Multimedios Mediacom Launch and Roll-Out!


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Multimedios Networks is happy to report the launch and roll-out of Multimedios Networks on Mediacom, the nations’ 8th largest cable operator - the roll-out began on December 5th, 2012 in over 34 cities, towns and communities in Iowa and Illinois!

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Multimedios Mediacom Launch and Roll-Out!

  1. 1. I am pleased to welcome Mediacom, Multimedios Network’s newest affiliate and to report the launch this past December 5th and start of a roll-out across thecable operator’s systems beginning in Iowa and Illinois.Mediacom Communications is the nations 8th largest cable television company, currently serving more than 1.5 million subscribers in 23 U.S. statesincluding: Alabama, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi,North Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin.In Iowa, Mediacom subscribers can now enjoy Multimedios TV on channel 645 and Milenio on channel 651. In Illinois Mediacom subscribers can now tunein to Multimedios on channel 845 and Milenio on channel 851.It was a great pleasure working on the deal with Glenn Goldsmith and Barry Paden. Very special thanks to Ms. Italia Commisso, I look forward to workingwith you and the entire Mediacom team!Thanks & best!Gustavo Mena Mediacom and Grupo Multimedios reach agreement for all three of its top-rated channels Cable op begins national rollout of Multimedios TV and Milenio TV in Iowa and Illinois MIAMI (December 10, 2012) – Mediacom and Grupo Multimedios have signed a long-term agreement to carry all three of Multimedios’ channels to Mediacom’s 1.5 million household and business subscribers nationwide. Financial terms were not disclosed. The three Spanish-language channels include – entertainment and family channel Multimedios Television, 24/7 news network Milenio Television, and music channel Teleritmo. On December 5, 2012 Mediacom began a national roll-out of the Multimedios Networks across its systems in Iowa and Illinois.
  2. 2. One of the most prominent providers of cable and digital television in smaller U.S. cities, Mediacom casts a wide geographic net, operatingin 23 states throughout the Southwest, South, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions.These are precisely the areas that are experiencing the most rapid Hispanic population growth, with Mediacom serving six of the ninestates whose Latino population doubled during the 2000s.In Iowa, Mediacom subscribers in over 17 cities can now enjoy Multimedios TV on channel 645 and Milenio on channel 651. In IllinoisMediacom subscribers can now tune in to Multimedios on channel 845 and Milenio on channel 851.With an engaging mix of reality shows, comedy series, children’s programming and sports specials, Multimedios Television is a perennialratings winner in Mexico. It appeals to Mexican-American viewers who appreciate its star-studded, exciting content and who like knowingthat it’s the same programming that their family members in Mexico enjoy every day.Noted Gustavo Mena, former CBS and Telemundo/NBC executive, who handles Multimedios distribution in the U.S.:“At over 65%, no other Hispanic subgroup rivals the size of the Mexican-origin population and Multimedios, one of the best sources oforiginal broadcast quality programming from Mexico is extremely pleased to partner with Mediacom in reaching so many families acrossAmerica."As the U.S. Latino population continues to soar, especially in areas served by Mediacom, the engaging content of MultimediosTelevision, Milenio Television and Teleritmo make Mediacom a more attractive provider than ever!
  3. 3. MULTIMEDIOS NETWORKS 100% Family, 100% Original, 100% Mexican Spanish-Language Television Networks Targeting the Underserved and Largest Hispanic Demographic From Coast-to-CoastMultimedios Networks offers VOD, HD, volume discounts, multiple service discounts and is “all-in” as a real partner in support of its distributors sub-growth marketing and TV Everywhere initiatives.