How to Reach New Customers Using Content Marketing


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Learn how content marketing can benefit your business and the exact steps you need to take to get the most from this low cost and highly effective marketing tactic that Google loves and so will your customers!

Increase your website's SEO, the value of your Social Media accounts, your reputation and your businesses profit margins with well written and planned content.

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  • 90% of you are aware of social networks75% of online videos26% of you have links to social networking sites
  • Written content that draws attention – the opposite of the billboard. Look into social networks? Website articles?Being able to bookmark and share it.
  • Written content that draws attention – the opposite of the billboard. Look into social networks? Website articles?Being able to bookmark and share it.
  • Brings repeat visitors to your site
  • Establishes relationship with potential customers
  • How much value the website can generate from it’s customers
  • Everything in marketing is a test
  • Provide information about your businesses applicability to various niches – this means that you can use your blog to talk about how great your accommodation business is for weddings, elderly couples, family holidays, group get-togethers, international visitors, weekends away and extended trips all while making each different group of people feel as though your business is catered just for them
  • Publish content that can be shared across social media platforms to keep your contacts engaged and interested in what you have to say
  • Travel content is information that excites, transports, and guides people, but as publishers and travel brands understand, context is everything. “There are opportunities to engage consumers in transit—what we call ‘transumers’—throughout the journey cycle,” says Basu. “The challenge is to strike a balance between too little or too much content—and to be relevant and useful at all times.”ref:
  • Your go to reference when writing, populating and planning content
  • Who will write your content? - Do you have writing capabilities/ an interest in writing? - Are any of your employees interested in writing, budding bloggers, a wannabe author etc? - Do you have family members or friends that are good with words? - Do you have an intern or access to an intern to help? - Do you have a budget to get content written for you by a professional?
  • Who is your target market - how old are they - are they single, married, divorced? - are they on a budget - are they looking for accomm at your place because of a nearby event etc - are they eco-conscious - are they interested in outdoors or do they want to sit-back and relax
  • Who will people contact if they are interested - Can they post a comment on your blog post - are contact details supplied for specific team members - do you have the resources to manage any requests - is the purchase / buying process easy for someone to find and undertake
  • What topics will you be speaking about? - seasonal changes - renovations/ upgrades - your products/ services - accomplishments - new menu items - news and current topics - local events
  • What are your overall aims? - Increase the number of bookings, enquiries and conversions - Create or grow your customer database - brand exposure - generate traffic to your site - customer communication - SEO (higher ranking, visibility) - increase first time purchases v increase return visitors - increase purchases of a specific product i.e. 3 night stays as opposed to weekly family holidays
  • When will you be creating content? - create them in blocks of 5 posts at a time - schedule 2 hours a week for content creation - topic brainstorming session with the team and designated due dates for posts - provide copywriters blocks of 10 topics at a time
  • When will you be publishing content? - on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly basis - in line with specific events, seasons, high season v low season etc
  • Where will you be publishing content? - company website blog (recommended with introductions and links from other sources) - company external blog - other website blogs - direct to a newsletter - newspaper articles - direct to social media etc
  • Why are you writing about each topic? - What is the planned impact of writing about each topic (list the reasons down beside each topic) - after you have asked why, ask if this is in line with the businesses plans (growth, focus on family holidays v one night stays etc) - writing
  • Why is your target market going to read your content? - Entertainment - Education - Special deals or offers - Limited access resources
  • How are you going to share your content with others? - Just because you write and publish it, doesn’t mean that people will instinctively come looking for it
  • How are you going to plan for the long term? - how often will you update your content marketing schedule - how will you manage a change of staff/ resources - how will you come up with and collect new topic ideas (read other content on a similar topic etc)
  • How are you going to publish content? - not all websites are created equal, you need a CMS and blog / technical capabilities - do you have the ability to add and edit content on your site frequently - do you have a tool to help ensure that your content is best optimised and written
  • We’re not meant to judge a book by a cover but when it’s come to your website all bets are off! A study by researchers at Carleton University in Ottawa show that first impressions count in website design. They showed that people form opinions about the look of your website in 1/20th of a second. The aesthetic of your design is therefore an important factor in the success of your website and online business.
  • Think of the last coffee shop you went toWhat kind of feelings/emotions did it evoke?Was there a certain sense of style?Vintage? Modern? Cheap?
  • You need to provide interesting, enjoyable and relevant information and activities which connect emotionally with visitors
  • New products or servicesNew or updated websiteChanges in pricing or special offers/discountsNew releases of your productsDifferent or new applications for your service or product 
  • New products or servicesNew or updated websiteChanges in pricing or special offers/discountsNew releases of your productsDifferent or new applications for your service or product 
  • Now that you have ideas for your content, someone needs to write it.You have threeways of going about it:Write it yourselfHire a professionalGuest writers – experts in the field
  • If you haven’t already heard of it, conversion optimisation is the process of improving your website’s conversionsto improve the capture of revenue. Often through a series of simple, small changes, websites see increased revenues. Too many times we focus on building the website, or integrating the booking engine and overlook essential items that will increase the chance a user will take action.HeadlinesCall to ActionCopyImagesGraphicsButton LookButton TextButton LocationNo LinksPress QuotesTestimonialsPricingFlow Through ProcessAnd morersion points faster and more directly.
  •  This was a great example of how usability can trump marketing.
  • Keywords, keywords, keywords
  • Keywords, keywords, keywords
  • Size mattersAim for 400 – 1000 words
  • Compress your images and use the ALT tag
  • Link to other articles within your blog and to othersDon’t post the whole URL
  • You are not limited to your images only. You can use stock photos or photos licenced under creative commons and remember to attribute accordingly
  • Publish your content to other sitesFacebookTwitterYoutube
  • Publish your content to FacebookIf it is a blog post, the links automatically create a thumbnail image with a short descriptionIf it is a link to a YouTube video, it automatically embeds the video into the post
  • We think Version B won because of its active headline, clear explanation of the program’s benefits, and “learn more” call-to-action at the end.  Version A’s copy defined what the program is, not what the program does.
  • Publish your content to TwitterLink only due to character restrictions Use hashtags
  • Publish your content to YouTubeSecond biggest search engineLinks last longer on YouTube than on any other social network (for example, once you have tweeted a link, it only stays in your followers timeline for a limited amount of time, whereas with YouTube your website link will always be embedded into the video description)
  • Play Video – Excellent example of user generated content and a potentially missed opportunityexplain how to maximise marketing reach of content assetsContent isn’t king - optimised content is king
  • When you come across quality user generated content like this have a plan in place to get as much mileage from it as possible.Perform some keyword research to see what terms people are searching for that are related to your story and get 1 or more blog article’s written.Then distributeOnce you have a plan you can reuse it for each new story
  • Publish your content to LinkedInTalk about Adam posting the SlideShare link on LinkedIn and it automatically gained popularity and landed on the first page
  • I think it’s more important to show you the breadth of what makes up an effective online marketing strategy as opposed to trying to drill into specific how to details.
  • Explain the options and play video example of a live site being tested
  • Ok that’s the end of Phase 4. Can I ask everyone to spend 5 mins and total up each column into the Section totals then summarise any high and medium priority tasks. Then calculate your final totals from each phase and identify the 3 items you plan to implement.
  • How to Reach New Customers Using Content Marketing

    1. CONTENTMARKETING Image: flickr/Reach Out/stuardpilbrow
    2. What you will learnWhat is content marketing How will content marketing benefit my businessWhat is a content marketing strategy How to create a content marketing strategyWhat is successful content How to create successful content Image: deviantart/Crumpled white paper texture/melemel
    3. ATTENDEE QUESTIONS1. How do I link my website blog to social networks and use it effectively?2. Does copying content from another website affect my Google ranking?3. Can I update website content myself or do I always have to use a web developer?4. Is it better to embed YouTube videos on my website or should I simply have a link? Image: www.assistmybusiness.netwp-contentuploads201010question-mark
    4. What is content marketing?
    5. WHAT IS CONTENT MARKETING?A.Educational, informative contentto attract attentionand build a solidreputation with potential customers Image: flickr/welcomebackstevejobsillustration/photogiddy
    6. E.G. 5 ways to travel like a local Image:
    7. What is content marketing?B.Great contentand quality information tomarket a product or service Image:
    8. What is content marketing?C.Use of valuable contentto generate revenue foryour business Image: flickr/AUD100
    9. LESSON: Know your customers and help them think differently about how and whenthey use your product. In Kraft’s case, this translates to making life easier by suggesting new dishes that can be made easily.
    10. What is content marketing?A. Educational, informative content to attract attention and build asolid reputation with potential customersB. Great content and quality information to market a product or serviceC. Use of valuable content to generate revenue for your businessD. All of the above
    11. What is content marketing?Lastly,It is not just text Image: deviantart/Crumpled white paper texture/melemel
    12. What is content marketing?Photos Videos Audio Image: deviantart/Crumpled white paper texture/melemel
    13. Photos
    14. Video
    15. Audio
    16. How will contentmarketing benefit my business?
    20. ESTABLISHES RELATIONSHIP Image: sxchu/photo--1065245
    21. $$ $ $
    22. Which Test Won?A“Last minute discounts” B Source:
    23. Winner Version B, without the additional bottom button, got a 28.7% lift in paid hotel bookings. B“While you may influence more people to take an action on your test page, you want to be sure it doesn’t hurt your ultimate ability to get the final conversion step.” Source:
    24. Image: Flickr/Beaker!/hyku
    25. GIVES YOU AUTHORITY Image: www/ Officer/ julosstock
    26. EXPAND TO A VARIETY OF NICHES Image: flickr/ cupcakes are fun to make/ OrangeCounty_Girl
    27. SPREAD IT FAR AND WIDE Image: flickr/socialnetworkmap/butchlebo
    28. What is a contentmarketing strategy?
    29. Give it to me straight Make it quick and easy Tempt Me Excite MeKnock me off my feet Hold me close Image: sparksheet-six-stages-of-travel
    30. Where’s thatcontent marketing strategy again? Image: sxchu/photo--234819
    31. ASK THE TOP 6Who What WhenWhere How Why
    32. of an article Are you ready to utilise all of thefacilities available to maximise your content? Image:
    33. How to create acontent marketing strategy
    34. WHO will be creating the content Image: flickr/write/designsquid
    35. WHO is your target market Image: flickr/targets/archeon
    36. WHO will people contact if they areinterested in what you have to say Image: flickr/SCRTD – Customer Relations Open House RTD_1802_03/metrolibraryarchive
    37. WHAT Things to do New regional facilities topics will you be speaking about
    38. WHAT are your overall aims? Image: flickr/sweet dunk/ joshme17
    39. WHEN will you be creating content Image: flickr/what’s on my desk/valerierenne
    40. WHEN will you be publishing content Image: flickr/empty head/koalazymonkey
    41. WHEREwill you be publishing your content
    42. WHY are you writing about each topic Image: flickr/writing/jjpacres
    43. WHYis your target market going to read your content Image: Flickr/ story time with uncle derek/ meemal
    44. HOW Social Direct Contact Social Media Bookmarking• Business • Facebook • Digg Newsletters • Twitter • StumbleUpon• Regional • YouTube • Delicious Newsletters • LinkedIn • Reddit• Local newspaper • Flickr • Technorati• Email Subscriptions• RSS Feedsare you going to share your content with others
    45. HOW Writers, editors and publishers Schedule Topic ideasare you going to plan for the long term
    46. HOW are you going to publish content Image:
    47. ATTENDEE QUESTIONCan I update websitecontent myself or do Ialways have to use aweb developer? Image: www.assistmybusiness.netwp-contentuploads201010question-mark
    48. What issuccessful content?
    49. The structure of the content Well written with images, keywords, links, references, SEO attributes and F-pattern. Is shared across multiple platforms and bookmarked naturally.The impact of the content Achieves the goals and desired outcomes that were outlined in your Content Marketing Strategy.
    50. but, Im busy! Image: Flickr/Hardcover book gutter and pages/Horia Varlan
    51. GREAT CONTENT Provides credibilityAchieves desired Is actionable outcomes Begs to be Is shared Shared
    52. How to createsuccessful content
    53. Web Copy That Sells! Free Mindmap & EBook
    54. WHAT IS YOUR STORY? Create a ‘voice’ for your company
    55. Words tell Emotions sell Image: flickr/sequoia smiling at his mom/sean dreilinger
    56. Swapping words with emotions Extract from Maria Velosos "Web Copy That Sells"
    57. LET IT RAINBrainstorm contentideas for your website Image: flickr/dearmiami
    58. LET IT RAIN IDEASYour Products and Services Your Customers TestimonialsNew products or services. Shared experiencesNew or updated website RecommendationsChanges in pricing or special offers/discounts News and current topics.New releases of your products Local eventsIndustry awards Current related news Predict where you think your market is going Link to something controversial or oppose a common belief
    59. LET IT RAIN IDEASYour Staff MarketingNew staff joining Any exhibitions or trade showsAwards won by employees. Perform a surveyNew training programs Publish a white paperRetirements Speaking engagementsStaff Picks Your Business or OfficeCommunity Activities Move or expansionCommunity sponsorship or activities An interview or meeting with a celebrityCharities you may support Certification or awards of your businessFund raising days Industry associations you may have joinedAny of your staff performing something charitable
    60. GROUP EXERCISE Lets take 5 minutes to come up with 10 topics that you feel would be suitable for your web content within your industry. Image: flickr/dearmiami
    61. WHO SHOULD WRITE THE CONTENT? I will write it I will hire a myself! professional! Image: Storage/Apple Mac
    63. STRUCTURE YOUR CONTENT • End • Middle • Beginning Image: flickr/broxtronix
    64. 6 tips 1. Headline 2. Offer or call to action 3. First paragraph 4. Benefits 5. Images 6. Look & Feel
    65. F-PATTERN
    66. 5 WAYS TO MAKE IT EASY TO READ1.Use bulleted lists to summarize content • Point one • Point two • Point three Image: deviantart/Crumpled white paper texture/melemel
    67. 5 WAYS TO MAKE IT EASY TO READ2.Highlight selected keywords to help scannersmove through your web copy • Bold • Italic • Underlining Image: deviantart/Crumpled white paper texture/melemel
    68. 5 WAYS TO MAKE IT EASY TO READ3.Write meaningful subheads(as opposed to amusing or clever ones) Image: deviantart/Crumpled white paper texture/melemel
    69. 5 WAYS TO MAKE IT EASY TO READ4.Present one idea per paragraph Image: deviantart/Crumpled white paper texture/melemel
    70. 5 WAYS TO MAKE IT EASY TO READ5.Use the inverted pyramid style of writing Present key points and conclusions first, followed by less important information and background material Image: deviantart/Crumpled white paper texture/melemel
    71. CHOOSE YOUR VOICE BE CONSISTENT“Conversational style is recommended”
    72. Which Homepage Generated More Revenue A B
    73. Version A, with a search by location map A
    76. SIZE MATTERSAim for 400 – 1000 words Image:
    77. COMPRESS IMAGES, USE ALT TAG <img src=“gold-coast-accommodation.jpg” alt=“Gold Coast Accommodation” /> Image: flickr/Gold Coast/ RabunWarna
    78. LINK TO OTHER ARTICLES Bonus Point: Link out to authoritative sites
    81. ATTENDEE QUESTIONDoes copying contentfrom another websiteaffect my Googleranking? Image: www.assistmybusiness.netwp-contentuploads201010question-mark
    82. WRITING FOR SEOGoogle Panda fights against content robbers (copy-and-paste) and spammersYou can lose up to 75% of your site traffic
    84. FACEBOOK
    85. Which Facebook Ad Got a Huge Lift in Click Through Rate? A B (Different Headlines & Copy)
    86. Version B lifted the click through rate by 2,666%Active headline B Clear benefits Call to actionVersion A’s copy defined what the program is, not what the program does.
    87. TWITTER
    88. YOUTUBE
    89. BlogSeniors sites - Guest postTwitterOnline Press ReleaseSocial bookmarking
    90. ATTENDEE QUESTION“Is it better to embed YouTube videos on mywebsite or should I simply have a link?” Image: www.assistmybusiness.netwp-contentuploads201010question-mark
    91. LINKEDIN
    92. Client Hidden Measuring SuccessClientKeywordsHidden
    93. 1. Understand What You’re Measuring Know your baseline and set a goal - Increase bookings? How many are you getting now and from what sources Source:
    94. 2. Use Proxies to Measure Initial SuccessE.G. Proxies for measuring a blog’s ROI• Facebook likes• Retweets• LinkedIn and other shares• Reblogs• Links back• Comments• Time spent on page• Average page views per visitor (especially if you’re effective at internal linking of your posts)• Followers• @mentions Source:
    95. 3. Measure Both Primary and Secondary Conversion IndicatorsPrimary Indicators• New enquiries or bookings this months vs. last monthSecondary Indicators• Quality of leads• Retention period• Lifetime value per lead• Length of sales cycle• Number of new customers referred by lead Source:
    96. Don’t take your word for it! Where are theWhat does directions!this mean?
    97. Questions? Image: flickr/A wild question/[f]oxymoron
    98. for help and tips1 2 3
    99. Image: Flickr/Thank You/ eunmind