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  • 1. TAGLINE: Ellen meets Chelsea Lately with a Conscious Twist.Alexis Jones turns television talk upside down on this daily talk show, The AlexisJones Show. The show explores young womens issues with in studio celebrity guestinterviews, live music performances, on location docu-style reporting, investigationsand a comedic sidekick. The quick-witted commentary of Jones promises to bring arefreshing perspective to relevant social issues facing women today ultimately empow-ering young women; encouraging them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams.Based on years of personal experiences with both young women and their mothers thisshow promises to deliver substance to TV that the female demographic is longing for.As many Hollywood females say, smart is the new sexy and in that context this showwill be a must for many of the A-list celebrities! The concept has already garneredthe support of Hollywood heavyweights Jessica Beil, Kristen Bell, Bryce Dallas How-ard and more endorsing Alexis Jones as the most influential voices of this generation.This show can be slated to run as a prime time companion for a captivated 18-49 fe-male audience or as a tent pole strip show for afternoon or late night. The Alexis JonesShow is fast paced and versatile championed by a host America will fall in love withand a message that will move your heart.
  • 2. • This show format will be a 44 minute talk show consisted of quick 3-4 minute interchangeable segments partnered with news worthy celebrity interveiws and anchored by on location docu-style feature stories. Every week will consist of a different theme that Alexis will investigate in detail over the course of 5 shows.• Each episode will begin with a monologue from Alexis that will act as an introduction to the weekly theme. Each show will be bookended with a live music guest that will take us out to credits.• A-list Celebrities will visit the Alexis Jones set to discuss the issues they are passionate about ultimately giving them a younger Oprah-esque plat- form to show multiple layers of their personality.• The feature stories will be a combination of daily vignettes and long form story telling that carries throughout each day and closes with an emotional payoff at the end of the themed week.• Alexis will use multiple 3-4 mintue segments to move the show including: - On the Streets: A comedic sidekick will take the theme to the streets for humorous interviews. - Superhero Alexis: Alexis the PI solves unsolved crimes, corporate irresponsibility, and celebrity rumors. - Product Testing: Can your new product, album, or film get our stamp of approval? - Specialist Interviews: Alexis explores themes with doctors, professors, psychologists and more. - iReport: Viewers send Alexis their clips for advice, discussion and tips. - Generations Panel: Alexis will moderate a group of six women one from each age range 10-19,20-29, 30- 39,40-49,50-59, and 60+. Suggested reoccuring roles.
  • 3. Weekly themes the show will cover include but are not limited to:1. Power Couples2. Lime light ladies (the reality of fame and the detrimental pressures)3. Power meets Passion (Inter-generation conversation)4. Bellism- 21st century feminism5. Real Men (consistent theme throughout each week)6. Hyper-sexualism (pressures on youth today to be “sexy”)7. Superwoman complex (the expectations to do and be it all)8. Mean Girls9. Quarter Life Crisis10. Real Life 101 (Experts coming in and educate/showcase the “how to’s” of life after college –pre family)11. Beauty-Full (What and who defines beauty?)12. Social Entrepreneurs13. Money Mamas (practical financial education)14. Personal Mission Statements (living out your dream)15. Double Standards (secret camera of how differently men/women are treatd in society)16. Sensational… ism! Media Mousetraps.17. Violence against women18. The Gray Area (Sexual Orientation)19. Sex… lets talk about it20. The Man Panel (bridging the communication gap)21. Passionistas22. Beauty-Full Bootcamp23. Plastic Surgery24. Daddy’s Little Girls (interviewing the dad’s behind the daughters)25. That Girl Goes Global (highlighting international sisters doing awesome work)26. Contribution is the new cool (celebrities who give back)27. Smart is the new sexy (highlighting top female CEO’s under 35)28. Society Spoon Fed (a look at our society’s definition of “success,” “wealth,” and “happiness”)29. The reality of Trafficking (and unspoken epidemic)30. Confidence is Queen (how do we create confidence girls today)31. Body Image Battle (our society’s narrow definition of beauty and the effects if has on girls/women today)32. Adventure Chicks (highlighting some of society’s beautiful dare devils)33. Death to Prince Charming (The fairytale we’re told and reassessing our expectations for theopposite sex)34. Simple acts of kindness (hidden camera on doing sweet thing anonymously)35. Dream makers (girls who against all odds, made the impossible, possible)
  • 4. The set of the Alexis Jones show will be a tradional multi-camera studio soundstage with a live audience. 50% of the show will be taped on the set and 50%in the field. The multi-purpose stage will include the following: - An intimate interview set featuring a chair for Alexis and a couch for guests with surrounding plasma tvs to throw clips to during interviews. - A multi-purpose area will be available for the generations panel, a mobile kitchen for cooking segements, audience demonstrations, props, etc. - A state of the art live music stage for the daily music guest to perform at the end of the show. - Each seat will have an iPhone with the Alexis Jones Show mobile app where the audience and viewers can vote, interact with Alexis, chat, shop and more. The purpose of this feature is to drive downloads of the app.
  • 5. INTERACTIVEThe Alexis Jones Show will be on the cutting edge ofdigital interactive features. Planned interactivity in-cludes viewer interviews, text voting, and a custom-ized social network powered by Ning (same setup asTyra and Ellen). Because the content of the show cre-ates emotional conversation, by including our viewersin many aspects of the show we will secure the wordof mouth marketing needed to sustain ratings.CELEBRITY DRIVENCelebirities from all walks of entertainment, sports andpolitics are longing for a platform to showcase themselves in a positive more geniune light. Alexis will drivedeep conversatons with the celebrity guests, gettingthem to open up and expose layers the public rarelysees. Oprah is often successful in getting the “mo-ments” from celebrities and it often makes for inter-net hits, driving ratings and ancillary revenue streams.MOHTERS AND DAUGHTERSAlexis has spoken to tens of thousands of GenerationY females over the past few years and has been su-prised by the response of mothers to her message.Mothers see Alexis as a gateway to communicationwith their daughters. The Alexis Jones show will be anatural extension of this and will be a show motherscan watch with their daughters and will become agreat way for moms and daughters to have conver-saton.THE MOVEMENTSThe Alexis Jones Show will be heavily backed by fe-male empowerment movements I Am That Girl andUnYted. These movements currently have millionsof young women in their network and will fully sup-port the show, guaranteeing a built in loyal fan base.These influential groups will also provide content sto-ries, insight to the hard to target demographic andonline interaction with the brand.
  • 6. Alexis Jones is an expert on confidence, courage and accomplish-ment. At only 25 years old she has navigated the beauty industryas a teen model, survived reality TV as a top finalist on “Survivor:Fans vs. Favorites,” earned a Masters in Communication from USC,and founded the empowerment company, i am that girl, a leader increating social change, global awareness, and female empowermentfor Generation Y. Alexis has created a bold reputation for herself inthe motivational speaking world due not only to her exceptional lifeexperience, but her commitment to critical inquiry into women’sissues and her passion for inspiring people to recognize and thenfulfill their highest potential. As the founder of i am that girl, Alexisknows firsthand the power of pursuing passion and is an expert onthe women of Generation Y. As a TV personality, she’s come tolearn the influence that the media has on society and understandsher responsibility as a woman in entertainment.Alexis is on the forefront of social change and provides apowerful and unique voice on behalf of the Generation Y.As a member herself, she is incredibly effective when offer-ing her personal experiences and insight on the day-to-daydistractions and obstacles facing today’s women. She iscommitted to being the change our world needs and has theaudacity to dream big enough to make it happen.
  • 7. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: BRAD EPSTEINBRAD EPSTEIN (Producer) is a prolific Hollywood producer (Ghosts OfGirl Friends Past, Dan In Real Life, About A Boy) with more than twodecades of solid feature film production experience to his credit.Epstein spent the last half decade as the Senior Vice President ofProduction for Disney’s Buena Vista Studios, where he had direct in-volvement in such high profile releases as “Confessions of a Teen-aged Drama Queen,” starring Lindsay Lohan; “Ladder 49,” starringJoaquin Phoenix and John Travolta; and “Invincible,” starring MarkWahlberg. Prior to joining Disney, Epstein oversaw production at Rob-ert De Niro’s Tribeca Productions, working on such films as “Wag theDog,” “Analyze This” and “Meet the Parents.EXECUTVIE PRODUCER: DAVE DREVERDave Drever is a multi-platofrm pioneer and Founder | Chief Opera-tional Officer of Unyted,LLC where he oversees the overall brand vi-sion and daily operaitons. Prior to UnYted, Dave was Chief New Me-dia Officer of Tantao News Network, the largest syndicator of ChineseNews in the world and Co-Founder of Xonger,Inc. which recievedinternational attention in 2009 for their work with the Jackson Family.Dave has deep experience and know-how to configure and opti-mize content for multi-platform distribution over TV, Broadband/IPTV,and 3G/Mobile devices. Dave has worked for clients such as BMW,Virgin, Hulu, Sony, Disney/ABC, Warner Brothers and EMI, implement-ing new media strategies and content solutions.SHOW RUNNER: JOHN PATTYSONJohn is a veteran talk show and news magazine prodcuer with 4 in-dividucal Emmy Awards and credits including:Show Director/Producer for “THE DOCTORS ” (CBS-TV)Show Director/Producer for “THE DR. PHIL SHOW” (NBC-TV)Team Leader/Producer/Director for “THE SWAN” (Fox Television)Director/Producer for “ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT”Director/Producer AOL online game “GOLD RUSH” for EntertainmentTonight & Mark Burnett Productions.
  • 8. The pilot episode of the Alexis Jones show will feature the Superman Woman Complex as the theme. Alexis willopen the show with a monologue detailing the extreme pressures to be everything woman and the devasting realityfor many that it is unachievable.An on the streets segement hosted by comedic sidekick Emily will setup a docu-style video of Superwomen bothyoung and mature from across the country showing us what a typical chaotic day looks like.Next, Alexis will interview Twillight, Spiderman 3 and The Village star Bryce Dallas Howard on her life jugglingwork, being a mom, maintaing a marriage and giving back. Alexis and Bryce will uncover some difficult times shefaced unable to visit her child while working overseas and discover some advice for she has for other Superwoman.Alexis will then introduce and throw the next segment to the on set plasma screen. This segment will be an onlocation investigative look into the psychology of the Superwoman complext. Alexis will interview a psychologistto get a deeper understanding.Coming back from the psychology segment Alexis will interact with audience and welcome ourGenerations Panel with a focus on how the American Dream and the redifining of core values inAmerica has contributed to this complex.Alexis will then end the show with a preview to the next episode of the Superwoman Complex andsetup music guest Jason Mraz who will take us to credits.