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Upcea presenation

Upcea presenation






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  • Introduce OurselvesNancy to Introduce BrandmanGoing to discuss a formula that most already doing if not in program development, for your own career pathsAssessing where you are/where you want to go/gaps id’d
  • RCB
  • RCBWhy this fuzzy scantron picture – how does this apply?My favorite answer on the multiple choice quiz is D. All of the Above
  • RCBFocus on how process was used with Camp Pendleton Supply Battalion to develop training/education program to address supply chain requirements and needsWhy did the Command of supply battalion care?
  • NSPartnerWhat was Command’s goals? If don’t know this, you can’t develop outcomesYou need to understand your partner’s motivationTheir constituents = Marines and others working on logistics—bean, bullets & band aids
  • NSAs with all program developmentCustom curriculum is not magical or differentBU Ex Ed provides academic credit
  • NSObjectives in mind/subject matter in mindBe realistic about goals and ogjectivesWill need champions as well as the detail folksNeed several angles coveredNeed devil’s advocateEveryone to the table with different perspectives and perhaps initially different agendasHere—how chose specific task force….
  • NSWork will include 50,000 ft view as well as the detailsExample—need to be strategic in the mission but partner will expect to also hear the details of delivery, how address certain subject matter areas, etcLooking across the supply chain at objectives hereWanted to examine each job requirement and each juncture along the chain
  • NSOutcomes for the task forceHere—defining what part of the supply chain training needed and would be addressed what would the outcomes for that training look like what subject matter needs to be covered—here = basic supply chain overview, leadership, PM
  • NSNeeds assessmentDon’t reinvent the wheel and don’t fix something that isn’t brokenPartner is already vested in what they provide training and ed-wise and probably think they do a great job of itHere—already have basic supply chain training at Camp LeJeune went through curriculum together
  • NSProvides the reason the program is being developedMakes the program relevant and provides the valueEstablishes the starting pointIdentifies the partners expectations for it constituentsFor Marines—easy since have MOS roadmaps with a lot of detail as to job descriptions, voluntary training, mandatory trainingQuestion becomes—where does the program we’re developing fit in?
  • NS
  • NSCP exampleMapping told us:Most have only high school diplomaMost have had boot camp and basic supply chain trainingIdentified the career paths and what attributes and job skills required at each stepIdentified prior training and what training outcomes would be emphasized for each career stepResulted in determination to develop 2 academic credit bearing courses with deep dive options for certifications in supply chain (APICS) and PM
  • RCBBudget and funding always a consideration no matter who payingHere—Command paying but still need to determine where funds will be coming fromIf individs paying and not a military based program, may still have military benes
  • RCBIt’s all about the partner’s mindset and objectivesWhere is the synergy between what the University needs to accomplish and what the partner needs to accomplishAre we making this easy for the partner to accept and incorporate into their business as usualWith CP incorporated business challenge into the curriculum; defined by Command; resulted in students working on a CP concern during class
  • RCB
  • RCBCycle back to defined objectives and goalsAre we meeting those?What value has already been demonstratedWhat should start, stop, continue
  • RCB**don’t overlook any stakeholdersGood time to build bank of testimonials for future use
  • RCB and NS
  • NSSame program/new partner
  • NSSame process and partner/new program
  • NSSame development process/new program/ new partner

Upcea presenation Upcea presenation Presentation Transcript

  • University/Marine Corps Partnership
    Supply Chain Focused Program Mapped to Career Paths and Skills
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=WDbmmgGRLgM&vq=medium#t=38
  • Multiple ChoiceAll of the Above
  • What Happened to CLR 15 in Afghanistan in 2009?
    Emergency Deployment on Short Notice
    Remote, Treacherous, Austere Environment
    Supply 45,000 Widely Dispersed Troops
    Assignment Pushed Limits
    Education Training & Leadership Gaps
    Presented as Death Risks
  • Marine Corps Goals?
    Improve Chance of Survival in War
    Improve Supply Chain Operations
    Increase Corps Professionalism
    Understand/Adopt Corporate Best Practices
    Bridge Education and Training Gaps
    Kick Start College and Professional Aspirations
  • University Goals?
    Create Degree Completion Opportunities
    Grow Enrollments
    Develop Custom Credit Bearing Curriculum
    Develop a Replicable/Multi Use Program
    Embrace Multiple/Flexible Funding Sources
  • Who What & WhyA Task Force Develops
    Nancy Salzman
    Dean, Extended Education
    Kurt Takamine
    Dean, School of Business
    Ruth Claire Black
    AVC, Military Education
    Helen Eckmann
    Faculty, School of Business
    Pamela Monaco
    Dean, Arts & Sciences
    LtCol Jaime Collazo
    Commander, CLR 15
    MGySgt Smith Kevin D.
    "Sergeant Major“, CLR 15
    Major, Michelle Ayers
    CLR 15 Executive Officer “XO”
    Robert Broussard
    OIC Process Reform Center
    SMU, 1st Supply Bn, CLR-15, 1st MLG
  • Working Together
    Draft the Quarterback and Name the Skill Positions
    B. Build Trust and Relationships
    C. Patience and Hard Work
    D. “The Devil is in the Details”
  • What Creates the Foundation?
    A. Collaborative Goal Setting
    B. Shared Expected Outcomes
    C. Interdisciplinary Team Based Curriculum Development
  • How to Begin?
    A. What Training and Education is in Place?
    B. Who Took the Current Training?
    C. When and How Was the Current Training Delivered?
    D. Assess Options to Build on Current Training
    E. Avoid Overlap and Repetition
    F. Level Skill Sets
  • Roadmaps?
  • Mapping Resources?
    A. Understand the Vision Mission & Values of your Partners
    B. Tools of the Trade
    • Gap Analysis
    • Needs Assessment
    • Custom Survey Tools
    Collect Job Descriptions
  • Why is Mapping Important?
    Define and Illustrate Career Paths
    Define and Illustrate Degree Paths
    Define and Illustrate Certification Options
    D. Define and Illustrate Certificate Options
  • Budget and Funding Considerations
    A. Tuition Assistance
    B. GI Benefits
    C. Veterans and Transition Programs
    D. Financial Aid
    E. Scholarship Opportunities
    F. Workforce Development Funds
    G. State and Federal Grant Opportunities
    Family and Friends
    All of the Above
  • Sale Techniques
    A. Showing Value
    B. Showing Value
    C. Showing Value
    D. Showing Value
    E. Showing Value
    F. Showing Value
    G. Showing Value
    H. Showing Value
    I. All of the Above
  • Pilot
  • Assessment and Continuous Improvement
    Keys To Success in Assessment
    A. Not the Place to Skimp
    B. Honesty
    C. Make Changes Proactively
    Living Process
    All of the Above
  • Assessment and Improvement Tactics
    Key Tactics for Success in Assessment
    • Students
    • Stakeholders
    Course Assessment
    Objective Realization
    All of the Above
  • What Are the Biggest Challenges?
    A. Learning a Foreign Language
    B. Building a Partnership
    C. “The Devil is in the Details”
    D. Stay Flexible
    Active Listening
    All of the Above
  • Victory!
    From: Camp Pendleton
    To: NCAS Miramar
    and beyond …..
  • and beyond …..
    From: Logistics
    To: Leadership
    and beyond …..
  • and beyond …..
    From: The Marine Corps
    To: County Offices
    and beyond …..
  • Questions
    Round Table
  • Nancy Salzman
    Dean, Extended Education
    Ruth Claire Black
    Associate Vice Chancellor
    Military Education and Strategic Partnerships