beyond “more, better, different” and that’s why we call it Transformative Experience.
  10. 10. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! Eureka! Processes Of course, some of the processes are emotional The participants undergo and uncomfortable, the various experiential ultimate goal is to reach a processes to uncover their moment when you “KNOW” hidden context, the source that the new ability is yours. of struggle in life, their This creates the “Aahaa….” repeated patterns which Experience and this remains keep them in vicious circle with you forever. of emotional drama, their The constraints from the past fears and their self-worth disappear. Thoughts, issues. feelings, behavior and actions changes.
  11. 11. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! Eureka! Methodology The methodology employed is The methodology allows the more like coaching than participants to learn by teaching; it’s more like direct personal discovery so conversation than a lecture. that the results are longer- The participants are guided to lasting and the new ability shift their focus from remains with you forever – content to Context of their similar to riding a bicycle. life – the operating platform On having this personal from which to view the life discovery, a new realm of circumstances. possibilities opens up in life.
  12. 12. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! Eureka! Methodology The “reality” is viewed with The whole “past” gets this transformed transformed perspective. perspective and this gives With this comes the peace the motivation to move in with the past. life with courage, The emotional melodrama confidence and stability. gets handled and the With the clarity about the situations which normally “context” comes the immobilize people, become freedom and ability to take the source of creating actions for reaching the life breakthrough in life. goals.
  13. 13. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! The change is immediate, dramatic and without effort. The participants experience major positive results in various areas of their life, including: - The quality of their relationships - The degree to which they enjoy life - The enhanced performance in productivity of results - The increased confidence to face the circumstances - The ease of taking actions “beyond the box” - Harnessing the fear and becoming unstoppable - New level of happiness, satisfaction & fulfilment
  14. 14. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! Some major shift in life includes: - Freedom to be at ease no matter what the circumstances - The power to be effective in those areas of life that matters most to you - Seeing new possibilities for effective actions in everyday matters The training has a direct effect in various areas of life including relationships, money, fitness, creativity, and many more.
  15. 15. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! The result is a life of balance, calm and action.
  16. 16. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! The fundamental principles of Eureka! is to have the people, organizations and communities have the possibility of not only SUCCESS, but also to live the life to their greatest potential. It is to this possibility that you are invited to a 4-day Transformative Intensive.
  17. 17. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! The Eureka! Experience Training is for people who want to keep moving into life, keep on extending the boundaries of what they know is possible, people who want to be ‘the cause’ in life rather than be a ‘victim’ to circumstances. The ultimate Eureka! Experience is: Aahaa……….. Aahaa……….. I’ve got it!!!
  18. 18. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! Life is a beautiful journey if it is a process of constant learning, exploration. Then it is excitement every moment, because every moment you are opening a new door, every moment you are coming in contact with a new mystery.
  19. 19. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! Eureka! Offers you an opportunity to experience the miracle of the life …..… With UPEN CHOKSHI
  20. 20. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! About the Trainer UPEN CHOKSHI is a native of India and at present divides his time between the sub-continent and Europe. He has been on a journey of self- actualization since 1979. He became Reiki master in 1992. Since 1992 has led the Core Empowerment Training, the Core Abundance Seminar, Metaphysics of Money Mastery Training, Relationship Seminar, Self Mastery Training, and other related topics in India, Dubai, USA and Europe, particularly in Hungary, England, Scotland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Upen holds a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Business Management Diploma from one of the most prestigious institutes of higher learning in Bombay. Before he embarked on his path as a seminar leader, he worked as a Business Consultant, Production/Design Engineer, and owned and managed two highly successful chemical manufacturing plants. Now, he offers advanced long-term training programs to businesses, particularly to senior executives, company directors and professionals to help inspire their transition from success to self-fulfilment. Being an entrepreneur by training and inclination, one of his main goals naturally, is to bring about a wholesome shift of consciousness in the corporate world. For details of his schedule of events and further information on the content and purpose of his programs, you may contact him via e-mail at: OR call: +423 79 10901
  21. 21. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Chinese proverb Here is an opportunity to take action and make a shift in the way the life of miracle opens up …..
  22. 22. UPEN CHOKSHI Eureka! I’ve got it!!! Eureka! Experience is a 4-Day Intensive, normally taking place over the week-end. Friday: 1900 - 2300 Saturday: 1000 - 2300 For the further information about the next Sunday: 1000 - 1600 available training, location and dates, Tuesday: 1900 – 2300 contact the local office in Turkey: Helga Artner /Mualla Neval Hallaçoğlu Breaks are approximately every 2 hours and REİKİ SAĞLIKLI YAŞAM DERNEĞİ BAŞKANI there will be a lunch break at Kurtuluş Mah. Şinasi Efendi Cad. appropriate time. Saatçı Apt. No. 36/A The Training takes place in a comfortable Adana Türkiye hotel. Tel. No: 009 322 456 10 81 GSM : 0533 638 89 54