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Who is your MDG president?

Who is your MDG president?






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    Who is your MDG president? Who is your MDG president? Document Transcript

    • Who is your MDG president? With only five years left for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), for whom will you cast your vote on May 10? A vote for the MDGs, a vote for the future. Elections are among the most important elements of a democracy. It is during elections that people can exercise their democratic right to demand commitment from those who wish to become their country’s leaders. Filipinos must take advantage of the opportunity presented by the May 10 election to select their MDG President—the official who will make the MDGs his top priority. Filipino voters should get to know the candidates for President and carefully evaluate what they have said about the MDGs. The Philippines was one of 189 countries that signed the Millennium Declaration in 2000. The MDGs are a set of eight time-bound, concrete and specific goals aimed at significantly reducing, if not eradicating, extreme poverty by 2015. With only five years remaining before 2015, the Philippines is not only lagging in the elimination of poverty and hunger but has also failed to achieve universal primary education, reduce maternal deaths, and combat HIV and AIDS. Achievement of the MDGs is about creating a Philippines where Filipinos can develop their full potential and lead productive and creative lives in accordance with their needs and interests. This will not be possible if poverty persists and if access to education, knowledge, health and proper nutrition is denied the people of this country. An MDG President for every Filipino. The 2010-2016 Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP), which is the country’s development blueprint, must be crafted in a manner which seriously addresses MDG is- sues. This country’s next leader will present the Philippines’ “MDG Breakthrough Plan” during the September 2010 MDG Summit – a meeting of world leaders at the UN Headquarters in New York. The Summit will review progress so far, identify gaps and propose an action agenda for accelerating the achievement of the MDGs. With so little time left, it is absolutely important that every Filipino voter select a President who believes in the MDGs and is committed to their achievement by 2015. Make your vote count for the achievement of the MDGs. Make sure you choose a President who will work for the achievement of the MDGs, not just for some citizens but for every Filipino. MDG 1 MDG 2 MDG 3 MDG 4 MDG 5 MDG 6 MDG 7 MDG 8 PROMOTE GENDER REDUCE CHILD IMPROVE MATERNAL COMBAT HIV/AIDS, ENSURE ENVIRONMENTAL A GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP ERADICATE EXTREME ACHIEVE UNIVERSAL EQUALITY AND MALARIA AND OTHER POVERTY AND HUNGER PRIMARY EDUCATION MORTALITY HEALTH SUSTAINABILITY FOR DEVELOPMENT EMPOWER WOMEN DISEASES - Create jobs at home, so that working abroad - Fix Philippine basic education through - Promote equal gender opportunity in all - Recognize the advancement and - Ensure a holistic and comprehensive Health - Promote access to health through improved - Plan alternative, inclusive urban development will be a choice rather than a necessity; and 12-year basic education cycle, universal spheres of public policies and programs. protection of public health, which includes Care system through the allocation of 5% from health infrastructure. where people of varying income levels are when citizens do choose to become OFWs, pre-schooling for all, Madaris education responsible parenthood, as key measures the national budget for national health budget. integrated in productive, healthy and safe their welfare and protection will still be the as a sub-system within the education of good governance. - Establish a National Health Development Fund. communities. government’s priority. system, technical vocational education as an alternative stream in senior high school, - Fund 22,000 more barangay health stations, - Encourage sustainable use of resources to - Create more jobs by constructing farm-to-mar- ensuring that every child is a reader by 3,000 more outpatient Rural Health Units and at benefit the present and future generations. ket and other access roads, strong microcredit grade 1, focusing on science and math least 150 more district hospitals. and microenterprise support, marketing facilities proficiency, providing assistance to private - Commit to a covenant with the urban poor with Benigno “Noynoy” and infrastructure, IT support such as B2B and schools as essential partners in basic - Implement all the benefits stipulated in the the following principles: no evictions without Aquino III supply and logistics portals. education, rationalizating the medium of instruction, providing quality textbooks, Magna Carta for Public Health Workers. decent relocation, provision of support for area upgrading and in-city resettlement, provision of Liberal Party - Push for conditional cash transfer insulated forging of covenant with local governments - Guarantee that the 100 of the most essential basic services that benefit poor communities, from politics by imposing conditions before to build more schools. drugs in generics are available in every health allocation for housing, creation of jobs, increased releasing the money to deserving people. facility all the time. cooperation with LGUs, post-Ondoy rehabilitation program, participation and stakeholdership. - Implement the Agrarian Reform Program and - Build a nation of character and promote the - Promote a safe, clean, healthy, and wholesome - Review and rationalize all outstanding public - Promote the principle of the common - Actively promote responsible parenthood. - Actively promote natural family planning. prioritize agricultural development to attain a integral development and total well-being of environment, particularly zero waste management. debts and limit future government borrowings good, to which every aspect of social life high degree of self-sufficiency by encouraging all Filipinos through values formation. must be related if it is to attain its fuller within growth level of our exports, OFW remit- productivity through the introduction of new - Promote the development of parks throughout tances or GDP. meaning. technologies and support-infrastructure. - End violence in school fraternities and other the country. institutions, and regulate sports whose main - Pursue peace based on love, justice, recon- - Create micro-finance and other credit facilities aim is to inflict physical harm or violence on ciliation, active nonviolence and progressive for small enterprises by harnessing OFW the opponent. disarmament. remittances and more exports for economic development. - Enhance investments in human resource development, especially by strengthening - Encourage livelihood through the formation of education in the sciences, mathematics, Juan Carlos “JC” cooperatives and other small enterprises and engineering and English. development programs to alleviate poverty in De Los Reyes the grassroots level. - Promote basic and political education. Ang Kapatiran - Promote industrialization by encouraging the expansion of useful industries, including telecommunications and information technology. - Accord high priority to projects and programs for the underprivileged, the indigenous peoples, the elderly, the prisoners, the disabled, the veterans and the youth, and support non-government organizations or communities whose projects directly benefit the poor. - Prioritize social services, both on the national - Invest in zero-to-five-year-olds by mandat- “Our economic growth cannot keep up with - Prioritize health services, both on the national - Join the effort of the global community to fight - Negotiate carefully with other international level and the local level, over debt servicing. ing and supporting day care centers into our population growth. That’s why poverty rate level and the local level, over debt servicing. climate change and promote bio-energy and claimants to various land and water territories incorporating kindergarten and pre-school is higher now than before. We should con- agriculture. of the Republic of the Philippines in the South - Pour incentives and strengthen the agricultural education in their programs. centrate on giving the women the free choice China Sea while fighting for Philippine territorial industry instead of entertaining a policy of and promote modern family planning and - Induce foreign direct investors to build “green integrity. importation. - Achieve Universal Primary Education by natural family planning to prevent unwanted factories” in the provinces of Bicol, Eastern 2015 by increasing the budget for basic pregnancies. We have to seriously address Visayas, Western Visayas, Southern Tagalog, - Strengthen ties, especially trading relations, - Implement the Agrikulturang Makamasa education. our population.” Soccsksargen and Central Mindanao. with Asian neighbors such as China whose program, Agri-Agra Law through ERAP Bonds, economy is growing rapidly. Irrigation Law (which Estrada authored as a - Provide incentives to indigent parents who Senator, along with the Carabao Law). will send their children to school from at - Strengthen relations with receiver countries least Grades 1 to 4 through a conditional of the Philippines’ millions of overseas foreign - Ensure that workers’ benefits provided by law cash transfer program. workers in order to ensure our workers’ protec- Joseph “ERAP” are actually observed (i.e. proper payment of tion and encourage increased benefits. Estrada wages, holiday pay, service incentive leave, - Ensure that each municipality has an 13th month pay and sevices such as the SSS, elementary school so that children will not - Maintain the Philippines ‘strong relations with PMP international giants such as the United States Pag-ibig and the PhilHealth). Business permits have to walk more than 5 kilometers just to will not be renewed unless employers prove attend class. without comprising matters that involve the compliance with the said benefits. Ensure that nation’s territorial integrity. minimum wages are sufficient to match the cost - Assist Out-of-School Youth by providing of living in an area. skills training for jobs that do not require a diploma. - Assist Overseas Foreign Workers by ensuring that they get the best benefits and proper - Make college affordable for everyone by protection against abuse abroad, and minimiz- streamlining the onerous financial aid ap- ing the social cost borne by separation from plication process that discourages students their families, encouraging their return by giving from getting aid for college. them incentives and creating a commission to study how best to achieve OFWs when they - Increase the number of government return home. scholarships. “During my administration, I gave the biggest - Encourage teachers to stay in the Philip- budget for social services. I am the only pines instead of working abroad by increas- president who imposed no sovereign guarantee ing teachers’ salaries and benefits. on all contracts.” “During my administration from 1998 to 2001, I gave the highest real per-capita for basic education as compared to all presidents under the present Constitution. I founded the Erap Para Sa Mahirap Scholar- ship Foundation and the Erap Muslim Youth Foundation. I also donated all my salaries from the time I was mayor to scholarship foundations.” - Adopt a comprehensive energy program that - Review educational priorities and reor- - Improve child nutrition through the delivery - Utilize people with health backgrounds to - Utilize the public schools to spearhead improved - Continue the promotion of renewable energy “What government cannot provide in terms of should include 1) overhauling and strengthening ganize the Department of Education. of nutritious school feeding programs assist in the country side and to go on a massive health outcomes nationwide via a widespread programs, similar to the biofuels and geother- capital, the private sector will be encouraged the Department of Energy, 2) setting clear tar- and health education, the upgrading of education campaign for mothers. education program to encourage individual mal programs that have turned the Philippines to supply. And whatever domestic investments gets for expansion of power generation capacity, - Implement additional two years of basic barangay health clinics either through sepa- responsibility and self-reliance and promotion of a into a global power in these fields. cannot be raised, foreign investments must fill 3) setting targets for the replacement of oil education to increase mandatory 10-year rate health centers or through the health - Subscribe to the idea of a system of disincen- healthier lifestyle. the gap. We set the achievement of $20 billion imports with alternative clean energy sources, Philippine basic education program clinics attached to each school system and tives. For example, if a family has two children, - Utilize national volunteerism to increase direct foreign investments in three years.” and 4) setting standards for energy conservation to twelve years, to make the Filipino the increased provision of nurses, health they should no longer be qualified for free public - Capitalize on local pharmaceutical companies, forest cover, especially in upland areas. and efficient energy utilization. educational system at par with the rest workers in all public schools. education or free public health services. and provide them with incentives for increased of the world. research and development on solutions to major - Continue policies of protecting the - Prioritize agricultural modernization. “A responsible populace knows when to put the Philippine diseases like dengue, TB and malaria, environment. - Meet the classroom shortage and reduce breaks on childbirth.” among others. - Implement the Tourism Development Act and the average number of students to 50 per - Lobby for improved disaster management. Richard “Dick” promote the effective reorganization and ef- class within three years. - Establish more Botika ng Barangay outlets Gordon fective management of the Tourism machinery, nationwide. - Roll out disaster 143 program nationwide, targeting 5 million tourist arrivals and one million - Raise salaries of teachers to P40,000 per which institutionalizes disaster preparedness Bagumbayan new tourism jobs by 2013. month to be able to attract top graduates - Establish compulsory healthcare savings ac- nationally at the barangay level. into teaching. count for all Filipinos. - Invest in the modernization of the nation’s - Establish a version of Red Cross 143 in highways, transport systems, ports, airports, - Train and retool teachers to ensure that “Citizens should have adequate access to health each barangay, which trains volunteers with and communications. students learn reading, writing, English, care. I was the first local official to establish a concrete action plans to prepare for different science, mathematics, and reasoning regional hospital with state-of-the-art medical disasters: typhoons, earthquake, fire, tsunami, - Attract investments and put up industrial parks. through the latest pedagogic tools. equipment. I was also the first to address AIDS floods and volcanic eruptions. head-on as a social problem. As a volunteer of - Set the achievement of $20 billion direct - Pioneer the use of electronic books for the Red Cross, I have modernized health and - Require each LGU to maintain sufficient foreign investment in three years. the delivery of learning materials, first safety capabilities with procurement of modern rations, rescue equipment in case of major as the Amazon Kindle, but later as a ambulances, provision of training and capability event, as well as the creation of permanent - Eliminate rice importation, complete irrigation locally manufactured eBook that is sturdy, enhancement through project 143.” evacuation centers in each barangay. facilities, subsidize fertilizers. waterproof and cheap, redesigned by Filipino IT corporations for use in public - Start with a flagship program transforming the schools. This will allow students to obtain Baseco along Manila Bay into prime medium- textbooks directly from the Department rise housing development. of Education. - Utilize in-city relocation to create dwelling - Provide scholarships directed towards units as medium rise, 6-7-storey apartment greater access to vocational training and complexes, providing each household with 20 science/engineering programs, as well sqm floor area. First floor will be retail space, as encourage state colleges to focus on top floor will be community areas. research and development, in conjunction with the requirements of private sector in the community (e.g. coconut research in Bicol, aquaculture research in Sulu, electronics research in Central Luzon). - Ensure that adequate, decently-paying jobs - Support Philippine education by canceling - Oppose and end all forms of gender - Prioritize preventive health care and en- - Provide adequate priority funding for public - Promote a pro-Filipino health care policy that - Charge foreign companies, governments and - Put a stop to loan conditions and imposi- will be created at home, and that Filipinos will and rechanneling at least P 160 billion pesos inequality, including unequal pay for equal suring adequate and much higher pay for health care. eliminates dependence on expensive imported politicians that destroyed the Philippine environ- tions by the International Monetary Fund, no longer be pushed to migrate abroad. debt servicing and trade payments to the work, discriminatory access to work, sexual public health care workers and adequate medicine and medical equipment. ment for the past century. World Bank and Asian Development Bank, public education budget. harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse, public funding for public health facilities and the dictation of policies by foreign - Protect and nurture Filipino labor through rape, and sexist culture and biases. in line with the World Health Organization - Focus on development of a fully Filipino-owned - Promote rehabilitation of environment by stop- advisers. living wages, regularization of work tenure, and - Remove the rationale for tuition fees in state standard of 5 Per cent of Gross National and controlled pharmaceutical industry based on ping destructive logging and large-scale mining, defense of migrant rights. colleges and universities. - Advocate for women’s right to divorce to Product (GNP). local medicinal herbs and making affordably-priced factory, trawl, blast and cyanide fishing, etc; - Promote fair and equitable trade and debt end abusive and exploitative relationships, medicine available to the majority of Filipinos. prosecuting and imprisoning especially the major to ensure fair and just prices for Philippine - Promote fair, equitable and nationalist treat- - Work for the raising of the DOST budget to a right enjoyed in all countries of the world, deforesters, polluters and their political-military exports. ment and empowerment of overseas Filipino over P75 billion, or at least one per cent of except two, the Philippines and Malta. - Implement immediately and retroactively the collaborators and protectors; demanding and workers and migrants by fighting inadequate the country’s GDP salary increase provisions of RA 7305 or Magna exacting reparations from foreign countries and Jamby pay, discriminatory requirements, inhumane and Carta for Public Health Workers. businesses for deforestation and environmental abusive work conditions, and racist culture and - Provide more substance and depth to the plunder of the country and toxic despoliation of Madrigal anti-immigrant scapegoating; working with pro- education of the Filipino people in genuine the former US base; promoting organic farming, Independent gressive migrant organizations; helping migrants nationalism. zero-waste management, R&D and public, pro- return to their Filipino roots and national identity Filipino funding of wind, solar and other renewable and regain their national identity. - Push for the production of textbooks on energy and people’s environmental awareness nationalist topics and promote nationalist and activism. - Fight for Filipino-controlled industrialization economics through the use of the Filipino of the economy to absorb urban poor Filipinos language as medium of instruction. - Push for a shift to renewable energy, genuine in jobs that are stable, adequately-paying and forest conservation and regeneration, organic and based in the Philippines. - Raise the monthly salaries of public school non-GMO farming, and zero waste management. teachers by P9,000 to Salary Grade 13, to be implemented in three years, or by P3,000 - Support the urban poor’s call for a genuine immediately. moratorium on demolition of informal settler communities and work for more adequate public - Establish a bank or zero-interest lending housing. fund for teachers, enhance their occupational health and well-being. - Push for the enactment of the Magna Carta for Public School teachers.
    • MDG 1 MDG 2 MDG 3 MDG 4 MDG 5 MDG 6 MDG 7 MDG 8 PROMOTE GENDER REDUCE CHILD IMPROVE MATERNAL COMBAT HIV/AIDS, ENSURE ENVIRONMENTAL A GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP ERADICATE EXTREME ACHIEVE UNIVERSAL EQUALITY AND MALARIA AND OTHER POVERTY AND HUNGER PRIMARY EDUCATION MORTALITY HEALTH SUSTAINABILITY FOR DEVELOPMENT EMPOWER WOMEN DISEASES - Increase government resources and prioritize - Restore primary and secondary education - Amend or repeal existing laws which al- - Install a nationwide health insurance - Refine the Reproductive Health Bill. - Task the Department of Health to install a - Promote the expansion of culturally sensitive - Renegotiate Philippine commitments in the agricultural policies and programs (compre- back to 12 years. low public sale of pornographic materials. system, in cooperation with business and nationwide system of holistic and preventive ecological tourism. World Trade Organization and other regional hensive land use, Agrarian Reform program on civil society, that allows the poor, with a - Bundle health and nutrition services with approaches to medicine. and global development. private lands) for the sustainable modernization - Support the country’s top 100 secondary - Regulate the proliferation of public minimal and easily payable premium fee, educational objectives where appropriate; eg. - Enhance the forest reserves and cover of the of agriculture and fisheries services. schools for their innovative practices, pornography in the Internet. access to preventive medical approaches breakfast feeding. country while providing adequate livelihood for - Assert the Philippines’ sovereignty and document and disseminate their creative as well as primary, secondary, and tertiary forest-based communities. protect that part of the Spratlys that rightly - Remove local monopolies and oligopolies educational practices, and enter into partner- - Convene a substantive consultation with medical treatment and basic gardening While against abortion, open to different types of belongs to Philippine territory. that suppress the prices of farm and fishery ships with them as hubs of educational artists, church leaders, and other cultural programs in school. contraceptives, education and support to ease - Increase the social and ecological performance products and which extract usurious lending excellence. leaders to determine the appropriate limits down the problems of population pressure. of the mining industry. - Enter into principled partnerships for the rates from the poor. of public nudity. development of resources as long as the - Do an in-depth study for gradual transfer of - Improve air quality of major human settlements rights of the Philippines are recognized and - Design, together with microfinance NGOs and educational services to the cultural non-profit in the country. respected. Nicanor “Nicky” banks, a government-supported agriculture- sector of society, especially in partnership with the community. - Improve management quality and sustainability Perlas oriented micro-finance program. of the country’s water resources. - Put in place the necessary physical, institutional, and social infrastructure that will Independent - Implement special adult education programs - Increase the usage of educational vouchers encourage both domestic and foreign invest- for the rural and urban poor that would improve to widen the choices of parents. - Accelerate the adoption of zero waste ment in the country. their knowledge, creativity, planning, and management. entrepreneurial and management skills. - Promote Holistic Education and Inner Change through the following: hosting a - Stop noise pollution. - Create macro-economic conditions conducive series of at least 10 global conferences to the appropriate broad-based and inclusive on state-of-the-art frameworks and best - Develop a strategic response to the challenge growth and development of the Philippine practices on multiple-intelligent education, of climate change. economy. life-long learning, environmental education, , etc; mainstream learning from these global - Promote the rapid use of consumer-saving - Implement new approaches to strategic conferences into the various government, green technologies in the energy sector. industry diversification and support including: a) private, and civil society initiatives in provision of public support and incentives only education; advance multiple-intelligent for specific projects, not entire industrial sectors; education in public education and encourage b) identification of projects that are new not only all non-government schools and institutional to the domestic economy and/or new in terms of training and human development programs to technological process used; c) assurance that do the same; encourage historically relevant these specific projects enhance local research and morally uplifting fiestas; encourage mass and development as well as lead to actual media to highlight good news, exemplary productivity enhancement; and d) stipulation initiatives, moral courage against corruption, that the government support provided will have livelihoods that life people out of poverty, a termination period and will not be abused. environmental conservation, and other topics that help create a culture conducive to GIN- - Set up a national multi-department task force HAWA or integral sustainable development; for identifying, assessing, incubating, and encouraging religious groups to highlight the mainstreaming promising Philippine-based importance of social engaged spirituality in technological breakthroughs that will enhance creating a better country; upgrade the scien- the total factor productivity of the economy. tific and technological education and training standards of the country; encouraging the - Improve the access of small and medium pursuit of higher education in holistic science, enterprises to low cost credit and guarantees. appropriate technology and environmentally sound engineering subjects to provide the - Establish a food-for-cash program. human capital necessary to mainstream the green technologies and businesses envisioned in the Party’s anti-poverty and quality of life platform. - Provide active intervention under the Pantawid - Invest heavily in the knowledge and educa- - Strengthen existing gender and develop- - Establish a universal participative health - Strengthen the Barangay health programs by - Provide 100% health care for the Philippine - Support the enactment of a National Disaster - Put in place changes in the economic provi- Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps), a conditional tion of our young, to make them capable and ment mainstreaming programs. care system that shall be cooperatively providing improved training for health workers population, especially for the poorest among Law that will provide greater flexibility to local sions particularly on foreign ownership, because “cash transfer program” under the DSWD, and responsible players in an evolving economy undertaken between and among local and and upgrade their resources. the poor. government units in disaster risk management, an open economy is a function of increased other similar initiatives. as productive workers or as entrepreneurs. - Carry out intervention programs for national government, public and private allowing the use of more than the current limits revenue and employment opportunities. policy gaps that weaken sound laws such institutions and the Philippine Health “The government should be more ‘neutral’ but (5% of IRA), not just for disaster response but - Give importance to technical and vocational - Close the classroom deficit, reduce the as the Anti-Violence Against Women and Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth). should support the “moral choice” of every also for disaster preparedness. - Keep agricultural land, marine resources, education to improve industrial productivity; teacher-to-pupil ratio in public schools and Children Act. individual with resources. The Church, for its timber land, mineral land and forest land solely continue and expand TESDA’s implementation support the continuous improvements of all - Rationalize the regional hospital system part, should take it upon itself to shape the - Launch massive reforestation program, for Filipinos and control should be for Filipinos. of Jobs Directed Scholarship Program. schools, enhance teacher quality and raise and make private ventures into health “moral choice” by acknowledging the problem of a demarcate the forest lines of the country with learning outcomes by aligning the curriculum care attractive to investors. growing population.” visible boundaries on the ground and use - Leverage the relationship with World Trade - Improve fiscal management policies; simplify design with those of the rest of the world. assisted natural regeneration (ANR) methods to Organization (WTO) and in regional blocs like the tax system and lower rates to expand “For cases like HIV, NGO’s and government re-vegetate the forests. the ASEAN, APEC and AFTA. the tax base. - Support the development of educational kits hospitals should protect the privacy of private Gilbert “Gibo” - Identify mutually advantageous and mutually that may be digitally delivered to all public consultancy (patient-doctor privilege.” - Allocate at least P5 billion every year for Teodoro - Promote a stronger public-private partnership schools to build a uniform base of quality forest dwelling communities that will provide beneficial points of cooperation. in developing an effective labor market informa- learning for our children. These will involve regular income support for families in forestry Lakas-Kampi CMD tion system. adopting competency-based standards for cooperatives. hiring and deployment of teachers, develop- - Convert farmers into agro-entrepreneurs. ing the basic education curriculum linked - Encourage urban informal settlers to be trained to desired learning outcomes, a multi-year and be part of reforestation program. - Pursue a balanced approach towards budget format for basic education, school- overseas employment by seeking to provide based management wherein every school will - Support the development of alternative sources adequate job opportunities in the country while come up with its specific school improvement of energy; create a strong biofuels industry that at the same time aiming to protect those who plans with the active involvement of local will not only provide dollar savings from imported acquire overseas jobs. stakeholders. fuels, but also thousands of new jobs in both the cities and the countrysides. - Protect migrant workers at the point of - Continue implementation of the Pantawid recruitment. Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) to ensure - Implement the Solid Waste Act for solid waste that no poor child gets left behind in terms management, which includes handling and final - Develop and tap into the entrepreneurial of education. disposal of hazardous wastes. potential of the people within the country to provide more income opportunities to returning - Pursue the establishment of a student - Encourage the recycling of waste materials. OFWs. loan mechanism to help poor but deserving LGUs must ensure that the support system in individuals enter college and earn a college terms of collection, recycling and disposal are - Install a more active network of support degree. made available. systems to monitor the conditions of each and every Filipino worker abroad. - Pursue the expansion of technical and - Institutionalize geo-hazard mapping. vocational education in order to address the - Install more safeguards so that recruiters can requirements of local industries as well as the - Enact a National Land Use Policy. provide more assurances of safety for our OFW. demand of employers overseas for improved technical skills. - Mobilize development partnerships with - Establish a system of mutual assistance in indigenous well-drillers, water system engineers, every country where Filipino communities are socially responsible businesses, community present, to help them cope with emergency organizers from civil society to ensure that every problems such as illness, legal issues and community or family has access to clean sources repatriation support. of water. - Develop skilled and smart labor by granting - Review and revise curricula for basic educa- - Strengthen existing gender and - Prioritize the upgrade and training of - Modernize tertiary government hospitals, - Implement and support the Climate Change - Promote inclusive foreign policy that does government scholarships for poor but talented tion, giving priority on the mastery of students development mainstreaming programs. health professionals from the Philippine especially provincial hospitals. Act of 2009. not discriminate against any country or group minds, increasing the mandate and budget of the national language, English, Philippine General Hospital to create a world-class of countries by reason of ideological belief or of TESDA, establishing Entrepreneurial High pre-history, history, geography, and culture, - Carry out intervention programs for hospital that can provide services compa- - Provide comprehensive flood control and drain- system of government. Schools that can develop family and community as well as Mathematics, sciences, engineer- policy gaps that weaken sound laws such rable to that of private hospitals. age systems for Metro Manila and other densely enterprises with the view of also developing ing and other computational sciences. as the Anti-Violence Against Women and populated urban centers at risk. - Continue to adhere to One China policy skilled and smart labor within the families and Children Act. because the issue of Taiwan is an internal communities involved in these enterprises. - Ensure quality graduates from Science - Pursue long-needed Parañaque Spillway project. matter among the Chinese people. High Schools, and Technological Colleges - Provide maximum gainful employment within and Universities. - Rehabilitate and expand drainage waterways. - Continue to adhere to the ASEAN stand the country, which can only be achieved with against Myanmar, which is a violation of the increased domestic and foreign investments. - Provide salary adjustments and research - Improve the technical capability of PAGASA International Declaration of Human Rights. Eduardo “Eddie” and training incentives for all teaching with modern equipment and additional profes- personnel. sional staff. - Promote a pro-Filipino, pro-environment and Villanueva pro-peace foreign policy. Bangon Pilipinas - Establish Entrepreneurial Community High - Require local governments to formulate and Schools all over the country. implement disaster management plans, covering both prevention and mitigation. - Provide for a stimulus package to immediately - Substantially improve quality of education at - Promote and protect the welfare of - Improve basic health services while - Review issues such as price control for certain - Set in place a comprehensive disaster prepared- - Review policy on trade liberalization in address the need of laborers and employees for all levels by: improving quality of traditional women through legislation, by the strict developing a comprehensive health care medicines, investment considerations for drug ness and response program and contribute to the agriculture and provide support and safety a just and decent wage. inputs (teachers, classrooms, books, facili- enforcement of applicable laws and rules system especially the poor. companies, government subsidies and health worldwide effort to mitigate and solve the problem nets in order to protect local producers and ties); promoting universal access, especially against any form of abuses, and by placing insurance. of global warming and climate change. at the same time, giving them access to - Implement agrarian reform, increase agricul- to primary education; providing incentives many highly qualified women in key global market. tural productivity. (conditional cash transfers) and safety nets government positions. - Ensure that an effective system is in place that - Provide adequate protection to the environment for those in need; encouraging pursuit of adequately prepares the country for sudden while permitting the country to take advantage of its - Allow foreign investors to invest in the Philip- - Develop rural industries by providing forward study in fields where labor demand is high - Make women aware of their role in the outbreaks of diseases such as Asian flu and mineral resources in a sustainable, environmentally pines as long as the national patrimony and and backward linkages, access to technology to meet skills requirements of the economy’s family in preventing diseases through H1N1 or “swine flu”. responsible manner. economy is protected and not compromised. and micro finance. changing structure. simple chores (e.g. boiling drinking water, or minimizing the chances of dengue - Review the Visiting Forces Agreement and - Immediately improve infrastructure including caused by mosquitoes). negotiate its terms, specifically on Philippine Manuel “Manny” farm-to-market roads, irrigation and post- criminal jurisdiction, the prolonged presence harvest facilities (i.e. drying, milling and storage The Nacionalista Party (NP) has the most of US troops and non-combat participation, Villar facilities), and open market opportunities by number of women candidates in its Senate based on the provisions of the fundamental providing new roads and bridges to access and slate and the Vice Presidential running- laws of the land. facilitate mobility. mate of Villar is also a woman. - Promote and review trade relations with Asian - Adopt methods to improve crop yields where Villar also pushed for the passing of the neighbors in the spirit of equality and mutually possible, invest in research and development. Magna Carta of Women. beneficial accords. - Provide appropriate support services at the farm level (e.g. access to credit, information on prices, pest control, farming methods). - Explore provisions for government subsidies and tax relief for Filipino industrialists and SMEs. - Develop public sector investment. - Promote patriotic awareness among consum- ers to use and buy locally produced goods. - Put in place measures to strengthen job security. - Focus attention on sectors which are labor- intensive to encourage job-creation, and where the Philippines has a competitive advantage (e.g. Business Process Outsourcing, Infrastruc- ture development, Tourism, Mining). - Address the needs of the OFws who encounter difficulties while overseas by implementation of the Migrant Workers Act, setting up a special fund to assist in OFWs’ repatriation, medical expenses, legal fees, emergencies; reflecting the number and type of diplomatic personnel based on the Filipino population in a country. Photo credits: www.politicalarena.com The UN Millennium Campaign in the Philippines supports and inspires citizens’ efforts to hold their governments to account for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This matrix was developed to educate and encourage voters to make an informed decision as they select a president who will make sure that the MDGs are achieved by 2015 not only for some citizens, but for every single Filipino. Disclaimer: • The UN Millennium Campaign does not, in any manner, provide favors to any of the candidates featured on this material. • Efforts were made for this presentation to be as objective as possible. It does not serve as an endorsement of any particular candidate. • More specific statements in platforms were included so that result focuses on specific and concrete measures only. Some general statements were edited for clarity and brevity. • The contents of this material were obtained from websites and offices of the candidates themselves and other sources such as www.politicalarena.com, selected media clippings and the MDG Leaders Forum organized by the UN Millennium Campaign-Philippines held last 22 October 2009. In the absence of more specific, personal platforms of candidates, the party’s platform served as basis of this matrix. • In many cases, most of the candidates’ platforms on health were lumped. For those with platforms that did not refer specifically to programs on MDG 4 (reducing child mortality), MDG 5 (improving maternal health) and MDG 6 (combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases), responses were placed on categories deemed most appropriate.