Tier 4 (General Student) Visa Information Sessions - Course D & E

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  • 1. COURSES D & E
    Tier 4 Student Visa
    Peter Hough, Katrina Abatis & Julia Coats
    Welfare Officers (International)
    Email: welfare@le.ac.uk
  • 2. Student Welfare Service
    Visa information should only be given by trained advisers
    Immigration (visa) rules change
    The Tier 4 visa rules are available on the UKBA website
    We can send your application but you must check it is correct
    If there are mistakes your visa may be refused and you may have to stop studying and leave the UK
  • 3. Can I apply for a visa for my new course?
    You can only apply when you have:
    A Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
    Enough money for new course fees
    and living costs
  • 4. C.A.S.
    Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies
  • 5. Your CAS Statement
    Expires after 6 months
    Unique CAS number
    Passport / personal details
    Course details
    Fees paid
    Send ALL documents listed here with your application
  • 6. How do I get my CAS?
    Your CAS Statement will be sent to your
    University email address (@le.ac.uk)
    by 21st September
    (after you pass Course D or E)
    If there are any mistakes on your CAS, reply to the email
  • 8. How much money do I need?
    1) Fees for first year of new course
    If you pay before Friday 9th September your fees will show on your CAS.
    If you pay after Friday 9th September your fees will not show on your CAS so you should keep the money in your bank account until we send your visa application.
    2) £5,400 for living costs
  • 9. How do I show enough money?
    Bank statements
    CAS Statement
    Sponsor letter
  • 10. How do I show enough money?
    • Your name
    • 11. Account number
    • 12. Date (less than 1 month old)
    • 13. Bank name and logo
    • 14. Money in one account 28 days (minimum)
    • 15. Original or stamped
    Bank statements
    CAS Statement
    Sponsor letter
  • 16. Bank statement 1 - good or bad?
  • Bank statements - good or bad?
  • Bank statements - good or bad?
  • How do I show enough money?
    Bank statements
    CAS Statement
    Sponsor letter
    • Total course fees
    • 32. Course fees paid
    • 33. Accommodation fees paid
  • How do I show enough money?
    Bank statements
    CAS Statement
    Sponsor letter
    • Official letterhead
    • 34. Stamped and dated
    • 35. Your name
    • 36. Sponsor’s name and contact details
    • 37. Length of sponsorship
    • 38. Amount of money / ‘fully sponsored’
  • Sponsor letter 1 - good or bad?
    • Official letterhead
    • 39. Official stamp
    • 40. Student’s name
    • 41. Name / contact details of sponsor
    • 42. Date
    • 43. Length of sponsorship
    • 44. Amount of money /
    “fully sponsored”
  • 45. Sponsor letter 2 – good or bad?
    • Official letterhead
    • 46. Official stamp
    • 47. Student’s name
    • 48. Name / contact details of sponsor
    • 49. Date
    • 50. Length of sponsorship
    • 51. Amount of money /
    “fully sponsored”
  • 53. Certificates
    You must provide all
    certificates listed on
    your CAS statement.
    For most students:
    • Course E results
    • 54. Certificate for your
    previous studies
    (eg. Undergraduate
    degree certificate)
  • 55. Qualifications
    Original certificates or transcripts (no copies allowed).
    Certificates that the University checked will be listed on your CAS.
    If the original is not in English, send a professional translation too.
  • 57. Translations
    A professional translation must include:
    Translator / translation company’s credentials
    Confirmation of accuracy: “I confirm that this is a true and accurate translation from the original document”
    Translator / translation company’s contact details
    Original signature of translator
    Date of translation
    The translator must be qualified as a translator
    Wendy Wei Gibson (Mandarin translator): info@twowei.co.uk
    Talking Heads (all other languages): www.translatemydoc.co.uk
  • 58. Translation – good or bad?
    • Professional translator (qualified)
    • 59. Confirmation of accuracy
    • 60. Contact details of translator
    • 61. Original signature
    • 62. Date
  • Translation – good or bad?
    • Professional translator (qualified)
    • 63. Confirmation of accuracy
    • 64. Contact details of translator
    • 65. Original signature
    • 66. Date
  • ATAS – for PhD Students only
    If you are going to begin a Postgraduate Research degree (PhD) in these subjects you will need an ATAS Certificate (and your offer letter will explain how to get this).
    • B2 Pharmacology, Toxicology & Pharmacy
    • 67. C1 Biology
    • 68. C4 Genetics
    • 69. C7 Biochemistry
    • 70. F1 Chemistry
    • 71. F3 Physics
    • 72. F8 Physical Geography & Environmental Sciences
    • 73. G1 Maths
    • 74. G4 Computer Science
    • 75. H1 Engineering
    If your course is not listed, you do not need an ATAS Certificate.
  • 76. 2 Photographs
    Strict rules
    2 identical photos
    Grey / cream background
    Taken during last month
    No smiling
    No glasses Full guidance on UKBA website
    on Granby Street (with University discount)
    on London Road (near train station)
  • 77. Police Registration Certificate (PRC)
    If you were required to register with the Police, you need to send your PRC with your application.
    - Address is up-to-date
    - Any change of course
    If your visa does not refer to police registration you do not need this document.
  • 78. YOUR NEW
  • 79. Your new visa (Biometric Residence Permit)
    • Biometric appointment
    (Finger-prints, digital photograph and eye-scans)
    • BRP replaces visa sticker in passport
    • 80. Take your new BRP to Registry
    • 81. Keep BRP safe – replacement cost
    • Must use BRP and passport to travel
    • 82. Keep a photocopy
  • Ways to apply
    In Person (PEO):£702
    (10 working days from appointment)
    Obtain proof of making application from PEO – required to register for your course.
    Biometrics at visa appointment.
    Via Student Welfare (by post):£386
    +£25 Welfare administration fee(20 working days
    from Biometrics)
    Adviser (not student) can communicate with Home Office.
    Welfare receipt can be used to register for your course.
    Book a biometric appointment later.
  • 83. Application fee
    • Pay by Postal Order (small fee)
    • 84. Safest way of payment
    • 85. Buy from any Post Office
    • 86. Payable to ‘Home Office’
    In Person applicants can pay by credit / debit card
  • 88. Visa Renewal Process
    Document checking sessions
    Dates and times will be posted on the Welfare website
    Tier 4 Lecture
    2. Visa Workshop
    (We will email details)
    3. ½ hour appointment with Adviser
    (We will book this at the Workshop)
  • 89. Adviser time
    703 Visas expiring 16th October
    ÷ 3 Immigration Advisers
    = 234 visas to process
    1 visa = ½ hour appointment + ½ hour checking
    234 hours for each adviser
    ÷ 4 weeks
    = 58 hours per week
  • 90. How long will it take?
    We cannot guarantee how quickly the Home Office will return your documents
    Visas may not come back in the same order as they were sent
    Do not book any tickets for travel until your passport and visa are both returned to you.
  • 91. Following the Tier 4 Rules
    Your new visa will show your University of Leicester CAS number so you cannot use it to study anywhere else.
    The University must tell the Home Office if you:
    • Do not start your course
    • 92. Do not attend class regularly
    • 93. Stop studying
    Please contact Student Welfare if you are having problems or need to stop studying for any reason.
  • 94. Checklist
    • Valid application form
    • 95. CAS Number
    • 96. Bank Statements or Sponsorship Letter
    • 97. Passports and visas
    • 98. 2 x passport photos
    • 99. Certificates / transcripts (and translations)
    • 100. Police Registration Certificate
    • 101. ATAS Certificate
    • 102. Postal Orders
    • 103. £25 cash (Welfare administration fee)
    • 104. No objection letter if you were sponsored within last 12 months (but no longer sponsored now)
  • If you have questions,
    please send an email to welfare@le.ac.uk
    or speak to your adviser at your appointment.