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Learn what it takes to have an awesome website and develop a digital plan for all of your online activities that actually works. We have put together a precise list of actionable tasks and tools you can use to power through your online marketing efforts.

The workshop presentation slides cover:
- 3 factors that determine if your website will succeed or fail
- How to create a digital plan
- Tools and resources to monitor your online activities
- SEO essentials
- and much much more

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  • According to the 2010 Tourism Operators Online Capabilities Benchmark report which surveyed 2,003 tourism business 84% of you have an online presence and 71% have your own websiteTypical responses we get are “we’ll our website, distribution sites and the yellow pages (surprisingly)” How about Facebook? “Not really.”
  • Travel content is information that excites, transports, and guides people, but as publishers and travel brands understand, context is everything. “There are opportunities to engage consumers in transit—what we call ‘transumers’—throughout the journey cycle,” says Basu. “The challenge is to strike a balance between too little or too much content—and to be relevant and useful at all times.”ref:
  • The amount of visitors your website can attract from your online marketing activities
  • How much value the website can generate from it’s customers
  • If you can improve in any one of these 3 areas your site will be more successful, but the real power comes when you improve in each of the areas simultaneously.
  • In fact, based on the rate of adoption, it is projected that the number of users accessing the Web via mobile devices will exceed desktop devices by 2014.eMarketer, the value of mobile transactions will reach close to 1 trillion dollars by 2014. If you are running on Wordpress thenplugin like WPTouch can allow you to convert serve up a mobile optimised website very easily
  • 90% of you are aware of social networks75% of online videos26% of you have links to social networking sites
  • Regardless of whether you have an existing business website or are in the middle of planning a new venture the online marketing playing field moves very fast and it’s worth pausing for a moment to regroup and plan your next move. Typically most businesses are keen to jump straight into tactics such as SEO, AdWords, Facebook or a content strategy but in most cases you need to get the basics down on paper for this to be executed successfully. The next 4 sections will help you do that.
  • Norwich-market-place_2
  • What do you like about your website?What don’t you like?What new features would you like? What is negatively impacting your business?
  • How do they find you?- google, wom, sm, online, referralsWhat is their demographic?What are they searching for?- keywordsWhat are their interests?
  • When we developed our smart tourism website we did lots of research into personality types and how they browse websites. There are 4 major personality types: Charles the Competitive who likes looking for the best deal and compares you to the competition Helen the humanistic. She needs to find a face behind the name and a story of how it became Sally the spontaneous who love specials and added extras such as limited time offer And Matt the methodical. He wants bullet points and information on how to book quickly and how to get there.The point is, we are all different and respond differently in the real world and online. Think about your audience, the average age, sex and what will appeal to them. Try to use a mixture of media, images, text and video . Most importantly discuss with your web developer, designer and content writer to ensure they take these personalities into consideration.
  • What tools are they using?Who are your online competitorsWho are your offline competitorsWhat are they doing that you’re not – website, social media, content strategy etcHow well are they ranking for profitable keywordsHow many links of they have to their siteWhat are the differences between their services and yours
  • Open site explorer can help you benchmark you website against other competitors who may be outranking you for competitive keywords
  • Have they changed since last time? (SMART goals) Specific, Measurable,Attainable, Realistic, TimelyWhat conversion rate for you want from your siteHow many visitors do you want viewing your site each day/week/monthWhat growth do you plan for your site and when (i.e. Content strategy, 1 post a week)How many keywords do you want to rank for, at what level and by whenWould you like to set up social media, how many likers/ followers etc, by when
  • bounce rateTime on a page Pages viewedGoals/conversionstraffic numberstraffic locationReferring trafficTop keywords
  • ask in personask in booking formask on phone
  • facebook fans and likes followers and retweetslinks clicked
  • how will you communicate this?
  • How do you prove/ position yourself to prove your USPCreate a ‘voice’ for your companyThink of the last coffee shop you went toWhat kind of feelings/emotions did it evoke?Was there a certain sense of style?Vintage? Modern? Cheap?
  • Purpose of visit – skiing, trout fishing, hiking, romantic getaway etcInterests – relaxing, eco aware, adventure, foodie etcflickr-47-365-sneakerzoom
  • Why are your customerscoming? – skiing, trout fishing, hiking, romantic getaway etc. They may be staying because you have a golf course down the road which may not even be mentioned on your website.
  • Interests – relaxing, eco aware, adventure, foodie etc
  • CLICK for Attract bubble CLICK Again for smaller bubbles (repeat for convert and relate) OpportunitiesDiving into online marketing with no direction can also be a disaster. Fundamentally understanding the building blocks that feed each potential marketing channel is critical to developing a robust strategy.
  • 90% of you are aware of social networks75% of online videos26% of you have links to social networking sites
  • Written content that draws attention – the opposite of the billboard. Look into social networks? Website articles?Being able to bookmark and share it.
  • You need to provide interesting, enjoyable and relevant information and activities which connect emotionally with visitors
  • Now that you have ideas for your content, someone needs to write it.You have threeways of going about it:Write it yourselfHire a professionalGuest writers – experts in the field
  • How are you going to plan for the long term? - how often will you update your content marketing schedule - how will you manage a change of staff/ resources - how will you come up with and collect new topic ideas (read other content on a similar topic etc)
  • Publish content that can be shared across social media platforms to keep your contacts engaged and interested in what you have to say
  • 800 million users, it would appear the world is obsessed with Facebook. Who has a Facebook Page for their business?Benefit 1: BRANDING: Facebook is great for creating your bran and instilling it into people’s ideas about you. Creating a brand allows you to be more recognisable in the heavily occupied business world so it is important to be able to stand out.Benefit 2: CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: Entice, engage and invite customers to your business with a variety of marketing initiatives—promotions, contests, events, sales, special offers—which can all be advertised on your Facebook page.Benefit 3: DRIVE WEB TRAFFIC: By including a link to your website on your Facebook page you are encouraging fans, friends or interested parties to visit your website, therefore increasing your web traffic—remember the more people to your website the better.Benefit 4: REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: Having a Facebook account not only allows you to “speak directly” to your customers but it also allows you to see what they think of you, your business and may offer suggestions for improvement.Benefit 5: ACQUISITION OF NEW CUSTOMERS: Find consumers who you may never have had contact with previously. Facebook has the ability to open up a new world of customers to you.Benefit 6: GENERATION OF BUSINESS LEADS: Not only will Facebook expose you to new customers and clients but also possible business leads. Review others profiles and find out if they’re the right people to target for future business leads. Open your business world up to the possibilities of Facebook.Benefit 7: CLIENT/CUSTOMER RETENTION: Facebook allows you another avenue to connect with your clients and customers and when they feel appreciated their more likely to stay a client or customer. Increase customer retention rates by listening to what your clients and customers want – Facebook is a great interface for conversation.Benefit 8: ACCESS TO SOCIAL NETWORKING: In today’s world if you’re not ‘on-line’ then you’re seriously lacking the cool factor. Most people, when they want information, head straight for the internet. And with the increasing popularity of Facebook people now head straight to Facebook if they want to know more about a person or business. You never know who is using Facebook and with the boom in social marketing your networking possibilities are endless.Benefit 9: VIRAL MARKETING: Viral marketing is word of mouth on warp speed. Take advantage of this latest marketing tool and get your name out there fast and to lots of people. Create an excitement about your products or services that will result in people not being able to resist wanting to be your Facebook friend.Benefit 12: BUSINESS HUMANISATION: Put a face, or many faces, to your business. This will allow your current and future customers to see you and know exactly who they’re talking to when they are dealing with you. Placing photos of company events, employees performing their jobs or happy customer pics will humanise your business to those looking for your goods or services.Benefit 13: TARGETED ADVERTISING OPTION: Facebook also has an option for businesses who want to reach an exact audience and connect with real people. Facebook advertising is a newer element to Facebook and is a paid service which is quick and easy, targeted to your exact demographic and tracked so you can see the results.Benefit 14: SOLID USER FOCUSSED COMPANY: Although Facebook has only been around since 2004 its growth in popularity is unlike anything before it. From having 1 million users in December 2004 to today having over 400 million users is phenomenal and something that your business should be a part of.Benefit 15: LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW THEY’RE SPECIAL: Showing your friends that they’re special to you will benefit your business in a multitude of ways. You can do this with regular updates on new products and services; Special offers for your Facebook friends; Running competitions for your Facebook Friends; and creating a conversation where people feel comfortable to contribute. These will all let them know you are aware of them and appreciate their support.
  • Whispering secrets/ CameroMadduxnRecent studies have shown that over 68% of people that have become a Fan of a page say that they are VERY likely to recommend that product to another person. That means that word of mouth is about 68% more likely to positively travel about your business than without social media.
  • Nike says “Just Do It” but when it comes to Facebook that is not the case...There are 3 types of facebook accounts or “profile” that you can create,Personal – for friendsBusiness – for fans / likersGroups – for those interested in topicDo it the right way and create a business page!
  • How are you going to publish content? - not all websites are created equal, you need a CMS and blog / technical capabilities - do you have the ability to add and edit content on your site frequently - do you have a tool to help ensure that your content is best optimised and writtenWhy is WordPress Number 1?14.7% of all websites in the world are running WordPressIn the US out of every 100 newly registered domain names, 22 are running WordPress
  • Using Excel or a page map creator like to map each keyword phrase to a page
  • Conversion Rate OptimisedBooking buttonsLarge imagesMultiple calls to action..............
  •  This was a great example of how usability can trump marketing.
  • We think Version B won because of its active headline, clear explanation of the program’s benefits, and “learn more” call-to-action at the end.  Version A’s copy defined what the program is, not what the program does.
  • Facebook e-commerce or f-commerce. Facebook is like a party for many people and who likes being pulled out of a party? Does you booking or tour system integrate with Facebook?
  • Play Video – Excellent example of user generated content and a potentially missed opportunityexplain how to maximise marketing reach of content assetsContent isn’t king - optimised content is king
  • When you come across quality user generated content like this have a plan in place to get as much mileage from it as possible.Perform some keyword research to see what terms people are searching for that are related to your story and get 1 or more blog article’s written.Then distributeOnce you have a plan you can reuse it for each new story
  • - Having a blog has become a standard for websites and companies.- Blogs allow you or your company to connect with your employees, clients, and friends and the broader internet community. - Blogs help keep you in the search engines’ sights.- Blog goals can range from basic communication to monetization.
  • Explain real life story of sky diving e-courseSarah’s example of taking 3 months to get to their email
  • bounce rategoalstraffic numberstraffic location
  • With 800 Million + users the Viral effect is in full swing..Traditionally a message travelled from you, to one person, then from them to another, to another then if you were lucky maybe on to anotherWith the Viral Effect your message travels you, to another, to their group of friends and to all of their groups of friends... Before you know it you have reached a wall of people.
  • Explain the options and play video example of a live site being tested
  • rankingschangeslinks
  • Sales Force AutomationAutomate sales process and close more dealsCustomize & share sales reports and dashboardsForecast revenue for the upcoming fiscal quartersCustomization & SecurityCustomize Zoho CRM to suit your business needsControl data access with Enterprise-grade securitySet up multi-level organizational hierarchyFull-fledged CRM with EmailSend & receive emails without leaving Zoho CRMShare selected customer emails with colleaguesIntegrate with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.Collaboration with Google AppsContextually integrate Gmail with your Zoho CRMPublish Web Forms from CRM to Google SitesExport events from CRM to Google CalendarZoho CRM for iPhoneGet instant access to address book on the goManage CRM records in the airplane modeLocate customer address on Google Mapsrankingschangeslinks
  • Ok that’s the end of Phase 4. Can I ask everyone to spend 5 mins and total up each column into the Section totals then summarise any high and medium priority tasks. Then calculate your final totals from each phase and identify the 3 items you plan to implement.
  • Building an Effective Website - Ninja Style

    1. 1. Building an Effective WebsiteNinja Style... Image: flickr/Nam
    2. 2. What will you learn1. Why do I need to review my site?2. What makes an effective website?3. What is a digital plan and why get one?4. How to create a digital plan?5. How to implement your digital
    3. 3. Why do I need to review my site?
    4. 4. Didn’t you have I’ve got more ROIPick me I’m the cool kid Image:Flickr/Confused/Kristian D.
    5. 5. 84% of you are online – that’s great. .So what’s your #1online marketing activitythat’s generates the best
    6. 6. There’s a small problem
    7. 7. we create as much information in as we did from the dawn of man Eric Schmidt – CEO Google
    8. 8. ATTENTION! Is in very short supply.
    9. 9. Give it to me straight Make it quick and easy Tempt Me Excite MeKnock me off my feet Hold me close Image: sparksheet-six-stages-of-travel
    10. 10. 4 steps reach all 6 stages Act ConvertReach Engage
    11. 11. Success takes patience PlanRefine Implement Monitor
    12. 12. What makesfor an effective website?
    13. 13. Moe venn diagram
    14. 14. What do they all have in common? W_ b _ _ t e _ ebsi__
    15. 15. Discover three factorsThat will determine if your website will
    16. 16. $$ $ $
    17. 17. $$ $ $
    18. 18. Recap: 3 website factors to increase profit2. Improve your conversation rate3. Increase the average customer value
    19. 19. of web traffic willcome through mobile devices within 5 years
    20. 20. Commenting on posts Rotating image banners Social Media SharingExciting quality content Online Bookings Testimonials ENGAGING Contact Forms E-Newsletters Image Galleries Video Integration Interactive Maps
    21. 21. Quality ContentSEO Optimised ContentPage titles & Meta descriptions ‘sHeading stylesFast to loadGoogle Analytics IntegratedClean menu & linking structure
    22. 22. How do people find your business... Newsletter Google Word of Mouth Offline Advertising Social Media ABC Bed & Breakfast
    23. 23. Search Engine Marketing PAID SEARCH ~20% of clicks Organic / Free Search ~80% of clicks
    24. 24. The Relationship Between SEO and SEM SEM SEOSource:
    25. 25. So how does work?
    26. 26. How Much is a Google Top Spot Worth? Moving up to the top spot in Google from second or third could triple visits to your website! Image: Flickr/ Aussie money notes/ vagawi
    27. 27. Calculating Keyword Profit Monthly searches for “Snowy mountains accommodation” 1000 No. 1 ranking will send ~ 36% of searches 36 % of 1000 = 360 Assume 30% of visitors bounce away 360 – 30% = 252 15% of visitors turn into an enquiry 15% of 252 = 37.8 50% of enquiries turn into a booking 50% of 37.8 = 18.9 Profit per booking is $100 $100 x 18.9ppl = $1890“Snowy mountains accommodation” is worth $1850 per month
    28. 28. Don’t you wish you had one of these... SEO ALERT! Poor Keyword choice Your are missing out of 567 targeted visitors! Route recalculation... Well guess what...
    29. 29. Client HiddenClientKeywordsHidden But lets back it up a step...
    30. 30. What is adigital planand why doI need one?
    31. 31. 4 steps reach all 6 stages Act ConvertReach Engage
    32. 32. REACHBuild awareness of your business andservices via offline and online media Image: flickr/Reach Out/stuardpilbrow
    33. 33. ACTEntice and encourage action to be taken, getting visitors to take one step closer to a purchase image: flickr / professional disagreement / pasukaru76
    34. 34. CONVERT Encourage and drive visitors and contacts to make a purchase or booking image: dailytelegraph / 910904-australia-economy-bank-rate-forex
    35. 35. ENGAGEBuild customer and fan relationships with ongoing contact to encourage repeat visits and sales Image: flickr/Campfire on Kaamanen road/wili_hybrid
    36. 36. How to create a digital plan
    37. 37. MARKET PLACE ANALYSIS image: Flickr / Colin-47 / Norwich-market-place_2
    38. 38. 1. What do you like?2. What don’t you like?3. What new features would you like?4. What is currently negatively impacting your business? image: Flickr / superdeluxesam / compass
    39. 39. WHO IS YOURAUDIENCE? image:flickr-thomashawk-6041131569.jpg flickr / 6041131569 / thomashawk
    40. 40. Know your audienceWHAT WHOCharles the Competitive Helen the HumanisticWHY HOWSally the Spontaneous Matt the Methodical
    41. 41. WHO ARE YOURCOMPETITORS? image: sxc / a game of futsal / meiteng
    42. 42.  Shows which sites are linking to your site Discover links that are pointing to old or broken pages Research your competitors and see who is linking to them
    43. 43. Check to see if your desired username isavailable on dozens of social networks
    44. 44. OBJECTIVES image: flickr / soccer goal / dave dugdale
    45. 45. What is the aimfor your website?
    46. 46. HOW WILLYOU TESTYOUR GOALS? image: flickr / exam / albertogp123
    47. 47. Google AnalyticsGives you rich insights into your website trafficand marketing effectiveness
    48. 48. tracking on contact image: sxc / customer service / thadz // sxc- businesswoman 3 – CELALTEBER
    49. 49. Tracking via Social StatisticsFacebook
    50. 50. STRATEGY image: sxc / chess / GiniMiniGi
    51. 51. What is your USP? “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.” image: flickr / m&ms / crschmidt
    52. 52. What is your story? Create a ‘voice’ for your company
    53. 53. Segment or target your market image: flickr / 47/365 / sneakerzoom
    54. 54. Why are they coming?image: flickr /skiing / nonanet image: flickr / yang & xiong couple / alunwk
    55. 55. What are their interests?Relaxing Foodieimage: flickr/ relax!! / furphotos image: flickr / sourced market @st pancras / beckayork
    56. 56. How toimplement your digital plan
    57. 57. What will be covered SEO Content SEM REACH Publishing Content ACT & CONVERT Design Testing Listening ENGAGE Engaging Measuring
    58. 58. REACHBuild awareness of your business andservices via offline and online media Image: flickr/Reach Out/stuardpilbrow
    59. 59. SEO & SEM • Keyword Research • SEO Dashboard • On page optimisation • Off page optimisation • Content strategy • Pay per Click
    60. 60. 4 Cornerstones of Keyword Research2. Commercial value – (Use AdWords CPC)4. High commercial intent (is someone actuallylooking to buy) Image: Flickr/ Aussie money notes/ vagawi
    61. 61. Don’t forget the dashboard! Is my SEO even working?
    62. 62. Youtube account Twitter account Facebook page E-Newsletter Blogging strategyCommunication calendar
    63. 63. What is content marketing?A. Educational, informative content to attract attention and build asolid reputation with potential customersB. Great content and quality information to market a product or serviceC. Use of valuable content to generate revenue for your businessD. All of the above
    64. 64. E.G. 5 ways to travel like a local Image:
    65. 65. Words tell Emotions sell image: flickr / sequio similing at this mom/ seandreilinger
    66. 66. Swapping words with emotions Extract from Maria Velosos "Web Copy That Sells"
    67. 67. GREAT CONTENT Provides credibilityAchieves desired Is actionable outcomes Begs to be Is shared Shared
    68. 68. WHO SHOULD WRITE THE CONTENT?I will write it I will hire a myself! professional!
    70. 70. Web Copy That Sells! Free Mindmap & EBook
    71. 71. Create a conversation calendar andplan for the long term... Writers, editors and publishers Schedule Topic ideas
    72. 72. How social mediacan benefit yourbusiness
    73. 73. Get a Facebook Page!
    74. 74. image: flickr / whispering secrets / cameronmaddux
    75. 75. Just Do ItPersonal Profile Business Page Groups Your Friends Likers/ Fans Members
    76. 76. Pulling it all together Post regular quality updatesBuild a relationship through interesting content Customise your facebook page
    77. 77. ACT & CONVERT image: flickr / australian coins and notes macro / martinhoward
    78. 78. But what CMS do you buildit all on? image: flickr / construction worker/ jepoirrier
    79. 79. The best CMS available... Wordpress!
    80. 80. Integrated SEO Functionality
    81. 81. Version control – revert to old content when you make a mistake Oops!
    82. 82. Watch the actions visitors are taking on your site
    83. 83. Conversion Rate Optimisation100’s of elements make up CRO – Placement of buttons – Colours and imagery – Size of calls to action – Simple tone of words – Text vs. image vs. diagram
    84. 84.  Nearly 150 test Case Studies, featuring Web, email and even direct postal mail tests from the US and Europe New case studies added every week
    85. 85. Which Homepage Generated More Revenue A B
    86. 86. Version A, with a search by location map A
    87. 87. Which Facebook Ad Got a Huge Lift in Click Through Rate? A B (Different Headlines & Copy)
    88. 88. Version B lifted the click through rate by 2,666%Active headline B Clear benefits Call to actionVersion A’s copy defined what the program is, not what the program does.
    89. 89. Which image increased free account sign ups? A B Different person – Male & Female
    90. 90. Version A had a 36% increase in sign ups
    91. 91.  Users match your target demographics Watch screen activity and listen to the users voices Ask users follow-up questions Download videos to MPEG-4, WMV, and QuickTime
    92. 92. Online Booking System
    93. 93. “Since rezgo app, we got ±100 new fans in just over 30days...
    94. 94. Live Chat with Zopim Talk directly to the customers on your site Provide live customer service Manage from anywhere in the world
    95. 95. ENGAGE photo: flickr / touch / wtlphotos
    96. 96. Engage – it’s a two-wayrelationship.. • Content marketing • Newsletters • Social Media • Reputation Management Image: flickr/Two-way traffic/Oran Viriyincy
    97. 97. Content MarketingPhotos Videos Audio Image: deviantart/Crumpled white paper texture/melemel
    98. 98. BlogSeniors sites - Guest postTwitterOnline Press ReleaseSocial bookmarking
    99. 99. Blog Strategy
    100. 100. 1. Collect contact details of your guests2. Segment them into: • Location • Time of year they stayed • Interests3. Send email updates containing: • Special offers • Latest news • Return visit specials/ packages • Testimonials • Social Media details
    101. 101. a good reason to sign up
    102. 102. How to monitorand refine your digital plan
    103. 103. Google Analytics
    104. 104. 60%
    105. 105. Don’t take your word for it! Where are theWhat does directions!this mean?
    106. 106. SEO Dashboard
    107. 107. • An effective website is made up of a number of factors: – Amount of people, convert, value – Mobile friendly, engaging, search engine friendly• Create a digital plan – assess your current position and where you want to be• Build out your RACE tactics• Monitor and Refine what you have put in place
    108. 108. What questionsdo you have? Image: flickr/A wild question/[f]oxymoron
    109. 109. for help and training1 2 3
    110. 110. Image: Flickr/Thank You/ eunmind