Simplifying Cross Channel Customer Experience Management


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There is a wealth of information hidden in your company's interactions with your customers. However, because the information is spread across silos, it's a constant struggle to obtain actionable information that will improve your bottom line business and your relationship with your customers.
This presentation will discuss:

• How to simplify managing your customer's experience for any channel
• How you can consistently deliver customer care that will build your customer base and win increased loyalty across every contact channel
• Best practices for successfully deploying a multi channel strategy
These slides all have recorded webinars with more detail. Feel free to contact me at Upstream Works for access.

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Simplifying Cross Channel Customer Experience Management

  1. 1. Presented by Upstream Works Simplifying Cross Channel Customer Experience Management
  2. 2. Covered Today • Simplify managing your customer's experience for any channel • Consistently deliver customer care that will build your customer base and win increased loyalty across every contact channel • Best practices for successfully deploying a multi channel strategy
  3. 3. Three Measures of “CX” • Measuring what people say to you  Surveys • Measuring what people say about you  Social • Measuring what people do  Interactions
  4. 4. What People Do • “So how do you manage each customer relationship individually? [] You need to build a system which allows you to track, capture, and analyze the millions of customer activities, both interactions and transactions, over a long period of time.”  Lucy Fusaro: The evolution of customer relationship management: From a market of millions to a million markets of one. 1999 • “A systematic approach to managing the touch points that drive customer experience will increase loyalty.”  (Understanding Touch points and your Customer Relationship Lifecycle – MCORP Consulting; 2009)
  5. 5. Channels for Interactions • Assisted Service Modes  Phone, email, web chat  Retail, service provisioning; white mail • Self Service Modes  Web; IVR; Kiosk • New Media  Social Response  Mobile  SMS/IM
  6. 6. Changing Channels
  7. 7. Why Track Across Channels? • Containment  Find failure points that drive calls  Find success points that drive calls  Understand why customers switch channels • Right Channeling  Ensure customers can use the channel they want to use and that you can manage that channel effectively. • Self Service Deflection  Determine what interactions should be put into self service and what not
  8. 8. A single view
  9. 9. The Champion!
  10. 10. Current Approach » Surveys » Social Response trends
  11. 11. Interaction Drivers
  12. 12. But why is this so hard?
  13. 13. Build for Expansion
  14. 14. Business Interaction Management
  15. 15. Advantages • Contain scope with easy expansion • Consistent view of any channel • System independence for upgrades and changes • Survey and social response linking
  16. 16. Best Practices • Define a consistent set of information to collect for any channel  Normalize systems across all channels and determine gaps • Link application databases, don’t integrate or merge • Define a reasonable scope  Consider all channels
  17. 17. See the journey for every customer
  18. 18. ROI • Reduced calls • Strategic process management • Evaluate channel effectiveness  ‘Right Channel’ customers  Channel containment • Reduced churn
  19. 19. Summary • Create a single easy way to view interactions on any channel • Collect information that helps strategically manage processes around the customer • Implement continuous improvement using the information collected
  20. 20. About Upstream Works Software
  21. 21. Business Interaction Management Track and save the entire interaction as it happens. It’s easier to use and understand later Provide in-your-face interaction context that’s role tailored for personalized service Pre-built best practices analytics
  22. 22. Customer Insights Customer Experience Performance Improvement Performance Management Training and Staffing Process Improvement All customer channels
  23. 23. Business Interaction Pain Points • Problem: No methodology or technology used provides a single comprehensive and auditable view of how customers interact with a business. » Result: Averages are used to allocate funds to drive customer loyalty and reduce costs across the multiple interaction channels in use today.
  24. 24. Upstream Solution • Upstream Works’ Business Interaction Management, makes the collective of customer interactions visible, accountable and controllable  Combines technology and a methodology to track individual customer interactions across the business  Links outcomes to supporting interactions  Puts the collected information into a powerful form  Compliments existing applications and infrastructure
  25. 25. Coming Soon Look for the webinar – coming soon to Youtube First Call Resolution