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  • PRESENTER COMMENTS: Welcome Introductions Information will be gathered during the registration process on the following: How long have they been advising Level of knowledge about CLEP Are they from 2-year or 4-year institutions; public or private Comment on the makeup of the audience.
  • Staff Branding Workshop February 2004 connect to college success Pam-About 1/3 of CLEP exams administered annually are administered to military. The College Board and CLEP have worked with the Department of Defense for over 30 years to provide credit-by exam opportunities to the military. CLEP is the most widely used CBE program for the military. Military service members are fully funded for their CLEP exam fees.
  • Pam
  • 01/20/11 Pam-These are the current exams that CLEP offers. As of June 30, 2010, the three current composition exams will retire and will be replaced by CLEP’s new College Composition and Composition Modular exams. These new Composition exams missed the timeline for the CSU GEAC review this past year, but we will ask for review and addition of the new exams to this policy in the coming year. Notice- the highlighted exam titles represent the exams guaranteed credit by the new CSU policy, but institutions who wish to award credit for exams not highlighted are free to do so. If you need more information about downloading the Test Information Guides for learn more about any of CLEP exams-INCLUDING INFORMATION ABOUT THE NEW COMP EXAMS, please contact me for the login and password. Clarification- There is little reference today to “the General Exams” but for those who remember this term, it relates to CLEP exams that do not necessarily correspond to a single course, but provide more of an interdisciplinary measure of knowledge, such as Social Sciences and History (not recommended for credit or CSU GE Breadth) and Natural Sciences (is recommended for 3 semesters credit and satisfies CSU GE-Breadth). Cindy-I will mention that I decided to list the CLEP Exams in groups in our catalog to mirror the CLEP website and like you did on slide #5.
  • Pam CLEP composition exams are important to colleges : currently 2,500 colleges accept credit for at least one of the current composition exams. Note: ACE stands behind the credit recommendations for all 5 exams—the 3 that are retiring and the 2 new exams. It is important to note that colleges will receive scores for the 3 retiring examinations in the coming years. The launch of the new composition exams should not have any impact on colleges’ decisions to grant credit for the retiring 3 exams.
  • 01/20/11 33 exams July 1.
  • Pam What is your institution doing to engage first and second year students and support the academic momentum so critical for persistence and success? Would acceleration opportunities through credit by examination offer opportunities to boost academic momentum?
  • Pam to bring you more information focused on college completion, the CB offers a new interactive site, state by state data, guide, and resources
  • Staff Branding Workshop February 2004 connect to college success Pam CLEP composition exams are important to colleges Note that these include both National and DANTES. College Math: 57% DANTES College Algebra: 40% DANTES A&I: 37% DANTES Sociology: 29% DANTES Spanish: 10% DANTES
  • Pam
  • Pam- the next few slides provide more information about CLEP and the candidates who take CLEP. We use these slides when delivering advising workshops at your institutions ( with refreshments!) to help advisors know more about the program and how to identify potential CLEP candidates. CLEP serves many different kinds of students. This list shows the types of students who have traditionally benefited the most from CLEP. We encourage advisors to offer CLEP to these students as an academic option.
  • Pam We have been talking about national, meaning non-military, exam takers. Military service members and military veterans are a growing population of CLEP exam takers, so we want to give you some information on CLEP for military and veterans. CLEP exams are free to eligible military personnel and eligible civilian employees. That includes (Active Duty and Reserve) - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, Army Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Navy Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve, Army and Air National Guard Military veterans can seek reimbursement from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for CLEP exams and fees. With the passing of the new GI Assistance Bill, veterans familiar with CLEP will look for “military friendly” institutions to honor the transfer of CLEP credit to expedite their progress toward earning a degree. Nearly 72,000 funded CLEP exams were administered to military personnel in FY 07-08. Many of these exams were administered on college campuses. Information for military and veterans is provided on the CLEP Web site. IN CASE THE QUESTION COMES UP: Most all military bases offer paper-based testing – there are only 14 exams, however. CLEP is currently working to add on-base national CBT test centers to the test center search. That information should be available by Feb 2008. Those centers will have a military icon next to their names.
  • Pam A 2008 survey of national test takers, however, identified other populations who can also benefit from CLEP advisement.
  • Staff Branding Workshop February 2004 connect to college success Pam There are no age requirements for CLEP.
  • These are some examples of the CLEP materials, brochures, information, and test preparation aids for students that are available from the CLEP website free of charge (unless otherwise specified).
  • Pam The test center director can give you information that will help students: hours of operation, registration procedures, whom to contact and a telephone number or email address, and so forth. Other key contacts are the registrar, admission, and advising office. Does your financial aid office need information about CLEP? Do incoming students know about CLEP opportunities prior to enrolling in introductory courses?
  • “ It takes a village” to help your students succeed at your college. When you put policy and other prior learning assessment information in the hands of your staff, you are helping a student make appropriate choices in their academic career. In a 2008 survey of candidates, more than 60% indicated that their adviser was influential in their decision to take CLEP. Advisers were the strongest influence on candidates. Making sure advisers have current information on Composition, CLEP, and all your PLA offerings is critical to the success of your students and could have a direct bearing on their ability to persist toward their degree.
  • Pam


  • 1. The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) ® Thanks UPCEA! Pamela Kerouac, Ed.D. Senior Assessment Manager 850-521-4916 [email_address]
  • 2. CLEP Overview
    • Credit-by-examination program serving diverse groups, including adult students, non-traditional learners, and military service members
    • More than seven million exams administered since 1967
    • 1,700+ colleges administer CLEP
    • 210,000 CLEP exams administered in 2009-10
    • 76,000+ exams administered to military service members in 2009-10
    • Exam fee =$77- Effective July 1, 2010
    • American Council on Education (ACE)-recommended credit-granting score for all exams is 50 (equivalent to a grade of C
    • New micro-site-
  • 3. CLEP Test Prep
    • Individual Exams Study Guides provided through on-base Education Office
    • Free Materials and Resources
      • Free Online Resources
      • Textbook Suggestions
  • 4. 33 CLEP Examinations (eCBT)
    • Composition and Literature
    • American Literature
    • Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
    • College Composition
    • College Composition Modular
    • Freshman College Composition
    • Humanities
    • History and Social Sciences
    • American Government
    • Human Growth and Development
    • Introduction to Educational Psychology
    • Principles of Macroeconomics
    • Principles of Microeconomics
    • Introductory Psychology
    • Introductory Sociology
    • Social Sciences and History
    • U.S. History I
    • U.S. History II
    • Western Civilization I
    • Western Civilization II
    • Business
    • Information Systems and Computer Applications
    • Principles of Management
    • Financial Accounting
    • Introductory Business Law
    • Principles of Marketing
    • Science and Mathematics
    • Calculus
    • College Algebra
    • Precalculus
    • College Mathematics
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Natural Sciences
    • Foreign Languages
    • French Language
    • German Language
    • Spanish Language
  • 5. July 1, 2010 Changes to CLEP Composition Exams
    • Releasing:
    • College Composition
    • College Composition Modular
    • Retiring:
    • English Composition
    • English Composition with Essay
    • Freshman College Composition
  • 6. About the CLEP Exams
    • Structure
      • 33 computer-based
      • Mostly multiple-choice, some fill-in, listening sections for foreign languages
      • Approximately 90 minutes in length
    • Scoring
      • “ Rights-only” scoring (no penalty for wrong answers)
      • Immediate score reports (except exams with essays)
      • American Council of Education (ACE) recommends qualifying scores for credit
    • Development
      • More than 600 faculty contribute to the development and standard setting for ongoing test development.
      • Opportunities to participate in College Board ACES Placement Validity studies:
  • 7. Why Do We Want or Need Adult Learners?
    • Only 39% of the U.S. adult population has earned a two- or 4-year degree (SOURCE: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2007)
    • There are 6.8 million adult learners involved in some form of post-secondary education (SOURCE: National Center for Education Statistics)
    • Our national and states’ economic recovery depend on a highly skilled and educated labor force.
    • Adult learners want to complete a degree and enter/re-enter workforce as expeditiously as circumstances permit.
  • 8.
    • The evaluation of knowledge and skills gained from learning independent of classroom seat time.
    • Alternative sources for learning:
      • employment
      • travel
      • hobbies
      • civic activities
      • volunteer service
      • internships
      • military service
      • previous coursework and interdisciplinary study
      • Credit for learning , not just credit for experience!
    Prior Learning Assessment as a Degree Completion Solution
  • 9.  
  • 10. Highlights of CAEL Study and Findings Fueling the Race to Postsecondary Success
    • 62,475-adult students in sample (age 25 or older)
    • 15,594 (25%) earned PLA credit between 2001 and 2008
    • Standardized tests, such as AP and CLEP, were most commonly offered PLA option.
    • CLEP® was cited as a key example of prior learning assessment (PLA) methods.
    • Persistence ( Completed 80 or more credits within 7 years)
    • -PLA Student: 56%
    • -Non-PLA Student: 22%
    • Time to Degree (PLA vs. Non-PLA)
    • -Bachelor’s Degree: Saved 2.5 to 10.1 months to attain degree
    • -Assoc. Degree: Saved 1.5 to 4.5 months to attain degree
    • Degree Attainment within 7 years
    • -PLA Student: 56% (43% Bachelors; 13% Assoc.)
    • -Non-PLA Student: 21% (15% Bachelors; 6% Assoc)
  • 11. Research
    • College Board CLEP Data, Reports & Research
      • Results indicate that CLEP students perform as well, or better than, those in the comparison group in nearly every case.
      • ACES Placement Validity Study evaluates how performance on CLEP tests taken at the end of a course is related to student performance in that same course.
      • Florida Study (2010-11)- soon to be released study of students earning credit with CLEP and their performance in sequent coursework, persistence rates, and degree completion. Preliminary findings indicate CLEP students persist with continued college enrollment at higher rates and complete degrees in less time.
      • CAEL (2010): Fueling the Race to Postsecondary Success
      • CLEP and AP, Challenge, Excelsior, and DSST recognized as national exams that support PLA success.
  • 12. The College Board College Completion Agenda
    • In a knowledge-based economy , critical-thinking and research-oriented skills are necessary to be successful productive employees.
    • The % of American adults with postsecondary credentials is not keeping pace with other industrialized nations.
    • To help policymakers and educators achieve the goal of 55% by 2025 , The College Board Advocacy & Policy Center has developed the College Completion Agenda-
    • Two new resources for policymakers and educators, The College Completion Agenda 2010 Progress Report and The College Completion Agenda State Policy Guide provide:
      • groundbreaking reports to provide the best state by state data and information to inform and shape education policy and improve college success. ( Chapter 10-Adult Education) 
      •   a new dynamic, interactive website combines data with policy strategies, allowing information to be easily accessed and customized by each state.
  • 13. Highest Volume CLEP Exams National and DANTES 2009-10
  • 14. Supporting Hispanic Student Success
    • More than 30,000 Hispanic students took more than 34,000 (CLEP) exams (2009-10).
    • Heritage-speaking Hispanic students took nearly 65% of all CLEP Spanish Language exams.
    • Please consider CLEP as an effective approach to build academic momentum while recognizing foreign language proficiency….
  • 15. Who Takes CLEP?
    • Adults returning to college
    • Military service members and veterans
    • Students who are fluent in Spanish, French, or German
    • Students at risk for stopping out
    • Students with high SAT or ACT scores
    • Juniors or seniors who have not met lower-division requirements
    • Transfer students
    • Home-schooled students
    • International students needing to translate their overseas credit
  • 16. CLEP for Military and Veterans
    • CLEP exams are free for eligible military service members
    • Military veterans can seek reimbursement from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for exam and fees
  • 17. 2008 Survey of National Test Takers 70% are working full- or part-time 45% are first-generation college students 45% have taken an online course
  • 18. Age Group Exams Administered to National Candidates, 2009-10
  • 19. Education Levels Exams Administered to National Candidates, 2009-10
  • 20. CLEP Resources for Students
    • Test Preparation Aids
    • Free College Composition Exam Guide posted on April 1, 2010.
    • CLEP Official Study Guide – $24.95
    • Free online resources for all CLEP exams.
    • Publications for Students
      • Take One brochures
      • CLEP Military brochures
      • Information for Candidates booklet
  • 21. CLEP Website Resources
    • New! At a Glance -FREE publication-what to expect when preparing for CLEP exams,
    • Exam Descriptions-
    • Additional Free online Resources-
      • MIT online courseware
      • Recommended textbooks
  • 22. CLEP Test Prep
    • Coming: Sample questions to be posted on Website
    • At-a-Glance fact sheets
    • FREE Study Materials and Resources
      • Free Online Resources
      • Textbook Suggestions
  • 23. Students Want to Know
    • Where to test?
    • Locations
    • Contact
    • Days
    • Hours
    • Evenings
    • Common Questions
    • Registration process?
    • Administration fees?
    • Payment process?
    • Specific exams to take?
    • Re-test policy?
    • Score reporting?
    • How to prepare to take a CLEP exam?
    • Study materials?
  • 24. Who Needs Your CLEP/PLA Policy?
  • 25. Sign Up for CLEPNotes
  • 26. Need More Information?
    • CLEP website for professionals:
    • New-webinars-
    • CLEP website for students:
    • CLEP email address:
    • [email_address]
  • 27. Thank you!
    • Questions?