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Global beat issue 2 final with amendments

  1. 1.      ISSUE  2                              JULY  2011  Editor’s  Note       Inside  This  Issue  It was clear to me when compiling the articles for thisnewsletter that there is a common theme running Editor’s Note 1through much of the work that has been undertaken News from around the globe 1-4this quarter. That theme is ‘new beginnings’, and it Special Feature: Drum Café Spain 5-6takes a plethora of different shapes and forms. More news and views 7-13 Testimonials 13-14In some cases, the new beginnings are about Community Column 15rebuilding after a devastating loss – like the Nico Nicosmile project in Japan where Drum Café is bringingfresh hope and renewed optimism into the lives of so a fresh and exciting element to the global Drum Cafémany people who have literally lost everything. team.New beginnings are also about exploring new avenues Our Special Feature focuses on the interesting journeyand fostering new business ties – as in the case of of Drum Café Spain, which demonstrates that newDrum Café London, which has established a beginnings are not without their challenges, but thatpartnership with a high profile African restaurant in these can be overcome with persistence and hardCamden; or Drum Café New York, which is introducing work.a new kind of cultural diversity into its work. Certainly,when Drum Cafe performs for an audience of close to No matter which form it takes, there is no doubt that2000 deaf people in July, this will be a new beginning innovation and new beginnings are a way of life for thefor both Drum Café and the deaf community. Drum Café community, and I for one cannot wait to see what the next few months bring.At its most basic level, new beginnings are aboutembarking on a brand new venture or project. This Tammy Liebermanquarter, we are delighted to announce the launch of a Editornew Drum Café in Zimbabwe, which will certainly bringDrumming  at  the  Café  in  Bucharest  Dan Popa sometimes gets asked if Drum Café sellscoffee. Well, when Second Cup, a Canadian coffee shopchain opened a new store in Bucharest on 17 May,that’s just what it did! Several high profile guestsincluding the Canadian and Lebanese ambassadors toRomania were amongst the 80 people invited to theopening. Drum Café Romania ran a 30-minutedrumming session with drums and shakers, and evenpassers-by on the streets stopped to participate.Second Cup sells coffee from three continents – Africa,South America and Asia – so the drum set intentionallyincluded African and South American rhythms on Balidrums as a metaphor for the store’s value proposition.Right: The Lebanese and Canadian ambassador toRomania at the Second Cup event
  2. 2. Page  2   Global  Beat  Drum  Café’s  Nico  Nico  Smile  project  reaches  out  in  Japan  On 11 March 2011 a devastating earthquake andtsunami hit Japan. Mariko Hoshiyama, owner of DrumCafé in Japan was in her hometown, Sendai, when theearthquake struck. With her were two South AfricanDrum Café performers – Nathi and Nomvula.Mariko’s family owns a restaurant, and within days ofthe disaster she became involved in providing food tovictims. Mariko saw clearly she could make a differencein the lives of survivors who had lost so much, and sheintuitively knew that drumming would be a powerfulway to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder.With the help of Larry Lok from Taiwan, who designeda beautiful proposal, the Nico Nico project (which in When I was drumming I naturally becameJapanese means ‘to smile’) became a reality. smiling: After the earthquake I felt the kindness of many people in Japan. I felt so warm that theThe initiative involves visiting schools, hospitals and Drum Café artists from a foreign country areshelters and facilitating interactive drumming sessions caring so much about us as well and do such awith small groups. The entire initiative is fully kind thing for us”sponsored and has already reached thousands ofpeople in need in Japan. Mariko has run 30 events inJune and has over 18 events already scheduled forJuly.Every day Nico Nico is helping people to reconnect tohope, to reconnect to life. Thank you Mariko for theincredible work you are doing! “To drum made me feel bright. We sang, we danced and we felt the rhythm together. It was so much fun. It made me forget about the earthquake for some moments.” My house is gone, I lost my job. But today I got a smile and I could laugh again. I do appreciate a lot what you have done today.”If you haven’t already been moved to tears by the verybeautiful footage of the Nico Nico Smile project, take amoment to check it out at: (Shortvideo) (Long video)The theatrical production, ‘Drumstruck’ will be “I was moved. I felt again that I was living.”touring Japan in August 2011 and will be doing acharity show in Sendai on 30 July.
  3. 3. Page  3   Global  Beat  Drum  Café  New  York  introduces  a  Korean  twist    Drum Cafe New York recently performed for over athousand people at the closing session of the nationalconvention of the American Academy of CosmeticDentistry.The convention culminated in a signing ceremony with aKorean delegation to create a partnership with theKorean Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. In an effort toincorporate the signing ceremony into the drummingexperience, Drum Café brought in a Koreandancer/drummer for a surprise 3-minute performancejust before the signing. He was dressed in Koreannational attire and was a big hit with both the audienceand the Drum Cafe drummers, especially when hereturned for the grand finale and performed a Koreandance to the beat of the African djembe drums.This event typifies the type of multicultural experienceDrum Café New York is constantly striving to create - for Drum Café New York and the Korean performer who helpedtheir audiences and artists alike. to create a multi-cultural atmosphereMaking  magic  with  boomwhackers  and  water  drums  in  Germany   Drum Café Germany ran a unique, high-impact performance for 2500 people from Windmöller&Hölscher in Lengerich Germany, where boomwhackers and water drums were the order of the day. When guests arrived, they were unaware that the plastic tubes that formed part of the table décor would become their instruments for the evening. The Drum Café team of 5 drummers, a keyboarder and a human beatbox started the event with a drumming performance, before instructing participants to disassemble the table decorations (taking care not to disturb the flowers!). Thus began the interactive boomwhacker set - to a hip-hop groove brought to life by 8 enormous sub-woofers and a huge line-array. Drum Café Germany runs a truly unique boomwhacker set – where the keyboarder adjusts his tune as facilitator Matthias Jackel lifts a different boomwhacker. A big red boomwhacker means the band plays a C- tune, a yellow boomwhacker tells the band to change to an E-chord. This creates beautiful tunes based on the collaborative efforts of the audience and the band. The event concluded with a magical, wet performance by Christoph Engels on a 2,5 metre drum filled with 7 litres of water, a human beatbox drum piece and an indoor pyro show. When the catering company neglected to collect the boomwhackers after the gig, Drum Café spent a thrilling 90 minutes collecting instruments from each of the 208 tables in the venue, and in doing so connected with every participant, received fantastic feedback, established new contacts and ran a series of unplanned 20-second gigs at each table. According to Matthias, this turned into “the best professional 90 minutes since I opened the Drum Café”. Left: Boomwhackers form part of the table décor at the Windmöller&Hölscher event in Germany
  4. 4. Page  4   Global  Beat  Drumming  from  Atlanta  to  Timbuktoo   Earlier this year, Imagine It! Childrens Museum of Atlanta launched an interactive exhibition for children to introduce them to West African culture, language and geography. Aptly called ‘From here to Timbuktu’, the exhibition encouraged children to explore the differences of cultures a world away, while celebrating some of the similarities that cut across culture. Children took a journey through the different regions of West Africa, experienced the sights and smells of African markets, fished with nets and trekked through a tropical rainforest on a canopy walk. Along the way, they participated in exploratory hands-on activities providing a taste of West African life, concluding the journey on the Savanna with a lesson in drumming and dancing. Drum Café Southeast played an essential part in bringing the whole immersion experience to life for the children through the magic of the African drumbeat.Cool  iphone  App  for  Drum  Café  Benelux  Innovative designer Jop van Heesch has developed short description of Drum Café, photos and a link to thean uber-cool iPhone App that is both an edgy website; and a Drum Café game. The game uses amarketing tool and a fantastic game for people who concept similar to ‘Simon’ and ‘Bop It’, where the playerenjoy drumming. Currently the app is only available must replicate drum rhythms as they becomein the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemborg but if increasingly long and complex.there is adequate demand, the app can potentiallybe made available more widely. Anyone who would like to test the app andThe app includes an interactive version of the Drum explore its marketing potential can contact Jop atCafé logo; a questionnaire and subscription option to gametogethersoftware@gmail.comthe Drum Café newsletter; a ‘about’ screen, with aRocking  with  the  Mumbai  Indians  Between March and May 2011, Drum Café Indiaperformed at 7 IPL matches featuring the MumbaiIndians at the Wankhade Stadium in Mumbai. Ateach match, Drum Café played before a liveaudience of 40 000 fans as well as millions watchingon live television.As Tendulkar and his team scored their fours andsixes, Drum Café got fans into the spirit as theycheered and drummed in support of the MumbaiIndians.Although Drum Café India facilitated an interactivesession for the Mumbai Indians at an Awardsfunction in 2010, it has always been their dream toperform with them in the stadium. And although the Aliya and Vinod Hasal and their team play in support ofteam did not make it beyond the semi-finals, forDrum Café this was indeed a dream achieved! the Mumbai Indians
  5. 5. Page  5   Global  Beat    Special  Feature:  Drum  Café  Spain  It is not a combination one would expect: twoyoung ladies, originally from Germany, runningan African drumming company in Barcelona,Spain! But Madeleine Recknagel and Julia Grenzare not your average young ladies, and DrumCafé Spain is not your run-of-the-mill business!This is the story of their journey with Drum Caféand the challenges they have faced along theway. When Madeleine Recknagel’s fiancée Gabriel encountered Brett Schlesinger at the EIBTM Trade Fair in Barcelona in 2006 and took his flyer, he had little idea that this would be the seed that would give rise to Drum Café Spain. In the fall of 2007, Madeleine discovered the flyer in Gabriel’s office, and after doing some research on the Internet, the couple agreed that this could be an interesting project for the Spanish market. When Madeleine and Julia Grenz met up in 2007 to Julia Grenz and Madeleine Recknagel (with Alejandro discuss possible business ideas, they decided to join Galdona, Julia’s boyfriend who assists with Drum Café forces and to establish a Drum Café office in business when required) Barcelona. With the support of Brett Schlesinger, the journey began with a full load of motivation, energy and goodwill. Both Julia and Madeleine wanted to show Spain this new exciting corporate activity, but the path has been a bumpy one. The timing of Drum Café’s inception in Spain coincided with the onset of the global recession, which hit hardest in the southern parts of Europe, including Spain. Madeleine and Julia ‘hung in there’ with the firm conviction that many companies in the past had survived critical moments, and so would they. Another unexpected challenge was the negative perception in Spain about the percussion industry. Although Spain is well renowned for its love of music, Madeleine and Julia encountered massive resistance when approaching companies or government-run institutions for support. Whenever they approached companies or agencies about the Drum Café, their eyes grew wide at the idea of a group participating in drumming. It is unclear whether the negative perception of drumming was derived from the steady increase of African immigrants to Spain, or from the association of drumming with hippies and unprofessionalism.Above: Drum Café Spain cheers on runners and getsaudiences grooving to the beat!
  6. 6. Page  6   Global  Beat   A huge chunk of their time over the past couple of years has been spent trying to improve the image of percussion in corporate events. Yet in spite of these challenges, Drum Café Spain has persisted and their perseverance is starting to pay dividends. The companies that have been persuaded to ‘give drumming a chance’ have all been thrilled with the events, and have always returned to Drum Café with requests to perform again. The success of Drum Café Spain is evident in the high caliber of clients it has performed for since its inception. These include the likes of Nike (“Cursa de Bombers”) where 20 drummers supported the 18,000 runners during the last stretch of the marathon; Volkswagen, where Drum Café entertained vendors over four days; and Unilever, where the drumming formed part of a safari experience for 120 people in the W Hotel. Other gigs include a boomwhacker performance and giveaway for Micropolix interactive theme park for children and an interactive at the Christmas function of Banco Santander. Drum Café Spain are pushing barriers that will ultimately benefit the entire Drum Café community. You are doing an amazing job - and for that we are all grateful!Below: The Drum Café Spain performance team (inbottom picture with Patrick Tromp, Netherlands)ABOUT MADELEINE RECKNAGEL ABOUT JULIA GRENZMadeleine Recknegel was born in East Germany and Julia Grenz was born in the south of Germany in thelived through the historic Unification of Germany in small city of Ravensburg; into a family of1989. Madeleine was the first person in her family entrepreneurs. She completed a business degree into travel abroad to study English and to obtain her Business Administration & Tourism from thedegrees, as this was prohibited under the University of Corporate Education, while obtainingCommunist regime. marketing and event experience at the same time.It was not easy for Madeleine to live abroad with no Although Julia had never had aspirations of leavingsupport, but with hard work and persistence she her hometown, she realized that after university sheearned her MBA in Strategic Management and a wanted to live elsewhere to get a new perspectiveB.A. in International Business in the USA. At the on life. In her last year of university, she joined asame time, she worked for over 8 years in the friend and travelled to Barcelona where she hadcatering industry and obtained experience in planned a 9-month internship with an eventinternational marketing working for a multinational company.corporation. Eight years later, Julia is still in Barcelona! DuringMadeleine’s return to Germany after her studies was this time, she has worked as a project manager fornot what she expected. She felt like a foreigner in various event companies, as an assistant to theher own country. After bidding a sad farewell to her Creative Director for an Interactive Park for childrenbest buddy, Indy (a yellow lab who had to be put “Micropolix”, and on a range of personal culturaldown), Madeleine went to the bus station and projects.bought a one-way ticket to Valencia, Spain. Then, four years ago, Julia met Madeleine forAfter working for the South-African Team in the breakfast to discuss possible joint projects, and theAmerica’s Cup, Madeleine joined her fiancée in two subsequently started Drum Café and have seenBarcelona… where she met Julia Grenz, and this is each other almost every day since!where the story of their friendship and businessrelationship started… along with Drum Café.
  7. 7. Page  7   Global  Beat  A  refreshing  performance  at  the  World  of  Coca-­‐Cola  RS&H (Reynolds, Smith and Hills), one of the leading facilities and infrastructure consulting firms in the USA,invited Drum Café Southeast to perform at the closer for their annual client conference in May at the World ofCoca-Cola in Atlanta.The World of Coca-Cola is a spectacular venue and one of Atlanta’s biggest tourist attractions, including interactiveexhibits on Coca-Cola’s history, advertising and pop culture. Guests also have the opportunity to sample over 60different beverages from around the globe in the Taste IT! gallery.Drum Cafe ran a refreshing drum interactive for 90 RS&H guests in the Taste IT ! gallery which was low onmessaging and high on effervescence and energy-spiking fun! Drum Café also collaborated with the Taste IT!Event planning team to add a unique element to the evening, ending the session with an interactive rendition ofwhat Coca-Cola calls “The Hilltop Song” - the 1971 TV commercial considered by many as one of the mostmemorable advertisements of all time… “Id Like to Teach the World to Sing (in Perfect Harmony)"And this is just what Drum Café Southeast achieved with the clients of RS&H! The Taste IT! Gallery at the World of Coca Cola where Drum Café performed, and the exterior of the buildingDrum  Café  Romania  brings  a  breath  of  fresh  air  on  World  Asthma  Day  On World Asthma Day, Drum Café Romaniaperformed at an event sponsored by Glaxo at theBucharest-based Marius Nasta Institute forPulmonology.The show took place in the hospital’s amphitheatrefor 100 doctors and patients. The 50-minute longshow was intended to inspire lust for life and toconvey the message of the event - that patients withasthma can enjoy a normal life, full of energy andpositivity.Right: Drum Café Romania plays at the Marius NastaHospital on World Asthma Day. Picture © Mediafax
  8. 8. Page  8   Global  Beat  Hidden  drums  make  Big  10  event  for  Drum  Café  Benelux  At the end of March this year, Drum Café Benelux ran anexceptional event for 150 international marketing andsales personnel from Brady Corporate at the Crown PlazaHotel in Brussels. According to Patrick Tromp, this was a‘Big 10’ event – one of the best sessions of his life!After a very intensive first meeting day, a team of 4drummers relaxed the crowd with an introductorydrumming performance. The audience was theninstructed to look under the buffet table where 150drums were concealed. After the drums had beenretrieved, Drum Café Benelux led the group through afantastic one-hour interactive event.The event management company, Limegreen, wasextremely complimentary about the professionalism ofDrum Café Benelux and raved about the event where“goose bumps were guaranteed.” Drum Café Benelux perform for Brady Corporate at the Crown Plaza Hotel in BrusselsCollaboraon  of  Drum  Café  teams  in  the  US  brings  Embassy  Suites  brand  vision  to  life  On May 11th. Drum Café teams in Georgia and Florida assembled a group of 5 performers in New Orleans todeliver an explosive General Session opening for a biennial motivational event on behalf of the Hilton Worldwidehotel brand group - Embassy Suites.The hospitality industry in the United States has been badly hurt by the recession and so the senior managementof Embassy Suites wanted to refocus and re-energize its team, encourage them to innovate, and to protect, buildand have pride in the brand.600 astonished people were picked up, taken to the Hilton Riverside and whipped into a frenzy of orchestratedexcitement with tightly facilitated messaging. Alain Eagles led the performance team, Dale Monin provided thedrums, and the event was spiked with interest by the talented dancer / straight bass player, Nicole. Within 30minutes, a unified team of 600 brand ambassadors and sales executives were all ‘beating to the same brandvision’.There are several aspects of this event which are significant – it highlights the fantastic collaboration between twoDrum Café partners – Drum Café Southeast and Drum Café Texas; it marks another successful event for Behindthe Scenes, a DMC with whom Drum Café Southeast enjoys an excellent commercial partnership; and it is the 5thsuccessful delivery of an event for a repeat client of significant stature - Hilton Worldwide!
  9. 9. Page  9   Global  Beat  The  Global  Deaf  Renaissance  comes  to  Durban  The World Congress of the World Federation of the For Tim Furness from Drum Café Durban, who hasDeaf is held every four years at different locations been intimately involved in sound design andaround the world. In 2011, the conference, themed production for the last 20 years, this event is of‘The Global Deaf Renaissance’ will be hosted by South particular interest and significance.Africa. The World Congress is considered to be themost significant gathering of the Deaf community in Drum Café will bring its unique interactive drummingthe professional calendar and is made up of people experience to a very unique group of people, in whatfrom many different countries, races, cultures and could be considered an historic event for the globalreligions who all have a common unifying factor — Deaf community, and interactive drumming itself.they are all Deaf, they all share the Deaf culture and Watch this space for feedback after the event!experience.On the 18 July 2011 Drum Cafe Durban, incollaboration with Drum Café Joburg, will be openingthis conference at the ICC in Durban with aninteractive drumming experience for 2,000 people,most of whom are Deaf.Poli%cs  with  a  pulse  in  the  City  of  Cape  Town  During the first quarter of 2011, South Africans across On March 17th, on the eve of the local governmentthe country geared up for an exciting municipal elections, Drum Café Cape Town ran an interactiveelection, scheduled to take place on the18th of March. event for officials of the IEC to bring everyone togetherNone worked harder than the Independent Electoral as they prepared for the days ahead. Nothing quite likeCommission (IEC), the body responsible for managing the sound of the African drum to usher in athe entire election process. momentous event!Drum  Café  UK  performs  at  the  exclusive  Shaka  Zulu  restaurant  In August 2010, Brett Schlesinger and his team wereapproached by Robert Payne to run a series of eventsduring the launch of his new£10 million restaurant inLondon, Shaka Zulu.(See client loved the combination of Drum Cafe andtheir venue, which is African-themed and decorated ina rich and interesting way that feels almost interactive.It was jointly agreed that 10 dates would be fixed forinteractive performances at the restaurant over thesummer. Ticket sales would be split – with Drum Caféreceiving £15 per guest and Shaka Zulu getting £25.Shaka Zulu was also tasked with marketing to their40,000-strong database and for all PR. The evening is structured as follows: Guests arrive, The show will run until the end of September andget a drink and canapé, and then participate in 40- Shaka Zulu has indicated that if the growth in numbersminute interactive drumming piece, heavily focused on continues, the show might become a semi-permanentperformance. Drum Cafe concludes with a 30 second fixture (for example, every fortnight).précis about the company and guests receivepamphlets and follow-up emails. Key guests are given Its been hard work and the take-up has been gradual,a copy of the Drum Café book. but the Drum Café team in the UK has enjoyed working on new material and has found that theAlthough it has taken some time for the numbers to collaboration with a venue with such a huge marketingpick up, Drum Café has been getting massive exposure machine has the potential to create massivein the press and through mailshots and event portals. penetration in to the market.
  10. 10. Page  10   Global  Beat  Make  music,  Win  Big!  in  Knysna’s  Recycled  Band  Compe::on  Knysna’s Recycled Band Competition, which was We all look forward to hearing the music and soundsmentioned in our last issue, has just been officially of the instruments made by Knysna’s communitylaunched! On 1 July 2011, Drum Café Knysna groups out of recycled, waste and natural products!facilitated a group of drummers and dancers walkingaround Knysna town, handing out flyers and creatingfantastic energy. Visit and ‘like’ these facebook pages to stay updated: competition, which focuses on community building, Knysna-Cultural-Carnival/157794660909488celebrating diversity and loving nature, is sponsored byKnysna Tourism and Drum Café Joburg and will with the Naturally Knysna Festival in October BAND-Competition/1859853314563302011.Enosh  couldn’t  get  enough  of  Drum  Café  Israel  On April 4th, Drum Café Israel performed for Enosh, anon-profit organization aimed at helping people withmental disabilities. 550 employees and volunteers from60 centres across Israel met in Tel Aviv for a one-dayevent where Drum Café was a clear highlight.The drumming programme was led by Tzachi Rechter,and at the end of the 45-minute performance, thecrowd (comprising a majority of young women!) justkept asking for more.Ultimately Drum Café was asked to remain on stage toassist with the delivery of awards to employees andvolunteers. A rocking event which received amazingfeedback! Tzachi Rechter rocks the crowd at the Enosh event in IsraelFlying  high  with  Drum  Café  Cape  Town  GE Capital Aviation Services, the global leader in aircraft financing and leasing, contacted Drum Café Cape Townfrom Ireland with a request to perform at its three-day summit at the Lanzerac Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, CapeTown. The conference, entitled “Shaping the Future of Aviation in Africa” was the first event of its kind in theregion.Drum Café ran two performances for the high-profile group, including an interactive drumming session facilitatedby Themba Phondo, as well as a vibrant drumming performance and fire dancing routine. The group wasparticularly reserved, and divided into small clusters – until they started drumming and then things really took off!
  11. 11. Page  11   Global  Beat  Drum  Café  launches  in  Zimbabwe   Allan plays both marimba and drums and has assembled a fantastic team of musicians including Gibson Sarari (talented bass drummer, dancer and choreographer and Allan’s r’ight-hand man’), Rumbi Tapfuma, Livias Chitsungo, Charle Biniwere, Sebede Njikizana, Eric Tettey-ku, Poem Shoko, Songwe Limbikani, and Courage Chikowo. Karen Kennedy and Trixie Delaney provide administrative support. Drum Café Zimbabwe’s first event took place on Friday 24 June for the ‘Skal Club’ – a travel industry group celebrating its 60th anniversary. The following day, Drum Café held an official launch for a select group of corporate guests, event organizers, embassy representatives and top businesspeople in Zimbabwe.For Allan Kennedy, African music has always been an influentialforce. At age 9, he started learning to play Marimba and African Allan believes that Drum Café Zimbabwedrums, and then at 16 he became a Marimba teacher. During his final should have a bright future – theyears at Senor School, he also took up the drum kit and the Mbira - a country is changing for the better andtraditional Zimbabwean instrument. people are looking for something new and fresh to usher in this change. AllanWhen Allan met Warren Lieberman in 2007 and spent some time – the Drum Café community is behindworking at Drum Café in Johannesburg, he was immediately drawn to you and we all wish you and your teamthe business. In the following few years, Allan spent some time the best of luck!working with Brett Schlesinger at Drum Café in London, studied MusicProduction and Technology in Perth, Australia, and played withvarious bands and groups in Zimbabwe and Australia.When Allan graduated at the end of 2010, he knew he wanted asuccessful, meaningful life at home in Zimbabwe, but that he wantedto continue playing music and interacting with people from differentcultures. A few months later, with much help and direction fromWarren Lieberman, and his supportive parents, Drum Café Zimbabweis now officially open for business. Above & above left: Drum Café Zimbabwe performs at their first gig. Pictures © Hello Harare magazine Left: The launch of Drum Café Zimbabwe
  12. 12. Page  12   Global  Beat  Drum  Café  Joburg  performs  with  Mafikizolo  at  IFA  Mass  Rally  On Saturday 26 March, Drum Café Joburg performed for close to 5000 Independent Field Advertisers (IFAs) at the2011 IFA Mass Rally at the Standard Bank Arena in Johannesburg. The annual event is a highlight in the insuranceindustry, and includes a prestigious awards ceremony and exceptional entertainment.After an intensive pitch process, Drum Café was selected to perform alongside South African super-star TheoKgosinkwe from Mafikizolo. Drum Café assembled a cast of 11 talented performers and ordered an additional 2000drums prior to the event to make up the 4 500 required.The show involved a complex series of short pieces, starting with a 10-minute interactive opening followed by aMafikizolo song accompanied by the drummers. Drum Café continued with a rendition of ‘Hamba Nawe’ and thenfacilitated the awards ceremony with a number of facilitated rumbles, before closing with a superb version of therenowned ‘Waka Waka’. An outstanding performance at a very high-profile event!Unique  S)ck  Interac)ve  wows  Boehringer  Ingelheim  and  Lily     Café New York’s Stick Interactive seems to be the perfect offering for the short session / large event brief.DrumThis was clear from the feedback after their high-energy performance for 3 500 people at the partnership druglaunch of Boehringer Ingelheim and Lily USA.The Drum Stick program holds low equipment cartage but a big AV load from the stage. One of the secrets to thesuccess is the exceptional and powerful performance that opens the program, which on this occasion included a 3-minute, 7 piece, Afro-Brazilian Funk fusion performance. The team used Brazilian marching drums; marchingsnares; djembe; drum set; triple dun and various Brazilian/African shakers. This led straight into a StickInteractive culminating in a big finish!Using  body  rhythms  to  celebrate  100  years  with  IBM  Drum Café India entertained 1000 IBM employees as theycelebrated the company’s 100-year anniversary. The IBMCentennial conference took place at the same time and date invarious cities across India.Drum Café ran an unusual and extremely successful interactiveevent – without drums – where participants clapped, clicked,sang and danced their way to the end of the conference!Right: Aliya Hasal and her team before the IBM event
  13. 13. Page  13   Global  Beat  Rebuilding  the  neighborhood…beat  by  beat  Music and art underlined the celebration thatmarked the start of the rebuilding of OldenTempel neighborhood in Beuningen, Holland.The neighborhood was built only 20 years ago,but the development was flawed and access andparking was problematic. Recently, the HousingCompany decided to rebuild the entireneighborhood and asked residents to create theirown sidewalk stones as an art feature.On 21 May, the Heartbeat Drummers from DrumCafé Benelux coaxed neighbors out of theirhouses with pots and pans to join theirorchestra, and then the mixed group gathered inthe square in the middle of the area to revealthe artwork.The 24 musicians from Drum Café entertainedresidents with body and vocal percussion, andcall and response handclapping tricks as beat bybeat, the rebuilding process was initiated.Right: A group of 24 musicians entertains neighborhoodresidents of Olden Tempel neighbourhood  Tes%monials   We  received  so  many  great  tes1monials  from  clients  this  quarter,  we  decided  to  share  some  with  you!      Bristol Myers Squibb event, Brighton, England, 13th May 2011: “That was the best thing I have ever done in my life “(Drum Café UK)Nedbank Strategic Session, Mount Grace, 8 April 2011:Drum Café - the facilitation was out of this world! The spirit was truly alive and withmany individuals curing a serious hangover, everyone truly had an amazing time.The most important thing is that people walked away with such a positive attitudefrom the encouragement and enlightenment offered from the facilitating team ofDrum Café. Myself and the other 35 team members would certainly recommendDrum Café as a future teambuilding event for other teams.(Drum Café Joburg)Lauren Andersen, Owner, Lauren Anderson Associates, Inc, on behalf ofProcter & Gamble, Prestige Products, Las Vegas, 5 April 2011:"I want to thank you all so very much for all of your terrific help in the details,planning and execution of another SPECTACULAR event by The Drum Cafe. ...Youmake me and my team look good and I thank you so much for that…Attendees hadthe time of their lives and did not stop talking about the experience for days after. One comment I did hear several times was that they were very impressed abouthow you knew so much about their business, goals and plans.... it was beyondWONDERFUL."(Drum Café Southeast)
  14. 14. Page  14   Global  Beat  Mr Yonesh Srinivasan (Tecknoin Shapes and Solutions) after a private party for his uncle’s 60thbirthday:I wish to put on record the excellent performance by Drum Café team of Isaac, Amit, Vikrant and Audrey. Myuncle has received over 100 phone calls from all the guests present appreciating the fantastic performance ofDrum Café’. I was, more than their performance, overwhelmed by their commitment, punctuality, discipline andtheir ability to adjust to ground conditions without making a fuss. You were very professional and efficient indealing with us and team underlined that characteristic too.(Drum Café India)School in New York that Drum Café performs for annually:"Thank you for another great assembly! Wow, the energy felt in the room was unbelievable! The assembly seemsto be the talk during lunch hour right now. From the cafeteria to the faculty room, its very apparent thatsomething special took place at our school this morning. "(Drum Café New York)Kirsten Brisard from Limegreen, on behalf of Brady Corporate, March 2011:As organizer, we were called at the last minute by Brady to organize their CorporateMarketing & International Sales Meeting in Brussels. In the evening, 150 colleagueswere treated to a drum session! Goose bumps were guaranteed as Drum CaféBenelux started their programme. The enthusiasm that they managed to generate inthe entire group was fantastic. I would also like to give my compliments on theefficiency and professionalism of Drum Café Benelux.(Drum Café Benelux)Lion Sands 10th Year Anniversary, Lion Sands, 12 April 2011:We are happy to report that the performance was EXCELLENT. Wow, what energy,our directors and staff were blown away! Please pass on sincerest thanks to ALL theguys!(Drum Café Joburg)Bombay Masters Print Association, after a gig for 400 associates:We appreciate your personal supervision and involvement in the matter of our eventof Feb 24th. The entertainment offered via the Drum Cafe is refreshing and veryunique. None other till now have come this close in providing a multi-sensoryexperience that so comprehensively absorbs the audience. The performance of thetroupe as a unit is theatrical and brings out any suppressed laughter. Wewholeheartedly endorse the format of Drum Cafe and look forward to having thementertain at our events periodically.(Drum Café India)Blue Cross Blue Shield, USA, April 2011:‎"Ive been in the events industry for nearly 30 years and have organized a ton of events for this particular group. I have never seen them so engaged and having so much fun. Even the top-level executives joined in. The [Drum Cafe] team was a joy to work [with]. They were fun, professional and went well beyond what I expected. Not to mention [that] Alain [Eagles] is one of the most caring and charming entertainers Ive met throughout my career. Love him! GREAT JOB; JUST BRILLIANT!!!!" (Drum Café Southeast) Drum Café Germany Showcase Book Drum Café Germany has just released the second issue of its high-end book which showcases the work being done by Drum Café. Although the book is in German, the new pictures are amazing, and according to Matthias Jackel, has become one of their most valuable marketing tools. You can download the book at: (PDF 112 MB)
  15. 15. Page  15   Global  Beat    Community  Column     BIRTHDAYS  We  would  like  to  wish  a  very  happy  birthday  to  our  Drum  Café  friends  who  celebrated  their  birthdays  in  the  first  quarter  of  this  year:  APRIL MAY JUNE1st: Jennifer Liu – Taiwan 7th: Richelle Kohn – Knysna 1st: Laurence Nash – New York3rd: Matthias Jackel – Germany 10th: Natalie Spiro – DC West 6th: Dan Popa – Romania22nd: Chris o’ Neill – DC West 14th: Janine Kroser – DC West 11th: Lisa Millard – South East27th: Margie Adams – Cape Town 18th: Aliya Hasal - India 16th: Sarah Ncapayi – Vancouver27th: Kristina Kilbourne – DC West 21st: Brett Schlesinger – London 29th: Amit Dhuri – India 30th: Nicky Lakay - Joburg  PERSONAL  NEWS   Ma#hias   and   Alexandra   Jackel   were   married   by   law   in   Venice   in   2007,  but  celebrated  their  spiritual  marriage  in  Church  on  28  May   2011!  Congratula/ons  to  both  of  you!         On   June   16th,   Warren   and   Tammy   Lieberman   celebrated   their   9th   wedding   Anniversary   in   Pisa,   Italy.   With   100   000   candles   ligh%ng   up   the   River   Arno   and   a   street   fes%val   that   brought   the  en&re  town  to  life,  it  was  a  day  to  remember.         Bre$   and   Sue   Schlesinger   will   be   moving   from   London   back   to   Cape   Town,   South     Africa  for  16  months.  Bre3  will  con6nue  to  run  the  London  office  from  South  Africa   and  is  iniang  processes  to  facilitate  this  change  (such  as  weekly  Skype  meengs   and  using  Google  documents).     Bre$  Schlesinger  will  be  running  the  London  Triathlon  on  31  July.  Those  wishing  to   sponsor   Bre)’s   race   to   assist   him   in   raising   money   for   the   One   to   One   Children’s   Fund  can  use  the  following  link:     h"p://­‐ web/fundraiser/showFundraiserPage.ac4on?userUrl=Bre:Schlesinger&pageUrl=2