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Strategic Planning Workshop
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Strategic Planning Workshop


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Strategic Planning Workshop

Strategic Planning Workshop

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  • 1. STEP 1a. What’s Working? What’s Not Working?
    • What is WORKING in your organization until now?
    • What is NOT WORKING in your organization?
      • This is not what should be, but what is.
      • Ideas for the future are next.
    • Write Yellow FACT cards: (You can write cards for each other.)
    • One FACT per card (information, opinion, questions)
    • Full thought or sentence
    • Concrete and Specific ( W -working, NW -not working)
    • Readable
    • Name/Initials (optional) and Date
  • 2. STEP 1b. Share Facts
    • Put your cards on a nearby wall or window.
    • Put similar ones together in a column or cluster.
    • Name the columns or clusters. Write the name on a Pink card and put it by the Facts .
    • Read all the cards that people at your table wrote.
    • Talk about them so you understand what everyone meant.
  • 3. Your organization at its best
    • What would be the characteristics of your organization if it was the best it could be in __ year(s) from now?
    • Write blue IDEA cards: (You can write cards for each other.)
    • One IDEA per card (the details of what would make your organization ideal)
    • Full thought or sentence
    • Concrete and Specific
    • Readable
    • Name/Initials (optional) and Date
  • 4. Result: A thoroughly planned and aligned organizational plan
    • Goals (What are the primary outcomes you want to achieve in the timeframe)
    • Actions (How to achieve each Goal)
    • Measures (How to determine progress)
    • Accountability (Who is responsible)
    • Cost/Benefit (Investment and return)
    • Timeline (What happens when)
  • 5. Strategic Planning (X-matrix) 15 14 13 12 X 11 X O X X 10 X X O O X X 9 X X X O O X 8 X X O O X 7 X O X O X 6 X O O O O X O X 5 X X O O X X 4 X X O O O X 3 X X O X X X 2 X O O O X X 1 X O O O ACTIONS GOALS MEASURES III II I COST BENEFIT a b c d e f g h I j k l m aa bb cc dd ee ff gg hh X X A X O X X X O X O Who is Responsible X B X X X X X X X C X O O X O X O X = Strong Relationship X D O O X X O O O O = Weak Relationship X X E O X X O F
  • 6. Strategic Planning (X-matrix)