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  • 1.
    • What’s The Big Idea??
    • UPCEA Career & Economic Development Forum
    • January 13, 2011
    • Bili Mattes
  • 2. Let’s Get the Conversation Going!
    • At your table:
    • Pick a facilitator – your job is to keep the conversation going and make sure everyone participates including you
    • Pick a scribe – to record all the good conversation you will have
    • Introduce yourselves to one another – name, institution, position, and how long you’ve been in cont. higher ed
    • Discuss these questions…
    • 1. What is your approach to strategic planning now?
    • 2. What is your process?
    • 3. What challenges do you face with strategic planning?
    • You have about 10 minutes….GO!
  • 3. Key Elements of Strategic Planning/Plans
    • Develop communications strategy
    • Establish and convene a strategic planning task force
    • SWOT; enviro scan, competitor analysis
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Critical success factor/outcomes/impacts
    • Strategies and actions for objectives
    • Prioritized implementation schedule; time targets
  • 4. Key Challenges
    • More opportunities than resources
    • Dinosaurs live and are big!
    • Time and timeliness
    • Things change – ongoing need to change the plan
    • Plan in isolation
    • Some say it is a waste of energy
    • Sits on a shelf
  • 5. Sometimes it feels like….
  • 6. A Cure?
    • Tell a compelling/interesting story
    • What to focus on
    • Context that makes sense and you can follow
  • 7.  
  • 8.  
  • 9.  
  • 10. The Source If You Are Interested
    • David McCandless
    • His books…
    • Information is Beautiful
    • The Visual Miscellaneum
    • His websites…
    • [email_address]
    • Google David McCandless TED and check out his TED talk on YouTube
  • 11. How Can We Conceptualize Being Strategic Differently?
    • Focusing for success – what’s out there; what’s important
    • Key trends and issues in relationship to program and marketing objectives
    • Avoid tedious thinking
    • Start with the big picture
  • 12. The Big Idea Approach
    • Select big ideas around which to grow your programs, services, revenues, and reputation
    • A big idea should connect to your institution on a broader basis to build internal stakeholders
    • A big idea should be relevant and timely but also have longevity; connected to workforce of today or future
    • Becomes a rallying, outreach, organizing and strategic focus
    • Helps you say no and goodbye to dinosaurs
    • Helps you say hello to, and cultivate, internal and external partners
    • Builds a spectrum of related but diverse programs for your institution
  • 13. At Harrisburg University
    • We are a STEM institution – so that is our first filter
    • We start with the phrase “the application and integration of technology to…”
    • Big Ideas (connected to priority industries/occupations)
    • the teaching and learning process
    • the safety of the food chain
    • business and decision making
    • There are a couple more, but these become our core strategic ideas…but we are not above being opportunistic
  • 14. Visual Representation of One Big Idea
  • 15. Concept Mapping and Data Visualization A Couple of Tools
    • MindMeister. com
    • Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition
    • (CMapTools)
  • 16. Now It’s Your Turn!
    • What are the high priority industries in your area?
    • What are the economic development priorities?
    • What are key academic strengths in your institution?
    • For what do you want to be known as the “go to” place?
    • What areas will allow you to win friends and influence people internally and externally?
    • Where is everyone else…not, not yet or not much?
  • 17.
    • Here’s Wishing You Bold Thinking and Big Ideas !