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Recommendations to bangladesh government for immediate steps
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Recommendations to bangladesh government for immediate steps


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Vidyadhiraj Hall, Shri Ramnathi Devsthan, Goa | June 9, 2013:: While Advocate Rabindra Ghosh of Bangladesh Minority Watch put a recommendation for the justice of persecuted BD Hindus in 2nd Hindu …

Vidyadhiraj Hall, Shri Ramnathi Devsthan, Goa | June 9, 2013:: While Advocate Rabindra Ghosh of Bangladesh Minority Watch put a recommendation for the justice of persecuted BD Hindus in 2nd Hindu Adhiveshan at Goa, Shri Upananda Brahmachari of Hindu Existence, advocated for the rights of the vulnerable BD Hindus in a Islamic State of Bangladesh by placing the demands of BD Hindus as sent by the Bangladesh Hindu Grand Alliance to the ongoing Hindu Adhiveshan at Goa.

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  • 1. Recommendations to Bangladesh Government for immediate steps:-1. Bangladesh is second largest Hindu populated country in the World.They need reservation through Constitutional provision. They wantempowerment and social justice as equal citizens of the Peoples’Republic of Bangladesh. Ethnic cleansing should be stopped.2. Scrap “Islam as State Religion” and “Bismill-hirRahamanir Rahim”from the Constitution of Bangladesh to ensure equal rights ofHindus of Bangladesh to make it secular Constituion.3. Judicial Commission for investigation is recommended for atrocitieson minority Hindus in Bangladesh including continuous repression,conversions, abductions, rape,and vandalising, looting and settingfire on temples, business firms and houses of Hindu communities.The perpetrators should come under purview of law and exemplarypunishment should be awarded. There should not be any impunityto perpetrators.4. The Government has to rehabilitate the victims of rape, gang rape,forceful conversion , forceful occupation or displacement of houses,temples, on state responsibility. The vandalised and burnt houses,temples of Hindus have to be rebuilt and adequate compensationmust be provided to them.5. The Government should take care of minority Hindu communities atthe time of ensuing national election and ensure their voting rights.Delegations from Hindu rights organisations should be appointed forelection monitoring.6. Minority Rights Commission for Bangladesh has to be launched bythe Government of BD to ensure justice to the Minorities as like asIndia.7. The Bangladesh Government, as ratified by them so far the“Universal Declaration on Human Rights” must show respect tothose obligations.8. The Bangladesh Government should bring back the Hindus who fledaway or displaced from their homes due to communal violence,forceful conversion and those who were subjected to flee their
  • 2. motherland ensuring their rights to recover moveable andimmovable properties as equal citizen of the country.9. The Government of BD who seized 23 lacks acres of lands belongingto Hindus through black law(Enemy property Act) should bereturned to them or their legal heirs amending “Vested PropertyAmendment Bill,2011” or equal separate lands for Hindus should bedistributed..Adv. RabindraGhoshPresident, Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)& Observer, Glabal Human Rights Defence (GHRD)www.bdmw.infoDhaka, Bangladesh. Mobile: 0088-01711172468