Making connections 2011-12


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Making connections 2011-12

  1. 1. Making ConnectionsWhere to go for advice and supportfor study, career and personal issues
  2. 2. UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTERMaking ConnectionsThis leaflet has been written to give an outline of thevarious development and support services available tostudents at the University of Leicester. Each entryprovides details of who to contact for further help orinformation.A selection of further local and national sources ofinformation, advice and guidance can be found on ourwebsite at & Career DevelopmentCareers ServiceSecond Floor, David Wilson LibraryT: 0116 252 2004W: it’s developing the skills you need to succeed onyour course, or in your life beyond university, the CareersService is here to support and facilitate your academic,personal and career development.Our services are grouped into three broad themes, helpingyou to:• succeed in your studies;• gain experience;• develop your career.You’ll need to address these themes simultaneously, ratherthan one at a time, which is what we aim to help you to do.Having made it to university you’ll want to make sure thatyou succeed in your studies. Making the transition fromschool or college to university life requires you to adapt in anumber of ways; not least to the increased responsibility youwill have for your own learning. Succeeding in your studiesis about recognising how studying at university is different
  3. 3. from your previous study experience and adaptingaccordingly. But it’s not just about adapting to thedifferences it’s about thriving in a new study environment.Take a look at our study guides, come to an interactiveworkshop or even book an appointment for one-to-oneguidance if you need it.Being successful at university isn’t just about getting a gooddegree (as important as that is). It’s also about making themost of the work experience opportunities available to youto test out what you enjoy doing, develop your skills and sobe in a position to demonstrate to prospective employersthat you have the skills they want. This could be via aninternship or placement, getting involved with studententerprise or by contributing to the local communitythrough volunteering or social enterprise activity. We canprovide access to all of these opportunities, many of whichare accredited through the Leicester Award for Employability.Critical to making the most of your university achievements isbeing able to identify suitable career options and, havingdone so, clearly articulate your skills and experience topotential employers. Through online advice, interactiveworkshops and one-to-one guidance we can help you withyour career planning, job hunting and applications. Weprovide multiple opportunities for you to meet employers who
  4. 4. want to recruit bright and well-rounded graduates; helpingyou to find out what they are looking for and helping you tothink about what you’d like to do in the future.AccessAbility CentreAccessAbility Zone, Ground Floor, David Wilson LibraryT: 0116 252 5002W: Centre offers a range of services to all University ofLeicester students who have specific learning difficulties suchas dyslexia, disabilities or long-term conditions. Staff offerone-to-one support, assessment of dyslexia, the co-ordination of alternative examination arrangements andassistance with applications for the Disabled Students’Allowance. The open access Centre acts as a resource basefor students and staff and is a relaxed place for students towork. Its computers are equipped with specialised softwarefor screen enlargement and speech output (essay planningsoftware and basic speech output software are on theUniversity-wide CFS network). Low-level photocopying andprinting facilities are also available. The Centre welcomesself-referrals as well as referrals from academic staff.Education UnitEducation Unit (ED), Percy Gee BuildingT: 0116 223 1132W: ion_unitE: Education Unit is one of the main and crucial servicesthat the Students’ Union provides for students. The aim ofthe Unit is to provide an impartial and confidential academicadvice service to students across the University on topicssuch as changing course, how to report mitigatingcircumstances, and academic appeals.
  5. 5. The ED Office is open weekdays from 10am - 4pm. Thisservice is available for all students. You can either pop in,telephone or email us for help or book an appointment bycontacting us on the details above.English Language Teaching UnitReadson House, 96-98 Regent RoadT: 0116 229 7856/7F: 0116 229 7818W: English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) offers: full-timeyear-round pre-sessional courses in academic English andstudy skills to international students to prepare them foradmission to degree programmes; in-sessional languagesupport to students already on degree courses; a wide rangeof Cambridge ESOL classes; and tailor-made language coursesfor external clients. It also advises academic staff on Englishlanguage entry requirements and helps international studentsadapt to life in a different culture.
  6. 6. Health & WellbeingStudent Counselling, Healthy Livingand Mental Wellbeing Service161 Welford Road, Freemen’s Common(behind Freemen’s Common Health Centre)T: 0116 223 1780 (Counselling)E: 0116 223 1268 (Healthy Living)E: 0116 252 2283 (Mental Wellbeing)E: staff of this Service offer a range of expertise andsupport for both the physical and psychological aspects ofhealth and wellbeing in the context of the studentjourney. The Service is available to all students of theUniversity. The Service can also provide advice andinformation to all members of the University communityabout supporting students with concerns relating to theirphysical or mental health.Counselling support offers confidential counselling sessionson a one-to-one or group basis, as appropriate. Studentsmay seek counselling for a variety of reasons both academicand personal; some just want to come once to talk oversomething that is troubling them, others may wish to see acounsellor regularly for a period of time, or explore issuestogether with others in a group. For an initial appointmentand explanatory leaflet, please ring or email the Service orvisit the website.Healthy Living support strives to help students enjoy abalanced lifestyle; the service helps individuals to identify anapproach to life that can improve their wellbeing, enhancetheir studies, and reach their full potential. The service iscommitted to the delivery of health and wellbeing activities
  7. 7. MAKING CONNECTIONSthat support students in developing healthy life skills. Aswell as supporting academic achievement, these skills aretransferable and should prove beneficial in the transitionfrom University to the demands of employment andgraduate careers. This service works closely with theFreemen’s Common Health Centre and also providesdirection to appropriate health care services.For more information about health and wellbeing, visit thewebsite.Mental Wellbeing support offers one-to-one support tostudents who are managing mental health issues at university.The aim of this support is to assist students to lessen theimpact these issues might have on their studies. If required, theservice can coordinate a network of support from thoseavailable both at the University and in the wider community.Related group activities and educational workshops are offeredat various times throughout the year. Students are welcome tomake contact with the service at any point in their course. Pre-entry contact is also encouraged from prospective studentswho wish to discuss the support they may require on course.An appointment to meet with an adviser can be made bytelephone, letter, email, or via the website.Freemen’s Common Health Centre161 Welford Road, Freemen’s CommonT: 0844 815 1105W: doctors and nurses at the Health Centre provide awide range of medical services to students and staffregistered with the practice. The staff are sympathetic tothe health needs and concerns of the Universitypopulation; students may make an appointment to see adoctor or nurse to discuss any health problems. If theycannot deal with your problem directly, Centre staff maybe able to refer you to an appropriate service.Confidentiality is of paramount importance to the practiceand will be respected in all circumstances.
  8. 8. UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTERChaplaincyThe Gatehouse, University Road(bottom of Mayor’s Walk)T: 0116 285 6493W: Gatehouse offers students a neutral space just off campusto come and make themselves at home. We are open Mondayto Friday during term time. Information is available about localchurches and the world faith communities represented at theUniversity. There is a chapel to pray in and a library with a goodcollection of books. Students can talk to a chaplain fromdifferent traditions (Anglican, Baptist, Roman Catholic, SalvationArmy, Lutheran, Methodist, Society of Friends (Quakers)) andalso to a chaplain for International Students. The Chaplaincypresents an opportunity for students to explore spirituality in awide sense not limited to Christian understanding.Practical MattersStudent Welfare ServiceFirst Floor, Percy Gee BuildingT: 0116 223 1185W: advice is offered for both current and prospectivestudents. Assistance is provided for students who experiencedifficulties in registering with the University. Student FinanceAdvisers can provide guidance in relation to budgeting andadvise over hardship and debt issues; where appropriatethey can advocate with banks and other creditors. Guidancecan be provided over charitable funding and state benefitapplications. University hardship funds and short-term loansare administered through the Student Welfare Service.Care leavers are offered specialist individual support.
  9. 9. A wide range of advice and support is available for studentsfrom overseas including specialist immigration (visa) advice.International students are strongly advised to seek help fromthe Student Welfare Service in renewing their visa - moredetails can be found on our website. Incorrect entry clearanceissues can be addressed. Introductory events are organised forEU and international students when they join the University,particularly at the start of the academic year. Students areprepared for various transitions through, for example, pre-arrival information and advice on cultural readjustment.Students with families can obtain information aboutchildcare and family support within the city, and advice overfunding for care.Advice is provided for students who experience difficulties inconnection with accommodation – both Universityresidences and private-rented housing. A Welfare Officer isqualified to provide general housing advice, guidance overhousing contracts, address landlord-tenant issues, mediate indisputes, etc.The University works closely with the local Police, LeicesterCity Council and Community representatives to developcommunity cohesion and address student-related issues thatoccur in the locality.Support in AccommodationA wide-ranging support / referral system operates withinUniversity owned and managed accommodation. ResidentAdvisers live on site and are trained to provide support, adviceand information, and to signpost to professional services. RAscan listen to concerns and will take appropriate action. Theyare available on a duty rota to help students from 7pm to8am during University term time with limited service duringvacations. Residential Support Managers co-ordinate thisservice through Residential and Commercial Services.Within accommodation students elect Junior CommonRoom Committees which provide social activities. At Oadby
  10. 10. Student Village, an Arts in the Village Programme, isorganised through which students are encouraged todevelop skills, enjoy music, use practice rooms and take partin competitions and events.Departmental TutorsAt the beginning of your course, you will be assigned apersonal tutor. This tutor can advise on academic issues and,if required, will act as a link with other staff in thedepartment, student support services and the Universityadministration. Your tutor is also available to discuss issues ofa more personal nature and to give advice on other forms ofsupport. In addition to personal tutors, each department hasa Careers Tutor and a tutor who acts as a point of contactfor students with specific learning difficulties or disabilities.Students’ UnionExecutive Offices, First Floor, Percy Gee BuildingT: 0116 223 1124W: www.leicesterstudent.orgE:“The Students’ Union aims to improve, enhance andsupport the lives of students at the University of Leicester”.Its primary function is to represent its members, thestudents, and ensure their rights are upheld.Elected student officers and full-time permanent staff runthe Students’ Union and, amongst an array of services,provides The Scholar Bar, the 1923 café restaurant, shops,entertainment, leisure facilities, academic and welfareadvice, help with accommodation, and a focal point forsports clubs, associations and societies.All students are members of the Students’ Union, and thereis plenty of opportunity for them to get involved in anumber of current campaigns as well as to influence whatgoes on in the Union through the student parliament.
  11. 11. MAKING CONNECTIONSSafety BusActivity Resource CentrePercy Gee BuildingT: 0116 223 1123W: daily Safety Bus service is provided by the Students’Union to take students home throughout term time. Two8-passenger seat vehicles are used to operate the SafetyBus service, driven by qualified student drivers. Theservice starts at 6pm in the winter and spring term and7pm in the summer term and there is a ‘pickup’ everyhalf hour. The aim of the service is to ensure thatstudents arrive home safely in the evening, after an eventor when the bars and/or library closes. If you requiremore information, please email or see the StudentDevelopment Transport Officer in the ARC between10am and 4pm.Nightline ServiceT: 0116 223 1230 (8pm – 8am term-time)E: nightlineleicester@hotmail.comNightline is a student-run helpline that operates everynight during term-time between 8pm and 8am. It aimsto provide confidential emotional support on any topicthat the caller wishes to discuss, a wealth ofcomprehensive information (from cinema listings tohelpline numbers), as well as company for anyone whosimply wants a chat.Trained student volunteers, known as Nightliners, run theservice and ensure complete caller anonymity. Nightlinecan ring callers back if requested, no call will ever berefused, and a choice of female or male listener will beavailable to talk to.
  12. 12. The University provides development and support servicesfor students. Many of the units listed in this leaflet work inclose partnership to develop and improve the servicesavailable to students.Opening times for the different units may vary.Please phone/visit website to find out the currentarrangements.© University of LeicesterLeicester LE1 3567_07/11