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Un yted 1pgr


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  • 1. OVERVIEWThe UnYted is a branded entertainment company focused on uniting Generation Y females to take abold stand against sensationalism. The UnYted’s vision will be achieved by way of a soft powermovement created through positive entertainment alternatives, education of sensationalisms negativeimpact, and celebrity endorsements resulting in long lasting social effects for future generations ofwomen.SENSATIONALISM: THE ADDICTION Sensationalism is the use of strongly emotional subject matter, or wildly dramatic style, language, or artistic expression that is intended to shock, startle, thrill, or excite.The media conglomerates and brand advertisers are becoming increasingly aggressive for our eyeballsand have abused the power of sensationalism. If profits are the driving force behind sensationalism, ofwhat value do we place on the following negative effects: 1. Sex on TV linked to Teen Pregnancy. 2. TV linked to Depression. 3. 40% of newly identified cases of anorexia are in girls 15-19. 4. Proven Fact: TV linked to Obesity and Asthma. 5. Linked Fact: 1 in 4 teenage girls in America has a STD. 6. Growing concern that watching TV distorts the wiring in the developing brain- leading to an increase in ADHD.One would expect social outcry in response to the effects of mass media, yet instead we do the exactopposite. We consume more. According to CNN, you will now spend 13 years of your life watching TVup from 12 years in 2005. If nothing is done, what does this addiction look like in 100 years and whatdoes that mean to our grandkids?TRENDERS, SPENDERS and RECOMMENDERSThe Unyted’s core demographic is Generation Y Females, women between 8 and 27 years old.Generation Y outnumbers both Generation X and the Baby Boomers and will become the mostinfluential group in the entertainment industry. This group is labeled as the Trenders, Spenders andRecommenders as it is defined by concentrated populations of “early adopters”, discretional shoppersand brand referrers. The UnYted is leveraging its knowledge of and insights into these audiences, andtheir unique behaviors, in order to capture these favorable demographics. In addition to the statisticalpotential of the millenails, this generation is morally and civilly driven which aligns with The UnYtedspurpose. UnYted, LLC 8033 Sunset Blvd. #971 Los Angeles, Ca 90046 949.232.9098