• Boosting the employability of your graduates


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• Boosting the employability of your graduates

  1. 1. Boosting the employability of your graduates Jenny Yan Senior Director of HP University China HP Ltd
  2. 2. Contents • Introduction • Perception on UK Returned Graduates • Expectations and Suggestions • Career Development in MNCs in China • Successful Stories Sharing • Summary
  3. 3. Dr. Jenny YanJenny Yan Xiaozhen joined Motorola in 1994 as manager of government anduniversity relations, followed as Site manager of Motorola University TJ, operationmanager of MU China, Senior manager of MU China and Director of MotorolaUniversity China and MU Asia Operation, Also Director of Asia Inclusion & Diversity.Has joined China HP as Senior Director of HP University and Dean of BusinessSchool and Quality/Supply China Management School in March of 2011.-Has got more than 18 years rich experience and knowledge on human resourcedevelopment including education/ training & development, organizational development,career development, as well as leadership development and six sigma improvementsystem, has been certified as Motorola Green Belt.-Has been certified as Senior Consultant by Global Balance Scorecard Institute-Has been certified as Coach/Consultant by Global Harrison Assessment Center-Has been certified as Consultant by Global Hogan Assessment CenterJenny has received the Ph.D. Degree from University of Reading, UK.
  4. 4. Perception on UK Returned GraduatesStrength Cross culture awareness and easy to adapt diversified environment Positive attitude and openness Teamwork spirit Think and act more independently Language: get more opportunities than peers, i.e international conferences, oversea training/projects, more exposure with global leadership team as either translator or involved in international project team. Global view: better communication with foreigners, larger tolerance with culture diversity, proactively seeking help globally, i.e. HP has an internal L&D platform people can get connected with your counterparts in other countries, in order to leverage this platform to get connected with colleagues from US and India to know more information on “mobile learning”
  5. 5. Perception on UK Returned GraduatesOpportunities Not clear on own career path Language is not an advantage any more Less aggressive than US graduates Less capability to handle pressure MNCs programs Internships advantage for local graduates Local customer needs: understand customers, their way of speaking Build up relationship with local colleagues, what they like, way of life No advantages in salary. Local culture cannot be adapted Frustration tolerance is weak
  6. 6. Employer’ Expectations - High Performance Talents Performance Oriented Employee Performance Management Module Job Functions Goal Setting Employee PMA Competency Result Driven Development Process Control HR Development Platform
  7. 7. Employee’ Basic Competency ModelFast enough Global mindset in action Winning attitude Passion for customersCollaborating Leveragingacross boundaries diversity
  8. 8. Expectations for UK returnees Attitude is KEY Personal commitment and career planning Culture awareness and ability to work independently at a diversified environment Creative thinking and result focus Ability to adapt changes/flexibility Customer Focus Thinking in context Capability of handling stress Teaming for Excellent Skills Strong Communication and Interpersonal Skills Good Presentation skills English Proficiency: a basic but fundamental differentiator
  9. 9. Employee’ Career Development Technical Management Path Path Senior Master/ Manager IV/VP Master Senior Expert/Expert Manager III/Director Technical Expert Manager II Senior Engineer Manager I Senior Engineer Technical Path is based upon job Technical path is not Engineer level to match management path exactly the same as management level Junior level Engineer
  10. 10. Talents Development System Talents Development Stratey WD design & development lifecycle processes Business & Evaluate Select Design Develop Implement Support  level 1: performance approachrequirements satisfactioncompetencies determine the design the build, buy, or deliver the ongoing  level2: cost effective, solutions, customize the solutions analysis & meet best match selecting solutions using standard support forPerformance objectives approach/ methods & methods access and analysis solutions content use  level 3: performanceGaps, causes improvement & metrics  level 4: business Top Talents Development Process results Skills & competencies Content management Grow @ hp portal HP HR Technology/Network Platform /LMS 11
  11. 11. Integrated Learning Solutions
  12. 12. Leadership Development Path passage 6 winning edge dimensions passage 5 passage 4 passage 3 passage 2 passage 1 dynamic leadership principles
  13. 13. Engineer Development Path 在校生,应届生 企业员工 (软件开发工程师)
  14. 14. Career Development I am interested in I fit where a line of I can where to route which route Development ? development? development ? • Intelligence •Org. environment •Value • Skill •Social environment •Ideal • IQ •Economic Environment •Achievement • Background •Political Environment motivation • Personality •Interesting SWOT Analysis for Challenge & Personal Goal Analysis self and others Opportunity Analysis Goal Orientated Competency Oriented Opportunity Oriented Occupation Trend Career Route is ConfirmedCareer Development Analysis
  15. 15. Career Development Employee’ Organizational Development goal Development Goal Career Development Goal Goal: Self Achievement Goal: Effective use of Talents • Self assessment • Grasp the talent demand trend • Future job design • Right talent in right place • Career dev. plan • Talent Dev. Plan • Self inspiration grow • Prioritize Business Strategy -------- --------- Employee Needs Org. Dev. Needs Employee DevelopmentCareer Development Management Organizational Development
  16. 16. UK Returnee in Her Eye Positive Attitude Emplo Quick yee Willing to Goal Change learnerCissie ChenUniversity of Kingston, MA Creativity Org.(Marketing) 2005-2006 Goal Compan• Customer Development Proactive y GoalBusiness Development Solve problems Team WorkManager, China HP Customer Global view and complexity Experience• Customer Relations CommunicationProgram Manager, Motorola China Cultural Diversified
  17. 17. UK Returnee in Employer’ Eye Passion & Assessment Positive 360 feedbackMichael Wang Be critical thinking Ability toDurham University, and learn andMBA (2001-2004) creative Integrity/ adapt• Sales GM– China, honesty/ Inter- Ethics Customer• Sales Development personalDirector, ICI China. Oriented to skills drive results Leadership 日常观赏 Interview Observation
  18. 18. Perception on Foreign Interns in ChinaStrengths Opportunities• Strong willingness to learn • Lack of Chinese language• Sense of ownership skills• Think and act independently • Not sure to succeed in a• Strong logical and analytical Chinese environment skills • More emphasis on• Ease at working cross-functions integration with local needed and cross-hierarchy • Unclear “China” career• Positive attitude and open to path/next steps Chinese culture • Awareness Chinese culture -• English proficiency - relationship build up
  19. 19. Summary• China continues as a major engine of the world economy• “ Talent War ” becomes even more severe, which was magnified several years ago by what Mckinsey referred to as the paradox of “ shortage amongst plenty” ( i.e. only 10% qualifiers from university graduates who meet the requirements of foreign companies)• China’s Labour market is and will be becoming more internationalized and diversified.• The needs are not only from MNCs, also from Chinese Companies which become global company—more challenges