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Mass of the Holy Spirit Mass of the Holy Spirit Presentation Transcript

  • 21 July 2013
  • REMINDERS1. Let us observe SILENCE during theEucharistic Celebration.2. Kindly switch off or put your mobilephone on silent.3. For proper and solemnity of thecelebration, we have our ushers andusherettes to guide you during offertoryand communion.4. We encourage you to join the singing.Remember whenever we sing, we praytwice.
  • EntranceSong
  • Andwith yourSpirit
  • Penitential RiteI confess to almighty Godand to you, my brothersand sisters,that I have greatlysinnedin my thoughts and in my
  • through myfault, through my fault,through my most grievousfault;therefore I ask blessedMary everVirgin,all the Angels and Saints,and you, my brothers and
  • Kyrie, EleisonChriste, EleisonKyrie, EleisonLord, Jesus you cameto gather the nationsInto the peace ofGod’s kingdom
  • GLORY TO GODGlory to God in thehighestAnd peace to hispeopleon Earth
  • We worship you, wegive you thanksWe praise you foryour gloryLord, Jesus Christ ,Only son of our
  • You take awaythe sins of the worldHave mercy on usYou are seatedat the right hand ofthe Father, receive
  • For you alone are theonly one,You alone are thelordYou alone are themost high
  • LITURGY of theWORDFirst Reading:Acts 2:1-11
  • Thanksbe toGod
  • Responsorial Psalm:Lord, send outyour Spirit andrenew the face
  • Second Reading:1 COR 12:3-7; 12-13
  • Thanksbe toGod
  • Andwith yourSpirit
  • Glory toyou
  • Gospel Reading:
  • Praise toyouLord
  • NICENE CREEDWe believe in oneGodthe Fatheralmighty,maker of heaven
  • We believe in one LordJesus Christ,the Only-begotten Sonof God,born of the Fatherbefore all ages.God from God, Light
  • consubstantial withthe Father;through him all thingswere made.For us men and forour salvationhe came down from
  • For our sake He wascrucified under PontiusPilate,He suffered death andwas buried,and rose again on thethird day
  • and is seated at theright hand of theFather.He will come again ingloryto judge the living and
  • We believe in the HolySpirit, the Lord, thegiver of lifewho proceeds from theFather and the Son,who with the Fatherand the Son is adored
  • who has spokenthrough the prophets;We believe in one,holy, catholic, andapostolic Church.We confess onebaptism for the
  • I look forward to theresurrection of thedeadand the life of theworld to come. Amen.
  • Prayers of the FaithfulLord,Send us yourSpirit
  • OFFERTORYSymbolicOfferings
  • EGGS
  • HOST
  • WINE
  • Andwith yourSpirit
  • We liftthemup tothe
  • It isright andjust
  • HOLYHoly, holy,holy,holyLordGod the power, Godof mightHeaven and earth
  • Hosanna in thehighestBlessed is heHe who comesIn the name of theLord
  • We remember how youlove usTo your death and stillwe celebrateFor you are with ushereAnd we believe that we
  • For theKingdom,the Power,the Glory are
  • Andwith yourSpirit
  • Lord. I am notworthy thatyou shouldenter under myroof, but only
  • Lord. I am notworthy thatyou shouldenter under myroof, but only
  • PrayertoINA
  • Turn to me thine eyes,Oh most loving Virginof Peñafrancia andhave mercy on my soulthat comes to thee,full of repentance.Protect my family, my
  • dead especially forthose whom I am mostobliged to help.Pray for me, consoleme and save me. In myhours of peril,adversity and
  • me. Tell Him that I amyour devotee that havingcomplete trust in yourprotection I kneel beforeyour miraculous image toask for your powerfulintercession. Virgin ofPeñafrancia, pray for