Youth Flash, April 2012


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Youth Flash, April 2012

  1. 1. Youth Flash UN Home | UN DESA DSPD - Youth April 2012 In this issue of Youth Flash, we continue to hear updates from the work of the Major Group on Children and Youth as they gear up towards Rio+20: Feature Articles; Rio+20: Negotiating Our Way One Step Closer Rio+20: An inclusive approach to sustainable development News from UN offices Youth in ActionFeature Article: governance for sustainable development. He cited Franz Fanon saying that, “each generation must discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it”. Overcoming the current global challenges andRocking the Road to Rio+20 setting in motion sustainable lifestyles is this generation’s mission, and their involvement is crucial to fulfill it. Participating in Rio+20 is one way for young people to get involved. International activities and negotiations for Rio+20 are in full force. The Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY) – the official voice for young people in the UN sustainability negotiations – has been actively involved. In this issue, we’ll tell you about some of the international activities the MGCY has been participating in, and how you can get involved in building the youth voice for Rio+20. Informal-Informals and Third Intersessional: New York The first round of ‘informal-informal’ negotiations on the Zero Draft of the Rio+20 outcome document was held from 19–23 March 2012, followed by the Third Intersessional from 24-26 March 2012 at the UN Headquarters in New York. The MGCY was present at both of these events, actively lobbying for theirRio+20: Negotiating Our Way One Step Closer policy points to be included in the negotiating the UN CSD Major Group on Children and Youth There is a growing frustration from civil society that the outcome document is lacking prescriptive language, meaningIt’s hard to believe that we’re just two months away from Rio+20, there is little to commit governments to the provision of finance,deemed the largest and most important UN conference on technology transfers and capacity building in support ofsustainable development in history. At the recent Youth 21 sustainable development efforts. There is a concern that humanConference: Building for Change, former South African president rights are being watered down with some believing this is aThabo Mbeki spoke to youth about leadership and democratic systematic attempt from powerful states to ‘delete our rights and
  2. 2. Youth Flash Newsletter April 2012bracket our future’ (Quintos, 2012). Government delegations argue globally chosen case studies will be published in a UNEPthat they do not want to reiterate what past documents have already publication that will be out prior to Rio+20! Share your solutionsmade clear, and do not want to reference things that are currently or projects or stories with us and help us share what you arebeing discussed in other forums. doing that works with the world! Take a few minutes to fill out this form: thematic debate continues. Two months from Rio+20, thegreen economy is still not fully conceptualised, nor is the You can also send us your photos by emailingInstitutional Framework on Sustainable Development. The motion but please remember that they have to beto have an Ombudsman for Future Generations – a position that the photos you have taken....and you are giving us permission toMGCY fully supports – has been tabled because there is publish them by emailing them in.uncertainty about who this person would be, what they would do,and what UN office they would belong to. The role of UNEP Rio+20: An inclusive approach to sustainablecontinues to be discussed, with talk of needing multilateral developmentcooperation and strengthening of institutions. By Olimar Maisonet-Guzmán on behalf of the ObjectivesWhat does this all mean? Taskforce of the Major Group of Children and YouthWhat all this means, essentially, is that civil society needs to up its This June, the United Nations Conference on Sustainablegame. With a growing concern that Rio+20 will become another Development (UNCSD) will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.ineffective conference, marked by a voluntary approach to The conference is commonly known as Rio+20 because itcorrecting the extreme challenges of the planet, civil society needs commemorates the 20-year anniversary of the 1992 Earthto put more pressure on their governments to act differently. This where you can get involved.A key component of the MGCY is inspiring and platforming youthactivism, so that global action embraces local perspectives, andlocal perspectives are expanded with global understanding, in thepursuit of sustainability. To do this, the MGCY has established aseries of ‘working groups’, which are different collections ofpeople who work according to their particular interest or skill.Ranging from communications, to campaigns, to involvingchildren, and supporting the MGCY Youth Blast, the workinggroups are aimed at connecting people together to help build theyouth voice for sustainability.Act now. Fulfill your mission to implementing sustainability in ourlifetime. Get involved with the MGCY as we prepare for Rio+20.We are always looking for ways to include more young people inour activities, so if you have ideas or want to contribute in anyway, Young people have been participating in the Rio+20 process asplease let us know. part of the Major Group of Children and Youth (MGCY). For us, Rio+20 is more than an environmental conference. Rio+20 isFor an overview of the MGCY contribution to the negotiating text an opportunity to propose new paradigms for sustainablevisit: development and to engage all stakeholders in future development policies. We want to take this opportunity andIf you would like to get involved with the MGCY policy remind everyone that Rio cannot be branded just as annegotiations visit: “environmental conference”. Rio+20 will be about integratingforces/ the three pillars of sustainable development: environment protection, socio-political processes and economic development.If you would like to get involved in the MGCY working groups Consequently, all the pillars and actors must be equally involvedvisit: and invested in the outcome of the process.Info Bite: Rio+20 is indeed about sustainable development, which includesThe Global Environmental Outlook for Youth: “Tunza Acting not only the environmental conservation and protectionfor a Better World”. component in development, but equally assesses national,We are currently collecting best practices by young 2
  3. 3. Youth Flash Newsletter April 2012regional and global economic and social progress. Additionally, United Nations Population DivisionRio+20 must guarantee that human rights, gender equity, access toresource, and the wellbeing of future generations are protected inthis new paradigm of development Adolescents and youth central to population and development issuesRio +20 has been linked back to 1972 UN Conference on theHuman Environment as well as the 1992 Earth Summit, both of The forty-fifth session of the Commission on Population andwhich had a much heavier focus on the environmental pillar. Development will discuss the theme of “Adolescents and youth”Therefore, it is natural that many of the participating stakeholders, from 23-27 April 2012 in New York.particularly those in the private sector, have kept away fromengaging in the process. There are over 1.8 billion young people aged 10 to 24 years worldwide, the largest generation of adolescents and youth inThese are crucial times. Decisions made at Rio+20 will impact our history. The Commission on Population and Development willfuture and that of future generations. In reality, investors, examine how trends in the size and structure of the youthbusinesses, and other private sector actors have a large stake in population affect the investments in education, health, includingsustainable development. Additionally, the decisions made at sexual and reproductive health, and livelihoods that areRio+20 will also impact the way the function. We cannot afford essential for adolescents and youth to achieve their full potentialfurther fragmentation in the social movement toward Rio+20. We and contribute to sustainable and equitable Major Groups, have a responsibility to deliver a unified front atRio+20 to promote sustainable development policies and practices Participation in the Commission is open to NGOs that arethat will benefit our constituencies. This is the only way we can accredited with ECOSOC. The registration deadline is 6 Aprilguarantee that Rio+20 will deliver the future that we want. 2012. More information on NGO participation is available at:News from UN offices General information is available at:ECOSOC Youth Conference - 4 May“Creating a Sustainable Future:Empowering Youth with Better Job FAOOpportunities” FAO has launched the pilot testing of the new Water ChallengeYoung people continue to be the hardest hit by the jobs crisis. In badge for 5 to 20 year olds, the resource is intended to help raiseboth developed and developing countries, youth unemployment awareness, educate, and encourage individual to take action inand underemployment rates have reached alarming levels. In July their local communities on water related issues. If your group isthis year, ECOSOC will address the challenge of increasing interested in being involved in the pilot testing please contactproductive capacity and promoting employment and decent work. yunga@fao.orgIn preparation, on 4 May, The UN Department of PublicInformation and the Department of Economic and Social Affairs UNODCwill organize a youth conference on “Creating a SustainableFuture: Empowering Youth with Better Job Opportunities”, which The UNODC Youth Initiative was officially launched during thewill be attended by youth representatives from diverse 55th Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND), organised 12-16backgrounds. The primary target audience is young men and March 2012, to engage and empower young people to reflect onwomen (15 – 32 years old). Representatives of the private sector, the effects of substance use in their schools and communitiesthe academic community, and civil society engaged in youth issues and to start taking action against it. The Initiative is connectingwill be invited to participate. youth globally through social media to discuss, inspire, and learn from each other on the ways of promoting healthy lifestyles andThis event will be open to NGO representatives with valid access start creating activities mobilising their peers, families, schools,passes only. No event passes will be issued for this half-day event. and communities. A small number of young people participatingFor information contact See background note in the initiative in 5 different continents were also invited tobelow for additional information on the event. attend the CND to present their views regarding the substanceMore information: abuse and its prevention, and to learn about international drug 3
  4. 4. Youth Flash Newsletter April 2012Check out the Youth Initiative website: Nairobi at the weekend with the release of the NairobiJoin the movement on Facebook: Statement, a roadmap for the greater inclusion of youth in UN system.Initiative/205542506204854?sk=wall The Nairobi Statement follows up on the UN Secretary GeneralWorld Bank Ban Ki-Moons commitment to supporting youth empowerment globally through the appointment of a Special Advisor on Youth. The Statement commends the Secretary General on hisMeasuring Success of Youth Livelihood commitment to youth and appointment of the Special Advisor.Interventions The Statement outlines a series of recommendations that seeksThe importance of providing young people with jobs and economic to assure that the Special Advisor has the mandate to fullyopportunities is at the forefront of the development debate. engage youth globally, requesting that the Special Advisor be aUnfortunately, very little is known about the quality or impact of young person who is able to mainstream youth in decisionyouth livelihood interventions because very few programs have making across the system.been carefully evaluated, especially in developing countries. Inorder to help practitioners learn from their projects and contribute The Nairobi Declaration requests that the Secretary General goesto building the evidence base on youth employment, this Guide further in engaging youth through establishing a UN Permanentoffers an accessible introduction to the topic of monitoring and Forum on Youth. The recommendation includes a suggestionevaluation and to its practical application in the youth livelihood that the Forum be constituted by different stakeholdersfield. The Guide helps decide what type of evaluation is including representatives of youth organizations globally, andappropriate given the characteristics and context of an intervention would be tasked to work with the Special Advisor on assuringand provides the basic set of concepts and tools to carry out impact that the voices of youth, especially those most marginalized andevaluations. vulnerable, be heard.To download the publication visit: Ms. Serverine Macedo, the Brazilian National Youth Secretarysuccess-youth-livelihood-interventions read a joint statement from the Governments of Brazil and Norway, a statement supported by the Governments of Benin,Global Partnership for Youth Employment Mexico and Sri Lanka, supporting the Nairobi Statement, andcelebrates 3rd birthday the appointment of the Special Advisor and the creation of a Permanent Forum on Youth.Since its inception in late 2008, the World Bank’s GlobalPartnership for Youth Employment has made important progress in Ms. Macedo emphasized the strategic importance ofgenerating new knowledge about youth employment outcomes and empowering youth, who now number 3 billion globally, andin bringing together a wide range of stakeholders to work together their need to be engaged as leaders to bring about sustainableand learn from each other. For the future, the partnership intends to development for the overcoming of poverty and also for social,further strengthen youth employment stakeholders across the globe economic, cultural and political inclusion.and incubate new initiatives to benefit the international community The Nairobi meeting is the first of its kind, and was co-organisedat large. by UN-Habitat and UNDP in the spirit of one UN more information visit: id=6&subMenuId=0,,contentMDK:23116965~menuPK:8440995~pagePK:148956~piPK:216618~theSitePK:390615,00. UNFPAhtmland On the occasion of the 45th Session of the Commission Population and Development on the theme "Adolescents and Youth", the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is hosting a consultation with young people to seek inputs into itsUN HABITAT new strategy on adolescents and youth. The consultation will take place at UNFPA Headquarters from 4pm-6pm on SundayA historic four day global meeting, called "Youth 21 – Building for 22 April. UNFPA will host a high-level interactive side-eventChange", and bringing together over 250 youth with governments, on young peoples access to sexual and reproductiveUN agencies, researchers, private sector and civil society closed in health on 23 April from 1pm-2pm. UNFPA will also co-host a side event on advancing HIV prevention among young 4
  5. 5. Youth Flash Newsletter April 2012with UNAIDS, UNWOMEN and the Global Coalition on Women initiative as key partners with mobilizes global youth for Theand AIDS on 25 April from 6pm-8pm. For more details, write to Future We Want! For information contact: Jean Paul Brice Affana, the GlobalYouth in Action Coordinator at, Outreach and Communication Anam Gill, the Coordinator at as well as Miroslav Polzer, theRio+20 Global Youth Music Contest: Secretary-general of IAAI and Rio+20 Issues Cluster “Innovation” at Visit their websites atvoting has started! and online voting of the Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest “Let the music talk, let the rhythm play and let the worldhas now started at and everyone is invited know what the youth have to say!”to watch at least five music videos and vote for the favorites. Thecontest organized on the occasion of the Rio+20 United NationsConference on Sustainable Development was launched in Peace Child International:September 2011 by the International Association for the Education hub for Rio+20Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges(IAAI - after an International Workshop Education & Awareness-raising for Rio+20:( The Education Hub for the UN’s Rio+20 Summitthat brought together more than 30 youth from all around the world ( brings together everything Peacewho designed the contest guidelines. An active group of 100 and Child has ever published on the Rio Earth Summit Process –plus youth has been working hard as Regional and National from our Children’s Edition of Agenda 21: Rescue Mission :Coordinators and committed to ensure its success around 50 Planet Earth, to our Johannesburg update: Rescue 2002, ourcountries. More than 250 videos from 40 countries were Copenhagen briefing: Energy Revolution – to the 6 newreceived from children up to 14 years and youth up to 30 years. Education Booklets on Sustainable Human DevelopmentThe competition gives children and youth from around the world a prepared for Rio+20, loosely based on the UN Humanvoice in Rio+20 and has encouraged them to express their hopes, Development Reports and the UNEP Green Economy briefing.concerns and thoughts on future of our earth by using music. All these are created by young people for young people – basedWinners will be selected through an online voting in the children on original UN documents, almost all of which are featured onand youth category and will be awarded a trip to Rio+20 and an the Background section of the site.opportunity to perform there at one of the big events there. Thecontest now encourages everyone to listen to these messages of Our goal is to get every school on the planet to teach theirglobal youth, hear what they have to say, learn from them, express students about the crucial issues addressed by Rio+20: theappreciation by voting for the most inspiring videos and join the website Home page starts with seven jargon-free slides thatyouth efforts towards making Rio+20 conference a big success. summarise some of the Rio+20 issues, linked to postersThe phase of spreading the message to those preparing Rio+20 outlining some solutions. It goes on to propose ideas for Action:Conference and to the general global public has been launched sothat people show appreciation for this wonderful collaborative 1. The UNESCO-supported ‘My City+20’ – Model Rio Eartheffort of global youth energizing Rio+20. Summit idea; 2. A DAY OF ACTION AND LEARNING for Rio+20.One of the key contribution of the contest to the Rio+20 3. A ‘Do it yourself Green Economy Transition Plan’ – for yourconference is to work towards a ‘global citizen participation’ and self – your household – your community – and your Nation.‘resource mobilization’ aspect of designing at Rio+20 a UnitedNations led global innovation system for sustainable The site also links to the UN’s Rio+20 sites and its Globaldevelopment. Therefore the contest team has been working hard to Conversation Campaign: The Future We Want. It will, we hopeensure the availability of an Issues Cluster on Innovation which – through the Add section – link to many other great initiativesproposes a ‘15/15/15 UN Civil Society Resource Mobilization for action and awareness-raising. Like your’s! Please share yourPartnership Formula’ saying that global civil society on the one ideas with me, or Simon Howlett, the young webmaster whohand commits at Rio+20 to mobilize 15 billion Euros and 15 created the site, at: rio@peacechild.orgmillion volunteers by the year 2015 for UN led sustainabledevelopment efforts and on the other hand requests new forms of Peace Child International has worked continuously on the Rioparticipation in global sustainable development governance. Earth Summit Agenda since 1992. For us, the road does not endMany youth and international partners are supporting the contest in Rio: it begins again in Rio this June – and continues for theand the number is increasing. More are welcome to join this rest of our lives, seeking – struggling – committing – 5
  6. 6. Youth Flash Newsletter April 2012– and energizing our communities and nations for attending an International Symposium is often the most powerfulSUSTAINABILITY. It is truly our generational challenge: and we way of learning.hope this site will help us all rise to it. Humanitarian Affairs United Kingdom is a member of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organisation and theFor more information contact: David R. Woollcombe World Alliance for Citizens Participation. It initiates supports humanitarian reliefs efforts and development programs in countries that are poverty stricken and disaster-prone. All their programmes are supported by the United Nations.12th Melaka International YouthDialogue If you are a young person and would like to play a role as a Global Citizen; then this is the event not to be missed. ThoseThe 12th Melaka International Youth Dialogue (MIYD) entitled working in the NGOs; Government Departments; National‘HEALTH IT’S MY RIGHT’ is due to be held from 28th to 30th Youth Council are strongly encourage to attend this yearlyJune 2012 in Melaka, Malaysia. The MIYD is organized by WAY event. More information of the Symposium can be obtainedin collaboration with the Melaka State Government, Malaysian from the events website at : Council, Asian Youth Council and Ministry of Youth andSports, Malaysia. We provide young people with opportunities to engage in humanitarian service, strengthen their awareness of diverseThe theme ‘Health, it’s My Right!’ is recognized to fulfill the cultures, and develop a lifelong commitment to helping otherspredominant opinions of young people hence an interactive by participating in relief efforts to benefit impoverisheddiscussion on this topic will be of significance to form, educate, communities in poverty-stricken countries.increase awareness and promote gender equality in the differentlevels of society that we represent.As this is an open invitation, we kindly request for you to shareand disseminate this information amongst your networks and otherinterested persons. Kindly find attached necessary information andother documentation for your perusal.MIYD Organizing Committee:Email 3rd University ScholarsLeadership SymposiumThe 3rd University Scholars Leadership Symposium will takeplace in Bali, Indonesia from August 1 to 7, 2012.The event will see a culmination of 500 young people fromLeading Universities of the World discussing on issues pertainingto poverty reduction, sustainable development, leadership andhumanitarian work.The Bali Symposium aims to draw attention of young people totake proactive action to contribute to the achievement for asustainable future, which is consonance with the United NationsMillennium Developmental Goals. Succinctly, it expects to breakdown the barriers between nations and create strong linkagesamong young people.Formal Education enables us to perform effectively in academicand working realm. However, the acquisition of knowledge 6