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10and5 has just released their native advertising products and services.
Read through the deck for more info and contact uno@10and5.com for further custom packages.

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10and5 Native Ad Packages

  1. 1. Native Advertising Product Guide
  2. 2. Who Are We? 1.  To inspire South African creatives to do better work 2.  To shine a lens on the pulse of South African creativity Between 10 and 5 is the biggest online showcase for South African creativity Our Mission
  3. 3. Audience Profile Key Information 30,000 unique readers a month 100,000 page impressions 10,000 Followers 10,000 Fans Creative Professionals Art Directors, Copywriters, marketing directors and agency employees Professional Creatives Film makers, designers, Photographers, artists and freelance creatives
  4. 4. What Is Native Advertising? FORM Native ads are aware of the context that they appear in, and feel like natural content FUNCTION Native ads deliver the same value to the reader of the site and do not interrupt the user experience Also sometimes referred to as: Advertorials Branded Content Native Advertising allows brands an authentic way to be visible in the most important section of 10and5 – the content feed
  6. 6. Mercedes Benz CLA – Untamed Creatives 8 Inspiring and out of the ordinary creatives 3D Printers, Artists, Musicians, Makers Results: Over 110,000 reach 2,300 direct campaign engagements 6:00mins average time spent 1,550 Social Media Interactions
  7. 7. An Insiders’ Guide to Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, Running alongside the Glaceau Vitaminwater City Insider Competition. Results: 7mins average time spent 310 Social Media interactions 25,000 campaign reach
  8. 8. More Examples Feiyue Shapes CampaignJameson Indie Channel Brand relevant content, placed in the context of the site, delivered as valuable content to the user FNB Joburg Art Fair
  9. 9. Content  Appears  on   homepage   Shared  on  Social  Media   Ar5cle  in  stream   How Content Works
  10. 10. Native Ad Units Branded Sections Content Social Feeds Widgets
  11. 11. Content Produced Unique  Photography   Original  Wri5ng   Illustra5on   Video  Produc5on  
  12. 12. Benefits Integration with the site content Valuable content for audience In-page call to actions Measurement
  13. 13. Native Ad Results 50%   • Higher   engagement   rate  than  banner   ads   10x   • Higher   propensity  to   share  than   advertorial   content   4:30  mins   • Average  5me   spent  with   content   40%   • More  visible   than  display   media    
  14. 14. Ready To Ship Content 10and5 Original Content Series
  15. 15. Out Of Office Made-In Studio Visits Self Starters Creative start-ups & entrepreneurs Guide to WiFi hotspots 10and5 Content
  16. 16. Young South Africa Creative Women Fresh Meat August celebration of creative women June focus on young SA talent End of year graduate series Content
  17. 17. Packages and Rate Card Out-The-Box • 1 month branding of existing content series • 2x brand advertorials • Content Licensing rights • Custom template for 1 month • Social Posts Base • 1 month Custom content series • 4x editorial posts • 1x video post • Content Licensing • Custom templates indefinitely • Social posts Base-Plus • 2 month custom content series • 6x editorial posts • 2x video pieces • Content Licensing • Homepage branding & Custom templates • Social Posts • Retargeting display media Custom • Custom content and campaign production extending into offline world R25,000 R50,000 R80,000 Starting at R100,000
  18. 18. THANK YOU
  19. 19. Contacts PUBLISHER Uno de Waal uno@10and5.com 083 657 2525 EDITORIAL Alix-Rose Cowie alix@10and5.com 082 338 6334