Untapped Cities iPhoneography Workshop


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Untapped Cities iPhoneography Workshop

  1. 1. Iphoneography: The Basics February 22, 2012
  2. 2. Why iPhone?The best camera is the one you have with you. +
  3. 3. Why not point-and-shoot?In-camera editing & sharing is generally terrible. +
  4. 4. The Basic Camera +
  5. 5. Pros ConsQuick Basic EditingFull Resolution No FiltersEasy Sharing Poor in Low Light +
  6. 6. The Essentials +
  7. 7. Instagram +
  8. 8. What is Instagram?• A hugely popular photo application that allows you to capture, edit, and share photos with a variety of retro filters.• Why it’s unique: • Nostalgia. It’s the “Polaroid” of mobile photography. • Has its own massive community of users that you can interact with via the app’s built-in social network • Has become the mobile industry standard for photography, allowing the photos you take to live far beyond Instagram’s social networks• Limitations: • All photos are square, which limits their usability outside of social. • Full resolution not available, though a new update has increased it to 1936x1936 (for iPhone 4) +
  9. 9. Instagram TestBefore Instagram After Instagram +
  10. 10. Instagram Extensions +
  11. 11. Camera+ +
  12. 12. What is Camera+?• An ‘all-in’one’ photo app that allows you to capture and edit photos within a simple, intuitive interface.• Why it’s unique: • Clarity. A proprietary, fully auto editing option that combines elements of HDR (Higy Dynamic Range) photo editing with traditional editing to make any photo look exponentially better• Limitations: • All photos exist and must be edited within the app, not the photo album on your phone. • Does not offer de-noise, softening or blurring options. +
  13. 13. Clarity TestBefore Clarity After Clarity +
  14. 14. Pro HDR +
  15. 15. What is Pro HDR?• One of the few ‘true HDR’ photo apps on iPhone• Why it’s unique: • True HDR. Takes a series of pictures, overlays them and optimizes settings. All you need to do is hold it still.• Limitations: • Works best in average lighting (not too light and not too dark) • Since it does require several consecutive photos to be taken in a row, Pro HDR is not conducive to action photography +
  16. 16. Pro HDR TestBefore Pro HDR After Pro HDR +
  17. 17. Extras +
  18. 18. Color Splash +
  19. 19. What does it do?• Allows you to ‘paint’ any part of the photo black and white in order to bring out the desired color, or colors Before Color Splash After Color Splash +
  20. 20. Diptic +
  21. 21. What does it do?• Allows you to stitch relevant photos together in a tasteful ‘collage’ Before Diptic After Diptic +
  22. 22. Percolator +
  23. 23. What does it do?• Morphs any photo into a highly interesting piece of art using a variety of geometrical options. Before Percolator After Percolator +
  24. 24. Happy Shooting! +