Game Design 2 (2013): Lecture 4 - UI Components
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Game Design 2 (2013): Lecture 4 - UI Components

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How do you pick a UI component for your interface element?

How do you pick a UI component for your interface element?

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  • 1. 2013 Game Design 2 Lecture 4: UI Components
  • 2. Buttons etc.
  • 3. Interaction Options • Push Buttons • Radio Buttons (toggle) • Sliders • Lists • Text Fields • Drop Down Menus
  • 4. Radio Buttons • Used to either • toggle • OR select from a group
  • 5. Scroll Bars • Used to show more data than fits in space • Horizontal or vertical • Often have arrows at each side to allow for more controlled scrolling
  • 6. Sliders • Adjust values with wide range. • Numeric ranges. • Music volume • Often used for settings • Analogue or Digital
  • 7. Lists & Drop Downs • Used to display ordered data • Used to allow navigation • Can be single or multiple select • Either selection can move or list can move
  • 8. Text Fields • User input for naming or communication • Intuitive with PC. • OK with iOS or Android etc... • Annoying with console
  • 9. Expand / Contract • Symbols used to open and close branches on a tree structure • Familiar from Windows / Mac OS
  • 10. Summary • Each of these components has a specific place where they should be used. • Try to use the correct UI component in your designs.
  • 11. Mass Effect’s Interface • Most of this content sourced from Krystian Majewski’s great posts at: • Krystian Majewski’s game Trauma is on Steam
  • 12. Character & HUD
  • 13. Items
  • 14. Other Problems: Navigation
  • 15. Navigation & Dialogue Spelling out awful button choices doesn’t make them good
  • 16. Dialogue
  • 17. The point of this is not to ‘slag off’ the Mass Effect design team - these are the kinds of problems that you find all over (most) games. We want to set a higher expectation here. Everything you design MUST have a purpose. You MUST think about the user at all times. Have a good reason for your design decisions.