• A galaxy of opportunities (introduction)


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• A galaxy of opportunities (introduction)

  1. 1. Content• British Council projects in Employability• China Employer Perception Research Brief Findings• Alumni UK Network• Generation UK - UK Outward Mobility Project• Introduction to Workshop
  2. 2. British Council China Projects in Employability• Forums and workshop (Students & Careers Advisers)• Research on Employer Perceptions and Graduate Employment• Support to Chinese UK alumni - Annual career development workshop in the UK & China; - Mini job fair in China
  3. 3. When it comes to UK Graduates ……Employers have a very vague image of a UKgraduate • Most cannot tell what is the difference between UK graduates and other overseas graduates • Most can only describe UK as “English”, “formal”, “cultured” • A clearer picture of US (liberal, strong, casual, advance, international) and Germany (punctual, rational, tough)
  4. 4. Rather a long distant… German graduates HK graduates are the are perceived to closest to local ones. own some typicalLocal graduates tend to They tend to own the German characters,have better adaptive same strengths with such as goodcapability to company locals. planning, hard-culture and domestic job Nevertheless, they are working, andmarket. considered to be more down-to-earth.They are easier to getalong with and less initiative and havelikely to change their job better spirit ofcompared to overseas innovation. They aregraduates. also better in English. US graduates impress UK graduates are Australia graduates the employers with perceived to have don‟t leave deep their open-minded, wide range of impression to spirit of innovation knowledge, good employers. They and wide range of planning, and better are considered to knowledge. thinking. be easy to get along UK graduates are with. quite different with local ones in their minds They are considered to be in „typically British‟ and Close to me not easy to get along with.
  5. 5. Moderate across all skills set …. (perception) Team work International perspective Communication skill China Adaptive capability Leadership Australia HK Self-motivation Reporting UK GermanyEnglish level Problem solving ability US Computer skill Ability to work independently Persuasive ability Work planning Analysis skill Professional skill Time management
  6. 6. Strength Weakness Opportunity ThreatOverseas returnees Overseas returnees  As the China market is  Quality gap betweenEnglish opening up, managerial locals and returnee Company fit roles where Chinese graduates areLeadership Loyalty with international closing in.Internship Teamwork perspectives are  Employers have needed. negative pre-Career planning Salary  UK graduates also tend assumptions onCommunication Arrogant to do well during returnees.. interviews. Thus, the aim is to help them get  UK values andUK returnees UK returnees the call for interview by culture is not as wellEnglish breaking employers‟ known in China. Lack of awareness pre-assumptions Unlike US (movies,International Vague imagery dramas) or Germanperspective  Internship experiences (Cars) Salary is highly sought afterWork independently  UK graduates lack Adaptive capability  Barriers to entry withinProfessional skill unique selling point. Self motivation MNC are lower. They are mainlyWork planning  Perception of overseas Teamwork known to be veryTime management graduates improves good in English. with Interaction.
  7. 7. Students tell us … (alumni survey in 2012)• The top advantages of UK qualifications are creative ways of thinking, global perceptions and experience, as well as cross- cultural communication skills and the language capability• 95% of the alumni found a job within six months after their return to China, among which 75% spent less than 3 months on job seeking• 65% of the alumni agreed that compared with their previous job, the salary of the first job after their return increased• The top 3 industries that UK alumni are working in include business, IT and information services, and media and advertisement. In addition, creative arts and culture, education, and energy are becoming more popular compared with that in 2011
  8. 8. Alumni UK Networks in China• A network of over 30,000 members - Stay in touch with or search for fellow UK alumni - Develop and expand your career opportunities - Tailor-made events throughout the year exclusively for you - Stay connected with UK culture and education• Free registration: www.alumniuk.org.cn• Follow us on like UK Alumni Relations Network• Follow us on @留英校友会AlumniUK
  9. 9. Alumni activities in China• Professional networking events - Entrepreneurship workshop - Social networking events (arts-themed) - SNS online campaign• Career development events - Career development workshop - Mini job fairAll events & career information available:www.alumniuk.org.cn
  10. 10. UK Outward Mobility - GENERATION UK• Position the UK as a leader and innovator in global student mobility and experience• Boost global employability skills of UK students by broadening their horizons and creating opportunities for UK students to understand rising economies such as China• Encourage links between UK-China education institutions and business/enterprise to develop sustainable mobility programmes involving global learning, work experience and cross- cultural understanding etc.
  11. 11. Generation UK• Generation UK students campaign - Communication campaign (online/offline) - Academic & internship scholarships - Student Forum• Institutional partnerships - UK Career Advisor Mission to China in March 2013
  12. 12. Introduction to Workshop• To gain an understanding of current employment market in China;• To learn about Chinese employers‟ needs and expectations;• To gain practical knowledge of the recruitment strategy of employers and internship opportunities in China
  13. 13. Speakers• Dr Lin Lei, HR Director, Microsoft Corporation, Asia- Pacific R&D Group• Dr Jenny Yan, Senior Director of HP University, HP China• Mr Philip Zheng, Senior HR Director, Baidu.com• Mr Zhang Young, Senior HR Manager, Epson China
  14. 14. Thank you and enjoy the session! Jazreel.Goh@britishcouncil.org.cn